Wednesday, July 11, 2012

t0m luddy  th0ught that pig0zzi 

need t0 get married with vera. 

and they killed j0bs steve..... 

means they wr0ng.

wh0 is tom luddy?  wh0 is pig0zzi? and they tried to

kill VERA. and they need t0 g0 t0 jail.

need t0 be killed abram0vich. 

0r he need t0 g0 t0 jail.   ugly zhuk0va

and his mafia.... pig0zzi g0ing

 with abram0vich t0 jail. and 0nly t0 jail 

vera n0t abram0vich. get the fuck 0ut 0f my life.

vera d0nt like abram0vich. 

/ vera g0t t00th... it became blue 
t00th with0ut veras 0k/

ugly trumm lana and yuri shiller....


ugly cary b0rja 

assistent 0f t0m 
antr0pl0gist g0t married 
with L. b......
fr0m pixar.....and they g0t child r0yal....

fr0m my thing in 93.
h0w they g0t that.

Bar Association of
 San Francisco (BASF) 
my / mgik ba.../ and
 vera arrived at 23.

frisky? it was fila....

fukui 0i plant 


Kutsu /vera/ 

2009. flying

The Ōi Nuclear Power Plant 
 is a nuclear power plant located in the town of ŌiFukui Prefecture,
 managed by the Kansai Electric Power Company.
 The site is 1.88 square kilometres (460 acres)
Construction began26 October 1972

vera b0rn june 5. 73.

brin did crime.
/ and not only brin./

and they all need to pay 
and they need to
go to jail. 

they made billi0ns....

svechin petr 2007. grave 3055.
criminal brin .../akulina 
svechina/ t0paz/ vera./ f......

they did crime. they need 
t0 g0 t0 jail

they have n0 right t0 my apt. and my life.

of the Volunteer Legal 

Services Program (VLSP)

(VLSergey Pincus) ? 2006.   


 91 des0lve 0f cccp.


wh0 did....??

9133....????? 33 vera

 and her m0ther father....nikita....

we n0t c0pp0la...



and s0fia c0pp0la made m0vies .

ugly child 0f ugly man c0ppla.......

h0pefully g00d pe0ple.

and her father and mther need t0

be killed like black girls fr0m

dreamgirls... after 0scar...

she g0t  fake 0scar.... they

 f0rg0t t0 kill her, sofia. please....

vera is n0t jenifer...

they put my jeans 0n ugly jenifer

anist0n... my jeans fr0m 2007.

26 06 09 after meeting criminal  jagger 

and after 0ct0pus../ fr0m my jacket/09

j0lly didnt pay vera fr0m making film fr0m veras

ph0t0. mafia did that.  vera didnt all0wed.
my hair brush stolen.. again ... my hair on it..

they not leaving vera alone... 

they with russian mafia... 

they need t0 call cia ..... fbi.... p0lice....and get them 0ut 0f my life....

0niani mafia... fbi and they need 
t0 get t0 jail...

need t0 be killed s0fia with fake 0scar.

she need t0 get the fuck 0ut fr0m my life.

LB Bepa. in russian ...vera..... 
and get the 

fuck 0ut fr0m veras life..  

0r pay. c0pp0la need t0 pay.

1997  sf. vera came t0 learn 
film making..... la. vera.

fake elena and marina. 

Lennon JohnSean... yoko...


Julian Lennon

 The couple separated in 1973 
/ vera b0rn/
 and the two began living 
separate lives, Ono pursuing
 her career in New York and
 Lennon living in Los Angeles
in a period 
commonly referred to as his 
"lost weekend."
In 1975, the couple reconciled. 
Their son, Sean,
 was born on Lennon's 35th 
birthday, October 9, 1975. 

they after ..... ushi ro /vera/
John, Yoko and Sean Lennon.


 In May 1968, while his wife Cynthia was on holiday
 in Greece, Lennon invited Ono to visit. They spent
 the night recording what would become the Two Virgins album, 
after which, he said, they made love at dawn....

Two Virgins / vera/ is an album released by John Lennon

criminal  branst0n....

 and Yoko Ono in 1968.  nikita b0rn. 

/ nikita n0t singing n0t making m0vies../

then vera b0rn....


mafia killed lenn0n.... 

we needed t0 sing with mick jagger. 

he did crime.... he need t0 g0 

t0 jail. 

2009. 0SCAR

cannes film festival 2009

橋幸夫 雨の中の二人 yukio hashi....

terry....fr0m sf.

/amen0 nakan0 futari/

Construction started in 1987 and was completed in 1993. 

t0 veras time in t0ky0.
The bridge is 798 metres . 98 mac crew... and they made illegal g00gle...
they had t0 pay vera.

rapist criminal pigozzi 2008.
opening shop in japan in 
my friend place
 on my time..
mick jagger.../vera didnt 
know they did crime 
behind my back/ pigozzi called where
to go
and they said zuni... vera 0ne st0ckt0n
pig0zzi need t0 g0 t0 jail. 
0rganised crime. and they 
tried t0 kill vera

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