Wednesday, July 4, 2012

2005. EPIC.


and russian pr0ducer dima lesnevskiy 

with wife 

in Teatre c0stume

said ab0ut my b00k 

Keep It for Yourself  (1991) 
short 40 minutes, 
directed by Claire Denis, 
role of Vito Brown

they mistaken...

my m0thers d0g kuto /h0use 33/ was /black/

kuro da... 

KUT0.  よろしく...Serpuhov. 1960. house 33.

2009. 0scar....  for last train from roppongi....
aka asobi


pavel lungin  akulina /queen 0f spades...Пи́ковая дама... 

/ means vera / grand child 0f akulina zelenina/

 they did crime

and didnt give vera m0ney t0 make film and they made faceb00k film...

ab0ut real c0necti0ns.....

cannes film festival 2009

2009 bartender vincent gall0 fr0m my m0vie was in diferent m0vie...



they didnt kn0w. vera didnt kn0w. / wh0 knew?/

they w0n...its vera.... wh0 g0t 
jeal0us and killed steve j0bs?

vera w0n...

 tim ... give vera 10 billi0n...d0llars. st0ck t0n....

where is my money?

and who tried to 

kill vera

/they were russians/ 

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