Wednesday, July 11, 2012

my m0ther nina lived in  h0use 33.  they 0wned that.  pig0zzi g0t panama

mafia fr0m russia didnt let me make my film..... they made 

Ostrov (Russian: Остров, The Island) is a 2006 Russian biographical film vera 33.


1980. apple went public. 1 v. gate 15.

Vera in 1974. 
1974. 0bninsk. I  was born in june 1973..

t0ky0 disneyland....1996

Tokyo Disneyland (東京ディズニーランド Tōkyō Dizunīrando?) is a 115  /vera/ acre  

theme park at the Tokyo Disney Resort located in UrayasuChibaJapan, near Tokyo.

 It was the first Disney park to be built outside of the United States and opened on April 15, 1983. 

vera 10. years 0ld.

“Atarimae” is a word with two 

related meanings: the first
 is “proper; 
right; just; fair... reasonable, 

natural...deserved, merited”  

 Obninsk, Russia,  we have the nuclear 

power plant APS 1 vps 1.

mafia did crime. 

1974 vera. steve join atari / atarimae/ 

last train fr0m r0ppngi . 1. 10 min. fr0m 1993.

The Apple II was launched on June 5, 1977 .

 for veras forth birthday.  
apple logo by r.j. fr0m veras ph0t0

CEO John Sculley. he became CEO of Apple

 on April 8, 1983, a position
 he held until leaving in 1993.

after reading about archaeology 
 / sub-field 0f anthropology/ vera wanted .
The purpose of archaeology is to learn 
more about past societies
 and the development of the human race. 

we didnt have it.
In May 1985, Sculley relieved Jobs from the Macintosh division.

1999 vera met guy and super stain and
 his wife ... they knew

Lucy was discovered in Hadar, Ethiopia,
 in 1974 by a team 
of palaeoanthropologists. The 
skeleton of the fossilised, 3.2 
million-year-old human ancestor 
known as Lucy.

after they tried t0 kill vera. 
mafia abram0vich in my shirt.

he n0t c0nnected t0 vera. pig0zzi tried t0 

kill vera and g0t with mafia abram0vich.

vera didnt ask ugly pig0zzi t0 get island and 

get 0n my address in sf... he need t0 pay

 same did abram0vich....

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