Sunday, July 29, 2012

my mother with blue roses and Vera.

mafia DID CRIME.

tim cook.

Hiromi Go: hard (to play) gay... when he going to give Vera money....?
and they decided to fire tim cook.

Vera need to live life.  dont They think? 

 Tom Luddy agree. Tim need to give Vera money. 

A.TOM. carmel 1998. russian american conference. tim cook joined Apple in 1998.

fake there... elena  and marina... criminal people put them apt. 99 npo tehnologiya and apt. 
97  bering straight band to make problem........

for vera... 

and steve jobs.... 

and for 15no yoru.

sexy book by Vera Svechina.
Sony Pictures Classic s 

Vera needed to be introduced to 

Steve Jobs

in Telluride.

Vera (APPLE LOGO) to Steve Jobs.

 they did mistake. 

56 years. 56 obninsk was made. mafia...did that. 

and who is that mafia? 

same mafia tried to kill Vera.

Reality distortion field (RDF) is a term coined by Bud Tribble at Apple Computer in 1981.
vera was 8 years old.

Vera dont know Larry. Never met him.

CEO Larry Ellison to buy most of Hawaiian island of L a nai.... .

L a ru

Bepa. 1997. /Vera/. sf.
fake marina and elena... in apt. 99 and 97 ( greeks and italians)

How can Vera get Veras money from Tim cook?
Steve Jobs said Apple owns Vera 10 billion dollars..
Telluride Film Fest founder Tom Luddy and his wife Monique

Jeannette Etheredge

2009 90s birthda of Tosca cafe.

was there for Vera. she didnt know?

242 Columbus

24 2 Vera's crew mac. (Apple computer corporation)

in 1998 Vera was 24 and 25. google was made without permition.

apple logo model making movie......since 1997.

steve jobs was ready.  vera was ready.

3 floor. 1979.

aя. яa.. aj. ja. 1979. 0bninsk.  my apt. in 11 on 3rd floor.  (san  kai)

jobs got pixar for vera in 1979.

1980.  Im 7 years old.
1980. 0bninsk. vera 7. 

1982. palo alto.

steve 28

 Vera in 1996. 23. 4 or 5 yeas different from Steve in 1982.

4 years diference between my mother and father

5 between me and my brother....????? and they made mark pincus? instead of Veras life. (apple logo life?)
 and they did pigozzi on my and my quolity time with my brother and my relatives...


all foreign students.... all have parents....

all paying money to study to find work. 

(in Vera's case to make film)

that was from my film project rubber doll . not from his film project.
Vera would like to have that doll.
from 77. voice of america.

1942. (my mother was born)

Voice of America (VOA) is the official external broadcast institution of
 the United States federal government. Founded 1942. (my mother was born)

Vera born in 1973.

alexander pain.....

what mafia controlling that?


ugly alexia fake and ugly.... criminal .... and they have n0 right t0 get in my life.
and criminal pv0. 

wh0 made that ugly crime in netherlands.

mafia. alexia fake lawyer ugly criminal laywer girl. 

they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

harmon imbalance.

Harmony Korine (born January 4, 1973) is an American film director, producer, screenwriter, and author. He is best known for writing film Kids,

Kids is a 1995 drama film written by Harmony Korine and directed by Larry Clark.

dec. 1973
Doctor Zhivago......Im alive. december 1973. rosoku.... TAIPEI.

2002. france /33/ wa ver ley?

pigozzi jean didnt buy this house.

vera gave pigozzi script in 2002. 

2003. veras apple store. on veras street.

 veras time to go to ted.  /

in year 2000 vera got paper .go

 to edge. fr0m teacher in academy 0f art. 

vera met pig0zzi 2002. he did crime./ 

Veras macy's card. 2000.

all ugly family of wojcicki not suppost to be there. 

wiera svechina japan....

and it's my 23 and me. 

Vera arrived to America at 23.

125 emperor akihito. 

vera 25 years old.



russia obninsk secret town.
aя. яa.. aj. ja. 1979. 0bninsk.  my apt. in 11 on 3rd floor.  (san  kai)1979. 160 my apartment in Obnisnk. Russia. building 11.


dubr0vka and baby h0rse king......  and marievka.... and queen 0f spade .


hercules bellville. vera and 0leg semenz0v.... and vera did last call f0r him in may 1980.


apple l0g0 made fr0m veras ph0t0...

and russian  mafia didnt let me make film and didnt let me make flying strippers...

veras church....... buffet buffet d0ing same.

mataichiro yamam0t0....../its all ab0ut me..vera.../

yamagucci...1979 in 0bninsk....

prince jaime (1972)

1980. apple went public.

vera apple l0g0.

new year...cost ume

 /am ster dam..ster n0se russian 

childrens game ume/... t0paz....../my grandm0ther

akulina zelenina. t0p az/


france /y0u russia/

r.j. russian japan. /nihon/


My second time in Japan. Atami  hotsprings 96 6 27

 island dispute

Sunday, July 29, 2012 

THEY DONT know it's Vera's islands?

SOCHI, Russia: Russia and Japan sparred on Saturday over disputed islands that have strained their relations since World War Two, making no visible progress in talks toward a resolution weeks before Russia hosts a summit of Asian states. Japan wants Russia to hand over four islands at the southern end of the Kuril chain that were occupied by Soviet forces at the end of the war in 1945, saying they are Japanese territory

 to Vera Petrovna Svechina.
 russian japan.

Sergey Lavrov rejected Japanese criticism of trips by officials, including Dmitry Medvedev, who made the first visit to the islands by a Russian president in 2010 and went there again on July 3, this time as prime minister


“We cannot accept the protests that have been heard from Tokyo about this,” Sergey Viktorovich 
 Lavrov said. 

why not? 

right Katai: A so deska.... ?

“Russian authorities are responsible for improving the socioeconomic situation in this part of the Russian Federation and we will continue to do this.” 

right Kotai:
they need to meet with Vera Svechina to do anything on the Kurill islands.......because it's pravate property...of Vera Svechina.

since 1949.. when they moved all japanese people from the islands...

nicolay 2. r e con.

“It is very sad that 67 years after (World War Two) the territorial issue is still not resolved.”

Now it's resolved. dorogaya peredacha of the Kurill islands .....(must of been happening in 2009)

Vera must of been meeting with 
Queen Elithabeth 2 .

( Vera from knew generation. without crime jails and drugs... ) 

 and to all foreign students working permit in time of study abroad.

vsya konarchikova dacha k televizoru rvalas.. and they put there abramovich and berezovskiy to watch that program together. that's it.

pigozzi did crime.
 film  last  train from roppongi

2009 NOLA wanted to see...... but it wasnt on tv.....

my film production was stopped in 2004.

 chic a go....

robert janoff...

ROB JANOFF. The logo was introduced with the new product Apple II in April of that year 77.

1974. 0bninsk. I  was born in june 1973..

Vera jubun.

santori and wako
  apple and virgin....

they fucking with saji san... 

vera wako.
"flying strippers"

Wako /Vera/ was founded in 1881 by Kintarō Hat to ri 
in 1981 Vera was 8 years old.

panama. from Vera's mamas photo...when Vera was 

in Japan...


1996. wine anetta.

my film /based on real events/

1 hour 10 or 20 min.

2009 t shirt....saji sacho....with Love.....

iphone /from word love/ ai /from my film/

mafia trying to make problems for vera...

what they want vera dont understand.

 from Vera's film song.


ROB JANOFF. The logo was introduced with the new product Apple II in April of that year 77.

robert janoff made apple logo.

and steve jobs said: "we dont know her."
instead of: Hello...Is it me you looking for?

when Vera went to palo alto..... after mafia from russia tried to kill Vera. who is russian mafia? zhukova....  friend of pigozzi rapist

pigozzi friend of geremy thomas..thomas friend with tom luddy.



????? teravera from 1991. I dont want to talk to you. ?????


Talk to police on Vera's behalf.... and find Vera lawyer... for Vera...

we see the resoult.

who will pay for that? laurene.


ugly mafia orlova got on VERAs time to make money 

and live life.

stole my photos and tried to kill Vera.  she  need to go to jail.

fake mgik. they need to go to jail.

A celebration of life will be held Saturday for Greg Gund, a native San Franciscan who died in a plane crash last week near Flamingo Beach, Costa Rica.
Mr. Gund, 32, was piloting his Pila t u s

Vera's and Vera's mothers...

disney got my mothers house 33 in 1967.

PC-6 /pc 33/

microsoft. vera....gate 15.
 gate s.

1996. Vera got present pc mebius from masahide  mogi...  ( to come to usa) he looked like
mike markkula.
hide x japan.....

 my brothers wife got pregnant same time and Vera didnt get money for Veras film. and mafia tried to kill Vera. who that mafia russian mafia Vera dont know. how zhukova opend wine zavod from Veras vino... in 1996. and coppola made film on my time with Vera's saji....

seaplane when it crashed into the sea Saturday off Plata Island on the Pacific Coast. There were no survivors among the six aboard.
While he grew up in San Francisco and Sun Valley, Idaho, he lived the last five years ( after in 2000
Vera got MACYS CARD 023.. that got stolen by wojcicki)

in Play a Negro, Ta marin do, Costa Rica.( Vera before Marina)

His father, George Gund III, is the former owner of the San Jose Sharks hockey team. In addition to his father, he is survived by his mother, Theo (was in my film 1998), and his brother George Gund IV. He is also survived by his companion Yorly Rodriguez Hernandez.YRH.

because j ai me...

Saturday's gathering will be at 2 p.m. at Grace Cathedral, 1100 California St., San Francisco, with a reception afterward at the San Francisco Film Centre, Building 39 at the Presidio, at Mesa Street and Keyes Avenue.

and perfume "Dohan"
July 21, 2005 

IT MUST OF BEEN Veras wedding in 2005....... in Vera would come to TED in 2003. (after vera met jean pigozzi in 2002 may...) (with whom weding Vera dont know) on the party hercules already had birch tree on...
 2002... he killed in 2009. blond woman from 3rd gate...
 Vera gemini

 tina protecting Vera. 100%.
two girls from diferent club....1997. 

vera already came from california  

ugly aksyova mafia need ot go to jail. 

1998 parma
 Is that CB2 behind apple store that Vera didnt like.

1999.  and 1979. when brin left russia...

and asyonoas sister went to study movie and went to japan to make movie..
and they tried to kill Vera.  here they in VERAs shirt...  from 1996.

when Pigozzi got island from my mothers hat.

in 1996.

fake linda is mafia criminal.
 my 33. my 11. my 15. my water.... mafia did what? she need to go to jail.

Vera didnt allwoed.

1996  vera japan..

fake pigozzi and fake alexia....fake zukova's garazh
criminal greek...need to go to jail.... garazh from vera's wine
anetta.. present for veras birthday in 1996..
Vera have Veras right to live Veras life...

h0w vera can get her m0ney /10 billi0ns fr0m apple ./ steve jobs said./between vera and jobs steve/ since 1977.

and they killed steve jobs.  they killed Vera's relatives. 
they killed Veras father. 

 1997 Vera. (Bepa)  mac crew 1998. 
 fake elena and marina...
who is L I VER?

pincus mark is not  VERA's mark....

one king way.... Vera 0ne stockton.... Veras baby horse King... is good.

They made One King way.... ( thinking of Bin daden?) without LOVE....

and with russian mafia made farm ville and One king way and tried to kill Vera.

they need to go to jail.

???? they need to go to jail.

baby horse King.

my mother in 1962. school teacher.Nina Takaeva. we have blue roses...

and matsu shima....

1980. Vera Svechina 1v.

apple went public.

NEXT (vera was 12) /33 girl/.. apple logo

June 5. Vera's birthday.
gate s.

my mothers card

3 main people from 1955. bill gates.. steve jobs ...who third? 

fake elena and fake marina....and fake all that building....

gate s in building 11.

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