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and ted..from veras apt.

nate s i ? / for vera/ vere..nine...petru... nikite ....

vera saw kasuge san.

vera liked Kosuge san....

fake sergey.... fake larry....

1600...160 vera's apartment. in gate 15.

1601 facebook vera's apt.

google did mistake.

Kosu google error. /mistake/ 1998

vera in sf.

A.TOM. carmel 1998. russian american conference. tim cook joined Apple in 1998.

Vera was in SF... they needed to contact Vera Svechina.

and vera need to get money from google.

my mother still using sickle.... in russia..

1999 after Vera came back from Cannes...

1998. Tokyo...
kosa in gate 15... blond zibulskaya oksana...from rumania... (larry's jaws)

??????? ukraine? inna didenko fake akexandra..mafia..

for vera not conection to Vera Svechina

mafia doing doing?vera hates all that russian mafia...

ussles and ugly people...

fake didenko..... sitting in my gate..... and they tried to kill Vera....

Sara from Rumaniya is on the left Inna d. is in my corner  with photographer who  cheated on her...

???? 1999..... veras t shirt and vera's  23 and vera.???

2006. fake wojcicki....


and what mafia attacked vera 2009?

Kuniyasu Kosuge, who seemed determined to better his elders. He took over Isetan in 1984.

Vera was 11.

TED created....

1923 The Great Kanto Earthquake destroys 

the Isetan store.

born 3rd of  may 1948.  My uncle Valera under Acacia.

In 1951 Isetan sponsored Tokyo's first postwar fashion show--Tokyo Fashion 51--which presaged a boom in fashion shows, modeling, and modeling schools.

Isetan also ran a chain of supermarkets through Queen's Isetan Co., Ltd.; operated a nationwide restaurant chain of approximately 100 outlets through Isetan Petit Monde Company, Ltd., started in 1957; 

2008... Vera started Flying strippers..  Russian mafia tried to kill vera. 

"flying strippers" brand is about

about problems in fashion industry similar to problems in film  last train from roppongi....

My mothe NIna born 1942. in 57  she was 15. we live in gate 15. 

aя. яa.. aj. ja. 1979. 0bninsk.  my apt. in 11 on 3rd floor.  (san  kai)

1955 Philip Oak ey, English rock musician (The Human League)

0ct. 2.(child number 2) October. 1973.

private photo.
1973. Vera: I got it....

everything you  want you got got it.  

 they killed  Roy Orbison...

tut primchalis sanitari ( robert janoff) i zafiksirovali nas.  

dec. 1973.

Doctor Zhivago......Im alive. december 1973. rosoku.... TAIPEI. 
my mother got two shots at ones when she was pragnent 

with Vera...... two shot photo

two shot present in japan tv 1996.

robert 1977.
ROB JANOFF. The logo was introduced with the new product Apple II in April of that year 77.

two shot in 2001.....

world trade center...

Mafia have  no right to touch Vera's life.

Mafia did  crime .

1988. April 11  The Last Emperor (directed by Bernardo

 Bertolucci) wins nine Oscars.

MAFIA  /not conected to kosuge san/




cannes film festival 2009

Vera 11 in 1984.

Kuniyasu Kosuge, who succeeded his father, Tanji Kosuge III, in 1984, the company continued to grow. A graduate of Keio University who subsequently studied in the United States, Kosuge worked for Mitsubishi Bank for seven years, including a stint in London, before joining Isetan as a director in 1979.

1988. The Soviet Union begins its program of economic restructuring (perestroika) with legislation initiated by Premier Mikhail Gorbachev though Gorbachev had begun minor restructuring in 1985.

galactica 1988. Déjà Vu is a 1988 Soviet-Polish comedy thriller that takes place in Soviet Odessa..

Vera got card 0 23 in 2000. 
without  earthquakes...
chic a go...
1999. Vera and Nori from Y's.
                     1979 vera
wojcicki did crime and russian mafia did crime...
2006. in my shirt. 33 veras mothers pravate house
since 1949.

Reality distortion field (RDF) is a term coined by Bud 

Tribble at Apple Computer in 1981?

1979 brin left russia....

THEY NOT VERA.  they cant take my thing......

too ugly and too not smart... 

to touch Veras life. in any way....

fake linda....2009 in Vera's shirt from 1996.

linda from diferent club in japan and fake nelli aksyonova in obninsk mafia

mafia.  Vera have no connection to that.......
aniani? need to be killed. Vera not interested.  They need to be killed/. russian mafia.../

what mafia is that?


ugly went after Vera and they tried to kill vera. 

tom luddy knows film well. russian mafia never will make film.  they will never show criminal mafia films. they got in mosfilm. and that ugly mafia got to kurosawa..drunker..

1996 Vera went to japan and pigozzi got panama from Veras mothers photo.

Veras Mother born in 1942.

no other russian people or any other people
have connection to that. 

2009 cia leon princess anetta.../vera svechina 1996/

and Vera got bag junko shimada

saji san....chanto tsuiteru.

they red roses?
we blue roses...

Vera and Vera's Mama  with blue roses.....

aя. яa.. aj. ja. 1979. 0bninsk.  my apt. in 11 on 3rd floor.  (san  kai)
apple went public 1980.

1999 in cannes.

Herculess Bellvelle.....from usa. and England....


and Priness Irene with south africa.....from jo mennel...


pigozzi pushed Vera Svechina to have sex in 2005. Hercules Bellville. was there..



Dmitry Lesnevsky (born on February 2, 1970) is a Russian producer and entrepreneur in film, television, and online media.

In 1991, along with his mother, Irena Lesnevskaya, he founded REN TV, one of the first privately held independent television companies in Russia.

they made against vera and Veras family.

  1970 tomoaki nagao...  ( Vera's breasts emperor akihito... google apple)
 my mother didnt have monkey..... Vera had monkey.....

Veras name is not TN.
apple google.  


and they made nigo married against

 Vera to Lena....

Vera and Lennon.... Sean (BULL)

and criminal band Tatu need to go to jail. they got on place


my film.

they killed Hercules...Bellville...2009. mark stock.....
mark with pencil...stock.. VVVVV
veras mark.

mick Veras shirt....... /means he agrees with vera/
means we needed to sing. they did crime....

ten billion founding stock to  svechina 


house 33 was sold to village danki... without number.

In 1981Jobs refused to give founding stock to Apple 

employee number 12, Dan Kottke.

Vera was 8 years old. 

 (DK) dmitry was prince and marina Cinderella.

fake greek cinderella marina 

Steve Jobs was right.

Vera and daichi koshu 1996...karaoke company...

veras film and yama veras breasts...

(without  using sickle)... 

marina hated karaoke... 

Vera likes karaoke...


In 1981Jobs refused to give founding stock to Apple 

employee number 12, Dan Kottke.

 (DK and mafia marina and bering straight and 

vesyoliy deli zhans.) 

2003 greek mafia  came to my time to ted.

and they ended up in my time in japan.

pigozzi not going to karaoke...

he fucking with daichi

in my shirt....not good. they need to go to jail.

pigozzi got what pigozzi wanted. heis not Vera.

pigozzi raped vera... and got on veras time in japan

and tried to kill vera.

ugly greek not Vera. shouldnt be in my dress 

and on my time in ted...

olga not junko .. mafia knew...and they did crime.

cindarella....Vera (born 1973) zolushka..... fairy 

tale must of been come

 to the reality  in 2009.

The story was first published by Charles Perrault in Histoires ou contes du temps passé in 1697.

photo was in apt. 160 in russia....

1994. Vera in sigapure...Vera from gate 15. 

prince. born in 1972.

Vera + prince Jaime = Study study and 


V.I. Ulyanov Lenin

nishi kawa..

there is no way should of been 2009.

tiana.. tiana doing karate.... and Disney.....

they made without Veras permission...and they went against Steve Jobs.

2009 first black princess Anetta..../Vera Svechina/

they did crime:

The Princess and the Frog



and Neverland..... 

they went agaisnt....and they did that....too

died at 50. ?????

what naomi doing in Vera's or my mothers hat... ?

pigozzi needed to change...

naomi mafia...

Vera Svechina came in 1997 at 23 years 

old to SF for what?

fake sofia coppola with fake  lost in translation...

made 40 million. gave Vera nothing. mistake.

kankenai for Vera: Mick Mars.....

vera dont want ugly sofia to make 

film on Veras time.

 /russian mafia/ tried to kill Vera...dec. 2009

they killed Hope Baka kina!

and train operation uncle....... Leonid...Nikitovich Svechin...

russian mafia tried to kill vera .. that vera cant make her film in japan...

they killed bretney anne merphy in la... they need to go to jail.

girl (B.A.G) looked  like  bretney anne merphy lived with Vera in roppongi in 1999.  


Brin apple girl? (Vera Svechina)


 in 1996 Vera got bag junko shimada  (Vera born June 5)

Kurill islands
pigozzi did crime... didnt tell Vera's mother...
He got panama from Veras mother hat.
when Vera was  japan. 
10 million?

my mothers place.

 jean pigozzi rapist with Hercules Bellville..... (Vera's 10 million doko ichatta?)

pigozzi got on my  address.... Vera owns nothing to pigozzi..

(or anybody)

pigozzi got in my shirt on my time in ted....

2009. dec. 

they (russian . Vera dont know them) tried to kill Vera. they need to go jail. 

they same mafia who without Veras permission

lets use Veras photos and Vera's apt. 

Vera's time and Vera's life...

Vera didnt allowed.....  they ( abramovich's fans... pigozzis friends...)

 tried to put cancer in Vera.... 

they took part of VERAS name....

killed Veras family.... tried to kill Vera...

Made Vera not Happy... put mafia to Veras life.

Vera didnt need that....

 they tried to put rak .. they couldnt do it. 

ugly pvo..... that killed my family. Im not happy. they have no right to be 

part of my life and  part of my name.

same mafia did ugly maxima....

Vera Svechina have no connection to ugly Nederlands..

and they need to get out of Veras life and they need to pay.

 mafia...... they many people on earth. they what need from VERA?

Manipulated by russian mafia....

Mafia made FAKE NIGO .. in 1993 with present from that ugly mafia jail ugly tatarin....guy...

Vera would never say hello now. ( they criminal ... they went to jail...drugs...

 they have no conection to VERA law class... and not need to call them NIGO or Tomoaki Nagao...)

Ugly Mafia guy from UGLY OBNINSK...

VERA have no conection to all that.

ugly Oksana moved in 2 or 3 80s...walked in lilac jacket...

Fake they not from My mothers place....

pvo .. they killed my father? 

find some one else else to fuck with.... get the fuck out from MY MOTHERS LIFE...

vevok...... ?
ra k? no.....
Misha prohorov  and mark pincus...
have no connection to my mark  

 and they have no right to make money from Vera.

including steve jobs...

abramovich oksana vasilenko... mafia.. jail... drugs

they not with Vera. they have no right posiblly make Vevo...


they have no right to get in Veras life...

uglies mafia on the planet from Obninsk.... 

she is not gate s...

ugly pigozzi in my shirt...ugly greek mafia on my time in 

ted..2003. after pigozzi met vera...they killed hercules...

Vera and gate s...

his name is william...

Vera knew...

ugly greek. and russian mafia from russia....

olga ( have no conection to Vera. Vera have her 

own aunt Olga..'

not greek... greeks weren't invited.

they from diferent gate.. not from Veras gate...

they cant be part of Veras name... 

that is nont Vera.

what they put in VERA? Verak........./koroleva 


Vera didnt ask pigozzi to buy island...from Veras mothers hat... pigozzi need to go to jail.

fake king abramovich roman... need to go to jail.

 and that's Terravera and laurene with 8 billion dollars.

Vera at her home.

aя. яa.. aj. ja. 1979. 0bninsk.  my apt. in 11 on 3rd floor.  (san  kai)

Vera came on her own ca.

in 1996. (to go to film school. to make film in japan)

Vera dont own anything to anyone.

+ 1billion from hiromi go 1 billion eyes...


Veras film and Vera's trip to cannes

in 2002

Vera paid for that trip.

and they tried to kill vera.


they need to pay Vera.


Special Agent in Charge
Stephanie Douglas

real King Baby Horse....(Vera's and Nina's

and Veras mothers and fathers...)

in 1950.

virgin island.... Richard did crime....

didnt ask Vera. in 1979.

Brin Apple Google?
?????? nani o kangaeta?

anne wojcicki 

stole vera's t shirt... in 2006. ?????

and they ( criminal mafia)  did that...

The Amsterdam-based isetan finance company formed in 


December 8  Famous vocalist Roy Orbison dies of a heart attack. everything you want you got it...

(mafia did that) 

December 22 – Brazilian union and environmental activist Chico Mendes is assassinated.

1992 Sales decline for the first time in company history of Isetan. /elena from 99 got in mgik with vera/


Barney's files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy; Isetan and Barney's sue each other.
Barney ..The company began in 1923.
Barney worked for Microsoft...

Microsoft gate s..


fake elena and marina mamontova olhovskaya 97..
and fake greek people

marina was friend with natasha...

russian mafia put pig0zzi and ugly w0jcicki

 and greek mafia

0n veras  time...../kasuge san isugashi/

russian mafia behind veras back.....

and they tried t0 kill vera... and they killed veras

relatives.... and mafia st0le veras ph0t0s

and didnt help vera make m0vie... they killed hercules...

they d0ing w0rse and w0rse....

and vera h0pe rapist pig0zzi will g0 t0 jail

and ugly mafia w0jcicki g0ing t0 jail. 

 that never g0ing t0 be 0k..... wojcicki stole my 23 card.

vera didnt allowed. Vera dont like russian mafia.

pigozzi part of russian mafia. wojcicki part of russian mafia.

they need to pay vera and they need to leave vera alone.

pigozzi is not Vera...and got on vera's


what mafia doing in my life?

with winzavod from Veras bottle of vine? without asking Vera. in moscow.
and they tried to kill vera and they not leaving Vera alone.

and they need to go to jail. they torchured my mother....

who did that? they need to go to jail. earlier or later.

ugly zhukova not with Philip......they had no right to get in Vera's life with their mafia money 

and build garazh ...winzavod ..... before....... wine...

Vera dont know them. They cant get in Vera's life....

They not from my life. she not invited. she has chinese /svetchina/ friend...

 they tried to kill Vera....Svechina.... they after Vera....... they need to go to jail. 

it was not about them.... who gave them permission.

mafia. ? Vera didnt. Vera dont know any mafia.

vera d0nt believe kasuge san wanted 

pig0zzi in his 

sh0p. vera daij0bu./ nanka tskutara/ 

berite.... ber i te...Verite... ? Believe?

Doctor Zhivago......Im alive. december 1973. rosoku.... TAIPEI.

poppy  in russian maki.

ROB JANOFF. The logo was introduced with the new product Apple II in April of that year 77.


Kosuge san.../kosit' not allowed 0n the 0 g0 r0d.... working with sickle not allowed.../ 


city 0f 0bninsk sent my m0ther t0  w0rk in verh0vie....

1 h0ur away 0n the bus....

mama w0rking with  sickle in verh0vie....

vera hates scientists....


125 emperor akihito....
vera 25 ...hercules....

1993. in moscow. Michale Jackson.
Vera to kanke never land ranch in 1988. 

they killed jacks0n.

there will be no exuse. from Vera.

ber i te....michael  jacks0n.

wh0 put my shirt 0n svelana.... after 1999 cannes?

mafia.  tried t0 kill vera. they 

have n0 right. 

they killed ... they needed t0 give vera m0ney..... t0 make m0vie....

iPhone 5 Headed to Russia This November? [Rumor]
Tomoaki Nagao and /BA/ 
/vera's mgik.....mafia?/
was made by mafia before 
Vera got to japan in 1993.

my name is not Nina Takaeva.
they did crime. who behind that crime?

to m o aki nagao. apple o

right : apple google o....

???????? imi wakaranai.....

mafia need to go to jail. 

Big dipper

1973 Vera moviemakers.

skywalker ranch


princess diana of wales.. 1997. /size/

2007 pigozzi's photo ...Vera singhed "earth"...

....Bape.....? ? E p a B epa

vera taking back..
and not moving anywhere.
russian mafia moved vera out from her apt.
1997. sf. vera. ca 33
a vera...

ROB JANOFF. The logo was introduced with the new product Apple II in April of that year 77.

1999. 125 japanese  emperor akihito
and 124 japanese emperor hi ro hito.

The at sign or @ is also commonly called

 the at symbol or commercial at in English..

Atsuro Tayama

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