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                    House 33 was in Serpuhov.

Tamara Andreevna Rezvyakova and Vladimir Ivanovich Takaev......
VI (33) T... got in 1949.

 UK number one hit, "Where Do You Go To (My Lovely)"; a portrait of a poor-born girl who becomes a member of the European jet set. 1969.

only WE not poor Born. 


We were born RICH.


vps productions....

aя. яa.. aj. ja. 1979. 0bninsk.  my apt. in 11 on 3rd floor.  (san  kai)1979. 160 my apartment in Obnisnk. Russia. building 11.

 The company name was changed to the "B.F. Goodrich Company" in 1880, to BF

Goodrich in the 1980s, and to "Goodrich Corporation" in 2001.

1993. japan.

they put fitzerald brendon.... and what for they
 killed My father? 2007? 

Sacha Distel killed on 22 July 2004, aged 71.

1973. Obninsk Russia. VERA'S APARTMENT.

Doctor Zhivago......Im alive. december 1973. rosoku.... TAIPEI.


ROB JANOFF. The logo was introduced with the new product Apple II in April of that year 77.

You are the sunshine of my life That's why I'll 

always be around You are the apple of my eye Forever 

you'll stay in my heart. (march 1973 stevie wonder...)

Vera half night half day.


The San Francisco Peace Treaty

 between the Allied Powers and

 Japan from 1951 states that

 Japan must give up all claims


 the Kuril islands, but it also

 does not recognize the Soviet

 Union's sovereignty over the 

Kuril Islands.

born 3rd of  may 1948.  My uncle Valera under Acacia.

This means that if Japan, as before, will not agree to jointly participate in the economic development of the Kuriles while maintaining them within the Russian Federation, it risks losing its leading position in the Far East of Russia and further exacerbating the crisis state of the economy. But the Japanese elite did not react to this warning.


russians are  horrible partners.... didnt let vera make her movie..... they didnt have money....

However, against the background of progress in economic cooperation, primarily in the development of the natural resources of the Far East, it is odd that Japan does not see Russia as an economic partner in the Kuriles?

 it is not odd......

Japanese political elite initiated the

 creation of "Association for the Return of 

Northern Territories", and is making laws

 indicating that the South Kuril Islands 

belong to Japan.

russian japan. 

ROB JANOFF. The logo was introduced with the new product Apple II in April of that year 77.

vera got cosmos as a present....


What is behind this paradox? On the one hand,

 the reasons must be sought in the nature of

 the Japanese elite. It is a corporate group,

 many of whose members descended from the

 politicians of the early to 

mid-20thcentury (a

 vivid example of this is the Hatoyama family,

 whose representative Yukio Hatoyama served as

 prime minister in 2009-2010, and his 

grandfather, Ichiro signed the declaration of

 1956 with the Soviets) .


.....yong teacher with blue roses

1980.  Vera Svechina 7 years old...went 

to 1 went public...

mataichro yama m o to


digital face

tim cook......

1:30 Veras time of BiRTH....30 years 0ld.

bulevard san michel..... ( vera didnt like stephany imperial)

Vera about 3 or 4 years old..polyaki.....

inside the head:  koropo.
o porok 

Врождённый поро́к се́рдца (ВПС) Vera.. (Modern Takling)

(Modern Talking worked together from 1984 to 1987)

mama and nikita 
Врождённый поро́к се́рдца 

papa Petr Veras fan.....

"Candle in the Wind" is a song with music and lyrics

by Elton John and BernieTaupin. It was 

originally written in 1973, in honor of Marilyn Monroe,

who had died 11 years earlier.

In 1997, John performed a rewritten version of the song 

as a tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales.


ROB JANOFF. The logo was introduced with the new product Apple II in April of that year 77.

160 in bulding 11

they made TED

Anderson was born in Ladysmith, British 


richard smith invited Vera to come to usa to eric clapton concert. 


richard branson born 1950..... 45 years later.....

POBEDA! like in 1945.
mick jagger: "like a roling stones". shirt dake tarinai....
mick jagger did mistake. concert illegall 2008..
girlfriend criminal and itsudemo yumeo didnt happened...

and 2005. ( how they got to my apt?) 

who thinks it's theirs?


philip needed to help Vera with movie. he didnt do it.


prince jaime....born 1972.

You are the sunshine of my life That's why I'll 

always be around You are the apple of my eye Forever 

you'll stay in my heart. (march 1973 stevie wonder...) ?

 mafia put from my fathers work criminal  and fake PVO.

they not supost to be there. neither greeks in ted 2003.

and larry page  they put ...they born in march... google 

made illegaly. from veras apt. and they tried to kill VERA.

and they need to go to jail. 

galactica 1988. Déjà Vu is a 1988 Soviet-Polish comedy thriller that takes place in Soviet Odessa..

galaxy ....

film Rain Man (1988) got oscar....

Rain Man Poster

and how my dog Vesta got involved with Tom Cruz? 

And WHO put Ekaterina there? In my gate S there is no Ekaterina..... 

Laurene Powell

 criminal mafia sofia coppola ...

Since 2005 Vera making book "FLYING STRIPPERS"

pvo... Anti-aircraft warfare?

NATO defines air defence as "all measures designed to nullify or reduce the effectiveness of hostile air action."

mafia need t0 get 0f my way.

criminal  mafia  didnt want flying strippers 
to fly......?
and tried to kill VERA.

"flying strippers" have no conection to that
criminal book that came out in 2003.

Vera's time.

12 years earlier.....

after cannes 1999 and after telluride and French Vogue  who Put E in my fathers name? in his passport?

hat UNIQLO ? not same.......

Svetlana tatarin.... have no say in OUR LIFE.

and who ever looking at Veras photos and making crime need to go to jail .

we not physics..... (mama only) mama loves Vera...

who are they? 

svetlana's father died in 44 and mafia tried to make alexander of Nederlands 44th?

it's not Veras problem. 


physics ugly criminal wojciki....and her ugly parents...

in my shirt in 2006.... mafia  23 and me...? they with MAFIA tried to kill VERA SVECHINA.


vera not getting in her life......

wojcicki need to pay and get out from VERAS life.



google didnt pay Vera when in 1998 when they started company....

that we dont know ugly criminal marina orlova need to be killed.

vera not her friend.

Vera with important subject....

 They tried to kill Vera 2009.  what they put in Vera?

Killed Veras relatives.... Vera met 2009. in paul allen place...


Octopus made from Veras jacket.... 2003 for VERAs 30s birthday.

together with apple store on veras street in sf stockton str.... 


for Veras oscar.....

stole Veras photos and went on TV on Veras time..  tried to kill Vera...

in Veras apt. in SF.

made Vera disabled for 3 years....didnt pay Vera for Veras right to Veras work.

mafia from Russia:

Not leaving Vera alone....still.....

mafia SHAKRO stole my wallet.......

Tom wanted Vera to Make movie.
sveta have no conection to Vera. and not wishing Vera bad...

they killed mafia..... and tried to kill Vera in 2009.
that and zhukova friend... who vera didnt allowed to open garazh from Veras bottle of vino. from 1996.
and get in veras apt in 2003.....chelsy? MAFIA abramovich...
Need to be arested and put in jail.

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