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How Vera can get her money from Tim Cook... Google Facebook Zynga and Disney? .......and other companies....

Dubrovka and baby horse King 1950




Vera's green card.... saing 1B (VERA) 6. (33 )

DL Club33.png

"33 Royal Street" with the entrance recognizable by an ornate address plate with the number 33 engraved on it.
Club 33 members and their guests have exclusive access to the club, which is not open to the public.
 Club 33 became a reality in May of 1967. (In June 1967 My mother got Married)  Although the list is opening up, the price will keep membership pretty exclusive. An individual membership costs $25,000 for an initiation fee and $10,000 a year in dues. For corporations, it's $40,000 at the start and then $10,000 dues. And with all that, it doesn't cover the cost of dinner. Still, Club 33 visitors said it's worth the price.

 Officially maintained as a secret feature of the theme park, the entrance of the club is located next to the Blue Bayou Restaurant at "33 Royal Street" with the entrance recognizable by an ornate address plate with the number 33 engraved on it. 

it was BEPA.... (Secret object B) 

Brin "saw the opportunity" to cheat....... and without telling 

VERA  came to USA  and they created criminal Google.

and didnt invited VERA to TED in 2003. and didnt give vera 


stole Vera's id for criminal wojcicki...put rich Pigozzi...

on Vera's address... didnt let Vera make her film and get 

Vera's salary from Vera's work.......and 

tried to kill VERA.

Chuck Norris

Anatoly Alexandrovich SoBchak (Chuck Norris karate master?)  ( VERA'S mother's house 33 was sold to village danki after Tamara's death) (RussianАнато́лий Алекса́ндрович Собча́к, August 10, 1937—February 20, 2000) was a Russian politician, a co-author of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the first democratically elected mayor of Saint Petersburg, and a mentor and teacher of both Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev. February 20, 2000 (aged 62) Vera's room in MGIK.

The theatre is called the Chuck Jones In

 Telluride after the creator of the Bugs Bunny..

Pixar was made for Vera since 1979....

1979. 160
aя. яa.. aj. ja. 1979. 0bninsk.  my apt. in 11 on 3rd floor.  (san  kai)

1997 VERA. BEPA. (fake in 97 apt and 99 apt. and all next building fake.... )

Vera came to study film. 

In 1997 a criminal investigation started against SoBchak. He was accused of irregularities in the privatization of his own apartment, his elder daughter's apartment, and his wife's art studio. By the standards of the 1990s in Russia the allegations were relatively minor (although the alleged losses for city finances were still in the tens of thousands of dollars). Thus, Sobchak's supporters saw the criminal process as a political repression.

they own Vera money. Vera's Apt. 160 0 Google.... Vera girl.... they didnt ask.. they didnt pay Vera...before they started Google. They knew about Little Vera.
they tried to go against the law.... they stole my macy's card.....number 23 and me. 
Vera never  cared....about Little Vera movie... Vera didnt like that movie.

Candle in the wind 1973

Necker island 1979 means

Candle in the island......

Omiseru neck .....pov...... CRIMINAL  LARRY IS NOT 



RICHARD CRIMINAL  and Vera's neck get's broken....

Larry Page and Lucy Southworth Wedding Pictures

criminal ugly richard.... criminal g00gle  ugly lucy need t0 be killed .... criminal bush gets 0ut 0f n0rimaki and never c0mes back....

there is n0 s0rry..... cia princess anetta..... ( for Vera's film) in 2009..

photographer Anetta?  "FLYING STRIPPERS"

CANDLE IN the wind 1973. VERA Svechina was born...

1993 Vera went to JAPAN....

Marni  is an Italian fashion label founded by Consuelo Castiglioni in 1994, who remains as the label's designer.

Vera in TOKYO...


The fashion line started in 1994, when Castiglioni became 

known for her contributions to the design of fur, stemming 

from her husband's family fur business. At the time, fur was 

at its most unpopular and typically designed in an old-

fashioned manner, but Castiglioni instead treated it as a 

normal fabric to make modern, wearable clothing

Marni was established in 1994 when its stander Consuelo Castiglioni who had no previous training in fashion standout from her husband’s family fur business to create the designer label which still continues to be a family run business. 

Castiglioni's husband, Gianni, is Marni's CEO, and their 

daughter Carolina runs the online store......



 STRIPPERS". They put criminal Pigozzi with out asking Vera

 to store .....MAFIA  Orlova.....bering straight ...

 Zhukova,... all mafia from russia.... greek mafia olga.... on



since 1991.

A.A.Sobchak won the elections, and the city voted to return to its historical name of Saint Petersburg. The name change was established in one of the last sessions of the Congress of People's Deputies of the Soviet Union, held on September 12, 1991.

mafia anne wojcicki stole my macy's 

card.....023.. 1997... Steve Jobs came back

 to Apple.

and my shirt in 2006 anne wojcicki stole

VERA was 33 in 2006.

 Killed Steve jobs..... criminal rapist pigozzi 

criminal ugly 

wojcicki they need to go to jail. jean pigozzi is 

criminal. he is not 33. 

 (CRIMINAL PIGOZZI did crime against VERA.) that was Vera's grandmother Tamara FAKE  jean pigozzi. 
 from grave  looking at S . 

?  (Tamara with VERA)

from sky .... Vera Svechina (mick jagger criminal 2008 with criminal concert...) and his wife Byanka jagger with human rights..... BJ?

 russian mafia  TRIED TO KILL VERA 2009. 

2010 2011 2012. near One stockton Apple 

store.... 525 stockton Apt. 403.


AND russian mafia NEED TO LEAVE VERA 


GO TO JAIL.Prince Jaime, Count of Bardi j ai me...... (Japan loves vera svechina)


Dobro Pozhalovat..... DP.....
Yutaka Yamazaki in gate 15. (Santory)

Vera SVECHINA 20 years old.


Eleanor Coppola was born Eleanor Jessie Neil on May 4 1936, to an Irish-American family in Los Angeles, California. Her father was a political cartoonist for the Los Angeles Examiner who died when she was 10 years old. in 1946. Vera is not ugly eleanor's father....


VERA. (Bepa) 1997 in sf China town.
97 and 99 in next and all nest building are fake.

in 1946 My mother Nina was 4 years old.  
2046 is a 2004 Hong Kong film.
my mother have nothing to do with any of that. 
Right is 2020. Vera is 20 in 1993. Vera is not Vera's mother. Vera's mother is not Vera.

mafia stopped "LAST TRAIN FROM ROPPONGI" film in 2004. 

Vera liked Christopher Doyle since "Chunking express"

Christopher Doyle (traditional Chinese杜可風simplified Chinese杜可风;pinyinDù Kěfēng; born 2 May 1952) is a cinematographer


it was from Vera's nose.....

MAFIA not giving Vera money for her film....

Russians and americans did fake okupai and fake pussy riot...

VERA DID OPOSIT. They mafia:

it was about Breasts.....


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