Tuesday, September 11, 2012

2008 Mafia zhukova got winezavod Garazh? Vera Svehcina dont know them.  (VERA SVECHINA 35 MSU 35 ) MAFIA abramovich and zhukova are not vera's family. they not Vera. 

  2009 abramovich and rapist  pigozzi and alexia niejelski prohorov and zhukova and criminal mafia marina  orlova  ( stole vera's photos  ( vera's income) and time.. ugly mafia paid by mafia) )  killed marina olhovskaya .. and she and mafia  (seriously )  tried to kill vera svechina. in dec . 2009. and need to go to jail. they not 14. they not 33. they ugly mafia: orlova is mafia: and need to go to jail. 

what they wanted? killed Bretney Anne Merphy. 

2003 they got footboll. they not apple. they killed steve jobs.

what abramovich doing near vera svechina? and Vera Svechina's 

apartment. ?

mafia need to leave vera svechina alone and they need to go to jail

 to attempt to kill vera svechina. THEY NEED TO GO TO  JAIL. 

they killed Vera's relatives. 

2012. ( vera 39)  at 36 they started to try to kill vera. 

WHAT THEY WANT FROM VERA? VERA dont know.   they need to go to jail. 

rapist pigozzi is not Vera Svechina. 1996. piogozzi got panama from vera's mother NINA  hat and he tried to kill vera svechina because he did crime.

they need to go to jail. 

LS? need to go to jail. Lucy Southworse.

 ( Kita no? ) (Mori and Takeshi Kitano 

 has no connection to that)

they mafia: they own rights to vera for google that 

made illegally from vera's apt. 1600? 

ugly bush is not invited to norimaki. he did crime.

and he need to go to jail. 

They  ( ruassian mafia  orlova zhukova alexia  and abramovich and 

rapist pigozzi  

....vera dont know them) tried to kill vera 

svechina ... and they need to go to jail. 

made that 3 years vera svechina is disabled and they 

still not let Vera Svechina live Vera Svechina live Vera's life.

they made that vera cant find love and cant have childen. 

???? crime they did.  

prince J ai me    is in Holland? 
his mother from house of Orange. 

1999 vera went to cannes they got south african farm.

then they did crime against Vera Svechina and vera's family.. 

that photo from 1979 have no connection to that photo in

and on place of Vera in 1 V. 1980 Apple went public 

criminal MAFIA   put

 Maria Vladmirovna and mafia prohorov? didenko?  ?  ( we dont know them)  they not our relatives. they with mafia they tried to kill vera svechina. they need to go to jail. please get out of Vera's life life. they need to Find their  own life and live that. 

The Spanish Constitution of 1978 is the culmination of the Spanish transition to democracy. ( Vera was 5 year's old) 

 There are 44 monarchies in the world, we (160 in 11 in


 including 33

 on chernishevskogo in Serpuhov ) 

are number 45.


(my dress became 1 infinite loop )

(conoco pillips) 

tim cook. owns vera money. 

In 1976, Éric Favre, an employee of Nestlé, invented, patented and introduced the Nespresso system to the business market in 

Switzerland without significant success. 


1993 from  japanese people to vera svechina. 


for vera svechina. 

sf north beach.

2003. for vera svechina's birthday. 

in SF 1997. (fake next building ) 23 years old. 


who put ugly greek mafia on vera's time in vogue in the ship? 2003? 

what ugly rapist and fat impotent pigozzi (after meeting Vera Svechina)  doing in my shirt in ted 2003? 

then he tried to kill vera svechina with help of russian mafia?  irina block? 

they need to pay vera and pigozzi need to go to jail. 

or they need to go to jail. they killed hercules. they with mafia from russia.  vera dint allowed. fat impotent pigozzi to touch vera's photos. and life. nether to ugly greek. with her ugly mother marina vera  svechina. dont care. 

ted is ugly mafia and they need to pay vera . Vera apple logo and all companies made from 160.

vera svechina's apartment. they dont own vera's apartment. they fucked up? 

vera's time to go to ted. jean pigozzi pushed vera svechina to have sex. ugly greek got on vera's time. she need to pay vera svechina. 

ugly fake greek mafia: fucked pigozzi not good. 

vera svechina is not going to pay for back greek

fuck. vera dont like greek. mafia put them there. VERA SVECHINA liked Micael Jackson. 

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