Tuesday, September 18, 2012

They need to be killed. mafia from russia need to be killed. apple 1 infinite loop ..1600 google 1601 Facebook ..GATE S Bill........Disney..... Virgin... and russian mafia need to go to jail. Looking for smart woman in very shirt skirt. 1988 1976. 8 on Veras dress.

Galaxy 2 S. Apple won and when VERA SVECHINA can get VERA's money? and mafia from russia that tried to kill vera svechina in 525 stockton apt. 403 sf ca need to go to jail. they were russian.

10 billion time s (S is Svechina Vera)
vera svechina came to sf in 1997  to make film in japan . that's it. they did crime.

all together 33 billion

2009 2010 2011 2012...... 5 25 stockton turned to 52 5 stockton made by criminal pigozzi.....

mafia  criminal orlova  stole vera's photos and tried to kill vera svechina.  put her to jail. 

get her out of my body and life. she  killed vera's aunt. 

and uncle and need to be killed: or need to be put to jail for attempt to kill vera svechina. 

out from vera's life. get out vera making money with vera's photos...

not for ugly mafia to still and fuck around. they did crime they need to go to jail. 

that need to be killed.

 criminal  ugly darya zhukova .....  got on veras time 2003 with ugly abramnovich and mafia father. 
 after  Vera's meeting mick jagger  and his criminal scott    ugly angelina joli

from Vera's village get out from vera's life. ugly joli got 5 chil;dsren from vera using criminal 

bullshirt. vera dont want that. they tried to kill vera svechina and that ugly american criminal went 

to direct movie.....  stupid? need to pay vera....  get out that ugly mafia from russia from vera svechina's life. 

 and Vera's  going on octopus build for veras birthday ( FOR VERA"S  FILM) .... tried to kill vera svechina.  2010 2011 2012 they dont live vera svechina alone and they need to go to jail. they pigozzi and mafia with him. abramovich and zhukvoa orlova from osctopus and obninak mafia bering straight and wojcicki was ready.... she stole my card macy's 23 and me...

she stole and they tried to kill vera svechina. they got baby from vera's apt. illegally.

525 stockton pigozzi and greek mafia did crime against vera svechina and vera's parents.

since 1949

Svechina Vera's pasport.  since 1976

Apple Logo.....apple 1 infinite loop .. 1600 google 1601 Facebook ..GATE S Bill........Disney..... Virgin...

and russian mafia need to go to jail. 

Looking for smart woman in very shirt skirt. 1988

1976. 8 on Veras dress.  

1:30 pm vera's birth in 1973. JUNE  5 .  (6.5) (33 5....russian criminal  mafia selyanov  stopped Vera Svechina's film in 2004 in russia (Vera was 31 and made criminal Facebook ugly wojcicki did crime and disney did crime... and other mafia did crime.) .

2003 for 30th birthday on vera's street 
store.  5 25 stockton. 403.
since 1997.

Terravera......since 1991.

they killed steve jobs.  they need to go to jail.  they killed many vera's relatives.

GALAXY 1988  VERA Svechina..... ( only Vera Svechina)

this is not (Little Vera) this is not movie.

"Last train from roppongi" oscar film.

Malenkaya Vera, is not oscar film.  mafia put on facebook film and mark  zukenberg will be killed if Vera Svechina ever met him. He tried to kill VERA SVECHINA. and vera's film... killed many relatives of VERA SVECHINA.

1601 is VERA. AND Steve jobs. (APPLE) They killed STEVE JOBS and tried to kill Vera

in 2009 in 5 25 stockton. 403. VERA DID not ones police report......they know.

they did crime they need to go to jail.

vera had Bolshaya Medvediza.....and "Last train from roppongi". TED in 2003.

vera got invitation to TED in 1999. 

 who changed to malenkaya vera?

Marina is not Vera. ( what they did is fake and wrong. they criminal .... )  Vera Svechina and film LAST TRAIN FROM ROPPONGI;.

Malenkaya Bepa.... in russian V is B.

MB?  Marina Vera? NO. marina is not princess. her ugly family need to be killed.  princess. THEY FAKE UGLY MAFIA FROM RUSSIA.  gewt them the fuck out from Vera's life.   thhey fake and criminal Vera is not marina. Vera is much better. 

sveta chenckaya is not svechina.  she manipulated by mafia. she is not vera's friend. 

that ugly city have no conection to vera's life. all mafia from obninsk are bering straight. 

 SVECHINA VERA LAST TRAIN FROM ROPPONGI director in 2002 went to goerge lucas's place, with  Tom Luddy and Terry...from cannes. jamie redford was there with Liver transplant. magazine  ogonyok 1988 . robert redford and little vera... they cut off liver of Steve jobs and killed vera's relatives and tried to kill vera svechina. they need to go to jail.

 japan 1994.

vera svechina went to japan in  1993. Svechina Vera.... and MASA'S 648 Bush street. and FLYING Strippers shop in 2009 on Bush street in sf. Vera's project. Mafia from russia and any other place was  not welcomed. and they need to go to jail.


paul alen made boat. from vera's jacket. for Vera's birthday. 6. 5. 1973 33 5 20. 

That is not abramovich's and rapist ugly mafia pigozzi's berezovskiy  places. That is VERA's birthday. they need to get out from my life. they need to pay first. they not my relatives. they criminal russian mafia.  they need to go to jail. 

Vera went to JAPAN. at 20 years old. 

mafia from russia did crime and put ugly and criminal mafia marina  orlova there. they tried to kill vera svechina and they need to go to jail . or they need to be killed. there will be no excuse. 

criminal people:

brin need to go to jail. pincus need to go to jail.
russian mafia zhukova need to got to jail.  ugly wojcicki need to go to jail. they only russian mafia. that;s it.

Vera's mark Big dipper:

mark zukenberg need to go to jail. mark pincus......need to go to jail.

get out all mafia from vera's body now... what they put in vera ? and from vera's life.

VERA Svechina in sf 1997.

Is Tim continuing legacy of Steve?

brin and page started illegal google.  they need to go to jaill ugly wojcicki stole vera's id. card. macy's.

russian mafia

marina orlova tried to kill vera. need to be killed .  criminal rapist pigozzi arrived at 2003 to ted.
in svechina vera's shirt  on vera's time. they killed vera's project in 2004 and killed steve jobs. and vera's relatives.

pigozzi arrived with ugly greek who's mother name is marina.  they need to go to jail.

Not true. Vera Is not Marina.

Vera Marina.   They need to go to jail.  Vera is not marina and ugly brin need to fuck of vera's life.

Ugly marina orlova is not Vera Svechina. they killed my relatives and need to go to jail.

ugly band bering straight on vera's time in 2003. they killed many people. they not apple they not vera svechina. they ugly people.... without talant.

Last train from roppongi 

1hour 20 min. 

14 is not marina. cd from bering straight band.

criminal band bering straight. russian mafia:  need to be killed. nadezhda mammoth will be killed.

olesya ugly will be killed. vera going to obninsk and they will be killed. olhovskiy will  be found parents and hopefully killed. VESYOLIY Delizhans?

we not zhans. they need to go jail or be killed. all that russian mafia.
need to go to jail. arrived in 2006.

need to be killed.

?????LIVER? orlova need to go to jail.

Larry Page

Galaxy S II Logo.png

at Vera's 24 criminal google was made . 1998.

1995. USA.

24, Faubourg by Hermès

The Fragrance

   Scent TypeClassic Floral
   Scent Sub-TypeWoody
   DetailsFeminine / 1995 / France
   PerfumerMaurice Roucel

MAFIA from russia ....  criminal russian mafia  .....tried to kill vera svechina. 2009. And made Vera move out from her apt. 525 stockton str. 

403 SF CA 94108. THEy killed Vera Svechina's relatives.

and they need to go to jail. wojcicki made crime.

what they put in vera that MADE VERA SVECHINA disabled for 3 years? IN SF. 

The Samsung Galaxy S II (GT-I9100) is a smartphone running the Android operating system that was announced by Samsung on 13 February 2011 at the Mobile World Congress. It is the successor to the Samsung Galaxy S, with a different appearance and significantly improved hardware. The phone was succeeded by the Samsung Galaxy S III in May 2012. The Galaxy S II was one of the slimmest smartphones of the time, mostly 8.49 mm thick, except for two small bulges which take the maximum thickness of the phone to 9.91 mm.

V&E logo

Vinson & Elkins LLP began in Houston, Texas, as a two man partnership in 1917, when James A. Elkins and William A. Vinson joined professional forces with a studied eye to the future.

5 25 stockton VERA'S ADDRESS in SF since 

1997. (steve jobs came back to apple)

1 25 emperor akihito presents:


 criminal pigozzi ... UGLY GREEK MAFIA GOT ON VERA'S TIME in TED AND MADE 52 5

after 2002, when VERA SVECHINA met JEAN PIGOZZI.

THEY NEED TO GO TO JAIL. PIGOZZI PUSHED VERA SVECHINA TO HAVE SEX 2005 AND OPENED shop ON VERA'S TIME AND VERAs address. with out vera's permission opened shop in japan.


1hour 20 min. 

pigozzi and mafia brin and wojcicki  ... prohorov mafia ......created criminal situation and need to go to jail. with mafia from russia they  tried to kill vera svechina. criminal mick jagger with fake scott   and criminal  ugly pigozzi's lawyer niejelski.....zhukova and abramovich mafia criminal people from russia. need to go to jail. 

they tried to kill vera svechina and killed vera's relatives. vera svechina dont own anything to ugly pigozzi . his mafia greek and italian idiots criminal savoy vera don't give a shit about and himself need to be killed or they need to  go to jail. Roman Abramovichhe need to pay vera svechina for killed relatives and vera's 3 years disability after visiting his house in 2009. and for vera's time... marina orlova  stole vera's photos.... they killed vera's relatives. they need to go to jail pigozzi  is not apple. he is not steve jobs. he need to pay himself.  and he need to go to jail for rape. 

and for using vera svechina's mothers photo to get island in panama. he need to go jail. and mafia from russian need to go to jail. and they need to leave vera svechina alone. they killed they need to go to jail. vera dont like pigozzi impotent.  he did crime. he need to go to jail. 

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