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SINCE 1949

DUBROVKA. Chehovskiy region. 

baby horse KING. 

born 3rd of  may 1948.  My uncle Valera under Acacia.
Nina Vladimirovna  Takaeva . (SVECHINA)
July 1960.  Serpuhov.  Before going to pioneer camp. Station Tarusskaya.

Kayama Yuzo  Kimi to Itsumademo?

"Kimi to Itsumademo" ("Love Forever"),  1965. Nina Takaeva  was 23 years old. Valera was 17.

Tamara 43 (and that was Brin's room in Google . 43. and they tried to kill vera) 

1965 after 8 years Vera Svechina was born.

1962 NINA
VERA went to school  and  1980 apple went public


Dubrovka Alexandra  had 8 children one of them was Sergey.

nikita has no idea. (they didnt ask him) 


1600 (vera) 

Flag of Russia.svg

The flag was first used as an ensign for Russian merchant ships and only became official in 1896.
Aleksey Mikhailovich (RussianАлексей Михайлович) (19 March [O.S. 9 March] 1629 – 8 February [O.S. 29 January] 1676) was the Tsar of Russia during some of the most eventful decades of the mid-17th century. On the eve of his death in 1676, the Tsardom of Russia spanned almost 2,000,000,000 acres (8,100,000 km2).

From that time period, a red flag charged with communist symbols was favoured over the tricolour. It was not until the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 that the tricolour was brought back as the official flag of the new Russian Federation. The modern era flag underwent a proportion change in 1993 and has been official since 2000. 

(in 2000 Vera got macy;s card and ugly wojcicki stole my 23 and me 

and they tried to kill vera svechina) 

1976. vera svechina. 

Sergey Esenin: dai jim na schastie ruku mne....

James Earl "Jimmy" Carter, Jr. is an American

 politician who served as the 39th President

 of the United States and was the recipient of

 the 2002 Nobel Peace Prize, the only U.S. 

President to have received the Prize after 

leaving office.


The 1979 Soviet invasion of Afghanistan 

spurred Jimmy Carter to issue an ultimatum on

 January 20, 1980 that the United States would 

boycott the Moscow Olympics if Soviet troops

 did not withdraw from Afghanistan within one 


The United States was ultimately joined in the boycott by some other countries – including Japan, West Germany (Schmidt was able to convince the national Olympic committee not to send a team by a narrow margin), China, the Philippines, Argentina and Canada. Some of these countries competed at the Olympic Boycott Games in Philadelphia. Notably, United Kingdom, France and Australia supported the boycott but allowed their athletes to participate if they wished and left the final decisions to participate in the Games to their respective National Olympic Committees and the individual athletes of the countries concerned. The United Kingdom and France sent a much smaller delegation of athletes than usual. The British equestrian, hockey, and yachting associations boycotted completely.[6]Nevertheless, the delegation of the United Kingdom was the largest among Western Europe, with 170 athletes applying to compete.[7]
Spain, Italy, Sweden, Iceland and Finland were other principal nations representing western Europe,[7] though Italian athletes belonging to military corps did not attend the Games, due to the government's support of the boycott, which severely affected many events. Some American-born athletes who were citizens of other countries, such as Italy and Australia, did compete in Moscow.
At the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, athletes from a number of countries, including Australia, Andorra, Belgium, Denmark, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Puerto Rico, San Marino, Spain, and Switzerland, marched under the Olympic Flag, instead of their national flags, a fact that the Soviet TV coverage alternately ignored. Moreover, although the government of New Zealand officially supported the boycott, four athletes from that country competed independently and marched under their NOC's flag.[8] Altogether, the athletes of 16 countries were not represented by their national flags, and the Olympic Anthem replaced their national anthems at medal ceremonies. As a result, there were a few ceremonies where three Olympic Flags were raised.
Because Montreal mayor Jean Drapeau was unable to travel to Moscow due to the boycott, Sandra Henderson and Stéphane Préfontaine, the final torchbearers at the previous games, were sent in his stead to participate in the Antwerp Ceremony at the opening ceremony, and at the closing ceremony, the Los Angeles city flag – rather than the United States flag – was raised to symbolize the next host of the Olympic Games. An IOC member from the USA was used to receive the Antwerp flag instead of the Los Angeles mayor (who at the time was Tom Bradley), and there was no Los Angeles handover ceremony at the closing.
Even though only 80 nations participated, more world records were set in Moscow than in 1976 in Montreal.On May 24, 1980 in Buffalo, New York at the United States Olympic Trials for the marathon, Gary Fanelli led the pack for 15 miles (24 km) while protesting the boycott with a shirt that read "The Road to Moscow Ends Here".


1998 fake gun magazin from japan got Vera's 


GF? VERA SVECHINA. (no mafia from russia needed) 

ugly nelli mafia and has no connection to vera svechina ot garry fanelli. 
neither her ugly sister or anyone in that ugly obninsk and mafia alexia niejelski as well ugly

(fake in vera's colors  ( they after school collors) illegally because they ugly mafia. )

vera's school painted in vera's mothers colors from 1950.

there is nothing interesting. that is criminal mafia: 
in vera's dress 
they not Vera's family . they have no connection to vera svechina.

they criminal. (dogs know) 

7 11 is the spot. 

need to be killed:  

that ugly and mafia zhukova tried to kill vera svechina,.

they made nigo married to their friend ugly elena . against VERA SVECHINA

they fake and they ugly.

need to go to jail. they made problem in japan. they are criminal and they wrong. 

and they need to pay an d get out from vera svechina's life. 

better to jail. hopefully to jail. that killd M. MORI. Vera;s friend. 

for vera:

VERA LIKE MORI SAN. my mori san. they killed his out of jealousy. 

roppongi hills  2003 (vera's 30th birthday) 

same one stockton on vera street in SF. 525 stockton..... apple store

same microsoft paul alen's octopus.

ugly mafia: they ugly cheap and not nice.

that tried to kill vera that and zhukova and mafia orlova: 2009 

they need to be put in jail. 

alexia and zhukova and orlova tried to kill vera svechina and they need to go to jail

they killed vera's relatives too.  after octopus (vera's) in 2009 and after meeting mick jagger. 

that criminal they lost and they did crime: 

need to be killed: not vera's friend. ugly enemy. same as ugly zhukova they tried to kill vera svechina

and they need to go to jail. 

Vera was happy. They tried to kill vera svechina and made vera not happy.  

and they need to go to jail. 
ugly brin got idea: in 1979:

to fuck up vera svechina and vera's family. 

and  left with ugly brin sergy to usa. (invasion of (A) vera svechina's life.) 

they made illegal google and tried to kill vera svechina with mafia from russia. 

ugly wojcicki stole vera's id and ? 

they killed steve jobs and vera's relatives. and they dont live vera alone. they mafia from russia

evil and ugly 

and they will be killed. for attempt to kill vera and vera's family. 



Instead of being in Moscow, Paige was part of the U.S. Olympic team that had, along with 55 other countries, boycotted the Games in protest at the Soviet Union's 1979 invasion of Afghanistan. 

getting in Vera's life without asking. 


In December 1979 the Soviet premier Leonid Brezhnev had ordered the invasion of Afghanistan in an effort to prop up what was widely seen as a puppet socialist government in Kabul.

An insurgency raged, led by the Afghan Mujaheddin, an Islamic guerrilla fighting force, and such was the anger in the West and in the rest of the Islamic world that the insurrection attracted support from the U.S. and its allies whilst foreign Arab fighters flocked to join the cause.
Among them was an idealistic young Saudi called Osama Bin Laden, who had turned his back on the extreme wealth of his family to fight against Soviets, and it was here that the seeds of Al Qaeda were sown.
"The Carter administration thought that the boycott was a good, non-military way of protesting the invasion," explains Jerry Caraccioli who co-authored "Boycott: Stolen Dreams of the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games."

and he got nobel price in 2002 when Vera met michael white ..naomi watts and rapist  pigozzi. 

and they need to go to jail. 

The 1980 Summer Olympics Boycott was a very interesting event in Olympics history, and some people mark it as a turning point in the history of the Olympics. 

 they troops.

and google has to give vera rights 160 0 vera.

Jimmy carter wrapped up a treaty on the Panama Canal and restored the nation’s moral stature by giving human rights a place in the conduct of foreign policy. 

 sony vaio

Human rights violations

(CANDLE IN THE WIND 1973 for vera svechina)

In 1980, the United States led a 61-nation boycott of the summer Olympics held in Moscow that year. U.S. President Jimmy Carter called for the boycott to protest the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in December 1979.

they think they are Britain. They fake

 and they need to go to jail. 

160 0 is not Britain. (VERA in 1976 )? 

Vera has russian passport now.

they need to pay.

 russian japanese passport.

The first Tomorrowland opened at Disneyland on July 17, 1955,

7 17 ....55 (steve jobs was born bill gates.....born...
7 11 is the spot. (VERA)

Tomorrowland is one of the many theme lands at the five Disney theme parks around the world 1955. 

Apple Store - Chestnut Street

7 17 (building  11) 

and Vera Svechina's face  became  APPLE LOGO . symbol of 

Capitalism is an economic system that is based on private ownership of the means of production and the creation of goods or services for profit.

 Economists usually emphasize the degree to which government does not have control over markets (laissez faire), as well as the importance of property rights. 

The territorial dispute between Japan and Russia is the

 only issue left over from the Second World War, which is yet 

to be resolved.

Russia's Medvedev angers Japan with island visit. Sergey Prikhodko, a top Kremlin foreign policy aide, said yesterday that the sovereignty of the Kurils was not up for discussion "today nor tomorrow". He added that Mr Medvedev did not need anybody's permission to visit any part of his own country.

it's not medvedev's country. he is only working. 

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev rides on the airport rail link to Vladivostok airport July 3, 2012. REUTERS/Dmitry Astakhov/RIA Novosti/Pool

criminal brin: 

ugly branston is criminal and bush is 


and ugly page with ugly bush and ugly lucy 

need to go to jail. 

for making 911 and attempt to kill vera 


ugly richard need to pay vera svechina

for using VERA's life.

he dont want to be friend.

 island is owned by Sir Richard Branson of Virgin ... (1950 king baby horse hit vera's mother)

they need to go to jail. 

1979(born 18 July 1950)

 Svechina VERA 1979.  ... 

1979 (brin and page  and mafia did crime after they made google in 1998. bush did crime. Los angeles  DID CRIME.)

1980 . Apple went public.  23 years later:

In 2003, Jobs was diagnosed with a pancreas neuroendocrine tumor

1965 after 8 years Vera Svechina was born. 8 on vera's dress.  1976...1988 looking for smart woman in shirt skirt. 1976

apple did crime and .....

In 2003, Jobs was diagnosed with a pancreas neuroendocrine tumor. PIGOZZI 23 100. NYC

Vera arived at 23. to the USA.  ugly google and ugly wiojcicki did crime.  jeff is fake ed catmul is fake disney all fake.

vera svechina 1973.

"Last train from roppongi" aka "asobi": since 1998.

 3 very young  russian girls hired  to go  japan to work in japanese karaoke club.

"Pink film" 1 hour 20 min. 

1976 . Vera's film: Last train from roppongi since 1998. 22.

Vera Svechina 1974. with train.

In the Realm of the Senses (Japanese: 愛のコリーダ Ai no Korīda?, literally Bullfight (Spanish: Corridaof Love; FrenchL'Empire des sens) is a 1976 Franco-Japanese romantic drama film directed by Nagisa Oshima.

Battle Royale (バトル・ロワイアル, Batoru Rowaiaru) is a Japanese novel written by Koushun Takami, completed in 1996 and published in 1999


looking for smart woman in very shirt skirt.

1 infinite loop 

 it did reach No. 1 

tsumori chisato made dress 

Vera Svechina after  year 2000 

33 since 1949. all japanese people moved out from disputed four islands.

peacock is new symbol of JAPAN ...nachatta....


 (A.K.A. 1K production)

since 1997.

 PRESENT: from apple steve jobs. apple logo. 

One stockton street ( vera's time of birth) 1 30. 2003

Presents VERA SVECHINA"S  debut  feature film  "LAST TRAIN FROM ROPPONGI"


1999. 1 25 emperor akihito PRESENTS:

vera svechina 25. 

In August 1957,   Her Imperial Majesty The Empress of Japan 

Michiko met then-Crown Prince Akihito on a tennis court at


Svechina Vera's mother NINA was 15 years old..

1999. CANNES.

(ki) "valuable, noble". ..... From Japanese 鈴 "bell" or 麗 "lovely"


HERCULES BELLVILLE. ( mafia killed him)

1979. Russia. Obninsk. 160. gate 15. (since 1976) 


1996 JAPAN 
2006 ( VERA 33) from 33. since 1949 and from 160 since 1976.

 last train from ropongi.

and 2009 

russian mafia  tried to kill vera svechina. they trying got control vera's independent company VPS PRODUCTIONS.

vera's friend from vera's film merchandise for film LAST TRAIN FROM ROPPONGI. 

and from "FLYING STRIPPERS" brand. 2009.


kill that ugly greek mafia and russian mafia and ugl;y impontent pigozzi.

vera not interested in ugly ugly greek and mafia  with that..... hercules didnt like greek.  that's the law., 

Vera dont want russian mafia in vera's life.  Vera don't care. 

Tim cook owns vera money.  and criminal mafia need to go to jail. 

princess japan.

33 was taken by mothers parents because Nina Takaeva 
was starting school in 1949. 


 SVECHINA VERA was born 1973 5 june.

Unit 731 (731部隊 Nana-san-ichi butai?, Chinese: 731部队) was a covert biological and chemical warfare research and development unit of the Imperial Japanese Army that undertook lethal human experimentation during the Second Sino-Japanese War (1937–1945) and World War II. It was responsible for some of the most notorious war crimes carried out by Japanese personnel. Unit 731 was based at the Pingfang district of Harbin, the largest city in the Japanese puppet state of Manchukuo (now Northeast China).

A special project code-named Maruta used human beings for experiments. Test subjects were gathered from the surrounding population and were sometimes referred to euphemistically as "logs" (丸太 maruta?)

BLOG? (GOOGLE)  ????? 
vera's birthday 1:30 pm 1973. June 5.

on vera's street. 2003.

5 25 stockton.  since 1997 Steve JOBS came back to apple. mafia from obninsk. obninsk made in 56.

1942...+14=  1956......  (bering straight and brin)  did crime. LIVER?  (VERA"S MOTHER IS NOT DIRECTOR of that bering straight film. they criminal people) 


mafia pigozzi in vera's shirt with criminal greek and horrible staff. 

they tried to kill vera svechina. and they need to go to jail. vera  (33 and GATE 15) have no connection to greek.

and pigozzi pays for killed all vera's relative and for panama and he going to jaill for rape. and zhukvoa going to jail.

and alexia going to jail. for attempt to kill vera svechina. 

2012. they need to pay for every year... of waisted vera's time. 

pigozzi criminal: 

they tried to kill vera svechina and they need to go to jail. 

have no connection to vera svechina:

pvo mafia . vera didnt welcome. with mafia greek vera dont need. pvo and ugly greek.

that is mafia they need to go to jail they tried to kill vera. that is not gate 1. 

?????? HOW VERA IS GETTING VERA's MONEY. from tim cook?

that VERA got in 2003 from APPLE. FOR VERA SVECHINA.  They didnt followed their own 
thing and they killed steve jobs and vera's relatives  and russian mafia 

also tried to kill vera svechina

and that need to go to jail: russian mafia vera didnt invite. ugly sofia: 

Sofia Coppola
sofia coppola have nothing to do withj vera. they made film on vera's time. vera is not sofia coppola. all cosmos. how sofia coppola got married to mars?

52 years later.... born 3rd of  may 1948.  My uncle Valera under Acacia.52 VALERA WAS in 2000. and that what ugly anne wojcicki stole. 23 and me (vera's arriving to usa) . Vera's macy's card 023.  that VERA GOT IN 2000. in SF. and she tried to kill vera with mafia from russia and she need to go to jail. 


I hope tim cook dies. he not deserve to live. 


from svechina vera's movie ipad and vera need to get money and mafia need to go to jail. 

in the end : 


2009. vincent gallo looked like guy from Gaspar Noé's criminal mafia  film   from took photo.

cannes film festival 2009

2009 from vera's film last train from roppongi. (ugly pincus owns vera money and his ugly wife also. they did crime.  ) 


russian mafia tried to kill vera svechina.  STARTING RIGHT AFTER CANNES. 2009 .

In September 2009 GQ's US issue included a story by Scott Anderson about his interviews with Mikhail Trepashkin on his investigations of the 1999 Russian apartment bombings.

started in 1957. 15 gate vera since 1976. 1957 Veras mother was 15. years old.

about last train from roppongi..... 

movie 1 hour 20 min. 

2009 dec. 2009 2010...killed bretney anne merphy.... mafia  orlova pigozzi alexia  zhukova wojcicki brin tried to kill vera svechina.

and they need to go to jail.  

after they tried to killv era svechina: ugly wojcicki 
on vera's adress. with vera's 23 and me.
and ugly child BENJI from vera's room
 ugly pigozzi also. need to go to jail for attempt to kill vera  Marina Orlovawith mafia FROM RUSSIA .... orlova  who stole vera's photos and killed vera's father and frieds and relatives and need to go to jail. alexia zhikova....and pigozzi need to go to jail fo rpushing vera to have sex and getting on vera's time .

in ted and in later with ugly criminal UGLY  orlova And fake aND UGLY ALEXIA.  THEY NOT MY RELATIVES. THEY NEED TO GO TO JAIL.


  PRINCE J AI ME  and 

2003 for vera's 30's birthday. Roppongi Hills.

 Vera's roppongi hills.  Mafia did crime. stopped vera's film and after may 2009 .... 2009 2010 2011 2012  tried to kill vera svechina and killed vera's relative and they need to go to jail. crime was made
against vera svechina.

 1997 photo by tooru matsushima. ca. carmel. 
el li son? (THAT PHOTO WAS IN SF)


they cant build without vera's permission. 2003 Vera Svechina was invited to new roppongi hills. 

june 1 1997 vera gound that IN SF.  fake next building . fake marina in  97 and elena in 99. they put fake people and they killed MANY PEOPLE.

2007. tellutride. ranch of fitzerald. michael that made film on vera's time. who put on vera's 160 

NLO? we not nLo. we not greeek criminal olga. 

and they need to go  to jail.

  brendon fitzerald talked to tom  after telluride. and said he might come to sf. then he didnt come 

and mafia killed vera's father. geave 3055.  29.11.2007

after meeting ugly mafia naomi in vera's hat .. they killed hercules bellville.

ugly zhukova and ugly alexia  need to go to jail.

they have no connection to vera. 

vera's film not made. ugly naomi is mafia and they tried to kill vera svechina.
pigozzi  UGLY alexia abramovich...who have no right to right in vera's apt.


criminal russian mafia rapist  pigozzi.... had no right to "get coppola sofia go ahead. he is not owning my life.

uglyu naomi need to pay. vera. and she need to go to jail. to attampt to kill vera with zhukova mafia ...


vera's film.

 that noty living in gate 15.

15 eyars.... that is criminal: and not free. to go to vera's apt. IN OBNINSK RUSSIA
inside look at vera's private photos.... 2009 

fake: and criminal:  who is the mafia who gave permission :



200 000 $ vera didnt get any money. and vera didnt get invited to the premier. 

they also killed steve jobs. 
 Steve Jobs

pigozzi  need to go to jail for rape 2005. (pushing vera to have sex)  for getting in vera's shirt. got going to ted with ugly greek. 2003  for getting in tokyo on vera's place. without asking mai. and vera.... and for getting on vera's address in sf and for attempt to kill vera with help of russian mafia zhukova MAFIA  ALEXIA AND UGLY ORLOVA  . MAFIA PIGOZZI... and criminal wojcicki ..they  made vera disable for 3 years .... and killing 3 vera's relatives. 

 zhukova tried to kill vera svechina  killed M.Mori.  Vera likes Roppongi.IT'S WAS VERA'S ADDRESS AND TIME 525 STOCKTON 403.


1997 sf ca usa.  Apple logo...... VERA.



7 11

(VERA) BEPA... fake next building ....fake elena and marina in apt.99 

(Born: August 17, 1944 (age 68),Manhattan ellison larry is fake. 

17 gate is June 33 5 VERA SVECHINA ( with APPLE) oracle after apps logo.... they fake elena from apt .99.
and they killed vera's relatives. and apt. 97 fake too .  ) 

Vera SVECHINA.... then 

bill corona (health bill past 2010. russian mafia  criminal lawyer and lawyers child and rapist pigozzi  tried to kill  vera svechina) 
Bill Gates
 ulyanov: "MOVIE is most important form of all ARTS".

Vera Svechina is second child (has older brother).

Candle in the wind 1973. when Vera born.
NI GORI ( mafia did opposite
 ugly Ukrainians blew down candle in 2009 

ugly mafia ksenya...need to get out from vera's life. same as ugly pvo in holland . and ugly alexia and ugly maxima in holland need to go to jail. 

fake and need to go to jail: they tried to kill vera svechina:
ugly: and need to go to jail:

С 1943 до 1955 года гимн исполнялся в первоначальной версии, включавшей упоминание о Сталине. С

 1955 по 1970 год гимн исполнялся без слов В 1970 г. С. В. Михалков???ым был подготовлен новый вариант текста гимна. С 1971 по 1991 год гимн исполнялся в новой редакции, впоследствии утверждённой указом Президиума Верховного Совета СССР от 27 мая 1977. В новой версии были исключены упоминания о Сталине, счастье, славе (народов), победах («от победы к победе»), армии и добавлены слова о партии и коммунизме

??? studio  3T? maliy kozihinskiy per. in moscow? 


Red Heat Poster

The Anthem of the Soviet Union was played for the first time on the Soviet radio at midnight of the 1 January 1944. The 1944 lyrics had three different refrains following three different stanzas; in each refrain, the second line was consequently modified with references to friendship, then happiness and finally to glory. Later on, in 1977, these refrains were replaced by a uniform refrain following all stanzas. Joseph Stalin was originally mentioned in the lyrics; however, after his death in 1953 and the process of De-Stalinization, the lyrics referring to Stalin were considered unacceptable. Because of this, from that time until 1977, the anthem was played without lyrics. Revised lyrics without the references to Stalin and World War II were approved in 1977.

vera didnt aprove. in 1977

and they need to go to jail. They mafia from russia.. they tried to kill vera svechina)

11 years after Larry Ellison divorse Vera Svechina came to Sf.  (23 100 pigozzi's apt. in NYC)

12 in 1998 Vera went to party in PIXAR. STEVE JOBS didnt met Vera Svechina and didnt proposed 

to finance her film when Vera is ready. 

mafia did Gor i and they killed steve jobs and 
tried to kill vera svechina.
Nigori is the way sake first appeared when it was brewed for the Imperial Court in Kyoto as well as for most of its 2,000 year history. It is coarsely-filtered and the sweetest of all types of sake.


HOLLAND.  prince J AI ME  

 ( MAFIA FROM RUSSIA DID CRIME  tried to kill vera svechina and they need to go to jail. ) 

 ( from svechina vera's film and Vera Svechina's and Jean Pigozzi's book "flying strippers" 2009)

flight 93 memorial sculpture 2009. sculptor Vera Svechina.

1993 Vera Svechina went to JAPAN. (IS NOT FRENCH) 

film  "last train from roppongi " a.k.a asobi. 1hour 20 min. dir. Vera Svechina.


cia princess anetta

criminal pigozzi  with panama from Vera's mother and ... criminal greek 

and on vera's adress on vera's time and in treed on vera's time in ted 2003 .

need to go to jail. 

instead of VERA"S T SHIRTS Vera sow MICK t shirt. 

2008 criminal concert. and criminal on vera's adress pigozzi. 


2009 scott is fake. THEY  not 33. 

ugly scott need to be put in jail. for attempt to kill vera svechina with mafia from russia. 

mick jagger criminal. 

Vera's film 1hour 20 min. didnt get made. mafia greek and mafia .pigozzi ...  went on my time to ted. they killed hercules and steve jobs and vera's relatives and tried to kill vera svechina. and they killed vera's dog.

anago? o gan a?  and they tried to put cancer in VERA SVECHINA. they russian mafia. 
fake scott not from my house that in cartoon.

about vera's uncle:


and lady gaga is criminal . they needed to pay vera svechina if they wanted to use vera's life things. 
525 stockton 403 down town sf ca usa. in not pigozzi's apartment.
 it's vera svechina's apartment. 

they replaced vera svechina's time with scott...(make up) pigozzi on vera's address on time on vera's film. abramovich mafia ? 

criminal nikita mikhalkov need to go to jail. 
putin need to go to jail. they killed hercules bellville and did crime. AGAINST VERA SVECHINA AND VERA'S RELATIVES. 

33. 1951 takaev.

ugly pigozzi had no right to VERA"S LIFE and they tried to kill vera svechina and they need to go to jail. rapist pigozzi need to go to jail. 


ら さ?

さ south africa Vera (BEPA) .........they mafia did ) 

Berezovskiy. ( and ugly brin)

they need to go to jail. criminal pigozzi.... criminal abramovich. 

all that mafia need to go to jail: 

2002 SVECHINA Vera left script. pigozzi did crime and they need to go to jail. 

scott  need to go to jail. vera not paying for ugly scott. and for ugly jean pigozzi. and mick need to pay 2008 criminal concert. ugly naomi cambel need to be killed. 

vera svechina 1974

1974. あいうえお ....

mafia did crime:

abramovich and mafia ned to go to jail.  they tried to kill vera svechina , vera didnt allowed. they killed steve jobs. 

1950 Dubrovka. Nina, Vera's mother got hit by baby horse KING. 

Kotova NYURA child of Alexandra Popovicheva. Sister of Tamara. Nina's mother.Vera's grandmother. (in 1949 Tamara and Volodya got house 33 in Serpuhov)


Nikolai(y) Nikolaevich Nosov (RussianНиколай Николаевич Носов;UkrainianМикола Миколайович Носов) (23 November [O.S. 10 November] 1908 Kiev - 26 July 1976 Moscow) was a Soviet children's literature writer, the author of a number of humorous short stories, a school novel, and the popular trilogy offairy tale novels about the adventures of Neznaika and his friends.

V lad i Mir

Svechina Vera's dress 1 infinite loop .

you got a friend in me. (it's all about me (Vera Svechina) )


Osama bin Laden

Osama bin Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden was the founder of al-Qaeda, the jihadist organization responsible for the September 11 attacks on the United States, along with numerous other mass-casualty attacks against civilian and military targets.

O sama bin....

Vera's "Flying strippers"

In the late 1980s, Tiffany & Co. ventured into the fragrance business. Tiffany for women was launched in 1987,

(33) Vera was 14. 

 a floral perfume for women by perfumer Francois Demachy. At $220 per ounce, "Tiffany" was successfully marketed by major department stores across the United States.  Two years later, Tiffany for Men was launched in 1989 and developed by perfumer Jacques Polge.  (EMPEROR Akihito became emperor in JAPAN) 

and Vera's perfume "Dohan" needed to be


fake  o sam chlebanov ? he  didnt help vera


make film....

klebanov made  horrible film in 2009

with office kitano klebanov  (after Vera Svechina)..... vera met sam 

in 2000 from sweden ( brins brother sam) ?

google made illegally. 

Vermeer Technologies Incorporated was a software company founded in 1994 by Charles H. Ferguson and Randy Forgaard. Its products were a Web site development tool, called FrontPage, and a Web server to complement developing in FrontPage, called Personal Web Server.

The company was purchased by Microsoft for US$133 million

 in January 1996 ($197 million in present-day terms


randy was with charles in ver meer technology..... that was sold to microsoft.

pete doctor? when they tried to kill vera right when VERA Svechina was born.

(from 33 since 1949)
model is same person) 
stock ton..... pixar was by disney when vera svechina was 33. 2006.

The Walt Disney Company bought Pixar in 2006 at a

 valuation of $7.4 billion, a transaction which made Jobs 

Disney's largest shareholder.

5 25 stockton

they killed producer hercules bellville. 

and criminal pigozzi (pushed vera svechina to have sex in 

2005) got on vera's time

and made without asking vera svechina 52 5

and killed vera's relatives. and tried to kill vera svechina

in 2009 

ugly anne  wojcicki got in vera's shirt and tried to kill vera. stole vera's 23 and me.

macy's card 023 from year 2000. 

Svechina VERA's  JAPANESE 33. 


what for ugly wojcicki got vera svechina (svechina vera's t shirt?)? 2006?  to kill vera svechina and to still veras money. 

and she stole vera's card from macy's 023.
and vera's coming to the usa. 

they tried to kill vera svechina: they need to go to jail. wojcicki is not going to live. she need to go to jail. 

2005 mr and mss smith cia film. (DIDNT NEED TO HAPPEN. THEY DIDNT PAY VERA SVECHINA)


princess Anetta. (for Vera's film)  mafia need to go to jail. 

anago. o gan a  and they tried to kill vera and tried to put gan in Vera.

they need to go to jail.  (russian mafia?)

FBI need to put to jail mafia 

vera svechina  

 and that was the key. from gate 14. (about gate 15... 160 and 33) 

1 Infinite LoopCupertino, CA 95014UNITED STATES

1996. VERA NEEDED MAKE beverage.... Anetta... (wine )

vera's room in tokyo. japan. vera svechina (anetta)  lived there alone.

KREMLIN, a souvenir  from Niko park IN GATE 15.  (has nothing to do with "Apple") 

1996 TOKYO. 


to o ru matsushima to Vera Svechina. ro L e x. ( apple made apple logo synchronized
 to vera's photo in dec 1973)

tooru matsuma is vera's cook. Chinese french.

pigozzi got panama from my mothers NINA's  hat. 
when Vera was in JAPAN .


My second time in Japan. Atami  hotsprings 96 6 27


 “I fell in love with this place, and it turns out that it's 

extremely interesting,” Pigozzi said.

Google began as a research project in 1996 by two Stanford University’s Ph.D. students,
 Larry Page and Sergey Brin. and they need to go to jail.

barack obama's birthday is same day as matsushima's 

1997 SF CA BEPA. (VERA SVECHINA) steve jobs came to apple.

it was about that:

and that film 1998 with mata san. 

1hour 20 min. vps productions

 last train from roppongi a.k.a asobi

perfume "Dohan" coming out with film.
"Last train from roppongi"

rainbow bridge

who   Noriyuki? (actor)

toyokawa.. etsushi 

criminal mafia  pigozzi and abramovich: tried to kill  Vera Svechina and they

 got on vera's time to ted and in vera's life. Nori didnt eat pigozzi and ugly greek.

2003. they killed ....pigozzi need to go to jail. 

ugly mafia have no connection to VERA SVECHINA. 

greek need to be killed.  and out from vera's life. 

VERA's time in TED. they killed Steve jobs. get out ugly greek in vera's dress from vera's life. 

ugly greek and her her ugly mother is not VERA and need to get out from vera's life.

and ugly rapist pigozzi need to pay vera svechina for crime he made. getting on vera's address on vera's time. 

in vera's movie nori didnt eat them:

need to be killed: ugly mafia from russia:

pigozzi need to go to jail. 

greek not connected to vera svechina.

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