Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Vera Svechina's mothers house 33 was 

taken by disneyland when she got married.

"33 Royal Street" .

Royal street?  Nikita Mikhalkov Studio 3T?   (Takaev?)  

5 25 stockton street Studio of VERA SVECHINA.  "CANDLE IN THE WIND " 1973.

Apple store too. 

1999 1 25 EMPEROR AKIHITO.  ( hercules bellville. 
mafia killed him) 


1979 GATE S.  Apt. 160.  Obninsk. 


2700 Vallejo Street

2700 Vallejo is currently the residence of the Consul-General of Japan.


build in 1915


Vera Svechina on place of  Gate 17 (it's not exist)

Each of the 17 Consulates General of Japan and the Embassy of Japan maintains a specific jurisdictional area in order to serve you best.

2700 perfume and then it was time to make Svechina Vera's perfume "Dohan" in  2008.. ( 11 years after Vera Svechina came to USA) Vera's 11 and 33 only. 

they did crime against  Vera Svechina and Vera's parents. Nina and PETR. (and other member of Vera's family)

Vera Svechina is not working for meetings of this people:

how princess Maxima met with prince Alexander of Orange ?

when Vera 

Svechina from 33 met Alexander PAYNE in apr. 1999? 

russians made zabor? and horrible mafia pigozzi and mafia 

from greece didnt let VERA SVECHINA go 

to ted that was made for vera svechina. On the right time.

get out mafia from vera's life. call fbi. put them to jail. 

Paul Allen

they need to go to jail. pigozzi is rapist. did crime against vera svechina.  got on vera's time and place in japan and ca.  it's not normal. it's criminal.

and he tried to kill vera with mafia from russia. 
Mark Pincus
mark  pincus made crime. making money from vera 

svechina's life.  FARM VILLE he owns vera money. Mark wrote vera you 


vera got cosmos from apple for 30th 

birthday . and apple store. One stockton. 

Vera lived on stockton since 97. steve jobs came back to apple.

 vera is not psychic.

1974. あいうえお ....

this is Vera Svechina. 1 year old

this is not vera. this is mafia:

this is rendom photo.

they did crime. 

not funny and that ugly scott is not great. 
mick jagger have no connection to vera's life.

they tried to kill 

vera svechina.


after meeting mick jagger 2009 they (zhukova mafia ....pigozzi mafia .. abramovich....) tried to kill vera svechina., crimina marina orlova killed 4 years old tayson's baby and many other people. they mafia from russia. 2009. what they did? 

they need to go to jail. 

VLADIMIR? woman from vladimir said after mafia tried to kill vera svechina: you were berried in LA. 


mick jagger did crime. scott is mafia.

she need to get out from vera svechina's 

life.  there is mafia?

Vera have no connection to that:
War crimes prosecutors claim that Charles Taylor, former president of Liberia, gave a "blood diamond" to supermodel Naomi Campbell.
Taylor is on trial in an international court in the Netherlands on charges that he used murder, rape, amputation and child soldiers to support the rebels in neighboring Sierra Leone, and that he traded weapons to the rebels in return for diamonds. A "blood diamond" 

and Last train from roppongi film 1 hour 20 min. vera's blood O-

usually refers to a gem mined in an African war zone and sold to pay for weapons or armed rebellion.
During cross-examination of Taylor Thursday morning, lead prosecutor Brenda Hollis alleged that Taylor had given such a diamond to Campbell after a dinner in South Africa in 1997 

1997 Vera came to SF to study film and steve jobs came back to Apple. 

they need to go to jail. :

A former chief executive of the fund, Ractliffe was questioned by its trustees over why he accepted three uncut diamonds from Campbell in 1997 and kept them for 13 years without informing the fund's board. He handed them to police only when he was named in Campbell's testimony at the court in The Hague.

 attended by South African president Nelson Mandela, Campbell, musician Quincy Jones, and actress Mia Farrow.
The prosecution said that the diamond was among gems given to Taylor prior to the trip so that he could purchase arms for the Sierra Leone rebels from South African armament manufacturers.
"That diamond that you sent to Naomi Campbell," Hollis asked Taylor, "was one of the diamonds that you had been given by the junta in Sierra Leone. Isn't that correct?"

1999 1 25 EMPEROR AKIHITO.  ( hercules bellville. 
mafia killed him) 


1979 GATE S.  Apt. 160.  Obninsk. 

Vera Svechina and PEACE. 

2007?  Naomi in Vera's or Vera's mother hat. (panama from 1996) and pigozzi on Vera's address in SF and on vera's place in japan.   

who let jean pigozzi get on vera's way? in TED 2003 and after in JAPAN?  52 5?

5 25 stockton street Apt. 40 3? 3 vera's children.   at 40 years old.

they did crime. they tried to kill vera svechina and vera's family. they need to go to jail. 

brin got with ugly wojcicki on vera's apt.  BRIN NEED to go to jail.  they stole vera's 23 and me.  coming and living in the usa since 1997.

VEra dont know them Vera paid rent. in VERA"S apt. 

made from vera's apt. babies.... got on vera's t shirts......??????

tree dirty diamonds.

from black land? candle in the wind?

prince J ai me    is in Holland? 

2009? 525 stockton str. sf Apt. 403

russian mafia tried to  kill vera svechina zhukova abramovich and criminal orlova from pigozzi's house party 2009. they need to go to jail. they tried to make that Vera Svechina never find love.. never has children.... what for? who are they vera dont know. mikhalkov went to ask for oscar after vera got nominated. and after russian mafia  tried to kill vera.

who gave right to jean pigozzi to get on my apt. 5 25 stockton? 

and do 52 5? ( died Valera Takaev at 52 in 2000)  Vera didnt allowed.

2008 vera svechina was 35. Vera's father worked in MSU 35. (made buildings for PVO rockets???)

they killed him in 2007. 3055 grave

pigozzi who have no connection to my father opened shop in vera's time in japan and prince jaime got pvo? 

and on place of Vera Svechina's wine 

that need to be made with Vera's Svechina's film. 1998 ( pigozzi's copy  looked at bottle of Vine)

vera's film not made.  they stopped Vera's film in 3 days. hercules bellville killed.  hope baka kina killed. 

Last train from roppongi film 1 hour 20 min.

 APPLE has become the world's most valuable company, adding about $265 billion in value since Cook became chief executive ?

mafia need to get out and time cook need to pay vera 


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