Wednesday, October 3, 2012

today vera sow
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this is not vera's phone number. who put that number there? 

ugly mafia put fake number .They have no connection to vera svechina


Obninsk Russia

june 1.  97 sf ca. 33 1 1997 

 back to APPLE.

USA. 1997. sf ca. fake next building. BEPA

 back to APPLE.

empress michiko. 

from 33 (SINCE 1949)
 Tamara Andreevna Ryazvyakova  
(TAKAEVA) died in 1966. 

Benedict Tashen has nothing to do with Vera Svechina. vera never met him and he never paid vera svechina

her makes money from vera's life. 

ugly Benedikt Taschen, 1961, Cologne

Germany, is a German publisher. ???

vera sees mafia that has no business  

 in vera's 


17 years later.....

(gate 17 is  not exist )  Vera is gate 17. 
in Vera's apt. 

1979. (33) Svechina Vera 3+3 = 6 years old. 

who put E in my fathers name after telluride in 1999?

they put ugly pincus and he need to pay. for using life of 
vera svechina illegally to make money. his ugly family
 have no idea what is he doing. they put ugly mafia abramovich....

he is not  svechina vera's relative.

-nu? kak otmechali?  written in 1999.  mark stock 2009
beginning of vera's film. 

mick jagger that for vera was not important. he is criminal mafia ..... mafia  trying to make that important. 

and they tried to kill vera  at 5 25  stock ton str. ....and they need to go to jail. 

vera 1974. 

Bob marley "no woman no cry" 1979

that was they end of "games". 2009 may. stockton. mark stock.VVVVVVVV......
with pencil....
beginning of vera's film. 
and vera gets stock from apple google Facebook zynga and microsoft..... and other companies.

 5 25 stockton.  1999.  with herculess bellville.

oscar  nomination! HIT LER!  (itsudemo yume o!)  also best actress oscar. nomination 

Dream works. 

1hour 20 min. 

chrismas! apple  10 billlion stock to vera... then google.... Facebook....all from 160...disney.....

5 25 Stockton. 403. they did crime.

?????? in working day. Tim Cook  need to give Svechina Vera 10 billion dollars stock ton..... 
and mafia need to go to jail. 

they did crime.  they (russian criminal need to be killed  zhukova alexia and mafia orlova mobius is pincus..... ugly mafia from prohorov..... ugly medvedev... ugly putin....abramovich ... ugly irina zhukova...  ugly naomi...ugly criminal alexia....rapist pigozzi and who ever else are they....need to go to jail. )

before christmas  russian mafia did crime. tried to kill vera and killed britney anne merphy....

and they need to go to jail. they russian mafia zhukova abramovich and alexia and who else they are. 

no place for them in vera's life. and no place for them in vera's mothers life. naomi is criminal. 

from 525 stockton. 403.

The Gnessin State Musical College (has nothing to do with vera svechina.)

Takaeva (33) Girl Marievka Svechina C ?

Tamara Vera (girl) Marievka Svechina C? ugly wojcicki 

did crime. 

USA. 1997. sf ca. fake next building. BEPA
 back to APPLE.

empress michiko. 

from 33 (SINCE 1949)


vera's mother NINA is not playing game with ugly people.. 


tom suported vera's family. inluding papa. (candle in the wind EJ)

private letter.  BIG TO DD.


2003 apple store for svechina vera's 30th  birthday 1:30 pm born in 1973. 

stockton str. 

1 infinite loop apple corp. 

5 25 stockton. 

Apple Store - San Francisco

from  svechina vera's jacket for vera's film. 

telluride film festival made in 1974 after  Svechina Vera was born in Obnisnk 

in antib pigozzi's father

got the 50s? 

monique (abramovich? ) emperor Takaeva  (Johhny is the boy for me 1953)...............

Tom? is friend to svechina vera.  Vera in Sf. 

suzan is vera svechina?  google is vera's.
from the start. medvedev went to turkey
in 2009 to see anetta. sister of angelica. when it was time to give svechina vera money to make vera's film. 

who put abramovich and monique ? 

ugly angelica and mafia from keno need to go to jail

ugly anzhelica is not vera's mothers child
she has ugly mafia mother vera plyazidevskaya and she has no connection to vera svechina and vera's mother or father . what mafia playing game?

vera not married to ugly korean to play games. 

russian mafia need to go to jail. they killed angelica's houseton's husband.  ugly angelica warum and ugly leonid  agutin and they killed vera's uncle leonid...... what mgik and what mafia from russia. russian mafia. they ...that ugky mgik from russia need to get out from vera's life.

vera and vera's mother and father and brother dint need usuriyskaya street. where angelica lived. 

they killd vera's gather and they put ugly criminal naomi there. to kill vera's father. 

vera form 1976 apple corporation.... they own vera money. 

Leon Princess Anetta ( SVECHINA VERA) 

prince and entertainer. 

prince jaime. 

who counted that letter? 
and did crime? 

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