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Vera's mother...... NINA.... got married and became Svechina.

baby horse king . 


NINA in 1962

Vera in 1980 apple went public., 

matsushima to o ru ( 1996) 



robert janoff 

and japan too....

Kunashiri Shikotan HOBOMAI and Iturup is not Russia. 

New country. 


prince Jaime. from Netherlands.

1997...... tooru matsushima took carmel. usa. vera svechina......

matsu shima tooru photo.

pigozzi got panama from vera's mother's hat when vera was in japan. 1996. 

My second time in Japan. Atami  hotsprings 96 6 27
VERA had baby horse king story and  grandmother queen akulina. and hercules.

they tried to kill vera svechina.  2009 2010 2011 2012 zhukova rapist pigozzi orlova russian mafia:

PINCUS MARK and his ugly wife made FARM VILLE AND ONE KINGS WAY. from vera's life. and they killed vera's dog.
vera's store for vera's 30s birthday. On Vera's stockton str. 5 25.... they killed hercules and vera's relatives.... they mafia. vera dont know MAFIA.  they killed steve jobs.

Terravera  was since 1991.


1993. svechina vera  (anetta) in tokyo

wedding of melinda and bill gates. 

In October 2003, Jobs was diagnosed with cancer, and in mid-2004, he announced to his employees that he had a cancerous tumor in his pancreas.

film from vera's photo. richard.... smith 


they need to pay.

ugly ungelina sucked from vera all vera was thinking about. 

and they with mafia from russia tried to kill vera svechina

then they put vera's jeans on ugly aniston...

mafia aniani?

we not mafia.

they need to go to jail. get off my life. 

they need to pay.

nikita you will never know how good to hold


and mafia sucked out of vera ....

and  tried to kill vera svechina? 


russian mafia  ugly rapist pigopzzi 

and zhukvoa ugly campbel tried to kill vera? 

fucking ugly orlova? russian style? 

bred didnt pay vera svechina. part of his 

salary from that film. he is getting salary and 

vera not.

vera worked to take photo. 

need to be killed:

richard virgin......broke vera's neck..... got island in 1979 for VERA SVECHINA.

bush is not vera.  they criminal....

we not working for fucking bush, google need to pay.

ugly  george bush.  criminal:  richard  from "VIRGIN"

after YOSUKE UENO took photo of vera at 525 stockton. 

vera had broken nose surgery and got scar like doll merry had..from humster. 

VIRGIN. this is not virgin. 

2000. ugly wojcicki stole vera's macys card from 2000 

and where richard go?  kimura? miki? and they tried to kill vera svechina.

and they killed with pigozzi rapist vera's relatyives....

 that was virgin. 



 and that ugly used vera's 160 and tried to kill vera. got vera's money. 

this is not vera. they did crime and need to be killed.

 ugly wojcicki is not vera svechina. she is sick? vera dont like wojcicki in vera's shirt. 

and with ugly  baby from vera's apt. 

wojcicki stole vera's macy's card 23 and vera

023. vera and michael jordan. 23 vera came to usa. wojcicki born in that ugly now country. 23 100

no place for wojcicki ....near vera svechina 

she need to go to jail or she need to be killed.
she killed vera's relatives. and tried to kill vera. 

vera not touching wojcicki. wojcicki attaked vera.
and google didnt pay vera.  then ugly orlova zhukova and alexia stole vera's photos and 
with help of rapist pigozzi tried to kill vera. 

and they used more vera's photos..... and broke vera's neck. 

richard virgin got for vera island. this is not vera :

Vera's school.

andgelica has no connection to vera's mothers or fathers  LIFE. in 1950 in Dubrovka. and they need to go to jail. for attempt to kill vera.
fujita ?

2008. crime zhukova did in russia. pigozzi criminal:
this is not vera. 
fuji is not ugly angelica or  ugly any other mafia.

fuji is 33. ( VERA"S) 

they not my relatives. they killed vera's relatives and tried to kill vera and they need to go to jail.

1994 wedding of melinda and bill gates. 
melinda after vera svechina. me linda gate s. 
get the fuck out from my life: pincus need to go to jail.   ungelica is not vera's mother of flowers in vera's mother hand. she not connected with all her mafia to vera.

1997.  sf film school. 

SVECHINA VERA 1997. SF ..  steve jobs came back to apple. bill CORONA. health bill passed...

after they tried to kill vera svechina.....

BEPA. this is not BILL GATES.  

next building is fake. they need to go to jail. they did crime. they killed steve jobs.

get mafia out of vera's life.

brin is criminal: mafia tried to kill vera and they made vera disabled. 2009 dec.

in SF.  160 is vera's apt. they not my friends. they illegally made google. and they own vera money. they would not hurt vera.
if there would be no reason. ( MONEY they own VERA AND RIGHTS to Vera's life)

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