Wednesday, November 21, 2012

who made that crime possible?? what mafia from russia put in Vera Svechina?

at $18.5 billion as of March 9, 2007, 

they found in Veras google. 


zynga and farmville all criminal.

Svechina Vera got in 2000... Vera was 27. 

criminal ugly  Anne Wojcicki, married in the Bahamas, 2007

after she stole Vera's macy's card she found company 23 and me. 

it's Vera... mafia tried and trying to kill Vera Svechina. now in 


after barack Obama Elections.....: and after octopus of paul ALEN and meeting mick jagger 


russian mafia tried to kill Vera Svechina

525 Stockton....403.... after they killed hercules bellville..... 2009

tried to kill Vera Svechina.

mafia mick jagger ugly  and not princess ugly alexia...... ...made after Vera Svechina broke vera's nose....

her ugly father got job in pigozzi's place to kill Vera Svechina? mafia  alexia mafia  orlova... tvetkova....... mafia pigozzi mafia  zhukova mafia  abramovich prohorov and scott need to go to jail.

CIA Leon Princess Anetta..... 

to jail: mick jagger and mafia from russia.... need to go to jail. Vera didnt allowed. pigozzi rapist.

they killed Steve jobs and they didnt let Vera finish film... mafia got on Veras time.....

Vera's shirt from Vera's apt. 525 stockton. in SF without asking. Mick Jagger is mafia.. He is ugly and he need to go to jail. 

He is not Vera Svechina.

1996 pigozzi got panama from Vera's mothers hat...


SVECHINA Vera's time in TED 2003. ugly greek is FAKE.

 after Vera Svcehina got to meet pigozzi rapist and criminal in cannes.
he got on Veras shirt.  then he pushed Vera Svechina to have sex..... Hercules was there......

They killed hercules and tried to kill Vera... and they need to go to jail. 

and pigozzi got on time of Vera's film and life...... got illegally on Vera's address.......

525 stockton 403... They did crime. TERRAVERA SINCE 1991. 
pigozzi rapist and going to jail. zhukova and abramovich and prohorov and need to go to jail  orlova and alexia all to jail.  ugly greek is not vera. they need to go to jail. they killed. it was not their time.

1997...... Vera came to study movie making....

to Vera Svechina 1999 Go to the edge...

Mura saki..... ( VERA FIRST) they did crime and killed stev jobs.  and mafia tried to kill Vera Svchina....

Vera Svechina Is not greek. Vera hates ugly greek people......

 for crime:

and they need to pay Vera Svechina for crime they made: 

drugs on time of Vera film: 

greek wrong gate: abramovich? to jail. 
place in jail: it was not about ugly Italy:

1997 SF CA.... building is 

fake marina fake elena fake dennis......all next building is fake.

Nina Takaeva 

1980 Vera  SVECHINA 7 years old and Apple went public.... 1996 pigozzi got panama for Vera Svechina and Vera's family. ( used Vera's Mothers photo...mafia and pigozzi  did opposite and they killed vera's relatvives and tried to kill Vera Svcheina  and they need to go to jail...)

( 33) and 160. gate 15. 


Vera came to study film making... Vera dont know any mafia.....

born to 33 Prince Jaime......... in 1972....

Vera Svechina got MEBIUS COMPUTER.....  Vera and GATE S Svechina....

Vera gate s 15.


Голла́ндия? mafia abramovich got criminal chelsy on Vera's time 2003.....

they killed steve jobs and tried to kill Vera Svcehina.


criminal mafia EKATERINA MAKAROVA never lived in gate 15. 

with mafia tsvetkova natasha in sf and lavy from cadance

or who?

 Vera Svechina: olga dorozhki na.....( vera' aunt olga)

abramovich or who  killed natalya: moisei kina and nina: moisei kina...

in apt. 154.

Vera's movie from gate 15 was for 2008

A savior drawn from the water. In the Bible, Moses is the leader of the Israelites, leading them out of Egypt. In the perennial favorite Bible story, God parts the Red Sea 

for Moses and his people in order to help them escape from the Pharoah's soldiers.

they need to go to jail. 

mafia from russia parted vera's facebook acc. 2008 and killed ruslana korshunova...
there is no ekaterina. in gate 15.

ugly VAKULENKO ELENA with jails and drugs FAKE...

Vera's Book 10 years of WRITING.....

Last train from roppongi  aka ASOBI ..... film 1 hour 10 min ...20 min..


The Lives of Others 2006 Oscar is from Vera's film 1999

 Vera likes Yoji YAMAMOTO........
Vera Svechina's next project was photo book.....2005

microsoft made in 1975

2003 from veras jacket 1994 (dreamworks!) 2009 vera's film 
last train from roppongi was pre nominated for oscars
turn right

Flying strippers : GLOBAL WARMING,
Get "flying strippers" t shirt: 


Al gore : Inconvenient Truth 2006 : okane nai. 

Vera: Hataraeta ho ga i.........:

 Vera   u, HINA!


NINA: (N is russian H)

X Japan.....

NI HA  (teeth) and 
Vera's real pearls.


( Vera  birthday june 5)
LAST TRAIN FROM ROPPONGI FILM. 1hour 10 min. or 1 hour 20 min.


and mafia from russia tried to kill Vera Svcehina in 525 stockton 403 dec. 2009 and they need to go to jail. 
Vera Svechina and Nick Polevsky going to telluride.  ( princess Diana after Svechina Vera)  Nick Polevskiy knew Vera few years then... they killed his father MAX. and they need to go to jail. 

ugly orlova  stole vera's photos.....

they put in vera something.... talking about abramovich .zhukova . and they tried to kill Vera Svechina

and that ugly orlova need to go to jail. and she need to pay to vera 250 000$

This is not Vera Svcehina and she need to go to prison.....for real. 

they killed Max Polevsky...... FATHER OF NICK... That Tom Liked. and Vera liked.....

they killed few relatives of VERA SVECHINA.
they killed Brazilian prince
 they killed vera's aunt...BAKA KINA means

Film Lover....

 The Lover is a 1992 drama film produced by Claude Berri and directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud. Based on the semi-autobiographical 1984 novel by Marguerite Duras,

 Vera Svechina broght script. pigozzi did crime and mafia from russia ( who are they? they orlova and zhukova olhovskiy from obninsk wojcicki criminal... zukenberg criminal.... going to jail.
for attemt to kill Vera Svechina )

1984 Vera was 11..todd...... ted was created....for Vera...

Vera is not sirendipity..... Nicole was Vera's friend. 

they did that 
orlova marina is  not apple: they criminal ugly  mafia from russia: they need to go to jail:

they killed steve jobs:

russian criminal orlova  zhukova alexia pigozzi rapist and mafia made vera svechina disabled for 3 years: 
physical damage and to jail.

ugly orlova born in 1980.... arrived in 2006. she is not Vera Svechina. 

they killed steve jobs.... they tried to kill Vera Svechina same time... they need to go to federal  prison. 

crime: Steve Jobs didnt make Vera's film Last train from roppongi

2009 Princess Anetta.... ( VERA SVECHINA) and mick jagger with criminal scott need to go to jail too. 

vera svechina is not working for mafia and mick jagger. he not paying vera for criminal mafia cd.


poor student mick jagger?

he did from Vera's photo and he need to go to jail same:

250 000. Vera is not crazy. and mick jagger is not Vera's friend.
to get for free in Vera's table. and he making money....and they need to pay.

and all students  AGREE........  

Vera paid money... they need to go to jail. 

roppongi 1999 Vera svechina and Y's.


ugly wojcicki and criminal android.... 
she is ugly ..she stole Vera's photos... and with mafia from russia tried to kill Vera Svechina..

because it was vera's time..... for Veras book and film.....

They killed Hercules Bellville.

they did crime. and prison is for that ladies.

they killed ruslana korshunova....

wojcicki got vera's shirt from 1999

and killed marina olhovskaya.... 

what mafia did that?  olhovsky mafia bering straight....

and who else? zhukova? orlova?  with stolen from vera's photos

ugly elena stupid mafia: ugly ekaterina.. dont like japan...they hate japan....: elena vakulenko and jail people Vera Svechina is not elena vakulenko. her ugly son nikita... mafia tried to kill Vera Svechina and they need to go to jail.

1997 SF CA

 Steve jobs came back to Apple.

Vera Svechina..... Next building is fake......



Vera came to study film making... Vera dont know any mafia.....

born to 33 Prince Jaime......... in 1972....

1998 ugly makarova is not vera svechina
mafia and her killed people and they need to go to jail. 

ugly mafia from russia and they need to go to jail. 
ugly cuban imigrant has no connection to vera svechina Vera's life and work.
and need to go to jail:  
they live in america and need to be put in jail . and rapist pigozzi and alexia and zhukova also. orlova and obninsk bering straight mafia .....anjelica ...plyazidevskaya and wojcicki need to go to jail. 

 Next bulding is fake....
ugly near Vera Svechina girls are trying to be vera...

vera dont like. they vera's enemies: 

FAKE ALEXIA:  ugly mafia: and need to go to jail.She did mistake and killed many people

ugly mafia maxima of nederlands has no connection to Vera Svechina

ugly baby  Pricness alexia in 2005 and they tried to kill Vera Svechina. 


killed vera's relatives..... going to jail: 

Vasilenko oksana never lived in Vera's gate 15... 
she was moved 1980.

Vasilenkos mother  was Ekaterina.... she lived in different gate....
she got child with greek name. .

Vera: and PAPAkilled

sofia got oscar...

 mama: and Vera

 Vera and killed Vera's relatives

ABRAMOVICH and mafia  zhukova 

rapist pigozzi....need to go to jail. in Vera's ted shirt...
with panama from Vera's photo...1996 and in Tokyo on Vera's time...
and they did mistake and they tried to kill vera Svechina 2009  and they need to go to jai
with mafia alexia and mafia naomi...

Marussia (co-producer) (post-production)  
Vera Svechina  not working for selyanov. he is Vera's enemy:
no connection to Vera's film.  POH:

 Vera's film:
Sergey  Selyanov oposit.
 Mongol: The Rise of Genghis Khan Poster

Vera Svechina from 33
 since 1949

Since 1949 Takaev V lad i mir and Tamara got house 33.  Serpuhov Russia.

russian bor (pine forest) 

..... Next building is fake......


 Ukraine and criminal russia opposite..... ANGRY VERA: 


"ne pravilnim putem idete tovarishi!"

 andrei and ugly fake next building from Veras building pigozzi's  dogs in ANTOBES  dont like that:
ugly PVO and mafia got on Vera's way..... and they need to go to jail. what they want from VERA SVECHINA?

Голла́ндия? mafia abramovich got criminal chelsy on Vera's time 2003.....

they killed steve jobs and tried to kill Vera Svcehina.

This is not VERA. PVO IS UGLY same as UGLY MAFIA AND VASILENKO is not from gate 15.

Vasilenko lived in Gate 1.
Vera in in 33. 160....

Vera is not oksana vasilenko.....
and they need to go to jail.
they killed many people in gate 15.

Vera is not Greek:

Vera going home and there killed people:

ugly and need to go to jail.  who organized that: ? mafia.

UGLY from diferent gate with drugs : and ugly mafia and PVO Need to go to jail. 

MAFIA tried to kill Vera Svechina and killed Veras relatvies. 

and now what?  Kill ugly mafia drugs and ugliest people VASILENKO? 

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