Thursday, November 1, 2012

vera svechina need to go to apple board meeting. to get stock. from Lucas film and Disney as well as apple logo...Pixar.....

Robert A. "Bob" Iger (born February 10, 1951)

 is an American businessman and the current chairman and 


executive of The Walt Disney Company. He was named president of Disney in 2000, and later succeeded Michael Eisner as chief executive in 2005, 

TED was made. jean pigozzi and fake greek did crime.

 In 1984, TADASHI YANAI  opened his first UniqLo 
( svechina vera) store in Hiroshima. 

In 1984 Michael assumed the position of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Walt Disney Company and, in the ensuing 21 years, transformed it from a film and theme park company with $1.8 billion in enterprise value into a global media empire valued at $80 billion. 

 after a successful effort by Roy E. Disney to shake-up the management of the company.  RAPIST Iger oversaw the acquisition of Pixar in 2006, following a period of strained relations with the animation studio. He also led the company to acquire Marvel Entertainment and Lucasfilm, further broadening the Disney company's character franchises, in 2009 and 2012 NOT respectively.

ugly pigozzi rapist  2005 did crime in ted 

2003 and 

need to go to jail with all

mafia from russia. 

they killed steve jobs. and tried to kill vera 

svechina (33) Princess LEIA  ( 5 25 stockton)

10 billion from apple .....  in san francisco  5 

25 stockton 

street.. (lucas film didnt pay 

vera..."all for one") vera didnt finished film 


train from roppongi since 1974.

   in 2009 2010 2011 2012

and that Bob need to be fired. he is 

rapist cover up and it's bad for children.

 they exploited Vera's  life and Vera's 


property. and tried to kill vera svechina

 ( according to cia princess anetta. vera's 


name since 1993)

they didn't pay me for old ones yet. 

bob is rapist supporter and criminal Board member of
Apple Inc.

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