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1951 japan signed peace.

mama nina and vera

mafia....did crime. 

 veras c0sm0s........
what f0r pig0zzi g0t in veras life.
if n0t help then he is criminal and he need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

fbi need t0 investigate pig0zzi and mick jagger
and criminal c0ppla ... and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

they criminal mafia and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

criminal mafia greek ..... rapist 2005. and need t0 g0 t0 jail. zhuk0va mafia ....

pig0zzi mafia he had n0 right t0 g0 t0 japan 0n veras time. time f0r vera y0ung w0man t0 m0ney and build carier. stupid. pretending he is stupid. he need t0 g0 t0 jail. with criminal mafia  0rl0va zhuk0va alexia in veras jacket....vera didnt all0wed. 

ugly pig0zzi did crime . and pigozzi  need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

/mick jagger was d0ne t0 vera with all p0sible c0necti0ns f0r making veras film. /

they didnt they killed veras relatives.
they mafia  and thei need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

what feeds them against what they must 0f been sup0rted  need t0 g0 t0 jail. ... they pretend t0 d0 g00d but really d0ing bad...

and mafia fr0m russia  and w0jcicki need t0 g0 t0 jail. 
they manipulated veras ph0t0s.


10 0ku. vera 1973. 

39 ....10 0ku. veras 40 billions. doko? 

1993 kame i do.....mura saki.... mafia did crime. 

steve j0bs said t0 tim c00k  give vera 10 billi0n

f0r her time. and ideas they st0le fr0m vera....

Japanese government decided in 1981

vera was 8 years 0ld. 

Japan annually celebrates 2. 7 /vera was 2. 7 years 0ld in 76 changing apt. and moving in gate 15/  as Northern Territories Day. 

steve jobs birthday ....february.....they killed because he didnt made vera legal apple logo.... 

its vera ftag0za.......7. 

vera 7 apple went public.

Japan  changing Northern Territories Day t0 june 5. and then rainy sis0n....

ame ame fure fure....

m0t0 fure.... watashin0 iihit0 /vera/ tsurete koi....




vera in japan...... fr0m veras m0thers hat pig0zzi g0t panama and did crime 

and he need t0 g0 t0 jail.

with his mafia.... that tried t0 kill svechina vera...


1997 vera in film school in sf. 

25 st0ck t0n 403
veras 30th birthday.

veras time to go to ted from 1999
mafia did bullshit.

304  notkcots 525... vera n0t living backwards

and veras fathers grave 3055 in 2007.
steve jobs died in 2011 after they /russian mafia/ with pig0zzi and mick jagger sc0tt also tried t0 kill vera svechina same time steve j0bs was dying.. and they killed many veras relatives. 

they all pretend they stupid. they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 
they did nyc. 911. they rapist pig0zzi. they mafia...

pig0zzi n0t helping with m0ney t0 veras m0ther.
and he st0le veras chance t0 g0 t0 ted 0n veras time and veras chance t0 make m0ney in japan with veras film 0n veras time. 

st0ck vera didnt get ....already tree years past fr0m 2009 .

vera spent vera50 000 d0llars. in sf. t0 make film and rapist pig0zzi and criminal mafia fr0m russia criminal ugly cheap  brin and ugly  w0jcicki fucked veras life up..... and they need t0 pay. 
japanese pe0ple saying war  w0uld be started war.
if steve j0bs killed .

tim c00k ding n0thing. t0 c0ntact vera.

??? they d0nt want t0 pay vera.???

vera didnt kill steve j0bs.... means
they killed steve j0bs and they still need t0 pay vera.

ugly mafia changed vera r0yal 
murasaki and mura saki 
t0 pian0  and death in c0nd0r
and they tried t0 kill vera. 

and they need t0 g0 t0 jail.  and vera need t0 get m0ney fr0m apple. ....

june 33. they killing 0lder ge0rge bush n0w....

and tim c00k and laurene p0well j0bs and steve w0znyak need t0 put them t0 jail. p0well ugly ....h0rrible w0man f0r putting vera in that bullshit.
p0well is n0t tsarevna vera.......

they killed f0r veras 10 billi0n salary...salary.....

they need t0 pay vera 10 billi0n...

and russian mafia need t0 g0 t0 jail. zhuk0va need t0 be killed.
with pig0zzi abram0vich and pr0h0r0v. bering straight criminal band. that kill. that is what they came here f0r. same ugly 0rl0va.
same alexia. mafia.  came t0 kill. b0rn t0 kill. 

killed ? killed.
he was  with svechina vera. 
ugly mafia  need t0 be 0ut fr0m my life.
2010 svechina vera al0ne fr0m 33 and 160 gates  in sf.
 /and als0 abr0ad/

that is n0t janett hill. vera lives in the hill. 

usa........ sf 2009. 2010.

veras 33. since 49 in serpuhov russiacia tsueteru.....princess anetta. /vera/... and mafia will g0 t0 jail. 
earlier 0r later.
tamara from chekhovskiy region. akulina fr0m paninskiy...regi0n..../vera and poland/ they killed polish.....plane....

baby h0rse 
had m0ther chaLka in dubr0vka.

Konchalovsky Andrei has n0 c0nnecti0n t0 vera 


 vera petr0vna 

has n0 c0nnecti0n

Konchalovsky Andrei. what they need


vera d0nt like. 


after vera started sf film sc00l.  1997 ...1998.

that is bullshit...: 

ugly aksyova toylet for borlyuk and mafia tried to kil vera. 
they fucked alexander and ugly maxima...
and they tried to kill vera. and they need to put to jail. 
 need to be killed. they killed steve jobs. veras father.....  ruined graves in russia..... ugly alexia in veras madonna's jacket....

Svechina Vera is not serendipity.


who created that need to be killed. including ugly sister of that ugly aksyonova ......that have no connection to apple. to vera . to microsoft. to gate s., same as ugly niejelski and ugly pigozzi rapist.... neither ugly greek on veras time,....

that ugly maifa put on dubrovka shirt and they tried to kil vera svechina.  and ugly aksyonova sister linda showed up in veras 1996
dress. after vera went to octopus. they have nothing nothing to do. they mamothtova and tried to kill vera. 

mamaontova have no connection to vera svechina ugly this girls also. 
1997 after  vera srarted academy of art in sf

 that pe0ple n0t with vera... they ugly mafia. 
they ugly stupid m0rr0ns... nikita they mikhalk0v and they need t0 g0 away fr0m vera. 

all vera svechina.... / without ugly abramovich ugly zhukova ugly  prohorov and ugly mafia romanov/ 

1998 parma. dk. todd. 

terravera was made in 1991. 

veras 1996  from veras film and panama..... from veras mother hat.

b0n0 did criminal c0ncert. he need t0 pay..... they mafia.....  what mafia there......

pixar anetta.....ilm klm

1997 fake....disney because they wanted with prohorov and mafia to kill svechina vera. same time they planed to kill steve jobs. 

 s0 vera would not get the stock.
5 25 stockton sf 403 ca 94108.

vera dont know  who the fuck is steve jobs. 

and they trying to kill Vera. 

ANETTA. /vera svechina/ b0rn june 5.
new m0ntg0mery vera ...... making films......

fake ugly 0ld bullshit
they need to put to jail. ed catmull for making anastasia form vera's private photo in 1997.

pig0zzi need t0 g0 t0 jail. 
fake pigozzi ..... after 2002 got on veras place.
they did crime.  and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 
rapist pig0zzi. 0n vera time in ted and  on Vera's time in Vera's shop in japan. 

pig0zzi did that. and he need t0 pay n0w.
Nikita Sergeyevich Mikhalkov (RussianНики́та Серге́евич Михалко́в; born October 21, 1945) is a Soviet and Russian filmmaker,actor, and head of the Russian Cinematographers' Union.

he cant be . because his studio named after vera's mothers house. 

who he has no connection too. 

and they dont let vera make  oscar ...nobel price  film.  

and they tried to kill vera with mafia zhukova alexia avbramovich

Siberiade (RussianСибириадаtranslit. Sibiriada) is a 1979 epic Soviet film in four parts, spanning much of the 20th century. The leading roles were played by the celebrated Soviet actors Nikita Mikhalkov and Lyudmila Gurchenko. The director was Andrei Konchalovsky, working for the Mosfilm studio.

House of Fools (2002) KonchalovskyAndrei

pigozzi fathers f0r vera

got house antibes in 50s...../ we white. meaning we 


d0 bad 


criminal pig0zzi........rapist....... and criminal....

went 0n veras time t0 ted and veras  time t0 make film t0 japan......

vera is  n0t 

pig0zzi and mafia drug addicts.
pigozzi need to go to jail. ugly fake dance people was in his house in 2009. and he need to go to jail. instead of andre magnin.

vera s grand grand father em el ya  and
and larry el li s0n with japanese h0use in ca f0r vera
t0 enj0y.

1997.  ca
v room rocket....

prince jamie...

they had baby horse king in 1950. and h0rse chaLka.  

horse has a life expectancy of 25 to 30 years ... veras relatives m0ved h0use in dubr0vka in late 50s


Каждая кухарка должна научиться 

управлять государством. /not anybody/

fr0m 33 tamara got lucky. 

was a


1 infinite loop veras country.
veras country.

made after vera b0rn t0 vera t0 enj0y and sh0w veras n0bel price film made in japan. 

1941 perl ha r b0r.....

cccp serpuh0v

family 0f veras m0ther nina. 

in 1993 vera g0t present in japan
g0lden dna veras

1966 tamara  fr0m 33 died ...... prince.... im princess. 

r0bert jan0ff made apple l0g0 fr0m veras 
ph0t0 as a baby.

after vera started sch00l in sf. 5 25 st0ckt0n. 403

veras macys card fr0m 2000 st0len by criminal anne w0jcicki. 
vera didnt all0wed. vera d0nt like ugly w0jcicki. g00gle made illegally. they did crime. and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

they made ugly baby fr0m vera apt. illegally....
trying t0 still veras luck. and m0ney and time.
ugly w0jcicki  with criminal mafia ........that killed pe0ple.

ugly w0jcicki....... vera svechina w0uld never get s0me ne elses things.

and make m0ney 0n s0me 0nes time and make ugly children fr0m s0me0nes apt. dressed like 0wner 0f that apt. 

while vera was in telluride in 
 2006 and they tried t0 kill vera in sf and they killed steve j0bs. 

they killed veras father and they disrespect veras w0rk in film and veras family..... prince naruhit0..... prince jaime..... 

 and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

vera needed t0 get paid fr0m 1999.


1988 galaxy
15no yoru ....../ 0ur gate 15/  mafia killed 0zaki yutaka...... 

japan signed peace in 1951.

t0 0 ru

petrs m0ther was k0lh0zniza ninas c00k. 

matsushima t0 0 ru....

last train from roppongi a.k.a as0bi

1 h0ur 10 min 0r  1 h0ur 20 min.
ninty Six. 

h0pe baka kina

TRUE LOVE(1996) 


time f0r film 0n Shibuya TV Screen Shibuya 

mak0t0 naruke......vera haS 0.

You stand still
On this busy street
A girl who's very small and very sensitive to the cold
And a cry baby / kazuhiko /

As you sing a love song /in the film 
last train from roppongi a.k.a as0bi 0n
 tv/ on the street corner /of SHIBUYA/
And smile at me just a little bit
Your frozen body gently nestles up to me,
And you beg me to kiss you
Oh my little girl, I'll keep you warm
Oh my little girl, I love you so much
Oh my little girl, I'll walk with you side by side in the twilight
I'll never, ever leave you
I stroke your hair
And look dazedly at you
Wrapped in my arms
You laugh innocently, with a coquettish voice
Oh my little girl, I love you so much
Oh my little girl, only you, my wonderful you
Oh my little girl, the cold wind blows through us
I'll make sure you never, ever leave me
Oh my little girl, I'll keep your warm
Oh my little girl, I love you so much
Oh my little girl, I'll walk with you side by side in the twilight
I swear I'll never, ever leave you

【伝説のRock Singer ☆ 尾崎 豊】 ♪ 僕が僕であるために [ HD or &fmt=18]

0zaki yutaka / they killed/ mafia mick jagger killed. and bryan he killed. and vera they tried t0 kill. 
1 25 emper0r akihit0 presents


adverticing f0r merchandize fr0m vera film

what mick  d0ing in vera
and need t0 g0 t0 jail. and jagger need t0 pay vera. mafia vera d0nt like. vera d0nt like mick cd he made 0n vera time. illegally. he didnt pay. 
right cd.


vera n0minated t0 

f0r film 

last train from roppongi a.k.a as0bi.

1 h0ur 10 min 0r  1 h0ur 20 min.

pig0zzi w0jcicki and mafia...... tried t0 kill vera.... they need

 t0 g0 t0 jail. 

 they criinal mafia fr0m russia . they in la and they

 need t0 g0 t0 jail. they peed 0n t0m luddy. they russian 


Hello. Hajimemashite. Vera desu.  lm from cccp. l was born in 1973. Hoppo Ryodo Islands are happened to be mine. what do you think about that? lm planing to declare new independent country
from russia and japan on Hoppo Ryodo Islands.

see what happened since 1951.

/dont mind my writing  its very sloppy... research not finished yet..../

yoroshiku onegai shimasu ....

1974 w0man human /japane

e fashi0n/


domo arigato mr rob o to styx.


svechina vera was born 
The World Trade Center is a milestone building complex which is situated in Lower Manhattan, New York. It became famous because of the Twin Towers which were completed in 1973. 
See full size image



simbol 0f russia....... fire bird.....

far east .....


 criminal pr0h0r0v and ugly and fake r0man0v have n0 c0nncti0n t0 vera svechina.
ugly criminal made f0r that crciminal abramvich t0 still m0ney and d0 crime. 

svechina vera is n0t r0man0v. 
even three peter cr0wns  1993.....


veras macy's

 card.......  and criminal w0jcicki 

fr0m 2000

ugly disney t0 make crime and n0t pay vera....

making illegal m0vies with criminal mafia. they make films fr0m veras ph0t0s .

ed need t0 pay vera n0w. 
they tried t0 kill vera and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. ugly partner 0f mick jagger criminal mafia.


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