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Josef Brodsky vrodsky was kicked out from cccp
1972 right before Vera was born

Got Nobel price in 1987. Vera was14 .... 5.... and then in 1991 (teravera)

And was killed at 55 before Vera went to Japan  in 1996 to make money to make film. 

Vincent Gallo (vincentgallo@
Tue 6/03/03 8:43 AM
Vera Svechina (
On 6/3/03 8:31 AM, "Vera Svechina" 
<> wrote:
  > Good morning! How are you? >  >
 Tom Luddy's (dir. of Telluride film fest.)
 wife Monique called me last night > and 
said she really loved your film. Very very
 much. >  > It is sunny, but cold in 
SF.... >  > Have a great day, Vincent! >  > ___________________________________________
______________________ > Protect your PC - 
get VirusScan Online > 
 >  Well then, one person did
Vera's apple store 2003  
one stockton.

..... and mafia Monique in 
Vera's purple from is Vera.

1993. Vera from 160. on 3rd floor.

 Ronald Reagan was the 40th President of the United States (1981–89). Prior to that, he was the 33rd Governor of California (1967–75), and a radio, film and television actor.

Vera Svechina born June 5 1973 in OBNINSK RUSSIA 1: 30 pm.

Katya Lycheva (Russian: Катя Лычёва) (born June 10, 1974) served as a Soviet child-ambassador to the United States in 1986. 

Lycheva's visit to the United States was a Soviet response to a highly-publicised visit to the Soviet Union by 11-year-old Maine resident Samantha Smith in 1983. Together with Star Rowe, an 11-year-old American girl, Lycheva visited cities across the United States, including New YorkLos Angeles, and Washington D.C.. Lycheva met the mayors of the cities she visited and met with President Ronald Reagan in Washington. A book was published about her travels.


Making Friends

Katya from Moscow and Star from San Francisco : Two Eleven-Year-Old Girls Discover America Together

1987 ( Vera 14 =5) 

The story of two girls, Katya from Moscow and Star from San Francisco, traveling across America, Making Friends is an effort to give the children of the world hope for the future. 52 full-color and 21 black-and-white photographs.

Ronald Wilson Reagan (  February 6, 1911 – June 5, 2004)  

THEY KILLED HIM AFTER RUSSIANS stopped Vera's film in 

RUSSIA. in 2004.  

vera making film. 

last train from roppongi a.k.a ASOBI.

1hour 10 or 20 min.

princess Anetta...Platinum anetta silver screen 

In the United States, 1983 was designated as the national Year of the Bible by President Ronald Reagan by Proclamation 5018, made on February 3, 1983 at the annual National Prayer Breakfast. President Reagan was authorized and requested to so designate 1983 by Public Law 97-280 (Senate Joint Resolution 165], 96 Stat. 1211) passed by Congress and approved on October 4, 1982.


CCCPBigest country in the world.


Vera Svechina.

vera svechina 1997. pointing at fake aksyonova building.... fake  fake marina..... fake denis....fake elena

January 28? and mafia put Vera's hat  on criminal  NAOMI. ( and Vera's mothers hat)

criminal rapist pigozzi need to go to jail. they tried to kill Vera's mother

from who's hat Jean pigozi got panama when Vera Svechina ( CIA princess Anetta)

was in japan 1996. with perpose to make money to come to usa to study

how to make film in japan.

 rapist pigozzi  got on JAPAN on Vera's time 


mick jagger did crime also. and he need to pay and go to jail. 

did crime. film not made.  criminal rapist pigozzi and mafia have no connection to Vera Svechina: mafia  naomi cambel and  mafia: zhukova

and  pigozzi and mafia need to go to jail.

NINA TAKAEVA later from 1967 Svechina

panama 1996 Anetta to make film. 

1980 apple went public.

nikita is Vera's brother. 

1980 Apple went public. Vera 7 years old. VERA SVECHINA
microsoft started when Vera was 2 years old.


3G. ( Vera on 3 floor) 
in JAPAN Vera got that present.

Nina TAK A EVA....
Gen eva is the second most populous city in Switzerland (after Zurich) and is the most populous city of Romandy, the French-speaking part of Switzerland. Situated where the Rhone  ( pigozzi gave vera DUBROVKA  phone.. ipnone ..AU phone...) exits Lake Geneva, it is the capital of the Republic and Canton of Geneva.



 ( Vera Svechina ) 023 Vera's card..... Vera arrived to USA at 23 years old to study film and make film in japan.

one stockton apple store 2003. on Vera's  street 
525 stockton 403.



 Vera and Y'S 1999 JAPAN. 1973 2 shots in MARCH. kubok.... 
 ugly wojcicki stole Vera shirt and macys card and made company 23 and me. 2006.

SINCE 1997  SVECHINA Vera 5 25 stockton.... 403

The financial crisis of 2007–2008, also known as the global financial crisisand 2008 financial crisis, is considered by many economists to be the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s

2006 Vera Svechina 33. Vera was in SF USA. Obviosly wojcicki anne is ugly and she is not Vera Svechina. means she need to go to jail. because they with mafia from russia tried to kill Svechina Vera and killed Svechina Vera's relatives.

Vera dont like and dont want to know ugly wojcicki. Vera was happy. ugly wojcicki tried to kill Vera Svechina.

fake: already we have ku bok.... that did crime:

and her ugly mother need to go to jail.
and Vera never jocking. they tried to kill Svechina Vera Petrovna.
they did crime.

Svechina Vera's  macy's card and life stolen by ugly american wojcicki 2006

.... and a lot of crime happened.
and they need to go to jail. 
google made illegally.
and ugly wojcicki company made illegally.

Stan Lee Media has filed a lawsuit against Disney for copyright infringement but it's unclear whether that claim will go anywhere.
The first amusing fact of this case is that Stan Lee himself is no longer associated with Stan Lee Media. In fact, the comic book legend has been the victim of a lawsuit by the company. The second is that a similar suit by Stan Lee Media filed in New York was dismissed in 2009.
The actual issue goes back to 1998 when Lee was still affiliated with Stan Lee Media. But the recent success of Lee's characters has reignited the fight. ( ugly wojcicki's father name is stanley? and she had nothing to do in vera's apt.)

with out asking Vera and tried to kill Vera svechina in 2009 and killed Bretney anne Merphy


ronald raigan proclaimed 1983 year of Bible.
 ( Vera's year)

GATES is gate 15 

Vera started 1G in 1983 1 sept.

3G. ( GATE S 3 BILL)  AND VERA's breasts... TODD....

Vera liked GALINA YA KU NINA (33 ku nina).....

33 Vera....

in 1V and 2 V.

3g... fake:

teacher Tataurshikova Liana Pavlovna  Vera didnt like.    LPT .... 33 and  TAMARA TAKAEVA  that was killed by pigozzi and amazone express...... and they tried to kill VERA SVECHINA.
vera 1974

The Nikkei 225 began to be calculated on September 7, 1950,

Dubrovka . chekhvskiy regon SAKURA GARDEN 
CHEHOV.....retroactively calculated back in 1949. ( Vera's granmother and father got house 33...that became Dysney restorant ( TAMARA, NINA's mother was cook...and then WORLDS LIDERS CLUB)

house 33
Vera  in  telluride   that was made after Vera was born...1974 .
CB and prince J ai me and  japanese love russian literature.

VERA SVECHINA,  1974. ( born june 5 1973)
they did crime.  T LP? is wrong. Vera ..... Terravera......


Svechina Nina and Svechina Vera 



In 1977, the committee organizing the Olympics held a contest for the best illustration of a bear. The judges chose Victor Chizhikov's design depicting a smiling bear cub wearing a blue-black-yellow-green-red (colors of the Olympic rings) belt, with a golden buckle shaped like the five rings. Misha was confirmed as an official mascot on December 19th, 1977.

RIAN archive 488322 Flag-bearers of states-participants of the XXII Summer Olympic Games.jpg
During the closing ceremony of the 1980 Olympic Games, Misha the bear appeared with a tear in its eye. He was holding a couple of balloons and at the end he was released and flew away from the stadium. He disappeared. A few hours later he landed on Vorobyovy Gory and later was exhibited at the Exhibition Centre for some time.
In 1988, in connection with the 60th anniversary of Mickey Mouse, a special magazine was produced in which Mickey Mouse and Misha met.


Vera Svechina and last train form roppongi and 
Powell. Gorge LUCAS 1977. Pixar.

VPS productions and film Last train from roppongi aka ASOBI.

A Map of the Kuril Islands Border Dispute Between Japan and Russia

and Vera's 4 islands..... new country....... Vera's peace nobel price (They made from Vera's face apple logo) 

Galina Pavlovna Vishnevskaya (RussianГали́на Па́вловна Вишне́вская) (25 October 1926 – 11 December 2012) was a Russian soprano opera singer and recitalist who was named a People's Artist of the USSR in 1966.
In 1974, the couple asked the Soviet government for an extended leave and left the Soviet Union. Eventually they settled in the United States and Paris. ( MEANS 2009 HOTEL IN LV called LAST TRAIN FROM ROPPONGI) 

and Net her land $ Prince J AI ME was born in 1972. for 33

s o
 ( with ring) born Vera Svechina. and since 1976 we live in gate 15.
Construction started
June 1957

Vera's gate 15 

1093 feet (333 m) 

1993. Vera from 160. on 3rd floor.


125 Emperor AKIHITO presents Vera Svechina  25.


also known as ASOBI.



100 years santory

35 years wedding 0f princes irene 0f net her land $. 

 30th Pearl, 40th Ruby, 

there is no 35 years wedding name and they g0t div0rsed in 1981.



Грибок теремок

atomic plant  made 1954

1974. あいうえお ....

Cherchez la femme is a French phrase which literally means "look for the woman." The implication is that a man behaves out of character or in an otherwise inexplicable manner because he is trying to cover up an affair with a woman, or trying to impress or gain favor with a woman.
The expression comes from the 1854 novel The Mohicans of Paris by Alexandre Dumas (père). The first use in the novel reads:
Cherchez la femme, pardieu ! cherchez la femme !

Э верe ст ......telluride....

 emperor vere st..... mafia mick jagger with ugly scott and mafia from russia cant bother vera.




saji koibito 

He resides in H y ō go Prefecture
miki ki mura... mura saki / first/ ( Both?) Woz and iwoz?

( NINA from 33 N is russian H.)
Kan s (Vertu) (Veru) ai

Tokyo Film X ( Vera's film "Last train from roppongi") 2000. ninki aru....

who tried to kill vera svechina? mafia  fr0m russia.. fake ugly sam kleban0v....w0rking with kitan0. 

they need t0 g0 t0 jail.

( vera's northern territories need to be signed
on paper)

VPS PRODUCTIONS: silver screen:




last train from roppongi aka asobi 1998
1hour 10 min. or 1 hour 20 min film.


vera liked kuniyasu san


Apple Store - San Francisco
mata yamamoto ( to dd) 

2009 oscar for film last train from roppongi

photo took copy of Vincent Gallo. he played Bartender in Gaspar Noe film..

Originally in Vera's film Vincent Gallo is Bartender in Tokyo in MOGAMBOS.

Vincent Gallo (vincentgallo@
Mon 6/09/03 8:08 PM
Vera Svechina (
On 6/9/03 8:07 PM, "Vera Svechina" <> wrote:  > Great idea - to film love. >  >  >> From: Vincent Gallo <vincentgallo@ >> To: Vera Svechina <> >> Subject: Re: HI from SF. >> Date: Mon, 09 Jun 2003 20:05:00 -0700 >>  >> On 6/9/03 7:54 PM, "Vera Svechina" <> wrote: >>  >>> I don't think I'm a nudist. I just like hot springs... >>>  >>>  >>>> From: Vincent Gallo <vincentgallo@ >>>> To: Vera Svechina <> >>>> Subject: Re: HI from SF. >>>> Date: Mon, 09 Jun 2003 15:37:56 -0700 >>>>  >>>> On 6/9/03 2:39 PM, "Vera Svechina" <> wrote: >>>>  >>>>>  >>>>> Hot springs.... >>>>>  >>>>  >>>  >>> _________________________________________________________________ >>> MSN 8 helps eliminate e-mail viruses. Get 2 months FREE*. >>> >>>  >>  Vincent GALLO: Can I film when we try to make a baby >>  >  > _________________________________________________________________ > The new MSN 8: smart spam protection and 2 months FREE* > >  Im glad you agree. Do you promise we can do that ( IN 2004 VERA's FILM STOPED AND KILLED RONALD Raigan 1983 Vera's year)

2007.  test......

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