Sunday, December 30, 2012

ed need t0 pay vera n0w. 
1997 vera . anetta....

wh0 put ugly 

 fake anastasia mafia film 

t0 kill steve j0bs and n0t t0  pay vera svechina. 

2001 against vera..../vera wanted t0 make film didnt g0 t0 edge.......didnt get m0ney/ 

francis c0ppla knew vera. he didnt intr0duced vera /apple l0g0/  t0 steve j0bs. brin didnt meet vera.....

they knew ......

The famous Mosfilm logo, representing the monument "Worker and Kolkhoz Woman" by Vera Mukhina and Spasskaya Towerof the Kremlin, was introduced in 1947 nina was 5 years 0ld  in the musical comedy, Spring

 directed by Grigori Aleksandrov and starring Lyubov Orlova   cia princess anetta vera svechina 2009.

0ne st0re made 0n veras street f0r 30th birthday 

and Nikolai Cherkasov.




fr0m 76. hime vera / sakura / p0v 0range h0use 

gate s 3.... 
3....... 160....

prince j ai me  duke 0f 3 living in holland. b0rn f0r vera. in 1972. f0r ninas 33. that was taken by disneyland and they need t0 return.

princess sakura /svechina 
vera  petr0vna 
 .... and prince jaime 

get t0gether.....

means sex  will exist in f0rmer s0viet uni0n and  all f0rmer c0mmunist states. and china.

pe0ple will understand the difference between 

geishas and strippers. 

they will kn0w ab0ut princess 

sayak0 kur0da.

 n0ri n0miya

and they will kn0w that irina bl0ck fake and g00gle illegal and they made andr0id fr0m veras id... illegally. they didnt pay vera....

they killed veras relatvies and made 40 billi0n. and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 


 all eastern bl0ck. vl0ck... palace vere... criminal  putin and medvedev mafia and they cheap. kill r0y. r0y medvedev. pchel anetta. 198
3. vera..... 10. 

 2009 vera n0inated f0r 0scar and

 intr0ducing hustler h0neys.... that helped vera.
criminal medvdev and putin. 

 princess n0ri g0t maried t0 mr. kur0da.....because  veras film n0t made still.....


and  criminal mick jaggers concert has no meaning.  he need to stop singing nonesence. and he need to pay. vera dont need mick jagger .

mick criminal. 

nina hartney chanded name fr0m /criminal maria r0man0v and
criminal pr0h0r0v/ 

her husband ira  / f0rmer white russian put there t0 put d0wn  nina hartley ...he thinking 
nina hartney 

 is n0t 
sophisticated when vera think he i
s n0t 

Nina Hartley (born Marie Louise Hartman  March 11, 1959)

 is an American pornographic actress, pornographic film

director, sex educator, feminist, and author.

In 1982, during her sophomore year of nursing school, she started working as a stripper . She made her foray into the world ofpornographic movies during her junior year, in 1984. Her debut performance was in the film Educating Nina

nina b0rn when prince akihit0 was 9. nine. 


1950 dubr0vka nina

baby horse king... kicked nina

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