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criminal mafia tried t0 kill vera.... killed h0pe bakakina. ..

g00gle face b00k apple micr0s0ft....illegal.....

vera didnt get 10 billi0n 

st0ck 0n time.... they killed 

steve j0b

pv0 need t0 g0 t0 jail. they per

s0nally tried t0 kill vera 

svechina.  they tried t0 make that vera will n0t have children....brin g0t ugly child fr0m veras apt.....???


0 maganda vera svechina... vera had biggest salary.  n0ri...... tateshita...... /after nina takaeva/ veras  

anettas friend.  

he did n0thing that case.....

ugly mafia ekaterina makar0va....n0t child fr0m my father that they killed......and mafia fr0m russia.

and mafia criminal band bering straight.

that ugly against nikita..... t00.

 evil and ugly mafia. ugly drugs pe0ple.t0 g0 t0 jail. mafia behind that need t0 g0 t0 jail
and her ugly child need t0 be killed. medvedev.
kill her ugly father alc0h0lic. 
veras c0stumers. ugly makar0va need t0 g0 t0 jail.. 
they and bering straight band  and  ugly 

sc0tt mafia jagger 

mafia pig0zzi 0rl0va mafia abram0vich mafia zhuk0va wr0te f0r children t0 jump d0wn fr0m fl00r 16 
 makar0va need t0 g0 t0 jail. they amfia fr0m russia and they need t0 be 0ut fr0m veras life. all 0f them. 

ugly pv0 and mafia fr0m russia.... they need put makar0va and pv0 t0 jail 0r kill like they killed princess 

slana they need t0 g0 t0 jail.

ugly pv0  and criminal  zhuk0va criminal  0rl0va  t0 kill real girl vera.   and in japan

if n0t in ugly h0lland they need put ugly pv0 t0 jail. f0r killing and attempt t0 kill with mafia .

....mafia ugly  zhuk0va rapist pig0zzi  tried t0 kill vera . uglest  and fake alexia ugly mafia t00 . criminal w0jcicki...../n0t n0t bit vera up/ they tried t0 kill..... and

 jeremy th0mas will be in jail.  they killed hercules bellville already. pig0zzi

 father g0t d0rane t0 vera.....
2002 vera had t0 have m0ney f0r film 
2002 .

vera have n0 c0nnecti0n t0 ugly criminal pe0ple. 

criminal mick jagger g0ing t0 jail in veras shirt...... fr0m sf....apt.....700

 and ugly mafia sc0tt..... fake criminal mafia alexia in veras jacket 0f mad0nna

d0ing what? rapist pig0zzi ......

svechina vera b0g0r0diza....... they did crime. 
and putin need t0 g0 t0 jail. 
that need t0 g0 t0 jail t00.

1986 /vera 12/. j0bs created next vera. 1985.
pig0zzi had n0 right what s0 ever get in veras life and place and time. vera didnt agree.
that is enemy. russian mafia they tried t0 kill vera after vera g0t 0scar n0minati0n in 2009. 
in ca. 525 st0ckt0n str. 403..... f0r reas0n.... that vera w0uld n0t be able t0 make film
???? and get veras m0ney

nafia zhuk0va tried t0 kill vera. 
and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 


usa........ sf 2009. 2010.

and they tried t0 killed vera
s relative
s with mafia fr0m ru

they killed h0pe baka kina 1977. after they tried t0 kill vera and killed bretney anne merfy..... 

1977 apple l0g0 veras film... 0racle..... 

larry ellis0n... veras s0n....after wh0m larry named his c0mpany .

and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. they didnt live in veras apt.

j0hnny b0y f0r me..... pig0zzi rapist did 0p0sit... he is mafia .....
and with mafia ugly na0mi in veras m0thers hat 0r in veras hat.... criminal they tried t0 kill vera....

after they went t0 ted 0n veras time...... with0ut asking .
rapist.... we can see vide0. 


after  in veras family  tamara died akulina died.....
 chernobil happened....

princess nori g0t married t0 mr kur0da...... /silver screen/  f0r veras film. last train fr0m r0ppongi .

prince naruhit0 g0t engaged 0n veras m0thers birthday 1993

 bef0re vera came t0 japan. in 0ct.  pig0zzi need t0 be put in jail. in japan.

Crown Prince Naruhito (皇太子徳仁親王 Kōtaishi Naruhito Shinnō?, born 23 February 1960)

I can’t just say goodbye like this. 

vera g0t in japan 1993. fr0m veras 160 /33/
real story. stockings...
prince naruhit0. 

1996 platinum anetta / 

Sayonara dake
ienai mama
 /they made it veras father saying g00d bye t0 his m0ther akulina emelyan0vna 0r tamara....
and vera s0uld 0f been g0 visit pig0zzis b0at amaz0ne express... in
 09 in pig0zzi r00m was ph0t0 0f s0me girl in the b0at...... they 
tried t0 d0 sirendipity..... vera  is n0t sirendipity. they tried t0 
kill vera 09 /t.a.tu band criminal band elena and ekaterina friend  0r f0e?/

fr0m 1986
friend...... 0nly have n0 c0necti0n t0 them  .....
I can’t just say goodbye like this.


Kimi no kage no naka ni
ima namida ochite yuku
In your shadow,my tears will fall.

yubi, kami, koe
futari kurashitekita
Your fingers, your hair, your voice
are growing cold 

香りさえが 消えてゆく
もう Friend
心から Friend
みつめても Friend
Kaori sae ga kieteyuku
mou Friend
kokoro kara friend
mitsumetemo Friend
We were going to live as one 
your scent is disappearing.
From the bottom of my heart (Friend)
Even if I stare at you (Friend)
I’ll still become sad
Omoide niwa
yume ga sametemo mada
yume miru hito wasurenai
As for the memories,
because I can’teven if (he) wakes up from a dream
the person who still sees the dream
won’t forget. /net her land palace /land meaning russia/

prince jaime....../ mafia put ugly pv0 t0 put d0wn prince jaime in veras eyes. and they killed veras relatives. and they tried t0 kill vera and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 
もう Friend
きれいだよ Friend
このままで Friend
Mou Friend
kirei dayo Friend
kono mama de Friend
It’s beautiful (friend)
like this
it’s gentle.

もう Friend
心から Friend
いつまでも Friend
Mou Friend
kokoro kara Friend
Itsumomade Friend
kyou kara
Mou (friend) 
From the bottom of my heart (friend) 
Forever (friend)
From this day on


nina from and serpuhov anpetr svechin from blacklandWheat

his parents was akulina and ni kita and c0n0k0 /vera/ prince philips friend...

went t0 live in 0bninsk

2003 cosmos . vera next. in 85. fr0m apple....... f0r vera al0ne.

Grand Duchess Vera Petrovna Of 

Northern Territories born 1 30 pm june 5 


22 century.... hercules twenty centry vera......

veras film that was named in 1998 n0t finished. st0ck vera still didnt get fr0m apple.....

1974. last train from roppongi aka asobitelluride.....

mama and russian tsarevna 

1973 prazdnichayacia princess anetta.....vera svechina

 panetta...... praznichnaya anetta


1973. miru mir.


0ctober. /san tori/

last train from roppongi a.k.a as0bi

1 h0ur 10 min 0r  1 h0ur 20 min.

In 1977, the committee organizing the 

Olympics held a contest for the best 

illustration of a bear.

1980 the best .

RIAN archive 488322 Flag-bearers of states-participants of the XXII Summer Olympic Games.jpg

apple logo made same year

ugly criminal mafia.

fake misha  brin and he need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

with brin wh0 illegally made g00gle and tried t0 kill vera with mafia fr0m russia.

veras apt. 160 g00gle  160 0 

they  /mafia/ tried t0 kill all. and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 
he is n0t vera. he criminal.
veras  and la and
h0w they will pay t0 vera. f0r years and bullshit they did in veras life and 0ther pe0ple lives
ugly mafia fr0m russia.
they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

vera didnt give 0k. t0 that and vera d0nt like brin and w0jcicki with veras macys card and 

they illegally made ugly child fr0m veras apt.

they tried t0 kill cccp tsarevna 
 /0nly 0ne/ fr0m 33 vera.

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