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vera svechina . 1993 Japan.  dec.

 F M (breasts) D. (it was C in 1993)  MAC..?

Only Vera has connection to APPLE. they have to pay Vera Svechina. 10 billion $ cash......

DEC. 1973. Nina and Vera. Photo Petr SVECHIN. 

Верующие Русской православной церкви отмечают 4 декабря праздник Введения во храм Богородицы. 

Robert alive......

It was very simple really. I just bought a bunch of apples, put them in a bowl, and drew them for a week or so to simplify the shape. Vera grew up a little and bitten all apples in the bawl and turned them upside down so no one sees the bites. that was apples for everyone....  ( but they were already bitten by Vera Svechina) 



THEY NEED TO GO TO JAIL.  STEVE JOBS was with Vera Svechina. 

Terravera 1991.

1971 February 8  A new stock market index called the Nasdaq 

debuts.  2 8 = 10.

Vera Svechina in Russia. 

Conoco Phillips prince of England... ( friend)

vera svechina 1976. 
1 infinute loop. 

Vera has on left sholder big dipper made from molls... on the place where girl has crown.

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 Svechina Vera Déjà vu since 1988.

Déjà vu, is the phenomenon of having the strong sensation that an event or experience currently being experienced had been experienced in the past.

( Vera's father worked in MSU 35 since 1961)

photo in tokyo 1997.

1997 after Vera  ( ANETTA) started  SF in film school.
23 and me. Steve jobs came back to Apple.

ugly wojcicki stole Vera's money and life. and she need to go to jail.

with her ugly children from Vera's 525 stockton...... DEATH penalty:

deserves  ugly wojcicki.

Vera's book. 

rush in Vera's book..... TOM LUDDY WAS THERE. 


Vera Svechina in Russia.

Conoco Philips friend

ugly wojcicki is not  Prince Philips friend. they did crime and stole
vera's 23 and me and tried to kill Vera Svechina and they need to go to jail.  they killed Vera's relatives and
they stole Vera's intellectual property... and they need to go to jail. they with mafia... same ugly is pvo .....

APPLE LOGO MADE in 1977 from Vera's and Vera's mothers photo in DEC . 1973.

vera svechina 1976. 
1 infinute loop. 1993

Vera's birthday in JUNE. 

August Rush Poster
 Rating: 7.4/10 - 53041 votes
A drama with fairy tale elements, where an orphaned musical prodigy uses his gift as a clue to finding his birth parents.
Directed by Kirsten Sheridan. and that need to go to jail. 

and UGLY WOJCICKI IN VERA'S shirt from 1999

ugly wojcicki got it in 2006 when Vera was in SF....

and she stole vera's 23 and me and also made ugly child from Vera's apt.

using illegal things and she need to go to jail with mafia from russia they tried to kill Vera Svechina

and they they killed Vera's relatvies. 

VERA hates ugly wojcicki need to go to jail: same as vera hates  ugly cheap fake alexandra and all mafia from russia.

didenko. we not Prohorov.

need to go to jail:

Vera Svechina is not leaving SF until that mafia pays to Vera And they go to jail. 


she and mafia need to go to jail. 

WHAT THEY PUT IN VERA?  that is crime. 

1996 ugly makarova: 


ugly mafia 

and that need to be killed:

71...... 17 ton 35.... 

( Vera's father worked in MSU 35 since 1961)  71 is 10 years of Vera's father Svechin in MSU 35...

1999. Vera's photo......

peabody award and Leon Pixar Anetta....... 

(Vera's stage name)

Pixar's 6th (33)  Full-Length Animated Film 

The Incredibles (2004) 

Box office$631,442,092

mafia didnt let vera make veras' film.... 

VPS productions. Last train from roppongi...Box office 1 billion 

Vera need to get stock from Disney. Pixar Anetta.... from Vera's film.... Vera Svechina is not free worker for DISNEY.  ed to jail.

2004  Svechina Vera starting to make film....... LAST TRAIN FROM ROPPONGI in russia .... film was stopped...... selyanov is not producer and Vera need to get Disney stock. 

525 stock ton 403. since 1997 . Steve jobs came back to Apple. they killed him Becasue they dont want to pay vera but they have too. Apple 10 billion........

1979.  Vera 6 years old. 33. 


TOKYO FILM X......2000....... 

mark stock!

vvvvvvvv mick jagger going to jail. veras' brother never lived in gate 15 since late 1980...mick and mafia  killed  vera's aunt... and he need to go to jail. ugly mick jagger.... was never allowed to vera's

 photos...... they need to go to jail. they did crime. 
they need to go to jail.
TO JAIL: mafia that tried to kill Vera svechina and killed hercules need to go to jail, and vera need help to get money... including Thomas jeremy...

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