Monday, January 21, 2013

2 /gemini vera/15 /gate 15/ Boalt Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720-7200
510 3342 1741

nina  and vera. 

fr0m 97 vera. 

mafia did crime. 

Ball me /svechina vera apple l0g0 m0del/  r 

Steve . / criminal  mafia all that fake pe0ple killed steve j0bs and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. / 

It's all about me.  /Vera petrovna Svechina/

Apple and mafia did crime 

 Wojcicki   ... Sergey Brin criminal...

-2.68 stock today apple 

Aapl 500.00  = 50 . 000 ¥ was cost of Vera's present 
Suit from seibu brand "untitled". 


World traid center is Vera svechina

Mafia did crime putting Nikita Vera's brother

Born in 68 and they tried to kill Vera after visit octopus of Paul Allen and pigozzis party in 2009

Alexia need to be going to jail.

That is when ugly fake  alexia told Vera

That on octopus will be cold and high
Hills and dress with be not comforable

Vera changed to sr sweater Vera
Got in Moscow 2008

In kv . And Vera thought its limo land sweater
And found Nikita had similar sweater in 1973

And mafia from Russia Vera met on the octopus

Mafia that know alexia and mafia zhukova and mafia orlova

That stole Vera's photos and killed korshunova in verss dress and mamontova...

Tried to kill  svechina Vera .

alexia  went in Vera's madonnas dress on Vera's octopusBallmer

And high hills .... And it was not cold.... At all ....
She lied and participated in attempt to kill Vera 

And killed Vera's relatives . 

Kempin is wrong . His children swinya  (pig) and jk

And they after Vera and chunya cartoon 

And have no say .

Vera svechina need to get stock .

V u r Von

And Vera's japanese perfume Dohan was timed for 2008. Parco.

Did crime......pigozzi did  crime.....going to Japan on Vera's time

And killing Brazilian prince and trying to kill Vera.

all rights for the story in  this blog reserved and belongs to vera svechina .  mafia need to

veras film st0pped by mafia in 04. and mafia  need t0 g0 t0 jail. vera n0t interested in criminal mafia.
that tried t0 kill vera. they russian mafia.......
vera is n0t angelica.  they mafia they killed  veras friend  bellville.  and angelica h0ust0ns husband.

all s0ngs already was in veras film. 

and veras  flying stippers b00k 09. 

/ugly mafia put ugly fake alexia niejelski  in veras mad0nnas jacket. and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. she said t0 pig0zzi 09 g0ing t0 jail t0gether.... great idea. they need t0 g0 t0 jail. f0r attempt t0 kill svechina vera.  petr0vna and f0r killing veras relatives  and f0r messing up with graves 0f veras ansest0rs in marievka. blackland / 

Япония намерена урегулировать спор с Россией вокруг Южных Курил и подписать с Москвой мирный договор. Такое заявление сделал глава победившей на выборах в парламент Либерально-демократической партии (ЛДП) Синдзо Абэ, сообщает РБК со ссылкой на местные СМИ. "Хорошо было бы решить территориальную проблему и достигнуть подписания мирного договора", – заявил Абэ, выразив надежду на "улучшение российско-японских двусторонних отношений" и заявив о готовности к диалогу с руководством РФ. /with vera/

1993 svechina vera 

 Japan currently claims that at least some of the disputed islands are not a part of the Kuril Islands.  Russia maintains that the Soviet Union's sovereignty over the islands was recognized following agreements at the end of the Second World War. However, Japan has disputed this claim. 

it veras islands.  vera b0rn 73. 

Natsu me Sōs eki.

1000 yen banknote 2004.jpg1000 Yen from Back.jpg
"Yumedono"Series B 1000 Yen Bank of Japan note - front.jpgJanuary 7, 1950

 Hall of Dreams.......Prince Shōtoku. 

vera birthday june 5.  A series D 1000 yen note, featuring the portrait of Natsume Sōseki. It has been replaced by the series E 1000 yen note since October 19, 2004. aftre vera didnt get m0ney f0r film. t0 different ....painting....

 The Night (15の夜, 1983); vera 10. 

cheh0v lived near dubr0vka. chech  ale sh.... r0 chek. came visit vera in 0vninsk when vera was 15. 

 vera f0und.  ....... new t0n...... silver screen.


Vera's film last train from roppongi 1974   and Pixar made 
without permission Toy story 1995


apple pr0ducts made by  0nly fr0m vera script 0f vera and steve j0bs. all 0thers are criminal mafia.


In 1991, another settlement involving payment of around US$26.5 million to Apple Corps was reached. This time, an Apple employee named Jim Reekes had included a sampled system sound called Chimes to the Macintosh operating system (the sound was later renamed to sosumi/ 

Doctor Zhivago......Im alive. december 1973. rosoku.... TAIPEI.

fox vera. 1980 apple went public. vera in ussr. 

it was ab0ut vera. 

vera is n0t lisa j0bs. they bad pe0ple/ did 0p0sit and killed steve j0bs.... and tried t0 kill vera.

when steve jobs made company next. 1985.  vera 12 years 0ld in 0bninsk ussr sent photo to mosfilm saying that vera wants to act in children's films. 

they replied ..  we are not accepting school girls from outside of moscow.

its in veras book ab0ut making film last train fr0m r0pp0ngi..

meaning it was time for apple inside story.
about steve job apple logo and svechina vera with the japanese islands.
1999. vera and herkules. killed hercules bellville.

last train from roppongi a.k.a asobi. 

mura saki.........vera in japan 1993.

mafia did inside job. and what they put in vera?
trying t0 kill vera? and what their name?

they afraid t0 say because they kn0w they did crime and it will put them t0 jail. 
Inside Job (crisis made inside of america)  is a 

2010 documentary film about 

financial crisis after svechina vera petr0vna 

didnt meet brin in march 2008.

rapist pig0zzi said no. because they tried t0 kill vera svechina.

after g00gle made billi0ns.. fr0m apt. 0f vera.

t0 jail. 


1996 and 2009 str0webery vera n0t irina ...illegal andr0id. and they need t0 g0 

t0 jail. vera needed t0 g0 get st0ck in 1999.


 vera f0und 0ut brin is criminal and 0wns vera g00gle st0ck.. 

 directed by Charles H. Ferguson.

he kn0w n0thing ab0ut. he g0t fake k0rean girlfriend 0ne....

real 0ne is russian with japan....

Means pixar  owe Vera money for all films Pixar


The 1991 was turning point for Pixar . Terravera. chekh0w wr0te вишнев сад

nina tak a eva....

"Yumedono"Series B 1000 Yen Bank of Japan note - front.jpgJanuary 7, 1950

 Hall of Dreams.....Prince Shōtoku (聖徳太子 Shōtoku Taishi?/masas/ February 7, 572 – April 8, 622), also known as Prince Umayado (厩戸皇子 Umayado no ōji?) or Prince Kamitsumiya (上宮皇子 Kamitsumiya no ōji?), was a semi-legendary regent and a politician of the Asuka period in Japan who served under Empress Suiko

7 February 572
Shōtoku was appointed as regent (Sesshō) in 593 by Empress Suiko, his aunt.

1950 nina...


1950 dubr0vka .  Syringa.  they had horse chalka and  baby h0rse king  .

v0r0n err0r zhereby0n0k king...... /that kicked nina.  they cant change that........   / ....h0pe baka kina  ....... 
and veras film......... ab0ut russian girls in japan.......... and veras islands .......

 was b0rn 0sama /king/  bin laden. /bin and peace/ ........ and  t0fu island........
made by svechina vera.
ta beru....bin...... /russian/


has friends......

1996 0sama win lad en
the founder of al Qaeda. 79./ brin saw 0p0rtnity t0 d0 crime against vera and m0ved t0 america  and kept d0ing crime. / 

alQa was girl.

friend 0f 

nina in serpuh0v. russian girl. /15 n0 y0ru..../

last train fr0m r0pp0ngi b0at. aka as0bi.
they didnt pay. vera . they stilling.   

time t0 make film. 

vera cant find m0ney. 

09 after cannes futb0l  was 0n 0ut 0f where? and they tried t0 kill vera. and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. vera n0t abram0vich. vera d0nt like zhuk0va. they criminal .

they did crime . that is fake. and rapist pig0zzi with them. t0 jail. 

time was last train from roppongi a.k.a asobi. 2009 ...dir. vera svechina

celul0id dreams.  dream w0rks....2004.

1999 100 years sant0ry. 

125 emper0r akihit0 presents veras film written.
vera 25.

child 0f nina fr0m 33. nine. tamara w0rked and g0t h0use 33.

vera w in german 1979 0vninsk. mafia killed 

hercules . he hated greek. fake and criminal.

kings 0f f0rest.

princes anetta......../vera/ 

0scar n0minati0n. 09

sculpture 09 flying strippers fr0m sf.

vera 0
Yen, literally meaning "circle".
last train from roppongi a.k.a asobi.

1h 10 min. 0r 1 h.20 min. 



telluride ch0se film last train fr0m r0pp0ngi. aka as0bi. Tellurideposter

fr0m 2000.

 / and vera macys card 23 and vera/ 

herkules ...... they killed and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

and peace price . end 0f 0wnership dispute since w0rld  war tw0. 

and apple l0g0s /veras/ and vera need t0 get st0ck. 

vera g0t card macys 2000 that ended up 0n w0jcicki. when 

vera 33. crime. 

vera n0t kn0wing and n0t w0nt t0 kn0w ugly w0jcicki. 

w0jcicki did crime. in veras shirt. we n0t england. w0jcicki making 

pr0fit fr0m life 0f 

vera. vera d0nt like that.. mac n0t english. and w0jcicki t0 jail. 


mafia turkish makar0va...... ededed up where?  0sama bin la d en n0t ab0ut ugly zhuk0va. they did crime and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

they mafia did abram0vich and zhuk0va. they lie.. they did crime. 

t0 dd vera. 0sama bin lad en allen ....vera and micr0s0ft.. apple ......

that mafia.  g0t 0n veras time. t0 d0 crime against vera. 

that pe0ple are n0t fr0m life 0f vera. they n0t imp0rtant. 

imp0rtant film 0f vera. they n0t family 0f vera. they tried t0 kill vera. mafia. vera n0t with irina. vera d0nt like dasha.... mafia abram0vich and pr0h0r0v have n0 c0nnectui0n t0 vera and cant get in life 0f vera and try t0 kill vera. they and pr0h0r0v need t0 g0 t0 jail. they n0t vera.

t0 jail. 

veras ph0t0........ vera is n0t ugly mafia zhuk0va. 


 criminal film. 09

WikiLeaks bullshit .... vera cant listen.........Julian Assa n zh? zhuk0va ...
.n0. it is fake. they n0t gate 15.  zhuk0va tried t0 kill vera with mafia.
and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

Assa . xm veras breasts......... micr0s0ft veras .................. we d0nt have sergey. in gate s

 they made v0r0n emper0r zhereby0n0k  and did crime / he already was king/ ...............

 japan v0r0n err0r zhereby0n0k / f0r vera 0nly/ 

vera take ph0t0 kings 0f f0rest tx 1995. 55 year later......

emper0r akihit0 was nine when nina was b0rn. 

1951 f0r change

The Sleeping Prince  valera /brother of nina/...... he was 5 years 0ld in 1953. serpuh0v russia.  /small family. all fake mafia need t0 g0 t0 jail /

pig0zzi b0rn 1952.

1953  Johnny is the boy for me

for Nina and Vera .  23100.

pig0zzi father g0t that. jean rapist and need t0 t0 jail. f0r attempt with mafia t0 kill vera after mafia killed hercules. pig0zzi and mafia g0ing t0 jail. 

The Sleeping Prince  valera /brother of nina/...... /he was 5 years 0ld in 1953.
in dubr0vka. /

is a 1953 play by Terence Rattigan. Set in LondonEngland in

 1911, it tells the story of a young actress who meets and 

ultimately captivates a Prince.

Обнинский Институт медицинской радиологии 

(ИМР) castle 1958

vera b0rn 1973


Licca-chan (リカちゃん Rika-chan?), full name Licca Kayama (香山リカ Kayama Rika?), is a very popular dress-up doll series introduced in Japan on 1967 lucky 4 by Takara, enjoying the same kind of popularity in Japan as the Barbie series does in the United States

2002 vera /apple l0g0/ met pig0zzi.  

vera needed t0 g0 t0 ted. 8.  cc apple. 


1967  0wner vera svechina

 and build by

DL Club33.png


veras apple l0g0 77 went public in 1980 vera 7.


Rolex Date Just 1945 was a very important year for the world.

1996. 1951. 33 chernishevsk0g0  ussr. 

My second time in Japan. Atami  hotsprings 96 6 27

anetta in japan. pig0zzi g0t panama. fr0m m0ther 0f vera hat. 

vera 0n the way t0 learn t0 make film in sf. 

sf march 2008

In February 2008 it was revealed that Carlos Hugo was being treated for cancer. On 2 August 2010, he announced, via his official website, that his health was further deteriorating.  He died on 18 August 2010 in Barcelona (Spain) at the age of 80. they killed him they g0t in life 0f vera........ mafia 0rl0va marar0va nataliya zhuk0va b0rn  b0rn 80. they need t0 g0 t0 

jail.  they put dubr0vka 11 raya..... there was n0 73.......

ne rai uchi..... raya was wife 0f g0rbachev.  they did crime 

puting 0n svetlana veras 0r veras m0thers 99 after 

vera went t0 cannes.

we n0t rai..../ prince and sh0w girl/  1957. uchi da..... fr0m

 veras film in japan. 

Королева Беатрикс является старейшим правящим монархом в голландской истории. До нее таковым был король Виллем III, которому на момент его кончины в 1890 году было 73 года и 277 дней. Матери нынешней главы государства - королеве Юлиане было 70 лет, когда она отреклась от трона в пользу старшей дочери, которой тогда было 42 года.

Королева Нидерландов Беатрикс отреклась от престола в пользу наследного принца Виллема-Александера. Об этом Беатрикс заявила в телерадиообращении к подданным

1942 was b0rn nina takaeva...... veras m0ther. 

we  /vera nina petyr nikita vesta.... /didnt отреклись fr0m anything. crime made and criminal pe0ple need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

veras film needed t0 be made.  criminal  mafia did crime.

 j ai me....vertu....... veru 1998.

wh0 put  j0li  and pit 0n veras ph0t0 fr0m veras table 

with0ut asking ....mafia wh0 the mafia.? . and they st0ped 


film.......04. vera paid f0r film sch00l. mafia j0li tried t0 kill 

vera.  where tashen came fr0m t0 apt. 0f vera with0ut vera 

0r any0ne in apt. 0f vera kn0wing?

18 August 2010  ab0ut the time vera and nina g0t t0 dubr0vka after 50 yeas 

nina c0udnt g0 there? mafia was there. 

 in 2009
b00k ready t0 make. all american girls waiting f0r b00k.

mafia fr0m russia 0rl0va that vera met 0n 0ct0pus  did 

Swine influenza instead 0f veras b00k. .

and they tried t0 kill vera in 09.  

mafia didnt let vera make film in japan and mafia tried t0

 kill vera. pig0zzi with mafia.  tried t0 kill vera.

after barack 0bama g0t elected and vera g0t 0scar 

pren0minati0n f0r film in cannes. they tried t0 kill vera.. 

  and they need t0 g0 t0 jail.  they st0le veras digital face 

r0lex 96. tried t0 kill vera. made vera disabled. they russians.

they made vera put it in russian pawn sh0p. mafia. chain. pig0zzi rapist and mafia.

Takara has provided an extensive background story for the Licca-chan doll, including an age (11), where she attends school, names and occupations for her parents, and her favorite books (Anne of Green Gables and A Little Princess).

Anne of Green Gables (1908) 

and princess anne was born in england.

Marilyn Monroe bought the rights to the play and 
subsequently produced The Prince and the Showgirl (1957), 

/nina born in 1942./

with Rattigan also writing the screen adaptation.  / vera and 
veras family lived in gate 15 from 1976./

The film proved less than impressive, both critically and financially. It recorded a profit, but many critics panned it for being slow-moving.

Because they knew real life story will follow. they gave vera 

space.  fr0m apple. 2003.  they gave prince j ai me space in 72.

1973 . vera born.

candle in the wind. good bye norma jean. 
73.  vera g0ing t0 g0landia.....

And Svechina Vera Petrovna will be born june 5 .
 will go to japan and will make film last train from roppongi and will get 0scar palm d0r and peace nobel price. f0r the islands. with steve j0bs.  0nly t0 jail.  they did crime. 


vera g0t in 93. rubi and diam0nds father 0f prince  jaime gave t0 his m0ther.

vera g0t fr0m n0riyuki shibui.........

 and prince J ai me .

will be born in 1972 ...  and they will meet.

peter svechin born 1938 in blackland.

Princess Irene of the Netherlands (born 5 August 1939) is the second child of the late Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands.

1996 vera /in tokyo/

And real life will be better, as it suppost to be, then  the film....

2009 vera got 0scar pre nomination. 14 years after toy story 

came out after veras ltfr. princess anetta cia. mafia 0rl0va marina  fr0m russia was criminal 0n 0ct0pus. she need t0 g0 t0 jail. 0r be killed. 

1998. /name given t0 film/

what happened  wh0 tried t0 kill vera after 0scar pre n0inati0n? mafia fr0m russia. 

sculpture 09 flying strippers fr0m sf.

vera 0
Yen, literally meaning "circle".
last train from roppongi a.k.a asobi.

1h 10 min. 0r 1 h.20 min.



telluride ch0se film  last train fr0m r0pp0ngi. aka as0bi. Tellurideposter

fr0m 2000.

 / and vera macys card 23 and vera/ 

herkules ...... they killed and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 


and apple l0g0s /veras/

perfume from  film last train from roppongi aka asobi. thank 

you to Marilyn Monroe .

parco shibuya. 2008. 




“While Hole” 1979 Toshio Matsumoto.  /2009 pig0zzis staff ruined  lace in veras white shirt.....fake  marrige 0f bill gates in  1994.   his wife is n0t linda./ rapist pig0zzi  g0ing t0 jail with mafia pv0 and all russian mafia and jaime need t0 be killed w0jcicki killed brin need t0 be killed.zhuk0va need t0 be killed..  abram0vich t0 jail. 

pig0zzi rapist and mafia. 23100 dam kara0ke was in 1999. 

00bara  killed lucy blackman. and made 

tr0uble f0r the club. rapist and mafia pig0zzi g0ing t0 jail.   with pig0zzi mafia ...mafia 
alexia and mafia 0rl0va tried t0 kill vera. pig0zzi .....helped them.... they need t0 be put in jail. 

he tried t0 kill vera. 


jean pigozzi knew  Licca...and vera cc of apple. and did crime going to ted on time of vera to get stock in 2003.

veras m0ther. nina takaeva b0rn 1942 in serpuh0v ussr. emper0r akihit0 was nine. at ninas 7  ninas parents paid money they made working and got house number  33. at veras 7 apple went public.

private pr0perty.

 125th emper0r akihit0 0f japan. 

vera g0t cr0wn in japan . 1993 fr0m 160. / veras apt./ 

real story. stockings...
 fr0m 1999 veras time to meet billioneirs at ted. that is not vera. apple store in tokyo oppened Veras. apple  waiting for vera....


greece kicked 0ut fr0m greece. bef0re vera b0rn.
1997 svechina vera. sf . film sch00l.  t0 make film f0r 2008.

 steve j0bs came back t0 apple.
vera invited t0 ted. 
p0inting at fake building 97.  there fake marina elena fake denise.

vera /cia princess anetta fr0m 0vninsk gate s 160/ need t0 get since 1999 t0 get st0ck. pig0zzi had n0 right  f0r crime he made.
and fbi and cia need t0 put him t0 jail.  pig0zzi is n0t vera. vera is n0t greek. mafia greek.  pig0zzi d0ing crime.

23100 vera. /vera didnt make that..... pig0zzi did .... he is n0t vera/ 

 they did all with0ut asking. means crime. t0 jail. all greek italian mafia. ted make f0r vera. every0ne l0ved vera. 

they did crime.  we d0nt have 0lga in thirty three 0r anywhere piramid n0t w0rking. they did crime. t0 jail.  that and mafia tried t0 kill vera. they went 0n tie 0f vera and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

vera d0nt have time t0 give t0 ugly pig0zzi and greek. 

h0w they greek will c0mpensate damadge t0 family 0f vera svechina. rapist pig0zzi h0w will c0mpensate? jail. 

veras time. vera d0nt need rapist imp0tent pig0zzi. 
he did crime. and he need t0 g0 t0 jail. he need vera t0 get 0n veras life with criminal mafia. t0 kill vera and steve j0bs and relatives 0f vera. 

we didnt need. vera d0nt need greek. 0n veras island. bef0re vera als0 in ted vera d0nt need pig0zzi in veras shirt and greek. 0n veras time. they planed crime. and they need t0 g0 t0 jail.  pig0zzi using vera. vera d0nt like and he need t0 pay. and g0 t0 jail f0r  rape. 

r0lex.  n0t right. right 0lge. they lied and did crime.

they did crime. and they n0t suppost t0 be there. at all. 0n time 0f vera.

ugly g00gle made anr0id fr0m veras id illegally  ugly inna didenk0 n0t aleksandra. rudenk0 in veras red. criminal band.
didenk0 ugly and they tried t0 kill vera.  and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. they killed ruslana k0rshun0va.

ugly mafia. city 0f ugly pe0ple. 

after vera came back tfr0m japan. put veras green 0n ugly didenk0 
red 0n svetlana......


vera verkeley. and they with mafia tried t0 kill vera.

vera rezvyak0va ..mafia bering straight.  but they getting 0n time 0f vera. 

they d0nt have their 0wn time and they tried t0 kill vera. 

t0 ru matshu shima panama veras m0ther ph0t0 1962.
pig0zzi g0t panama. vera need t0 make m0vie.

t0 ru matshu shima veras sashin umai....
have n0thing t0 d0 with ugly  didenk0......didenk0 g0t name  alexandra and they killed ruslana k0rshun0va 

Sara from Rumaniya is on the left Inna d. is in my corner  with photographer who  cheated on her...
in veras dress
and they like  criminal alexandra piv0var0va?
alexandra n0t fr0m gate 15. same as fake alexia niejelski.

we d0nt have alexandra. she died.

piv0var0va n0t great m0del.  n0t g00d f0r gate 15.

and w0jcicki in veras shirt and with veras macys card number.?

??????? greeks made crime p0sible  and they need t0 g0 t0 jail.

n0t invited. greek.  ugly mafia g0t in vera and telling vera in 08
pig0zzi and 0lga? ugly mafia greek want t0 get anywhere they n0t invited. that n0t 0lga.  . 

rapist pig0zzi and panama.  and he t0ld n0. he didnt want t0 g0. he rapist.
veras mad0nna.. and flying stripers. mafia did crime. 

vera is n0t 0lga. pig0zzi is n0t vera. 

ugly greek need n0t t0 be in ted.

they did crime. they need t0 be killed. ugly fake greek need t0  be 0ut 0f vera life with all her ugly mafia. hercules hated greek they fake. they killed him. vera d0nt want the arr0und get 0ut fr0m life 0ff vera. find 0ther stupid pers0ns as greek themselfs. 

vera d0nt want. that .  pig0zzi rapist and they did crime. they need t0 take resp0nsibility f0r their stupid and criminal acti0ns.

fr0m s0uth africa.... / where vera g0t t shirt fr0m j0e mennel 1999/

Jaime Bourbon Parme

abram0vich and mafia f0und chelsy

abram0vich 0n t0p 0f veras head. vera d0nt need abram0vich in veras life. 

russian mafia. pig0zzi need t0 be killed with mafia. 0f his. mafia zhuk0va and russian mafia pr0h0r0v. 

that mafia.  vera d0nt want. they have n0 c0necti0n t0 vera. they have c0necti0n t0 mafia zhuk0va.

zhuk0va n0t living in apt. 0f vera. and never did and never will. they criminal. 

candle in the wind. vera.

veras apt.. that pe0ple natasha never lived in veras apt. and then they tried t0 kill vera in that apt. 
 natasha is n0t c0nnected t0 veras film. she hates veras film and b00k and ph0t0s ended up with irina bl0ck in g00gle ...andr0id....

wh0 0rganised that? mafia. criminal. they need t0 get 0ut 0f life 0f vera. they killed vera relative.

n0t invited.  they d0nt n0thing they ugly and stupid.. t0m luddy 10 years spent ...

ugly mafia zhuk0va c0mes and fucks it up with mafia.  need t0 g0 t0 jail. mafia tsvetk0va .... mafia zhuk0va.....

veras apartment......

they n0t invited t0 ted. they mafia. and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. they did crime. 

that mafia. nnt vera friend. they d0nt have right t0 get in life 0f vera.. they d0nt kn0w vera. 

they tried t0 kill vera.  we d0nt have dasha in 33 we d0nt have natasha......  t hey had n0 right t0 atack vera svechina.

vera didnt invite. 

zhuk0va n0t invited 0lga n0t invited. mafia pig0zzi .

we d0nt need. mafia. crime g0 t0 jail. ugly zhuk0va have her ugly m0ther. fuck with her. 

d0nt fuck with vera.. vera d0nt want mafia. vera d0nt like eclips. fr0 veras ph0t0. mafia.made

and they tried t0 kill vera. ted. 

then jean pigozzi got on veras time in japan. and with help of abramovich zhukova orlova and alexia 
and criminal band bering straight....

wojcicki with veras shirt in 2006..... stilling veras macys card and from 525 stockton making ugly babies. vera dont like wojcicki. and didnt allowed to wojcicki to touch veras life.vera alone in sf.
veras friend /in the cart00n/prince harry fine. vera is n0t zhuk0va mafia.

prince harry had t0y m0ther ? and they f0ung him

 fake girl fr0m apt. 0f vera.. what f0r? and 0n t0p 0f 


 they tried t0 kill

 vera because veras candle in the wind became even  

better p0pular in 97.

1999 vera and y's. 

vera didnt invite..  t0 still veras life. they st0le veras life.  they have n0 life. its sad.

they knew exactly.... what they did ...crime.....

 w0jcicki in veras shirt? . 0wnes vera m0ney. she killed pe0ple in life 0f vera.  w0jcicki need t0 g0 t0 jail. 
 tried to kill vera and killed steve jobs and veras relatives. killed hercules. and angelica and prohorov mafia killed because of alexia and orlova husband of angelica houston ( that vera liked).. they were wrong trying to kill vera svechina. and then they tried to kill vera svechina.  

jean pig0zzi didnt pay vera f0r that shirt.    

 he 0wn vera m0ney f0r  shirt. 1979  gucci 

prada...takai..... at list 1500.

1997 sf film school.  ca usa. 

since 1972 

 prince j ai me must meet svechina vera..

Jaime Bourbon Parme 

1996 he got panama for vera fr0m hat 0f veras m0ther   when vera was in japan
on the way to  america t0 learn h0w t0 make film. 

2005. after jean pigozzi pushed vera to have sex. 

then pigozzi went to japan on time of veras film. ( vera left

 script to pigozzi

in 2002) film for 2008.  

johnny is the boy for

 me....... f0r Nina and Vera Svechina. since 1953. 

pig0zzi t0 jail. 
  in 2008 after pigozzi opened in japan in veras friends store 


without asking vera and mai san. vera met kosuge san. means 

pigozzi had to ask before going to isetan. because vera friend 

with mai san ( they did all behind the back) but they 

used....somehow mai san. meaning vera.

 with0ut asking . means crime.

 and kosuge san going to norimaki. what vera can tell? pigozzi

 customer of isetan pushed vera to have sex and then tried to 

kill vera with russian mafia zhukova and alexia went to ted 

with greek on vera's time.  why?  criminal. . then he need to go 

to jail.

  pigozzis staff is very rude. he is like his staff.

( vera 10 years went to japan to put veras film together

 jean pigozzi asking what do you want? 2008?

they killed hercules. ( veras friend) they kileld veras father. 

grave  30 55.

 jean pigozzi sent camera to vera. vera made book. 

vera had 0ne ph0t0 class in academy 0f art. 

 girls trust vera.  girls gave signs t0 vera

t0 make b00k. 0nly t0 vera. 

vera trusts pigozzi with ph0t0 b00k.  09. he and mafia did crime.


verkeley.... pal0 alt0... zd0r0wa verkeley.....1973.

2009 before cannes. making b00k.

 cannes 2009 cia princess anetta /vera/. mick jagger in veras shirt. from 525 stockton 403....

in veras d0rane.....23100........ / vera didnt make it 

up.....jean pig0zzi himself g0t panama fr0m veras 

m0thers hat

 when vera was in japan 0n the way t0 sf..... t0 learn h0w t0 make

 film..... in japan

vera in cannes every year. vera d0nt care.... mafia did what?

  ???  mick jagger need t0 pay vera. f0r using ph0t0s 0f vera. t0 make m0ney. vera dint sign with mick jagger ......vera didnt agree. h0w vera can c0llect m0ney?

 after cannes russian mafia vera met in cannes in

 veras octopus and in veras dorane 

( vera didnt make that up)

tried t0 kill vera in 525 stockton 

apt. 403. planed attempt t0 kill vera.

 oscar got criminal facebook made from veras book 

about making last train from roppongi. and james 

cameruns wife kate? mafia... and fake ....

vera fr0m russia with l0ve. 1999. they had t0 kill hercules

97. ph0t0 by matsu shima /veras m0ther and panama

1962/ t0 0 ru /fr0m 1967 1980 fr0m veras ph0t0. /

it vip persn fr0m russia and pig0zzi g0t panama 96. 

5 25 st0ckt0n 40 3 children. 

 ugly mafia makarova 1998. ugly pvo  g0t in life 0f 

vera t0 kill later vera.. with her ugly family. they 

planed t0

 kill vera. they f0und mafia t0 c0perate with. 

and they tried.  and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

ugly mafia from russia makarova have no conection to vera and veras film .pvo ugly and vera dont want win life of vera. 

1998 came see vera . after b0y j walked after 1997.
they n0t with vera.

ant0ni0 piner0. 

that ugly living in america. need t0 be put t0 jail.  fbi need t0 put t0 jail.  they killed h0pe bakakina and they killing n0w veras aunt and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 0r better killed.

next is vera. in 85.

mafia did crime. they knew 


crime they did. 

same vera dont want zhukova and alexia niejelski. veras choise.  I find them ugly and criminal and cheap. and not interesting.

t0 jail. n0w. ugly pv0 n0t exist in gate 15 0r 33 with j ai me.

they killing veras relatives. they did crime. 0rganised crime. mafia 0ut fr0m life 0f vera n0w.

ugly mafia made by putin . need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

.  / they criminal mafia/  . 

ugly makar0va vera met in t0ky0 96. they n0t reltive 0f vera. and they n0t in film 0f vera. vera d0nt take drug and vera n0t deff. vera have n0 time f0r mafia.

2009. cannes didnt like that film.....

Don't Look Back Poster

 and they tried to kill vera svechina and 

killed veras relatives. they didnt kill 

ugly mafia relatives .  and they need t0 g0

 t0 jaill

1996. vera  anetta.  princess anetta cia 09.

in t0ky0 0n the way t0 make t0 america t0 

make  film.

ugly niejelski friend 0f mafia zhuk0va. they 

taking up time 0f vera. and they tried t0 kill vera

they need t0 g0 jail. they killed.

veras relatives.  and garazh illegal. t0 get 

attenti0n away fr0m vera. and kill vera in 09.

ugly cheap mafia.its n0t 0k. vera d0nt want 

mafia abram0vich mafia pr00h0r0v  and 

mafia zhuk0va with her ugly

 father mafia in sicily in clean veras life.

h0w abram0vich g0t t0 hitchens? mafia . they n0t relative 0f vera. 

and they need t0 g0 t0 jail.  they mafia. 

they have n0 right t0 get in life 0f vera. 

alexia child 0f pig0zzi lawyer. h0w he g0t j0b with pig0zzi?

vera.   steve j0bs came back t0 apple. fake marina fake denise 

fake elena. 

they made ugly alexia after vera br0ke n0se..

and they knew vera have n0 mafia behind

vera vera didnt agree t0 0rl0va marina

 bullshit mafia  and g0ing t0 jail 0r better kill 

that like they killed ruslana k0rshun0va/

they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 


marina fake. wh0 put her stilling veras ph0t0s and killing marina 0lh0vskaya and then they tried t0 kill vera svechina.... 0lh0vskiy sergey bering straight and mafia fr0m russia zhuk0va. 

mafia marina 0rl0va mafia fr0m russia and  fake  bering straight band. brin fake. they g0t 0n time 0f vera.

veras m0ther nina fr0m 33 .  
 vera. 1 infinite l00p

160  .

vera svechina apple went public. x japan vera. t0ky0 film x vera.

india behind vera.  vera cant make 0ne film. 

ugly n0ra j0nes .... with0ut asking vera svechina. g0ing t0 jail f0r attempt t0 kill vera svechina and killed steve j0bs. vera didnt get cent.  mafia g0t in life 0f vera. and killing. pe0ple. r. sh.  and 

alievich......?  vera making m0vie in japan. apple st0re 03 in t0ky0..
30 birth 0f vera. vera 30.

and they put jean pig0zzi t0 t0ky0 0n time 0f vera.

and tried t0 kill vera by putting vera t0 jail. ?????????? russian mafia. they serendipity. / we n0t serendipity/ and they killing us.

vera 0nly.  they mafia they did crime
 and tried t0 kill vera.

In 2002.... started.....

2009...... veras time t0 sing........2010...... mafia did crime and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

  they n0t c0nected t0 vera at all. they kill relatives 0f vera. they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 0nly jail. f0r killing. 

by d0ng that ugly crime they killing relatives 0f vera. 

and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. vera n0t with greeks. last train fr0m r0pp0ngi against fake bering straight /brin sergey 0n veras time/ 

they they 0nes wh0 did crime. and they did crime again. and they need t0 g0 t0 jail.

they mafia alexia niejelskiy killed veras aunt.... h0pe baka kina 

after they didnt kill vera. in 5 25 st0ckt0n . and they need t0 g0 t0 jail.  they they killed m0re relative 0f vera. g00gle.... faceb00k...that didnt pay vera. marina n0t living in my apt. they cut 0ff steves liver in 09. they need t0 g0 t0 jail. laurene need t0 call t0 p0lice in la. and ask t0 arrest 0rl0va f0r attempt t0 kill vera svechina and killed 0lh0vskaya and veras relatives. its easy.

and they need t0 g0 t0 jail they tried t0 kill vera. in 09.... 2010. wh0 are they? they tried t0 put cancer in vera. ????????  Laurene Powell Jobs is rude  ugly and c0ld hearted pers0n with 8 

billi0n d0llars 

and n0t helping vera svechina in sf. wh0 was illegally m0ved 

by russian mafia 

0ut fr0m apt 0f vera with0ut m0ney.. t0 jail they need t0 g0.  they did crime 0n perp0se. 

97. steve j0bs came back t0 apple.

verkeley.... pal0 alt0... zd0r0wa verkeley.....1973. vera was sick.

 princess anetta. / veras stage name since 1993/

 disabled .  100 persent pesp0ncibility 0f apple. and tim 

c00k. and laurene p0well j0bs.


 mafia tried t0 kill 

vera wh0s name laurene  is using f0r her c0mpany and h0w 

steve j0bs made all m0ney he left  t0 laurene. laurene c0uld 

find f0r vera lawyer in few sec0nds. and vera c0uld get veras st0ck 10 billi0n d0llars..... since 1976 any way. pr0blem n0t vera and n0t veras m0ther and n0t nikita .....and n0t vreas relatives .   it must 0f been happening in 2008. at veras 35. vera needed  t0 g0 t0 edge ted fr0m  1999.

and vera in f0rbes 2008 / gate 15/ vera 15 years 0ld.  apple l0g0....
g00gle faceb00k..0racle.... gate s....

2003 paul allen made b0at. crime happened after vera went t0 paul alen b0at. wh0 did the crime?

last train fr0m r0pp0ngi b0at. aka as0bi.


Press Club opened in the fall of 2008.  Press Club  vera 

visited in yurakch0 in t0ky0. 


veras wine made in t0ky0  f0r veras film

fr0m 1999

with perfume

  t0 sale and make m0ney. by 2008. 

1996. 0ne b0ttle 0f wine. 0ne name vera had is anetta. 

it cant change.

with b00k..... /every0ne agreed t0 that b00k with vera/
vera spent 10 years every day with pe0ple in that b00k.

c0pp0la did crime. against vera svechina. russian citizen and film maker . in sf. he met in 1998. 

97 svechina vera /anneta/.   steve j0bs came back t0 apple. 

vera p0inting at fake marina fake denise 

fake elena. 

great herkules.
125 emper0r akihit0 presents.
vera with script. 

vera went her way. made film in japan wr0te 


made ph0t0 b00k made wine anetta and 

perfume d0han and

 healthy f00d brand flying strippers 

 g0t  cannes 

palm. 0scar.. n0bel price .

4 japanese  islands.. 10 billi0n fr0m apple f0r 

being apple l0g0. steve f0rbes.

and helping with pr0ducts

st0ck fr0m 

0ther c0mpanis like g00gle faceb00k 0racle 


 100 0f pig0zzis pr0perty /like they pr0mised/

. and g0t married t0 

prince j ai me fr0m net her lands. by 35.

he is diplomat in hague.  

Jaime Bourbon Parme

and they had baby.

33 12 97. june 12.   

mafia put abram0vich pig0zzi berez0vsky and did crime. and they tried t0 kill vera.


97........ and they put ugly mafia 0n time 0f vera.....

they did all  0p0sit. c0pp0la hired elena ...... bulgaria ....s0fia  c0pp0la went t0 japan... vulgariya ...material girl.... vera. g0ing t0 japan. fake c0pp0la. and that is infinity. means they have n0 ch0ise ecxept 0f helping vera. that what vera came f0r. t0 c0pp0la in 1998..
vera have n0 
opponent. it n0t exist. they 0nly waising veras time. and their 

0wn time f0r that there perple mura saki. 

dub r0 vk a ussr.

nina 1950 

1996. t0ky0. vera /apple l0g0 made in 77/

My second time in Japan. Atami  hotsprings 96 6 27 chery bl0s0m chekh0v. v.s. 

 sakura and pig0zzi pushed vera t0 have sex. sakura is tall tree  head up. pig0zzi d0wn. 

russian 20 years girls in t0ky0 want t0 try ice


125 emprer0r akihit0 presents vera 25.

with script 0f film in japan.

when he was nine veras m0ther nina  was b0rn in ussr.

and they g0t h0use 33 

when nina 7.  and disneyland g0t it when nina g0t married  and they made rest0rant because veras grandm0ther was a c00k. when vera 7 apple went public with veras baby face as apple l0g0. 

100 years sant0ry

5 25 st0ck t0n 40 3 children.

putin didnt give vera m0ney in 2004. /selyan0v applied t0 g0skin0/

 putin against forbes.

gate 15 gate s.  vera 15 years 0ld. 0n that ph0t0. 

pig0zzi rapist. 


they had mafia greek.... they knew 0f veras wine .  cheap ugly greek mafia 0lga there  in nyc in 05 t0 kill vera / anetta cia / later. they criminal pe0ple.  mafia .

pig0zzi g0t island f0r vera.  mafia g0t in and killed veras relatvies and they tried t0 kill vera. 

they need t0 g0 t0 jail.  mafia zhuk0va and greek. 

mafia n0t letting vera live. vera d0nt want pig00zzi with his island that kills with mafia vera. he need t0 pay vera. 23100.  vera. what greek d0ing and what pig0zzi d0ing in t0ky0 and ted. what mafia alexia d0ing and mafia zhuk0va.   they killing vera and veras life. 

Steve Jobs, who died of pancreatic neuroendocrine cancer 

mafia did that . criminal pr0duct.

vera hating that criminal pr0duct mafia 0rl0va... ..and  mafia that made that 

0n time 0f veras water 08. 

neither c0pp0la have any right t0 33. 

they did all  0p0sit fr0m right . g0ing 0n time 0f vera and apple  st0re f0r vera in t0ky0. t0 japant0 win they need t0 kill vera svechina. they didnt win. 
they st0le. fr0m vera. they didnt win 0scar f0r lost in translation .

0scar veras. palm veras

vera svechina . Chick lit is genre fiction which addresses issues of modern womanhood, often humorously and lightheartedly
The term appeared in print as early as 1988 as college slang for a course titled "female literary tradition".
making 0f film ltfr.. aka as0vi. 



m0dern w0manh00d in ltfr. russian girls w0rking in japan in 

the beginning 0f perestr0ika in ussr.



fr0m veras film..  ltfr. anetta arrives back t0 w0rk in t0ky0.



2007  grave 3055?  mafia  killed petr . j0bs steve mafia killed. at 56.
fr0m pan creatic cancer 2003?s0fia c0p0la went t0 japan t0 make film 0n time 0f vera. jean pig0zzi let her g0 ahead ...when its vera... they need t0 g0 t0 jail..33 and vera didnt all0wed.  criminal lilya f0rever fr0m veras ph0t0 fr0m ph0t0 inside the table.  and lub0v agap0va fr0m building 13. and mafia zhuk0va...... criminal mafia. and need t0 g0 t0 jail. svechina vera 

prince jaime b0rn  because 0f vera  Jaime Bourbon Parmeand lucas ge0rge..  with vera t00.

2008. time f0r veras film. barack 0mama electi0ns...... 

mafia did  gate 13. in veras building in 0vninsk. instead 0f gate 15.

gates.  and did crime. 

30 vera was in 2003

2008 crime made.

huracane katrina?

bef0re steve j0bs g0t cancer. in Chez Panisse. 
they killed hitchens. because chacse chen 


girlfriend elena. that is fake .

since 1991.


svechina vera  is warm, funny, socially 


and intensely private. 


and mafia fr0m russia  and wh0ever else 

they are 

planed t0 kill vera. 

and they tried.

and they need t0 g0 t0 jail.  they killed three

 veras relatives after vera met them. vera n0t 

c0nnected t0 zhuk0va 0r pr0h0r0v . at all.

that is  criminal mafia.


and 0range .... and  veras film. 

then they / mafia/ killed br0ther 0f gund 

 and  mafia maxima named baby alexia. 05

mafia alexia b0rn t0 kill vera and they / 

criminal mafia /


and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. with her  ugly 

lawyer father. alexia killed hercules.

mafia alexia . mr and mrs smith 05 with ugly

 j0lli criminal film. made fr0m ph0t0 0f vera 

and richard. they started after vera met 

pig0zzi ? 2002.. 0r even earlier?  vera n0t w0rking f0r that pe0ple. they g0t in apt. 0f vera. and tried t0 kill vera. cbp vera sakura cbp f0r vera. 
mafia g0t j0li and they g0t in veras table. with0ut asking. they didnt pay f0r ph0t0 0f vera. 

that was n0t f0r j0li. vera n0t f0r j0li.......they f0r rape and killing veras relatives.vera d0nt like actress j0li. they had n0 right. there is mafia. 

all children 0f her ugly black magiced fr0m vera life. and they tried t0 kill vera and they need t0 g0 t0 jail.  mafia alexia .....fake maxima .....killed pe0ple. alexia t0 jail. 

1997 and 0reily....... 1996....... f0r vera from ussr. Ovninsk   
vera didnt all0wed t0 get ph0t0s and make m0ney. 

?????? Bill O'Reilly's......veras health bill......what happened? mafia orlova arrived....  alexia liked that ruslana k0rshun0va g0t killed. in nyc.  and she liked marina 0rl0va  that killed marina  mam0nt0va 0lh0vslaya and st0le veras ph0t0s ... went 0n tv.....and tried t0 kill vera with pigozzi and zhukova after they st0le veras l0g0  vera and 10 billi0n stock for vera is  internet sensasi0n.. ugly mafia.... is criminal. 
The View Title Card.jpg

that pe0ple n0t in film 0f vera.  ugly makar0va .... 

 and russian mafia fr0m turkey 1996 tried t0 

kill vera. ugly makar0va is n0t vera. 

they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 0rl0va part 0f mafia 

and they need t0 g0 t0 jail..  /they enemy 

0f vera svechina /.

vera .  c0nspirasy the0ry.

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