Thursday, January 3, 2013

nina takaeva born when prince akihito was nine. 

when nina was 7 her parents got house 33. 

1941 perl ha russian b0r.



then vere.

2005. EPIC.
sexy book by Vera Svechina.

 1953 johnny boy for me.... nina was in 4th grade...  for change  in 2008 

   movie  about russian girls 
in japan. 

and book about how film was made. pigozzi father got house for vera in cannes .jean 

pigozzi got island panama in 1996. when vera was in japan to get ready to come to ca 

to learn film making. 23100

veras nihon jean /xjapan and  tokyo film x veras film/ veras books distributor .

2008. j. pig0zzi in s.f. Jean Pigozzi said its Private time.

for that he made book in 1990. when vera started mgik.  pigozzi showing how many friends he made since 1968 cartoon chunya. 

introduced in 1820: in Grocery store pig0zzi sales s0sage vera water.

mick jagger 
saying t0 any0ne else  dont 
 disturb. fragile. 

Jaime Bourbon Parme

chunya pig0zzi. 2002 vera left script. last train from roppongi aka a


 instead 0f game pig0zzi and mafia fr0m russia did crime 

and tried t0 kill vera starting at veras 35. and they need 

t0 g0 t0


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