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criminal mafia got 

осквернениe 0f 

олимпийских символов

and  tried t0 kill vera.  and they did crime
 in japan. 

Anastasia (b.1901)

  vera b0rn  june 5 ..

72 /nine/ year later in 1973.

..... emperor akihito was

 nine when 

nina born in 1942.  nina f0r vera....

vera for nina. promise.

 0limpic game.........1980....
Vera Liked very much. 
vera and herkules.....

new c0untry
В 1960 году на XXII съезде партии принимается 

 хрущевская  программа
построения  к  1980 году коммунизма,  при котором не 
будет места религиозным

romaji おんぷ note Onpu. 0n princess u   

vera /anetta/ g0t u in japan...

faith face..... m0dern talking.....0racle.....

vera 1973  new icon.....

1980 apple  went public.......


d0rane veras r00m 0n the

 right. fr0m 

that exit with view t0 the sea.

pig0zzi putting vera t0 wr0ng r00m.

ugly father 0f pig0zzi did crime 
getting that building in cannes 

 in 50s and pig0zzi 

that in pr0p0rti0n pig0zzi and vera.

vera pink. and pig0zzi d0ing crime
 against vera
and he need t0 pay damage 
and he need t0 g0 t0 jail.

and criminal. and he need 
t0 g0 t0 jail. f0r damage he
did t0 vera and veras m0ther and fathe.
we d0t need pig0zzi. they sucked up
t0 vera t0 make crime?
he d0ing damage 0nly  t0 vera and nina
and he need t0 pay
f0r damage he made. 
in life 0f vera.
getting 0n time and place 
0f vera.

1949. 33. 

when japanese emper0r was

 nine......nina born. ainu...

nina was 7.
tamara and vladimir 
g0t f0r nina 33.

vera m0ther lived in serpuh0v....

0n chenishevsk0g0 str. in serpuh0v. cccp

nina 33  33 vera

nik0lai and alexandra g0t killed. in 1918. 
1942 - 1872 = 70

verawedding with 
prince j ai me.
 the prince 
and the sh0w girl anetta. 
and ......
veras apple l0g0 c0untry

disney g0t that  33  

when nina g0t married. 

vera in 1980. apple went public.

The Lilac Ball (Russian: Лиловый шар) is a 1987 
Soviet science-fiction children's movie 
Vera was 14. Flag of the Soviet Union.svg

A lisa.....  Vasi Lisa prekrasnaya......
73 мин.

Лиловый шар (1982) book.  Vera was NINE. 

Действие фильма происходит через три года 

после событий «Гостьи из будущего», в 2087 году.

Родилась А лиса 17 ноября» ( october Rev.) с этой фразы
 начинается повесть 
«День рождения А лисы». Точнее  17 ноября, во второй 
половине XXI века.

after Vera Vera's children only.

prince jaime was b0rn. in 1972.

vera never been in ......33. 

all about Vera.  mafia did crime.
 they will never be forgiven.

they can go their own way.

criminal will have two pay and go to jail. 

promise  with people who knew.

who don't know need to go to jail. 

nina f0r vera. 
0 n na /please/ 0vninsk nina....   
vera g0t watch citizen in japan.
"world citizen"
cia princess anetta

apple made apple l0g0 fr0m face 0f vera 

birthday 0f vera..... vera wants t0 kn0w the truth.

wh0 0rganised crime against vera svechina.......

mafia tried t0 kill vera....

telluride made f0r film 0f vera  after vera b0rn.....

His Imperial Highness Prince Tomohito of Mikasa passed 
away on 6 June 2012.

at age 66.......abram0vich?   

97. ca gate 15 and 33.......
t0 0 ru matshu shima c00k
  pig0zzi g0t panama
fr0m hat 0f m0ther 0f vera. 

j ai me b0rn f0r vera..... in 72

g0rbachev c0nference in carmel.

pig0zzi l00king at wine /anetta/ year 
when pig0zzi
g0t panama.

t. hideyaki debuted as a recording singer in 1986.
 /vera 13.... akulina died . chern0bil.../ After he released
 hit songs such as "Yume o Shinjite" 
/ believe in dream 0f vera... anetta/



apple  with vera

yume 0kiku. 

f0r vera ......


takaeva nina m0ther 0f vera.. lived in 33. 

1980 apple went public with vera. apple l0g0.

0ur aunt....

h0pe baka kina....... /h0pe likes m0vies/

 vera making film in japan. 

last train fr0m r0pp0ngi 

a.k.a as0bi.

fr0m film 0f svechina 


vera need t0 get st0ck.....
mafia tried t0 kill vera. pincus illegal....

vera came t0 america t0 make
 film in japan.

n0bel price film... 

vera .....p0inting at fake building. 

Dragon Warrior: Legend of the Hero Abel 
(ドラゴンクエスト - 勇者アベル伝説 
Doragon Kuesuto - Yūsha Aberu Densetsu?, lit. 
Dragon Quest - Legend of the Brave Abel) is a 
1989 Japanese animetelevision series based on
 the video game series of the same name.

Emperor Akihito, the 125th 
emperor of Japan, acceded 

to the Chrysanthemum 

Throne on January 7, 1989,

january ninas birthday

at that  camel c0nference  98 vera 
met abel. 

pig0zzi l00king at wine anetta

wine anetta .... guy c0py 0f
 ra shi d //t0dd// el li s0n 

pigzzi and 
greek king  fucking up vera
 with mafia fr0m
 russia..... and they need t0
 g0 t0 jail. 

film 0f vera st0pped in russia 2004.

mafia g0t in life and place 0f vera.

and get the fuck 0ut fr0m my life. 

i hate mafia ... get 0ut. fat ugly pig0zzi and greek 
tried t0 kill vera. 
greek need t0 g0 t0 jail.
cheap trick...... 

they killed vera relative and they killing and they 
need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

greek 0lga n0t vera.  and never will be. they creat 

vera is   n0t geisha.... t0 make f0r free fr0m vera 
life thing......

kicked 0ut 

f0r vera when vera b0rn. t0 
make film in japan. vera 
wanted t0 make film.

1999. Vera Svechina and
 hercules bellville.

125 emperor Akihito presents.

vera with film...script.... Vera 25. 

5 25 st0ckt0n...... 40 3


secret service anetta vera....... 
vera and w0rld trade center....

peace nobel price film.......

1991   svechina vera ?


Steven Spielberg with mafia tried t0 kill 

vera in 009  and killed hercules

bellville and relative 0f vera. veras film st0pped 

in 04 .... made film megamind

fr0m svechina veras script.  they tried 

t0 kill all what 

vera svechina 

in f0rm 0f w0rld trade center represented......

verawedding with 
prince j ai me.
 the prince 
and the sh0w girl anetta. 
and ......
veras apple l0g0 c0untry

vera with micr0s0ft.. and apple.......

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