Thursday, February 21, 2013

vera didn't allowed to get in vera's life. mafia can't
 put fake people in life of vera. 

veras "flying strippers"

who put veras or Veras mothers shirt 
in 1999 on  svetlana? after cannes? 
we don't have svetlana /dasha/?
 in veras gate 15 or 14...
zhukova dasha have no connection to
vera  svechina.. they did crime
.. vera without
.../it's all about me. the rule/ 
who playing against the rules?
 they need to go to jail. 

tanizaki junichiro........ vera has 
few relatives with name 

2007 grave 30 55. svechin
petr nikitovich. 
book vera got in france as a 1999..

 and then  mafia tried to kill 
vera with that Vertigo (from the Latin vertō "a whirling
 or spinning movement") is a subtype of dizziness in which a patient inappropriately 
experiences the perception of motion (usually a spinning motion) due
 to dysfunction of the vestibular 2009. bono didn't pay vera
for photos he using....illegally ...

veras apple in t0ky0. birthday 0f vera. 

2003. ??? veras dress fr0m 93 0n m0nique........

1979 vera 
1979. 160 my apartment in Obnisnk. Russia. building 11.
texas. kings of forest.......... sovad /todd/......

Todd said about Veras t shirt.... you always pick the best...
Vera didn't understand
and said 

its old navy and only about 15 dollars

Несмышлёный воробей, СССР, 1970

/v0r0bei in m0vie 0f vera/

 dir. Nina Vasilenko.
Nina Takaeva is not Nina Vasilenko.
vera p0inting at fake building.....
97..... mafia didnt let vera make
 film and
they put ugly mafia and tried
 t0 kill vera.

we had friend  Nina Pivovarova ..... 
she had child Inna.....
 Inna poletaeva lived in fake building. 
 and have n0 c0nnecti0n t0 vera

vera and 160....
rapist pig0zzi........ d0ing  what ted
0n time 0f vera. in shirt 0f vera. in 
t0ky0 0n time 0f vera......


 how to catch the rat? jean pigozzi 
got panama.....
from veras mothers hat when Vera
 was in Japan in 1996 on
 the way to america to make film.

pig0zzi didnt help vera t0 make 
film. did crime against vera..... in 
ted and in japan
and tried t0 kill vera...... mafia n0t 
leaving vera
time veras....09.... wh0 put ugly 
alexia in shirt 0f vera.
2005 b00k. to help girls..
vera can think how to make money.
vera is not philanthropist.
pigozzi calling himself philanthropist
is not philanthropist. with out heart
he is only thinking how to make money
by doing crime. 
phone side kick....and dubrovka...

time past..Vera born in 1973.

that ugly melinda and bill need to go to jail. 

what he doing.

with his ugly children? 

 same bill gates. that is why vera didn't make
it to ted. on veras time. AND CRIMINAL 
 and they tried to kill vera.
that is why wojcicki criminal 
 and got veras macy's card...

fake and ugly linda in shirt of vera
from 1996 when pigozzi got panama from 
vera's mothers hat. 2009 after they tried
 to kill vera
and they need to go to jail. 

ugly woman ..: WOJCICKI STOLE 



ugly wife and ugly fake linda.

they g0t in b0dy 0f vera. after they
 /rapist pig0zzi mafia zhuk0va
 and mafia abramovich/
 tried t0 kill vera.

pig0zzi criminal. pig0zzi and 
mafia need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

verawedding with prince j ai me.

bef0re vera and jaime b0rn.

tinis myagi.../mama b0rn
g0t engedged 0n 
veras m0ther birthday. 
0lympic 80...

vera pointing at fake building.....  
97. vera came t0 make film... to america
steve j0bs came back t0 apple.
an t0 nina nikitochkina's 
nice / from serpuhov/got married 
t0 guy in holland...mafia
 maxima and
 mafia princess 
alexia... tried t0 kill vera with mafia...
антонина никиточкина племяница
an princess? mafia and fake building
ugly  alexia niejelski
that was born after vera broke nose 
playing as a child with friend... japan...96
 /they manipulate veras photos/

1996 vera in t0ky0  pig0zzi 
g0t help vera make film.
vera g0ing t0 america... 023. macys card
st0len by criminal mafia w0jcicki.

1997 Vera Came to America....Steve jobs
 came back to Apple.
???? 2009....

there mafia..... versa mother also asking
why things went wrong way?

who did that crime? who organized 
killing of Vera Svechina? trying 
to convince Vera that vera killed 
princess diana and vera is
 osama bin laden. zhukova? russian mafia?
opposite from the truth. 

ant0nina n0t anetta 

they tried to kill vera and killed veras aunt hope 2010

 bakakina Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, originally 

released as Star Wars, is a 1977 American

film written and directed by George Lucas.


 and pe0ple fr0m fake building.......... in veras shirt..... 

what an?.... and alexia nijelskiy....... mafia ....need t0 g0 t0 jail.

and mafia fr0m veras city t00... they made nig0 get married
 against vera t0 fake elena......

ugly cheap criminal mafia that won disco price... when its disco ver.....

they ugly cheap mafia.... zhukova .......

they all after vera.... and mafia have no right to put that 

fake building

in life of vera. ugly mafia that killed veras relatives....


they don't live in 160..
an to nina nikitochkina on face book....

ANtonina nikitochkina FRIEND of Veras mother.

akll that ugly people have no connection to 

that all another people.

she lives in serpuhov and hot ruling in 160.

she good person.

mafia making not good person out of her.

its not ok.
and they put ugly child nikita there?  

Vera not afraid of russian mafia

and ugly criminal investors in 

criminal Facebook of cheap zukenberg.

zukenberg need to go to jail. and with veras ring with rubies and diamonds..

he not registered there and they tried to kill vera.

ugly child..... that never lived there...... nikita is not man.... 
/of course he is man/
veras father was man.. they killed him to make money. and to kill vera svechina.

To help rapist pigozzi and criminal mafia.......
zhukova to fuck up vera...svechina.... why? 

ugly mafia from russia not getting in apt. of vera.

we don't need not 

wonted mafia children like
 children of ugly aksyonova..

we not crazy. 

wife 0f nikita in veras shirt..... after cannes 1999....
ugly sveta in veras shirt had three children by 40.
ugly cheap nelli and her ugly sister did 
problem in japan.

1962 cccp

1980. apple went public....../vera apple l0g0/

mafia didnt let vera make film. 

then they tried t0 kill vera....
and killed h0pe bakakina. and j0bs

and mafia fr0m russia went t0 japan make film
 in veras shirts

nothing wrong could  happen with vera svechina...
russian mafia and fake criminal wojcicki anne 
with years id.... did crime tried to kill vera and 
they put many fake people..... and they need to 
go to jail. 

vera came fr0m sf. 98.

that people have no connection to vera. 
ugly didenko is fake and what they 
want from vera.?. veras only cook 
matsu shima tooru. panama..... fr0m that ph0t0.
and vera.../princess anetta/ they n0t friend 0f vera.
they pr0h0r0v. they g0t in life 0f vera t0 kill vera.
fake alexandra.....98 g00gle made.... illegally....
illegal alexandra need t0 g0 t0 jail. ugly didenk0
d0nt even kn0w..  
inna p0le ta eva......  fr0m gate 1..... 
0f fake building.
they did crime....... they fake. 
vera p0inting at fake building..... 97.
ugly didenk0 and mafia d0nt need t0 b0ther vera.

ugly didenk0 n0t living in gate 15.

inna n0t friend 0f vera. inna friend 0f irina.....
they fake alexandra.... they mafia,....
and have n0 right t0 life 0f vera.

they tried t0 kill vera.
Sara from Rumaniya is on the left Inna d. is in my corner  with photographer who  cheated on her...
that ugly alexandra fake didenk0 and ugly pr0h0r0v have 
n0 c0nneti0n t0 vera.

inna is from fake building. Veras gates is not fake. Inn  not living 
there. alexandra not living there.

inna  irina pr0h0r0v........

they all n0t gate 15. 0r 14 and have n0 c0nnecti0n 
t0 vera...... 0f any kind. 

get 0ut 0f life 0f vera.

vera d0nt need pr0h0r0v.

vera n0t that type....

vera n0t need that ugly cheap
 pr0h0r0v and he need t0 g0 t0 jail.

vera is n0t misha pr0h0r0v.
pv0 and  0ksana vasilenk0 fr0m apt. 
three. 0f next fake building.......

 ugly w0jcicki st0le veras shirt and veras twenty three and me.....

killed relative 0f vera...... and they tried t0 kill vera...

2006 when vera 33

and ugly w0jcicki  made ugly baby fr0m apt 0f vera elligally..

vera didnt all0wed........

ccriminal t0 get married t0 brin..... little vera sergey and vera.........

ugly w0jcicki need t0
 g0 t0 jail. 
shakro stole veras LV wallet in Moscow ?
 after they
 tried to kill Vera in sf/  and google made
 google wallet. 

Вор в законе (Шакро Молодой) Захарий Калашов..


 and who tried to kill VERA? in 2009?

wojcicki is not 33.

she stole veras card 2006 and 
made company like if 

she is vera svechina 

she is not vera svechina.

and veras ariving to the usa. 

and they made ugly child from veras room 
using not healthy


 they and mafia that stole from vera
 and don't want

to pay vera what they own to vera. 
vera not leaving sf....

they  tried to kill vera.  ugly  criminal wojcicki 



is ugly person 

and he didn't make good child.

they need to go to jail.  

and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

ugly w0jcicki n0t vera.

l00k at pasp0rt 0f w0jcicki

it saying vera svechina. n0.

they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

what they d0ing ...... 

ugly w0jcicki.... need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

didenk0 and pr0h0r0v have n0 
c0nnecti0n t0 life 
0f vera. they ugly and cheap and kadama g0t
 cancer f0r helping wr0ng w0man ugly didek0
 /kate/ angelica was kate t00....... pr0h0r0v
 and fake 
 alexandera. they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 
f0r killed k0rshun0va...... inna didenk0 
 pr0h0r0v fake 
alexandra finished building her h0use
after they tried t0 kill vera ...when vera came back
 fr0m dinner with mick jagger....

princess anetta....... mark st0ck.

mick in shirt 0f vera........... fr0m apt. where
 they tried t0 kill vera......

in sf........ mick jagger and mafia......that tried t0 kill vera.... 
he made cd withut asking vera.......

fr0m ph0t0s 0f vera......... disrespect........ mafia behind that........

"Papa Was a Rollin' Stone" is not veras father....... 
mafia did veras father and he got grave in 2007 3055.

veras papa never heard 0f Rollin' Stone

My father married to my mother in june.Vera don't like that. he threw away 
his working book...where it  said he was working
 sine 1961 in msu 35. 

father never worked? they need to go to jail. mafia....did

 crime.   making cps from Veras photos in 1996.  

mick g0ing t0 jail.  


Enrico Teodoro Pigozzi

2009 . last train fr0m r0pp0ngi...... a.k.a as0bi......

h0tel ready in 09.....
  in lv  flying stripers b00k ready....
vera finished dancing.

veras sh0e size 38.
they need t0 g0 t0 jail.......pigozzi scott 
and mick jagger 

tsumori chisato.......

 / vera and 33 in serpuh0v/ 

 j.t. and e.s.k.i /vera and apple l0g0 islands/

and veras  film

..... mafia killed hercules. and tried t0 kill vera.

They killed veras father they are mafia
 and they they need to go to jail. Vera is not brin sergey.
brin is criminal.....


ВИА "Синяя птица" . 1972. Vera born 1973 in Ovninsk.

Serpukhov 1781


verawedding with prince j ai me.

bef0re vera and jaime b0rn.
prince jaime was born for 33.

415 3393 07 37.  Vera 37 was in 2010.

russian mafia tried to kill vera svechina. 

5 25 stock ton 40 3....sf ca 

vera came in 1997 Steve
 jobs came back to apple. 

1 25 emperor akihito presents... 
Vera 25 with script of 
film that takes place in japan.
with hercules.  1999. 

One stock ton build for svechina veras 30th birthday. 

mafia from russian tried to 
kill vera and steve jobs killed. 

they killed hercules bellville.
they ( mafia from russia) 
 killed three  veras relatives  in 2010.
for criminal mafia abramovich 
zhukova's birthday.
and husband of 
angelica houston

great guy....

that was with jeremy thomas 
vera and 
hercules in 1999. 
in cannes.

TOKYO FILM "X". Vera's film....
"X" japan :) (:

Vera looking forward to get veras salary. 
10 billion. dollars in stock from apple 
and from other companies that used
 family of vera. google.. Facebook ...bill gates
that go to Ted. including disney. they tried 
to do "google" "collects" everything..
wojcicki stole veras macys card...
wife of pincus stole veras mothers story...
they can't do that. 

veras 10 billion. dollars in stock. promised. 

125 emperor akihito was nine when Nina Takaeva was born. in 1942.
for school time parents got her house 33 near school.

1949 all japanese people moved out from 4 islands... 

veras and ninas...

2003 fr0m apple japan

2003 mafia pig0zzi g0t in shirt 0f vera.... and 
greek came t0
ted 0n time 0f vera fr0m 1999......... and they 
tried t0 kill vera in 2009. 
d and g vera and lady diana t0 help vera.....
 they killed
 lady diana....
candle in the wind became better
that need t0 g0 t0 jail. pig0zzi knew vera.
 greek tried t0 kill vera.
fake building greek and zhuk0va.. t0 jail. ...

pig0zzi rapist.......... greek n0t c0nnected t0 vera.
they kicked out......1973.
that criminal ugly greek.... fake.....kill
 her father ugly 
michael prince.... they need to kill prince 
michael of greece.  vera d0nt need .
they fake. 

jean pigozzi in veras 11 years old ted shirt. 2008.
going to jail. he tried t0 kill vera.
they did wr0ng they need t0 g0 t0 jail.  
vera hate ugly greek.
they tried t0 kill vera. and m0ther and father 0f vera
and all veras relatives. pig0zzi tried t0 kill.  and they killed
 and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

wh0 put abram0vich......need t0 g0 t0 jail.
zhuk0va t0 jail. pig0zzi and cambel t0 jail.. 
vera ...paying m0ney t0 make film....


princess anetta. /vera Svechina/ steve jobs
 came back to apple

they did crime. they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

ugly greek have n0 right t0 life 0f vera. 
0f any kind. 

they all need t0 be arested..... with mafia......
that tried t0 kill vera.

they russian mafia...

vera fr0m 33. m0ther 0f vera b0rn 
in serpuh0v....

Jaime de Bourbon Parme
 Paulette Alexandra van Ommen ..
need to go to jail. 
f0r 0rganised crime and  attempt 
t0 kill vera. 
pav0....???? and k0n0ply0v.....fake....

vera and k0n0plev......but k0n0ply0v
 died fr0m drugs

mafia put mafia pv0 and k0n0pley0v
and they put it 0n m0ther 0f vera and they killed 
relatives 0f vera 
and tried t0 kill vera.
that is crime. 

fake and ugly mafia..... breaded criminal. 

they n0t 33 and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 
 they killed 

vera aunt h0pe baka kina....... and they
 tried t0 kill vera.

wh0 tried t0 kill vera.....?

The Temptations. earth angel

The song was originally recorded  at Ted Brinson's garage studio
 in South Los Angeles in October 1954.

1966. /veras 33 and nina's...not jean pigozzi's or anyone else's/ 

1989 vera 15 living in gate 15.

chirt and diplomat.

Jaime Bourbon Parme

steve forbes.....

they knew and they tried t0 kill vera. 

they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

vera is n0t alexandra......  /fake ugly
 didenk0 0r any 0ther/
vera didn't like that store. 
ugly criminal pe0ple did that.

vera g0t scared .........physically....

and they need t0 g0 t0 jail..

vera g0t apt. in 0bninsk.... mafia f0ll0wed vera.....

and made that ugly place in wr0ng place.

ugly and need t0 t0 jail. 

vera n0t alexandra.......

they tried t0 kill vera. 

vera didnt like that place in 08.

need t0 be fired and  need t0 be put g0 t0 jail. 

mafia makar0va 

fr0m 1996.. when pig0zzi g0t panama
 fr0m vera m0ther hat

f0r vera t0 make film.......

tinis mama yagi....

makar0va need t0 g0 t0 jail.  they need t0 
be f0und in america

and t0 jail.

 all that mafia need t0 g0 t0 jail.

they live in america.... they can g0 t0 jail. 

they t00k veras shirt fil a.....

vera in ca...paying m0ney t0 make film.....1997
mafia need to go to jail. they fake

 and criminal and they killed relatives of vera. 

vera svechina is not orange...

1993 tokyo. christmas....

fil a

katai..... / vera and hello kitty/hello kitty iphone case

yawarakai.... /vera and microsoft/

? cancer  love?  and his wife died from cancer....

vera knew he didn't loved his wife.

and that person died from cancer....

they tried to put cancer in vera and what
 they put in vera? 
they evil.... and they need to go to jail. 

he didn't love his wife...


vera and tinis mama yagi.

mafia makar0va........ in veras shirt cuban husband....

traveling hookers and georgia.....


child christina.... 
ugly guy that husband of turkish
 mafia in veras shirt from 1993.
September 29, 2006
tinis myagi... Veras mother born in january.

prince naruhito in JAPAN got engaged 
on veras mothers birthday in 1993.

Louis and Tessy after their civil wedding
In September 2005, the Grand Ducal Palace 
issued a surprise announcement: 
Prince Louis was expecting a child with 
his girlfriend of about a year, Tessy Antony
 Prince Louis of Luxembourg and Tessy Antony
September 29, 2006 /2006 must of been Veras wedding/
Gilsdorf, Luxembourg
mafia st0le ph0t0 0f vera and went  0n time 0f 
ugly mafia zhukova me ugly mafia abramovich
2005 and need to go to jail.  vera don't like zhukova.
vera is right.

0n vera time . vera don't like zhukova 
and zhukova need to go to jail. she and 
mafia put in vera something and they
 made vera disabled. they killed relative 
of vera. can someone put that people to 
jail. vera not married. pigozzi rapist and
 need to go to jail. 

p0inting at fake building.....  1997

vera Svechina.
vera.....svechina. there 0nly 0ne 
vera svechina with apple inc. 

princess anetta cia..... pig0zzi g0t panama
fr0m hat 0f vera m0ther. when vera in japan

fake band....Слышу музыку без слов,

ВИА "Верасы"  Любви Прощальный 

Бал Veras oscar. 

Vera NINE. /vera making film.

to veras mother /.

vera have mother. she born when 

emperor akihito was Nine.

 in 1942. 

...and veras gremmy 2003...criminal band  got nominated...

bering straight.....? brin sergey....

for best instrumental...? they with mafia makarova.

they killed they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

marina  fr0m fake building
there fake again

can they g0 t0 jail.....vera didnt all0wed

ugly greek t0 get in life 0f vera.....

they need to go to jail. 
ugly greek cheap and need t0 g0 t0 jail.
we d0nt need ugly fat pig0zzi 
pig0zzi need t0 g0 t0 jail. 
and they n0t invited.. ugly greek. 
with0ut educati0n. get 0f vera. 
we d0nt like greek. they tried t0 kill vera.

they need to a pay.

they tried to kill vera.

ugly old cheap woman....

vera and tried t0 

kill vera.....

and again..... they fake.......and they need to go to jail. 

vera in japan. 1994.


Octopus is a 414 foot (126 m) megayacht owned by Paul Allen, the 
co-founder of Microsoft. Delivered in 2003, it was believed to be the 
biggest such yacht at the time of its construction. 
Octopus sports two helicopters on the top deck (one in front and 
one on the back), and a 63-foot (19 m) tender docked in the
 transom. There are a total of seven tenders aboard. 
The yacht also has a pool, located aft on one of her upper
NOLA WENT TO SUBMARINES )  two submarines (one of 
them operated by remote control for studying the bottom of the ocean). 

5 25 STOCKTON APT. 40 3....CHILDREN.....
 MAFIA need t0  to go to jail.. and they need t0 pay. 

orlova is fake....and criminal...all russian mafia,....

in mgik vera was cinderella
1990 - 1993
with vladimir and ludmila

and putin didn't give selyanov
 money for film of vera. 
killed many people. and with mafia zhukova
they tried to kill vera.

they have to pay for using photos of vera . 
from russia is only vera.

they criminal mafia they need to go to jail.. 
they tried to kill vera.  that is mafia......orlova


they n0t 14...... they n0t 15. they 
killed relatives 0f vera....

that live in la..... and need t0 killed. 
and 0ut 0f b0dy 0f

 vera........with their mafia..... they cut 
off steve jobs liver and tried to kill vera. 
that need to go to jail. 


need t0 g0 t0 jail. ..... f0r all killed pe0ple....

happines n0t f0r ugly pv0.......

vera n0t afraid 0f mafia zhuk0va........ and vera n0t 

afraid 0f criminal mafia pr0h0r0v.

 they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

f0r attempt t0 kill vera vechina. ... and f0r fucking up

veras face.......

need t0 be killed.  ugly pv0 and mafia 
that tried t0 kill vera.

ugly ugly cheap ......pv0 need t0 g0 t0 jail.. 
pv0 ugly and evil

/n0t like vera and vera d0nt want t0 kn0w
 pe0ple like that/
vera d0nt like evil.. 

Steve jobs made Next with Vera ..

how vera can get veras stock? 

pigozzi did crime. with mafia from russia. 

laurene tried t0 kill vera. didnt help vera when
 zhuk0va mafia 
killed her hucband and tried t0 kill vera. 
cec0nd degree murder. 
they tried t0 kill vera with help 0f mafia.
fr0m russia. and pig0zzi....
Vera apple logo..  1991 TERRAVERA.....and
 ugly cheap parents of criminal pvo had sex 
to fuck with Vera in the future same as ugly 
alexia niejelski's parents...... and they tried
 to kill vera., stopped veras film in 2004 
and hoped to kill vera same time they
 planed to kill steve jobs. /vera stockton
 since 1997/ and they killed Hercules
Bellville. they need to go to jail. they 
cut off Steve jobs LIVER? what they 
put in vera now? since 2009?  86? vera never goes to bars....

they need to put to jail that mafia that made 
vera move out from veras apt. disabled... 86? 
to jail. ugly pro need to work
 in the bar.... chelsy is bar near veras former 
apr. mafia working for that
 ugly pvo...get out from life of vera.
fake.... that is not with 
Lucas. they pretend and they tried to kill vera....
international law....saying for killing to jail. 

what that  ugly need fr0m vera. vera need 
n0thing fr0m ugly pv0. and ugly perentc 
need t0 g0 t0 jail f0r 0rganiced crime.

against vera. ugly ...... vera d0nt allwed t0
 l00k at ugly pe0ple. ugly family ...all need t0 be killed.
f0r damage they did trying t0 fuck with vera.
lady w0uld never d0 that. 

what that ugly want fr0m vera.  
want t0 fuck..... d0nt fuck with vera.

find man.  alexandra died.. we d0nt have alexandra.
that died pe0ple. ugly pv0 died and never alive. 

d0nt need t0 fuck with grand grand mther 0f vera.
fuck with y0ur  ugly cheap 0wn grand m0ther. 
they need t0 g0 t0 jail. f0r attempt t0 kill vera.
and film 0f vera they tried t0 kill. 
ugly. they tried t0 make vera n0t getting married and
n0t having children. ugly .....t00 jail.ugly cheap mafia pv0.
n0 great pe0ple will ever want that ugly mafia.
get away.... g0 t0 jail.  better killed pv0.
Paulette van Ommen
ugly christina de limur /zhuk0va with ugly garazh
with garbich....
and pig0zzi bad qu0lity 
brand/  and killed father 0f vera.  kill father 0f p
 wanted to fuck.
 vera not here to fuck.

Minoru Yamasaki (December 1, 1912 – February 7, 1986) was an 
American architect, best known for his design of the Twin Towers 
of the World Trade Center, buildings 1 and 2. Yamasaki was one of 
the most prominent architects of the 20th century.  ugly pv0 b0rn 1986
February 7,

1986 (aged 73)

 vera b0rn 

and mafia tried t0 kill vera... after 
they already did all that crime........ 
and they need t0 be put t0 jail.

A portrait shot of an older, bald man with bifocal glasses. He is wearing a blazer over a collared shirt and tie. In his hands, he is holding a set of papers.
Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev 
(April 15 [O.S. April 3] 1894 – September 11,
 1971) led the Soviet Union during 
part of the Cold War. He served as 
First Secretary of the Communist 
Party of the Soviet Union from 1953 to 1964, and as Chairman of the Council of Ministers, or Premier, from 1958 to 1964.

in 1958 Veras mother Nina was 16...

and mafia with criminal  pvo made Vera move out from apt. 

of Vera....Irina block?  and google?  86? North beach....

and ugly pvo with mafia need to go to jail. they put veras mothers shirt or veras shirt on svetlana after vera went to cannes.... 1999

and torchured nikita svechin......

 Following the collapse of the credit market in 2007 the firm faced serious shortfalls
 in revenue as various real estate projects were canceled.  ugly w0jcicki
 st0le veras macys card........... /evil/

that they did 
 Vera want to know their name who
 did that and made vera disabled for 3 years..... 
and they need to go to jail.  they russian cheap mafia......

wh0 let jagger get in my ph0t0s.....

vera didnt all0wed mick t0 make fr0m ph0t0 0f vera

cd. anetta ........... 


because vera is the 0ne wh0 uses

veras ph0t0s t0 make film. 
wh0 made that... mafia....
singing with vera 

all what mick jagger needed t0 d0.

h0nest j0b with vera. if he want 
t0 d0 with vera. he did wr0ng and lived 

against vera.

90s mafia ......

fake ugly tall w0man.    what n0t underst00d.

what mafia did crime.
 they ( criminal mafia)  cl0sed enric0s. ( vera)

and pigozzi doing crime. killing veras relative with mafia.
in veras shirt as 11 years old girl..... in 2008.
mafia pigozzi criminal. rapist.

pigozzi rapist and need to go to jail. 
1984 TED and vera. 

very elegant rest0rant in n0rth beach.

 1974. あいうえお ....  

enric0s vera /kant0ku/ 1974. TELLURIDE MADE
  bef0re apple......made

enricos on brodway IN SF /23100/

  "the prince and the show girl".


vera prada gucci 


2002. vera left script last train from roppongi 
a.k.a asobi. nobel price film. ( veras northern islands) 

uchi da. in veras script. ( house yes)
thank you.
Dorane is looking for Vera. 

johnny is the boy for me. 1953. nina was 

11 years old. vera born in 1973
dorane jj. swimming pool. 

vera....svechina.... 1973
steve jobs was helping. who made mick jaggers 
cd from photos of vera enemies.
veras islands.....and veras apple l0g0. fr0m 77.

PIGOZZI NEED TO GO TO JAIL. for attempt to kill vera.
they with mafia cambell and drugs and crimes... need to go to jail. 
LEGALISE DRUGS. orlova criminal. alexia criminal.
greek criminal. and they tried to kill vera.

they need to go to jail. for 3 years. same
 time they made vera disabled for. 

verawedding with prince j ai me.

it's all about vera....

getting dress........
hard to find good dress......

mafia killed veras aunt 
hope baka kina 
(hope likes movies)

mama Nina.

friend ruslana. 
photo book "flying strippers"

2005 2009
ruslana korshunova 20 yaers old died... 
vera left
 at 20 to japan.. too. 

lana.......  and pigozzi jean made book with vera.

2005 2009. and no need for veras colors dress.

who killed? 2008? ruslana korshinova?
in dress of vera...
russian koroleva...VERA ( and Nina ). 
 mafia need to go 
to jail. orlova killed and they 
 tried to kill vera... 
Marina orlova and mafia....
vera met in octopus.

ruslana was fine.... Nina Russia and Vera 
( model Ruslana in Veras dress from MGIK) 


mafia was wrong...

2009.  princess anetta......
is not criminal. mick jagger and 

scott mafia sand they need to go to jail. 

what mick d0ing in my 

....Enrico Teodoro Pigozzi...........

1974. あいうえお ....

Vera Svechina. 1974.

they 0pened cheap place.......

mafia did all wr0ng.

fake. they have criminal mafia 

in d0rane all the time. 


mick jagger pierced vera in s0larplex.....09

vera n0t feeding mick and sc0tt. f0r free.

he and mafia 0we m0ney t0 vera. t0 jail ....

h0w much eate sc0tt. and jagger. and they 

eating relatives 0f vera.

They did crime. to mother of Vera...

NINA......( queens MOTHER) 

and they with mafia fr0m russia  tried t0 kill Vera.
 they need t0 g0 t0 jail.


2006. and russian mafia killed steve jobs and tried to kill vera svechina? 

there mafia wh0 gave ph0t0 0f vera t0 mick  jagger

with 0ut  vera kn0wing. they didnt let vera
 t0 make film.

wh0 that mafia...... criminal band  "Bering straight"?
nina have no conenction to that ugly band.

veras mother nina..... they fake band criminal.

started  with their "art" in Tennesy. 

all fake. 

Brin sergey and wojcicki with Vera's macy's
vera didn't get to go to ted.....on time for Vera Svechina...

fake greek......on time of vera in ted. 

vera didn't allowed.

tired to kill vera ugly orlova with 
stolen from vera photoraphs...
and that need to go to jail. 

that fake. 0rlova killed korshunova and 
arrived as michel philips...

that mafia  need to go to jail. 
that mafia that cut off steve jobs liver. 
Vera made veras ( apples books) 

ugly marina orlova  fake. 14 in key for veras apt. 
there is no any marina there.

in 1996.

when Jean pigozzi got panama for vera to make film.
from veras mothers hat.1996
vera petrovna svechina /cia anetta/
vera came to sf in 1997.
to study in america film school. to make
 nobel price film in japan.

they killed veras relatives and steve jobs. 
 they need to go to jail. 

n0bel price film..... al g0re g0t fake n0bel price 07.

conoco philips... colors dress and red... is on vera.

red and blue existed before konoko philips. (friend 友達)
fil a 1993. dec. merry christmas mr. lorence....
veras mother born in january......


tory spelling..

vera apple l0g0....

1993 vera went to tokyo..........

 means it must of been Veras film. 

born in june.

Zara Anne Elizabeth Tindall, 

wojcicki stole veras shirt and mace's card in 2006......
 and tried to kill vera with mafia in 2009
2010 2011 2012...

???? vera got scared seeing

that store 2008.

MBE (born 15 May 1981), commonly known as Zara Phillips
and formally as Mrs Michael Tindall, is the eldest granddaughter of 
Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. her father
Captain Mark Anthony Peter Phillips,
 CVO, ADC(P) (born 22 September 1948) is a
 BritishOlympic gold-medal-winning horseman and ex-husband of
 Anne, Princess
 Royal, with whom he had two children. Mark Phillips is the son
 of the late Major Peter 
William Garside Phillips (1920–1998), and Anne Patricia Phillips
 (née Tiarks) (1926–1988).

1998 . ekaterina makarova got in Orange shirt.....
 / Vera and tenis myagi) illegall google made.....

160 0 /VERA/

Vera didn't get stock. 

ussr 1988. GALAXY.

we with blue roses...
1980 apple went public. with Vera. ( 160)

USSR. 48 katakana  + 48 hirogana= 96. 

pigozzi got panama 

for film of vera . then Kanji.....1999 with herkules

naomi and mafia need to go to jail. 

and her ugly cancer mother too. 

need to go to jail.

15 gate vera 15. 1989. school number nine.
with Herkules.
windows did drugs? they need to go to jail.

they have no right to private property of vera svechina.

they did mistake and they need to go to jail. 

 al gore  started same time as svechina vera. 76. 
vera went to japan 1993.

1997 Vera /Bepa in Russian/ pointing at fake building.
 Steve jobs came back to apple. 

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