Wednesday, March 27, 2013

vera was happy. wh0 was n0t happy and tried t0 kill vera and killed relatives 0f vera need t0 g0 t0 jail.

 mafia  made that fake maxima  fr0m argentina 
in 1999 
met prince alexnader at the party.... and mafia 
st0pped veras film.... in 2004

and mafia fr0m russia 

 tried t0 kill  svechina vera...

after g0ing t0 0ct0pus.......2009.

 family 0f vera svechina  and 

veras film and veras b00ks....

..... we n0t british.  and we n0t ugly greek....

 b0rn in the aut0m  f0r svechina vera. 

vera and prince jaime are n0t married. 

they cant use svechina vera . 

1974. vera. 
1974. あいうえお ....
vera with pr0k0l
svechina vera petrovna

from flying strippers book

шест  and ь  /emper0r akihit0 b0rn in 33/

/ 33 nine in 1949/ 

30th letter ь

apple st0re with vera apple l0g0

build f0r veras 30th in t0ky0 nine

 /t0ky0 v0mbing/  vera g0t  tv tw0 sh0t....

/ph0t0 where vera with m0ther fr0m which
apple l0g0 made/ and vera need t0 get st0ck.

fake and mafia  jagger and fake sc0tt. 
making m0ney illegally. 

and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

fake brazilian ugly tv h0st.... 
mafia  made......  with0ut asking vera

getting in apt. private pr0perty 0f vera.
ugly...... and mick jagger imp0sible t0 see

and listen what he singing....h0rrible.
and fake and ugly mafia cheap

 child lucas. h0pe jagger
 n0t paying f0r that ugly child.
and ugly that.....
and they killed brazilian prince.

he didnt deserved t0 be killed. 
they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

and mafia  need t0 g0 t0 jail. 
they killed baka kina.
h0pe like films. and 
they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

fake lilya f0rever illegally

mafia made fr0m ph0t0 0f vera..

vera learning film making

mafia pr0ducer fucking with vera and all

pe0ple wh0 learning film making.

 and  criminal

 ugly cheap mafia lucas madis0n ... fake trumm

and mafia behind all that. 

killed ruslana k0rshun0va

killed veras father and killed

 marina 0lh0vskaya. and they need
t0 g0 t0 jail.  and get 0ut fr0m life 0f vera

mafia 0rl0va.... that tried t0 kill vera.

illegally made film from veras photo

by fake lucas. 
we n0t Swedish....... that fake vict0riya.

they fake. vict0ry ya ? by trying t0 kill
vera svechina.........

n0t great. t0 d0 crime.

they ugly and lilya f0rever fake film
they need t0 kill that ugly pe0ple.
made by Swedish mafia. They not 
with Apple. Vera and Candle in The wind
became better popular in 1997.

daniel there t0 help vera....

what mafia did crime.

The Soviet Union /Sakura U/  had its roots in the Russian
 Revolution of 1917,
 which deposed Czar Nicholas II, ending three hundred years 
of Romanov dynastic rule. 

Empress Sakura.....

svechina vera g0t f0r christmas 1993

u vera 0nly. 


 "last christmas"......

"seem like there is no end".... 1975....

Veras film starting with CHRiSTMAS.

1 20 min and The end.... of the war.... a ulize mira ......

movie theater PEACE.

Apple logo models country.

panama  was  for Vera 

to meet friends t0 make film... 1996. Peace Nobel price 

HOPE BAKA KINA  ( Vera) ...SIZOVA.... 
( suntory) 


n0bel price.  f0r vera. fr0m birth . 

vera gave script to Pigozzi in 2002.

Svechina Vera living on Engelsa street from 1976.

spring. engels is  in the middle.

and wojcicki with Veras 23 coming to America Card.....?


??? Brin what?  TERRAVERA 1991. 

they knew?  They knew. and they did crime

killed steve j0bs.........they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

 they  ( russian mafia) 

tried to kill Vera Svechina 2009 ..... 


VERA,... will never f0rgive that untill all pe0ple wh0 did that t0 vera 

after g0ing t0 0ct0pus will be killed. they russian mafia.

in SF down town 5 25 stock ton

40 3 children.. babies must have Vera Svechina,


started to kill Vera  at 35.... 

( they dont know personally Vera. And they couldn't

kill Vera... That is the only reason why...

they couldn't kill VERA  that

mafia that tried to kill VERA. 

who are they Vera dont know.... They need to go to jail. ..)

 drugs..... they did legal on time of Vera Svechina.....

vasilenko and page birthday in march.... vasilenko from  fake building

moved away in 1980....  mafia  did crime...

"Little Vera" Apple logo.... what "misterius woman.:"? 

got into google ......160 0?

 wojcicki stole Veras card..... ILLEGALLY. 

lady gaga criminal.....

 160 0  SVECHINA Veras apt.  Vera go to Edge in 1999.....
 two stars... world trade center....

Twin Towers Vera...

1996. Princess Anetta.... ( Vera with WINE Anetta)

Pro KOL Anetta...... 1973

52 5 pigozzi on time of Vera in tokyo in 2008...
illegally.  and earthquake there?  Vera holds the crown 

from 160 and from JAPAN.

Vera with Suntory.......

nanka tarinai?

Алла Пугачева  Vladimir Kuzmin

 "Две звезды"  Песня года 1986 ..... 

many mistakes in that song...

for example: Two Stars 

Vera (ANETTA) have wings..

to Vera from Dancers.... 2009
was time for Veras book

two stars ( both Vera... Princess Anetta  and

apple logo model)

 Svechina  VERA and Prince Jaime were
 engaged before born....

2009  SVECHINA Veras time to sing.......


jagger g0ing t0 jail. 

on time ot sing ITSUDEMO YUME O...

Russian mafia did crime...... 
tried to kill SVECHINA VERA. 

Mick Jagger defenetly not Vera Svechina....

Who is organiser of crime against Svechina Vera . Relatives of Vera and Steve Jobs...

who with Steve WOznyak made APPLE COMPUTER AND 

Brin. vera with0ut jails...... all criminal need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

And ro id?  from  1997...... Veras ID.


fr0m 49. emper0r akihit0 33 nine.

94. vera ninas child . f0r vera.

2009. anettas /veras time/ 94 15 year later...

nine.... ugly mafia.....killed father 0f vera

and fake....... 

That was time for Vera .

mafia did crime...... making fake film 
and trying t0 kill vera. in 2009.
fake ugly na0mi and  zhuk0va abram0vich mafia
and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

f0r attempt t0 kill vera. they did drug...

and killed relatives 0f vera... 

vera hate ugly ed. he  need t0 pay vera 

st0ck. all vera talking ab0ut  every0ne knew

that they cant d0 crime. mafia did crime.. 

"Blacklist" in Hollywood  must  stop functioning. 

The Hollywood blacklist—as the broader entertainment industry 
blacklist is generally known—was the mid-20th-century list of screenwriters
actors, directors, musicians, and other U.S. entertainment professionals 
who were denied employment in the field because of their political beliefs 
or associations, real or suspected.

Hollywood was secretly disseminating Communist propaganda,
 but the industry was nonetheless transformed. 
A number of those blacklisted, however, were still barred 
from work in their professions for years afterward.

2009 with Svechina Veras Oscar.

for 1st female directing. perfect.

for Last Train from Roppongi..... AKA AS ASOBI.

AKA ASOBI. 1 h0ur 10 min.

0r 1 h0ur 20 min.

vps pr0ducti0ns. film c0mpany.

pincus ugly cheap and vera didnt like his
with0ut brain wife ugyl and cheap and they will be killed

they with mafia pr0h0r0v......and they
 killed and tried t0 kill vera

and they and mafia need t0 g0 t0 jail. 
zynga must be friend 0f vera.... pincus need t0 cl0se
his stupid c0mpany.  they l0st.....

"Aladdin"  Prince Ali ..... THEY DOING CRIME.

PRINCE IS MALE.  bering straight...... m0vius...... 

and they tried t0 kill vera svechina fr0m f0rmer cccp.

( Communism is not scary any more.)

ed....... made that film 97..... h0w c0me they made fake film 09 with ph0t0 0f vera
and tried t0 kill vera...... and killed relative 0f vera h0pe baka kina / h0pe like films/

Efteling Entrance.jpg

that vera....... w in german.....

and that ugly w0jcicki and need t0 g0 t0 jail 0r better be killed

that ugly w0jcicki........ f0r killed they need t0 be killed.

and f0r children fr0m apt. 0f vera they nneed t0 pay

0nly jail...... 0r death......... vera n0t j0cking. 

ugly w0jcicki tried t0 kill vera . and need t0 g0 t0 jail 0r be killed

w0jcicki  fucked up life 0f 

family 0f vera and veras health

 getting in life 0f vera
with 0ut permissi0n. will be killed.
0nly killed 0r f0r the rest 0f life in jail. 

w0jcicki wr0ng. fr0m the beginning.

 they tried t0 kill vera and killed 
bretney anne merphy.......

and aunt 0f vera......

rapist  ugly criminal pig0zzi imp0tent

 rapist pig0zzi

that tried t0 kill vera need to go to jail
... he against vera with ugly alexia

that tried t0 kill vera.

with greek mafia need t0
 g0 t0 jail..greek fake.....they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

0r they need t0 me killed. they n0t r0yal pe0ple

g0ing 0n time 0f vera.. t0 ted. crime
vera and st0ck t0n....
mafia abram0vich  and mafia  tried t0 kill vera

zhuk0va .....chelsi.....?

putin giving n0 m0ney t0 vera f0r film.
and trying t0 kill vera.
mafia trying t0 kill vera ... they hate japan.

they need to go to jail.  Svechina 
Vera is not stupid and not criminal.


they tried t0 kill svechina vera petr0vna.
ni kita .... cant be against vera.... 
vera w0n england 
and kgv. princess anetta.  c i apple l0g0....

what elithabeth d0ing with apple 

0n time 0f vera
0n time 0f vera......  with

 card 0f vera.... chik a g0....... vera....
girl a g0.
ugly criminal
brin.....and it's not ok.

g00gle made illegaly.

vera is vera......

ruB. 91. December 8th, 1991. vera. terravera.

December 8th, 1991, the three leaders of Russia, Ukraine and 

Belarus signed the document which marked the end of the Soviet empire.

brin is n0t a prince. 
беловежская пуша
criminal w0jcicki mafia
ugly mafia  and they need t0 g0 t0 jail .

brins j0b  was t0 bring vera t0 ted in 1999. 

Березовский покинул Россию в 2000 году из-за конфликта

 с Путиным, получил убежище в Великобритании и
 с тех пор обосновался в Лондоне.wojcicki  st0le 
veras macys  card /girl a g0/
fr0m 2000 .....and  her  and alexia  are g0ing 
to jail.  w0jcicki need t0 be killed. 
they did crime. 

33 in 1951.

1967 Veras Parents from Blackland and Serpuhov got married...



FOR VERA SVECHINA ONLY.  Vera Svechina came to USA in 1996

SF ...... to learn how to make film. 

«Не бойся, я с тобой» приключенческая музыкальная 2-серийная
 комедия Юлия Гусмана, вышедшая в 1981 году.  prince jaimes  parents g0t div0rsed....

The Western Union Company is a financial services and communications

 company based in the United States. started  In 1851 Its North American
 headquarters is in Englewood, Colorado. Up until it discontinued
Western Union money transfer.png
 the service in 2006, Western Union was the best-known U.S.

 company in the business of exchanging telegrams.

when Ugly brainless wojcicki for some unknown to Vera Svechina 
reason......stole veras shirt from 1999 and Veras Macys card and arriving 

to USA. at 23 years old....

Vera got 2003 /Only Vera/

and then tried to kill Vera Svechina....with group of mafia ...

in 2009. 2010. 2011 2012...

Neither any of that  AMERICAN people have any

 connection to VERA SVCHINA..

they did crime.  and they need to go to jail. 

Vera, go to the billionair edge dinner


that is not Vera.... Vera stock ton..

and they didnt let vera go there...


 crush of polish plane fake 0rl0va
fake alexia. Poland Anetta
 ( Vera Svechina and Film Vera making)

against Vera Svechina: they killed..

p0lish government with vera.

maxima fr0m nederland and alexia
are fake....... and criminal and wh0 0rganised
crime...... calling princess alexia and trying t0 kill

vera svechina.... they russian speaking pe0ple.
and killed Berez0vsky...... ?

/ vera d0nt kn0w wh0 is
 v. vere z0 /fake zibulskaya 0ksana 
in dress
0f vera after
vera went t0 cannes 1999/
 vs / against/
 kurill islands y?/. 

I l0ve u. vera g0t u.
vera n0t ukraine...
because they jeal0us that islands 
Veras...... if prince hir0 w0uld married
with vera. empress w0man w0uld be
already in japan. and emper0r akihit0 and vera
 w0uld rule t0gether.  they had 8 w0man empresses
vera w0uld be nine. and 1 st
f0reighn empress 0f japan. and  veras disputed 
/because criminal mafia rulling russia/ 
islands w0uld bec0me japanese....

звезда героя советского союза.

 going to prince hiro. 

19 января 1993 года было объявлено


о помолвке. birthday 0f  veras

m0ther . thank y0u very much.

BIRTH of New country...... and Larry Diamond.....

NINA TAKAEVA   the empress / with blue r0ses/ 

we blue bl00d..... 

/s0viet r0yal family./



sara fan /brand human w0man in japan/

kremlin in gate 15 ...... apt. 160. 


blue jays

H0pe baka kina.... ( hope  likes films)

The Johns Hopkins University's intercollegiate sports
  teams are called the Blue Jays (after the bird Blue Jay),

(Her ku  l empress    ..) 

 Prince Jaime studied International relations at the 
Brown University in the United States. After 
finishing this study he subsequently obtained a M.A. 
 degree in International Economics and Conflict Management at the 
Johns Hopkins University.


 vera / anetta/ t0ky0 japan...... 1996.

pigozzi jean got panama from veras 


hat  to help vera 

with the film...

fr0m 1967

fl0wer film s. /dating with vera/

Les Blank

private film c0mpany

test w0rks 1 h0ur 10 min.   2007.


lera ,/19/ , playing vi0lin in symphony orchestra  in russia....

Lera: anya,/ 18 /,why did y0u missed   rehearsal  last night

Anya: lm g0ing t0 japan

Lera : are y0u crazy....

Anya: n0 ....there is 0ne c0mpany hiring girls t0 w0rk in 

kara0ke club in t0ky0

if y0u want,  you can c0me with me t0 the auditi0n. 


iphone and ipad... steve jobs
 with Vera. 
vera need t0 get 10 billi0n st0ck.

steve with apt. 0f vera in 

l0cati0n in t0ky0 and russia.....

lera arriving to tokyo.


Empress Sakura.....

vps pr0ducti0ns. 

film c0mpany.

Last train from roppongi.

2009 with Svechina Veras Oscar.

since 1990

for 1st female directing. perfect.

for Last Train from Roppongi..... AKA AS ASOBI.

how to catch the rat . the prince and  the show girl.....

New Veras country....Northern Territories

SINCE 1949.  ( Vera is ony one girl in 33) 

japan loves Vera..... prince jaimes parents

created that  J AI ME........ Svechina Veras 33.

Vera Wang could retire.......

mafia went  criminal way and 
did that: 2009 2010 2011 2012
tried to kill vera svechina..
they  mafia zhukova criminal alexia..
pigozzi ...( with Veras darane and panama
and with Veras black art collection) .. mafia,,,
MAFIA need to go to jail. 

They tried to kill vera ( THEY DIDNT succeed)

They can do again..... very important to find who did that

and they need to go to jail.

mafia did on place of veras film..... and vedas HOPE BAKA KINA

( hope Likes FILMS) 

and they need to go to jail.

 John Paul II (Latin: Ioannes Paulus PP. II, Italian: Giovanni Paolo II), 
sometimes called Blessed John Paul or John Paul the Great
born Karol Józef Wojtyła  18 May 1920 – 2 April 2005),
 reigned as Pope of the Roman Catholic Church from 1978
 until his death in 2005.

 . Benedict was elected on 19 April 2005 in a papal conclave,
 celebrated his Papal Inauguration Mass on 24 April 2005,
 and took possession of his cathedral, the Archbasilica of St. 
John Lateran, on 7 May 2005. f0r  veras film....

 MAFIA Abramovich zhukova tried

to kill vera svechina. 

and veras 33. / g0tten in 49/ fee la
1997 Vera in SF


united states 0f america

and princess aiko was born.

Aiko / atari mae Vera/ (Princess Toshi) is the

 daughter of Crown

Prince Naruhito and Crown Princess Masako.

vera and t0shi c00k fr0m ichirin /n0rik0 san/

 went t0 49rs game.......

in sf. 

ugly mafia makar0va
 g0t t0 guy that came t0 vera

f0r nina and vera....

ugly makafr0va d0ing what.

they hate japan. they need t0 get 0ut fr0m life 0f vera.

they alh0g0lic family. pv0.

they with michael and k0rean. 

vera with japan. to jail makarova and mafia

and elena vakulenko and inna didenko with 
mafia irina  kudinova in norway....

1997 SF Sveve came back to apple

Vera making film.

what making ugly mafia from casino


1996 when pigozzi got island from Veras mothers hat.

for Vera to make film.

that is not Veras friend,.

need to be killed mafia.... that was planed from 1995

ugly pvo killed steve jobs and tried to kill vera


and need to go to jail.  and killed

relatives of vera... and called veras mother Traveling hoorkers....

need to go to jail.   ugly makarova need to go to jail.

will be killed hopefully.... by smart people in Holland,.

1986... 1996

pigozzi got panama for Vera and film of Vera.....

from mother of Vera hat..... they knew..... and they tried t0 kill vera....

Prince jaime participated in killing of VERA.

who is the person who

organised the crime.

ugly pvo need to be killed.

she is not princess. all family need to  be killed. for attempt to

kill Vera. they planed it....... since Vera Born.... in Holland... Killing of vera.

they need to be killed.

Rush Hour is a 1998

made fr0m ph0t0 0f vera.....

ugly mafia came visit Vera in SF.
and they need t0 g0 t0 jail 

2009 mafia from russia tried to kill vera same time they killed

steve jobs. and they need to go to jail.

I'm not half the man I used to be,
There's a shadow hanging over 

svechina vera  petr0vna in 97. sf.

0nly 0ne pers0n 0n the planet.

 p0inting at fake building. steve j0bs came back

t0 apple. vera need t0 g0 t0 edge dinner.... vera getting st0ck.....

Oh, veras film came suddenly.

that fake me....

turkey rumaniya mafia

fr0m mafia...

that mafia........ 

russia is n0t h0lland.....

brin russia fake

Brett Rat ne r

japan.... with vera...

ugly pvo born to kill svechina vera.
need to go to jail.  they knew about
vera and with all famly ugly pv0

need t0 g0 t0 jail 0r be killed. 

that fake vera.  and they tried t0 kill real vera
and need t0 g0 t0 jail 0r be killed. they killed 

diana princess..... and they tried t0 kill vera.

vera n0t t0gether with deff 
ugly makar0va and fake pv0.

ugly pv0 and zhuk0va and alexia and makar0va
and 0rl0va mafia need t0 g0 t0 jail. get the
fuck 0ut fr0m life 0f vera. vera d0nt need that. 

kill that

kill that  ugly  mafia
mafia zhuk0va  tried t0 kill vera....... 

fuck with 
m0ther 0f jaime..... zhuk0va tried t0 kill vera.
they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 
vera n0t t0gether with rapist and criminal pig0zzi
and mafia  alexia......  mafia russian pr0h0r0v
annd mafia....

kgb 0f h0llancan put t0 jail mafia?

fuck with princess irene wh0 called jaime

jaime  and they killed 

father 0f jaime.... when pig0zzi is the rapist.  

and had n0 right t0 get in ted 0n time 0f vera.
since 1966 CHURT and Diplomat... 
Prince jaime and Vera The prince and the show girl....
1957... Vera from gate 15... and they 

killed veras father.
and with mafia
tried to kill vera and killed relatives 
of vera. 

they already killed "One love" Bob Marley..
killed EVERYTHING you want  you got it...and 
again ugly pvo  tried to kill vera...... and killed
hope baka kina.... /HOPE LIKES FILMS)

mafia and fake ... if JAIMEs parents called him JAIME.

vera f0x. Julia please anetta (Dutch pronunciation: [ˌjyliˈjaːna], Juliana Louise Emma Marie 

Wilhelmina; 30 April 1909 

vera and snengur0chka and f0x. vasilisa prekrasnaya

 Juliana died 20 March 2004

/ when vera  

started t0 make film.... ) was the Queen regnant of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

 between 1948 

and 1980.  disc0 julia please anetta julia r0berts..... and r0bert  made

 apple l0g0 fr0m veras ph0t0

 t0ky0 93.......  disc0ver........

/that y0u are princess and empress/

h0pe baka kina

The Rat Pack /kurill island/ was a group of actors originally centered on
 Humphrey Bogart. In the mid-1960s it was the name used by the press
 and the general public to refer to a later variation of the group, after 
Bogart's death, that called itself "the summit" or "the clan," featuring 
Joey Bishop, who appeared together on stage and in films in the early 1960s.

The name "The Rat Pack" was first used to refer to a group of friends in New York

The For girl empress /f0r svechina vera nine / is a famous nightclub / 

restaurant on Arthur Godfrey 

Road in the city of Miami BeachFlorida. First opened in the 1920s,

 it was purchased and remodeled in the late 1960s by Alvin Malnik.
Julia please anetta  She was the only child of Queen Wilhelmina and Prince Henry
She was married to Prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld, with whom she
 had four children: Princess Beatrix (born 1938), Princess Irene (born 1939), 
Princess Margriet (born 1943), Princess Christina(born 1947)

veras film st0pped 

 ......Fake ugly very ugly....
fake PAVO and mafia  tried t0 kill vera...

and need to be killed.

laurene p0well j0bs hating that ugly pv0 family
and mafia ....... they need t0 be killed. f0r death 0f 
steve and attempt t0 kill vera svechina using mafia fr0m
russia and russian cheap mafia 0lirahs.

they lie and pvo ugly.... and need to be killed 

with all family. wrong....

Jaime... 0nly jail 0r death ...... t00 all wh0 0rganised that.

after steve j0bs made fr0m vera apple l0g0 next.

ugly perents 0f pv0 had sex t0 kill steve and vera.

and they killed reltive 0f vera and they fucked with vera
trying t0 kill vera svechina. and they did 911.

and 0nly death 0r jail t0 all partisipated in that crime.

that is creepy..... ugly pv0 0nly death.
pv0 killed diana.....princess and with mafia

tried t0 kill vera svechina..... putin didnt give vera m0ney.
f0r film. mafia ...... and 0nly death.

 dating with Vera Flower film s? they jeal0us..

all ugly pv0 need t0 g0 t0 jail  f0r attempt 
t0 kill vera. 

Prince jaime born for that film . for 33.
if they d0nt like they need t0 kill his 
father and m0ther. and leave vera  al0ne.
and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. ....

made f0r svechina vera 
marina orlova makarova pvo... 
and mafia..... after Vera
 met Jagger in 2009
and went on Veras Octopus.
 killed veras relatives and steve jobs

and TRIED TO KILL SVECHINA Vera Petrovna...... 
and they need to go to jail.  

They didnt want Vera to HAVE 
Stock And children ... 

10 billion time s....( Svechina Vera Petrovna)

Empress Sakura of Northern Territories.

Prunus........Prus iya....Gone with the wind....

Gone with the Wind is a novel written by Margaret Mitchell, first 

published in 1936.

Tamara Takaeva was 14...... in CCCP. Gone with the Wind is

 a 1939 American epic historical romance film adapted 

from Margaret Mitchell'sPulitzer-winning 1936 novel ...

Hope Baka KINA.....( Hope likes FILMS) Tamara Takaeva was 17 in 1939.

Vera Svechina 1973. Dec.  ( SOVIET UNION STAR VERA)

Scarlet O haraheta....

Blue tooth..... ( VERA MUST GET STOCK)

Vera had ortodontic threatment.... and tooth out..

VERA's Film is about that.

Vera have no connection to all that people.

All vera need from Tim cook is to get Veras stock. 

10 billion dollars..  vera h0pe ugly 

that die  he cant w0rk f0r pe0ple

Nina V. TAKAEVA / vera fr0m japan/

mafia and pig0zzi did all 0p0sit and tried t0 kill vera.

and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

princess anetta.

they were there to help Vera finance 

l0w bugged film

 in JAPAN ab0ut the n0rthern territ0ries. 

and svechina vera.

but they didnt do their JOB. they killed 
many pe0ple they need t0 g0 t0 jail
need t0 g0 t0 jail.


vera will finish vera when killed r0man avram0ich

 zhuk0va and pig0zzi

(verezovskiy empress Anetta .. 

sakura better beautiful then birch.... 
prince jaime fr0m nederlands

after vera  fr0m s0viet uni0n g00gle...

Roman Abramovich?) 

abram0vich instead 0f helping berez0vskiy

fighting berez0vskiy.

1996. vera meeting kazuhik0 
0suga samurai. 

junk0 /vera/ shima da  / f0ur islands t0 vera/ 

mafia put there 

dasha zhuk0va t0 help vera

ugly mafia didnt help vera... 
make film by 2009

0n l0cati0n in japan. they didnt .

they g0t 0n time 0f vera....  against vera
with mafia kleban0v sam
dating with strange zhuk0va
l00k a like.... 2009 and 
making h0rrible film

and with alexia mafia they  tried t0 kill vera.
killed relatives 0f vera
and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. they killed relatives

0f vera and berez0vskiy. they need t0 be killed.
and there n0 irina bl0ck. andr0id illegal.

and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

vera liked berez0vskiy living with m0ther
 in his h0use....seem like n0rmal.

Pigozzi is not Anetta. he is rapist and got on time of Vera Svechina

in TED.  and in japan.  and they killed Berezovskiy...

who tried to kill SVECHINA VERA? in SF? 

Pigozizi need to get out ugly makarova orlova

mafia alexia greek ugly ... They tried to kill VERA.
made healthy and happy vera 

disable and n0t happy.who will pay damages?  abram0vich
and mafia zhuk0va sucked up t0 pig0zzi
t0 get disent public 
when they much m0re  
criminal then berez0vskiy.
pig0zzi rapist. and he betraid
his best friend hercules bellville.
fr0m america.

he and alexia need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

panama with vera.

wh0 did lady gaga.... criminal.
 0n time 0f vera. and tried t0 kill vera...

they killed all that pe0ple and bah i ya h0nda...

 fr0m veras b00k. that vera cant sale because

 they tried t0
kill vera. vera d0nt need that. alexia need to go to jail. 

5 25 st0ckt0n  40 3 children f0r vera.... t0 give birth

ugly mafia natasha /dasha/  tsvetk0va in apt. 0f vera. that n0t fried 0f vera. that hates vera....

her ugly br0ther killed vera have n0thing t0 d0 with that.....

ugly with mafia tanya.... they killed valera did 52 5 and alim0land fr0m and bah i ya h0n da

killed relative 0f  vera.... her br0ther killed.

that pers0n....... n0t fr0m apt. 0f vera....  and they /alexia th0ght she is s0mething

they are mafia and they tried t0 kill vera...... in veras br0ther sweater ....

that vera had in 0ct0pus that made f0r film vera making 

the prince jaime and the  sh0w girl vera svechina making film.

f0r t0 kill vera svechinan they made s0nya rykel ......

same bar s0nya and  traveling h00kers...

ugly pv0 is ugly h00ker and they need t0 find right p0p 

ugly pv0 n0t fr0m f0rest... they killed herkules....

0range n0t apple......... they n0t against 

svechina vera.... and never were.

they tried t0 kill vera..... and  veras br0ther...

jaimes prince m0ther g0t s0uth africa 
f0r vera svechina 1999.

mafia killed hercules bellville. br0ther 

b0rluk v0l0dya and andrey and fake 
building.... and alexia...mafia

and fake linda and fake nelli..... father 0f nelli alive...

they killed andrey  and father.... that n0t nellil...
nelli n0t apple...

abram0vich mafia and chelsy... mafia zhuk0va .... they killed 

diana..../veras friend//

and they need t0 pay damage they made f0r vera.

apt 0f vera

rapist pigzzi and ugly german....... 

l00king f0r smart w0man in shirt skirt

and they need t0 pay damage they did t0 vera svechina

that lived veras life happily....

1997 After Vera Svechina started Academy of art in SF.

FAKE BUILDING Aksyonova Nelli disco?  Anetta is not Disco....

and that ugly mafia from Obninsk tried to kill Vera Svechina 
with ugly mafia alexia,..... .
and they need to go to jail. 

maxim a?  1v 1980 
Vera and Maxim and Izakaya.

apple went public.
that is mafia.....around Vera.

thats fake. alexia ..... 
ugly and fake...pig0zzi fake....
that fake..... they n0t imp0frtant...
zhuk0va mafia.... that mafia 

made nig0 married t0 elena
and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 
that ugly with vera are n0t with vera.
za.....ugly and fake..... t0p az...

bery0za err0r.. /g00gle made
empress sakura err0r /cia princess anetta/...
then v0uge 
fake...... ugly aksy0va with t0ylet child 
can g0 t0 jail f0r attempt t0
kill vera with mafia ryab0v...
wh0 vera d0nt kn0w and d0nt want
 t0 kn0w.
vera like nig0 and d0nt like fake elena
friend 0f that ugly fake cheap 
with her ugly and fake sister ..
that is all against
vera and film vera making in japan.
they n0t with dubr0vka.....
and never will be.
ugly nelli and andrey and v0l0dya
they killed andrei natashas br0ther.... 
linda her ugly sister 
  g0ing t0 make film... and that t0let.
and they n0t faceb00k and they made
nig0 married against vera.... maxim a..
n0 fake ugly building... and they 
tried t0 kill vera
vera n0t danilk0....

they did crime. and ugly n0t wanted  child g0t 0n faceb00k....

they n0t vera..... 

what f0r they get in life 0f vera.?

mafia did  ugly alexia and ugly fake building

beryoza....emperor....wrong.... that sch00l number 10. 

they fake . vera n0t 0ne big family.

ugly nelli  fake building...... in shirt 0f vera... fr0m dubr0vka

king way .......

they ugly criminal and that w0man have n0 right t0 use veras life t0 

make m0ney

and f0r damage they made they need t0 and pay. mark st0ck......2009....

fake..... pr0h0r0v...... and children fr0m apt 0f inna. mafia .......

zynga friend 0f vera.......... fake came and killed friend 0f vera. and they with mafia fr0m 

russia tried t0 kill vera.... . after they pay. farm ville fake.... 

0n time 0f veras aplicati0n pincus g0t his fake . 0riginal vera svechina

t0p az..... film vera made and g0t 0scar........

maxim ryab0v fake..... mr... mariya russia
fake r0man0v fake.... and inna pr0h0r0v...
is n0t vera....they did crime against vera. 
they n0t friends. vera n0t with russian mafia.

when vera was in m0sc0w with film.. in the bathr00m 
veras pinky
ring platinum with 5 diam0nds was st0len. 
pincus didnt help vera.....with the film.

they using pe0ple vera kn0ws.... they d0nt want t0 help 

pinkus. a.g. fake..... apple girl svechina vera...0nly.

vera p0inting 0n fake building aksy0n0va building

 Vera Emperor and they tried to kill VERA.......

couldnt kill. 

and Berezovskiy error and he lost to abramovich.....

and they then killed him..... 

gotten for   Svechina Vera Petrovna DORANE

not for putin not for jagger not for ,...alexia....

not even for Pigozzi.....

Mafia tried to kill Vera Svechina.....  Killed Steve Jobs

And made ugly book ... as L.Pigozzi .....Mother of pigozzi 

and L. Powell.


 photos in that book and horrible
 fake biography.... they killed steve.... 

and tried t0 kill vera. that vera cant

 get veras st0ck.

terravera ....

pcc.   they need t0 g0 t0 h0spital.......

with brain.....

1991 t0 2011   vera went t0 japan
 at 20 /web y/

Go to the edge....1999...... CRIMINAL mafia did crime.

 and Vera didnt Get to The edge.

Gate S  About Veras gate 15  with apt. 160....

Paul Verhoeven t0 dd /m0viemaker/ 

...Svechina Vera Petrovna....   vera
 fr0m gate s........with gates.....

in 0bninsk...... russia.....

mafia did pc c0lubmiya..... pcc 

club linda....have n0 c0necti0n t0
any0ne but vera. that material f0r veras
film. c0py written and n0t f0r use 0f 0ther 

vera didnt make film....

ugly makar0va. they started ..... with svetlana after vera
went t0 cannes....

mafia... we n0t 0ne big family.....
vera 0nly 0ne girl in 33.
that n0t vera. 

vera never th0ught  0f that........pcc

cancer.... and they tried t0 kill vera svechina....
they need to go to jail. 

all pvo family and all involved... mafia put makar0va mafia 
and c0l0mbiya....  traveling h00kers.
they have n0 right t0 use talent vera have
f0r film 0f vera with0ut asking vera. 
they did crime. against w0man film maker.
and that n0t c00l. ugly and cheap. 
especially kn0wing 
that jaime b0rn f0r vera.......

with card and shirt 0f vera.

and mafia vera d0nt kn0w them. 
tried t0 kill vera svechina
that g0t mevius...1999. t0 c0me t0 america.
t0 make film. wh0 tried t0 kill vera

after jagger and paul allen  party

ma vera zibulskuyu 0ksanu ley ... 

after vera married and have babies.... 

zibulskuyu 0ksanu ley

 / prince naruhit0 g0t married t0 masak0

0wada  mafia 0rganised/ mafia did crime. 

they didnt d0 mama fan.... v....

they tried t0 kill vera svechina d0ing 

ma в z0 vey.......

 club linda in akasaka with Vera Svechina...

mafia did crime....... brazilian mafia with jagger

and ugly alexia and they killed brazilian prince.

rapist pig0zzi. have t0 right t0 rape vera svechina

and they did crime.... and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

that fake linda..... they wanted that t0 be vera...

they did crime. that is fake linda...

they killed hercules and pigozzi rapist and

went on time of vera to ted and in japan.

that tried to kill vera. that mafia....

they tried t0 reverse what vera cant understand.

that fake. 


vera and nina are with blue r0ses...

that is red roses.. hercules is with 33. 

With Nina and Vera. Hercules is not with 

traveling hookers and mafia  ugly cheap pvo.....

Pigozzi is rapist......  they killed Hercules at 69.

Pigozzi nina and vera and family of vera. 

with her ku les.  and Veras film. ( Blue roses)

we blue roses. BLUE BOOD.

We like Her ku les Bell ville .

NT. for Svechina Vera. 


madonna was with Vera.

Dubrovka 1950.

1999 Her ku les. and Vera Svechina. 

That is red roses. That is different. 

mafia  got pigozzi in SHIRT

Greek Rolal family was kicked out from Greece before

Vera Svechina was born. And Apple logo made and ted made for Vera

to go there........ Veras film takes place in japan...... and 4 islands are there.....

Vera Svechina. 

jean pigozzi and greek Olga ( tatoo made after Vera went to cannes

they not friends of vera...... they against vera... (?) they illegal.

they put criminal rapist pigozzi and Olga of greece

Shapovalov form KOTO VO.... Vo fake building...

After Vera went to cannes ...... to make film in 1999. they didnt want 

Veras position.......( Lesnevskiy said in 2009 after they killed Hercules Bellville)

J AI me... JAPAN Loves VERA......


Theme of that TED edge veras dinner is for veras film....

Vera apple logo....

have  no connection 

to prostitution. Her kules didnt like greek Olga....  Vera with Izakaya...

mafia made him married to ILana..... they waisting time.....of everyone...

and they need to go to jail.  they killed relatives of vera including BAKA KINA HOPE. 

They had no right. to go to TED on Veras time. 

2009 before cannes.....pigozzi asked Vera to put up hands.....

and took photo.... Vera didnt understand... then Mick Jagger was in shirt 

from Veras 5 25 Stockton 40 3 children and mafia started to kill vera at 35.

after meeting Jagger and going to VERAS Octopus.

mafia from russia  tried to kill Vera Svechina 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013

 after rapist pigozzi 2005 ( adult and  grew up not in small town in russia) opened shop 

on time of veras film in JAPAN.  and they killed Steve jobs and relatives of vera.


pigozzi and Vera making flying strippers book

Vera didnt know about his crimes..

pigozzi is not Anetta.... pee anetta and pigozzi laugfing

instead of going to jail.  and they tried t0 kill vera svechina

vera svechina.... bogorodiza ...... woman and child

we with Her ku les 

Vera ( Anetta) Svechina without jesus.......

madona  is not with Vera Svechina and Veras mother anymore. 

they with jesus........ They different theme....

 they tried t0 make nina takaeva 

fr0m cccp  and Vera SVcehina 

and panama and veras film? 

british with red bl00d /red r0ses/....... 

 nina is n0t british. 

jeremy invited f0r dinner eugeny


she l00ked like  veras m0ther..

instead 0f pr0ducing veras film.

and they tried t0 kill vera and they

t0 g0 t0 jail.  he l0St... 
but killed hercules. and relatives 0f vera.

there mafia and they need t0 get 0ff vera
t0 jail.russian mafia....

vera n0t with england.

her ku l empress sakura / 160/ 

gate s...

and 33.  mafia killed herkules...

mama and vera are tw0 different pe0ple.

mafia did crime.......tried t0 kill svechina

vera .....empress sakura

apple l0g0 m0del.......

and killed many relative 0f vera 

and didnt let vera t0 make film and didnt

let vera g0 t0 edge billi0nair dinner.....

0n time 0f vera. t0 meet steve and bill gate s

/ pr0k0l/ .....

Файл:Lenins Mausoleum.jpg

Radric Davis (born February 12, 1980) better known 
by his stage name Gucci Mane, is an American rapper. 
He debuted in 2005 with Trap House, followed by Hard to Kill in

 2006, /w0jcicki g0t card 0f vera in 2006 

t0 kill

vera svechina.../

mafia 0rl0va killed marina mam0nt0va

and need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

manya.... /mane/......

ruslana k0rshun0va....

veras relatives.....

and mafia 0rl0va with russian mafia tried

t0 kill vera ....

and they need t0 g0 t0 jail.

that is mafia and need to go to jail.

we not together..... that is ugly.  MAFIA.




ruslana in veras dress...

playing r0le 0f vera..

mafia marina 0rl0va  and mafia




ugly mariNa with0ut taleNt  at all 

gave birth t0 ugly n0t waNted  child t0 p0is0n life

f0r that mafia m0ved them t0 fake building

veras prince .

 ugly child b0rn 86   and 93   7 / like nina     then like vera in 05/

then they tried t0 kill vera

pr0h0r0v didenk0 and irina........................all have n0 c0nnecti0n  t0 vera

they try t0 kill vera

fake b0th  .ugly child will be killed  .

that is not mother of vera and not vera svechina.... mafia did that.

Vera and Veras mother are not serendipity.

that fake they killed girl olesya

that vera dont like all that family.
inna is not alexandra......

orlova marina and marina de van.....

Bering straight

ugly pv0 with parents need t0 be killed . they tried to kill .... Svechina


f0r vera made prince jaime.....

vera will meet jaime after pv0 killed.. b0ring...pv0 and mafia.

after that funeral mafia tried to kill Vera.... after octopus..... and criminal jagger...

and criminal scott. 

they tried t0 kill vera with pr0h0r0v.


from 1917...... need to be killed. and to jail going for rape pigozzi and ugly

wojcicki,. with stolen from vera card. 
 f0r killed h0pe baka kina. they need to go to jail. 

and getting 0n time 0f vera....

need t0 g0 t0 jail. tried t0 kill

 m0ther 0f vera. and tried t0 kill vera....

need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

0nly 0ne girl in 33. 

mafia did crime. 
 killed relative 0f vera and they tried t0 

kill vera and that g0ing t0 jail. 

that ugly have n0 right f0r time

and intelectual pr0perty 0f vera

that and mafia and need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

that killed steve thats fake. 

abram0vich mafia. what they need.

fr0m vera....they tried to kill vera svechina.

they with makarova. they need to go to jail. 

or be killed . Vera don't want to see that alive.
ugly mafia... with pr0perty 0f vera .....

ph0t0 bel0ng t0 vera 0nly..... that mafia

they have n0 c0nnecti0n t0 film vera making. 0r ph0t0 vera making.

2006 stole photos of vera and need to go to jail. 

 Trap-A-Thon, and Back to the Trap House in 2007. 

al Gore is the recipient of a number of awards, including the
 Nobel Peace Prize ( NIna Peter Princess Anetta)  (together with the 

Intergovernmental Panel

 on Climate Change) in 2007, Primetime Emmy Award for Current TV 
in 2007, a Webby Award in 2005 and the Prince of Asturias Award
 in 2007 for International Cooperation. He also starred in
 the 2006 documentary ( na anetta meaning  please anetta)

cia panetta...... b0rn f0r veras

 film and n0bel price .... meaning 0f all his life...

 Inconvenient Truth,  / they jeal0us/ 

which won na 
Academy Award for Best Documentary in 2007 and wrote the book 
Please  Inconvenient Truth: The Planetary Emergency of Global 
Warming and What We Can Do About It, which won a Grammy 
Award for Best Spoken Word Album in 2009.    

ruB. 91. December 8th, 1991. vera. terravera.

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