Sunday, March 31, 2013

vera n0t happy....

and he and abram0vich and alexia and zhuk0va  and jagger with fake s0tt

and mafia  that is with them need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

fr0m nikita. chear up sleepy jean. 1967.

Oh, I could hide 'neath the wings
Of the bluebird as she sings.
The six o'clock alarm would never ring.
But six rings and I rise,
Wipe the sleep out of my eyes.
My shavin' razor's cold and it stings.

Cheer up, Sleepy Jean.
Oh, what can it mean.
To a daydream believer
And a homecoming queen.

You once thought of me
As a white knight on a steed.
fr0m veras cr0wn

k0 r0 l eva....

nina l vera

empress vera.

Now you know how happy I can be.
Oh, and our good times starts and end
Without dollar 
one to spend.

0ne st0ck t0n.

But how much, baby, do we really need.

Cheer up, Sleepy Jean.
Oh, what can it mean.
To a daydream believer
And a homecoming queen.
Cheer up, Sleepy Jean.
Oh, what can it mean.
To a daydream believer
And a homecoming queen.

Cheer up, Sleepy Jean.
Oh, what can it mean.
To a daydream believer
And a homecoming queen.

yume 0kiku 

/vera ....make y0ur  
dream bigger....and

идти к своеи 
большои мечте/

1974. vera cccp.
pru nu s svechina vera 
/vera g0ing with0ut m0ney 1993/
finish in 09.  

pry0tsya i r0man0v.... after vera ......

they r0man0v. 

different family. he cant be 0n the way 

0f svechina vera....  what g00d it make 

t0 put d0wn...vera... 

1999. vera g0 t0 the edge dinner.

apple c0mpany all vera..... 
vera geting st0ck.
mafia g0ing t0 jail. 
mai san guest 0n veras premier
0f the film.

junk0 /svechina vera w0rld trade center/ shima da ..... 

japan and empress sakura ....veras film and the

end 0f the war...between japan and f0rmer ussr....

veras n0bel price....

kazuhik0 0suga fan 0f anetta /vera/ fr0m 1996. 

pig0zzi g0t panama f0r vera /anetta/ t0 make film.

The Last Samurai, starring

 Tom Cruise, is inspired by the Samurai way of life.


 met family 0f kazuhik0. samurai. 

kazuhik0 0suga w0uld never d0 anything t0 hurt vera . /anetta/ 

ugly mafia makar0va trushing n0t 0nly 

family 0f kazuhik0 0suga......they tried t0 kill vera and vera life

nina fr0m 33 and in nederlands b0rn  prince jaime...

kn0wing that jaime prince was b0rn t0 get married t0 vera svechina.

makar0va and ugly child and her ugly huSband that g0t in perS0nal

life 0f vera Svechina..... and did damage there need t0 g0 t0 jail

in uSa..... 0r in ruSSia....... need t0 be killed.

they hate vera fr0m when vera met them.  in 1996 elena and katya

that later after vera went t0 cannes became illegal band tatu......

and they killed hercules bellville. / pr0feci0nal film pr0ducer /

1997. vera learning t0 make film.

makar0va and mafia tried t0 kill vera

need t0 be killed.  bering straight band criminal.  

makar0va criminal.....

they hate japan....

they hate vera.....

they there t0 kill vera...... they n0t imp0rtant......

vera... came t0 america t0 make film.... steve came back t0 apple....

vera p0inting at fake building.....1997.

wh0 made drugs and
 kurill islands ....... 

mafia..... ugly ...
fake turkey casin0 ru maniya....
ekaterina@ero L

mafia abram0vich mafia pr0h0r0v....

mafia and fake  pv0 b0rn ..86. t0 kill vera.... after  every0ne

 knew that vera iS next empress.  1985.

they killed with mafia steve .

and all ugly family 0f ugly cheap  pv0 because they tried t0 kill vera..... 

after vera g0t 0scar n0inati0n f0r film vera

made.../vera is m0viemaker/

and they   killed relatives 0f vera

need t0 g0 t0 jail 0r be killed.  they with 

mafia. and need t0 be killed.  they did crime again vera....


candle in the wind /svechina vera / 1973

and daniel 1973.

steve made next vera.... f0r nikita  br0ther 0f vera..


"Nikita" is a song by English singer Elton 

John about the Cold War from his 1985 album 

Ice on Fire. 

ugly pv0 parents tried t0 kill vera and 

all family 0f vera with help 0f mafia

and they all need t0  be killed.

call p0lice make them arrested....

and put them t0 jail..... till they die...

0r just kill all. that is crime.... 

any c0untry c0art will be f0r vera.

and wh0 0rganised that crime. in 1985.

fucked ugly m0ther 0f ugly pv0.

t0 make that ugly pv0 t0 fuck all family

and life ... 0f vera ..... kill. 0nly death. 0r 

life l0ng in jail... sentence.....t0 all family

0f ugly pv0.... they tried t0 kill svechina vera.

untill they killed.   vera waiting.

ugly mafia   did that 


after  that all family 0f ugly pv0
that represents physical threat n0t 0nly t0 vera
svechina.... but t0 all veras relatives they  /mafia/ already killed prince 0f brazil....
they need t0 be killed. 

/vera believes t0 m0ther and father
0f prince jaime and t0 veras m0ther and father/

mafia fr0m ruSSia  tried t0 kill vera...... in Sf  they with alexia

that waS b0rn alS0 t0 kill vera and they g0t j0b with pig0zzi

wh0S parentS g0t d0rane f0r vera.....

 after vera went t0 veraS 0ct0puS

and met criminal jagger. in 09. 

16 fl00r....

mafia pincus mafia tried t0 d0 yume 0ki ku......... then mafia did yume 0ki ku backward... 
and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

pincus criminal . and had n0 right 
t0 make c0mpany fr0m life 0f vera.
they tried t0 kill vera with mafia.
and put mafia and fake pe0ple.
they are
 wr0ng. and they killed 

relative 0f vera.... didnt let 
vera make film and life and tried t0

kill vera. liver....?

Несе Галя воду

vera masa.sn0w.... c00k killed by criminal

that 0pened that masas f0r vera

then sushi man killed by criminal mafia..... 

atari mae? fake SVETlana TRUMM..... 
is n0t vera svechina
svechina vera....

trumm and medvedeva and what ever 

svetlana tatarin is there and ugly irina

irina is n0t vera and they all need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

princess anetta ....2009.

they did fake dasha......svetlana mafia paid...
f0r killing vera svechina
na0mi have n0thing t0 d0...

0n ph0t0 0f vera... 
in hat 0f vera and 0r hat 0f veras m0ther.
0n time 0f vera.... and nina

petr...... nikita
and veras n0bel price...

svetlana and Vera oposit in thinking.

yuri oposit with vera in thinking.

they and mafia orlova or whomever

cant get in my project ....and try to kill 

vera svechina.

el li s0n 

ju el

pr0 k0l...... after vera cccp.

Нustler....part 0f film vera making...

0nly svechina vera can make. 

Нидерланды часто называют Гол ла н д и я

н нина и вера и принцесс диана и то дд 

и лан /вера сделала книгу/ 

mafia pig0zzi..... did crime. 

time 2009 0ne queen and mama queen.

fr0m birth

mafia did drug..... queen n0t d0ing drug. and mafia

mafia put fake ugly zhuk0va

alexia........ mafia sc0tt

FAKE:  they cheated in dubr0vka ...

they put wr0ng number 0n raya place... village...

they can lie very easy......

abram0vih mafia and he and zhuk0va need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

trumm n0t dasha.......

abram0vich criminal.... they enemy 0f vera... They need to go 

to jail with mafia alexia and mafia orlova. 10 years vera spent to write book

about Japan. mafia tried to kill vera they need to go to jail.

chenskaya ugly spy put t0 life 0f svechina vera t0 fuck it up 

with mafia pr0h0r0v.

and ugly that.......


ugly mededeva mafia.... hasan.... 0niani lanai....


alexia tried to kill vera svechina citizen of russia.

They with that svetlana ........ after vera went to Cannes 1999..

against vera.  why w0uldnt they d0 separate fr0 vera game....

n0t against vera..... t0taly  separate.... cannnt they make...

mafia...... 0n time 0f vera ..... getting st0ck.....

they try t0 kill vera.... and they ugly and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

c0py 0f  svetlana.....

alexia  need to go to jail. with her mafia orlova and zhukova

game f0r few pe0ple.......0nly. h0w t0 catch the rat

making film.  vera kant0ku. n0t mafia n0t drug...

n0t anything......

pig0zzi did crime.  against vera svechina.

n0t vera catching the rat......

it c0minng by itself....

mafia ding crime....... and they tried t0 kill vera

that n0t the game....... that crime. t0 put fake pe0ple 

and kill relative 0f vera........ they diferent game that mamfia... cant mix.

greek fake.  they hate vera...

they need to go to jail.  for attempt to kill svechina vera. 

and killed relative 0f vera

mafia and they need t0 g0 t0 jail.  alexia tried t0 kill vera

pig0zzi rapist.  mafia zhuk0va n0t in the pr0gram.

mafia alexia ugly cheap ..... mafia....

they need t0 g0 t0 jail.  they d0nt have excuse .

alexia fake and criminal.

there n0 game where vera is

they did rapist pig0zzi is great.......

n0t great..... imp0tent. cant get up dick. 

ugly mafia not good they criminal

they did crime in japan. need to go to jail. 

cia anetta fr0m 1993 vera 20

2003 vera must 0f been

getting 1000 000 r0ses.... alla pugacheva.

mafia that tried t0 kill vera
gave birth t0 ugly cheap and vera never been
ar0und m0re ugly rude b0ring and n0t c0mpitent 
alexia niejelsky in 83 .../when that s0ng was written/
 that is  child  0f pig0zzi lawyer
and part 0f the rime they did against russia as  a
c0untry....against japan and veras family and vera.

  09 in veras d0rane. and they with mafia zhuk0va
and mafia ..... tried t0 kill vera svechina and they killed
berez0vskiy. and steve j0bs ... and they tried t0

kill svechina
vera petr0vna empressakura princess anetta....
empress 0f china
. and they need t0 g0 t0 jail.

alexia tried t0 kill vera with mafia 0rl0va.

2000 SF.  Irina SHILLERS APT.

and Paul lives there... Burova Irina..... ?

Vincent and Cloe.... SC..... S HI BUI.....? 

( for film of Vera shiBui....not for mafia)

???? criminal jagger and criminal scott. mafia did drug? and need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

vera with japan.... mafia did k0rea..... mafia with shiller and trumm

and they made illegally lillya f0rever .... brik is n0t st0ne.....

jagger illegal. ki r peach........ peach anetta....... 

pigozzi father got house dorane in 50s.... f0r vera...

pigozzi rapist and criminal and need to go to jail. 

went 0n time 0f vera t0 ted and  with mafia abram0vich

and did crime in japan....0pened sh0p....

 and tried t0 kill vera... they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

sc0tt fake..... 


roman abramovich need to go to jail. 

with zhukova pigozzi  jagger scott and  ugly alexia

they desearve that for attempt to kill svechina vera.
with help of Vera of russian mafia. 
Vera Svechina was very nice to Pigozzi.



j0b 0f that anna wint0ur  was 
vera svechina in palace

mafia did crime putting ugly greek
0n time 0f vera in 2003. 
that what anna wint0ur
is d0ing in v0uge.  her life purpose.

Currently the Emperor of Japan is the

 only remaining monarch 

in the world reigning ...The current 

Emperor is Akihito,

 who has been on the Chrysanthemum 


In Japan, the emperor is never referred to by his given name, 

but rather is referred to as "His Imperial Majesty the Emperor" 

which may be shortened to "His Imperial Majesty"

 (天皇陛下 Tennō Heika?). In writing, the emperor is 

also referred to formally as "The Reigning Emperor"

 (今上天皇 kinjō tennō?). The Era of Akihito's reign

 bears the name "Heisei" (平成), and according to custom

 he will be renamed "Emperor Heisei" 

(平成天皇 Heisei tennō; see "posthumous name") 

by order of the cabinet after his death. 

"At the same time, the name of the next era

 under his successor will also be established" 






SAKURA. chekh0vskiy reg0n 0f russia...

anna was literature teacher 

and anna wint0ur g0t j0b.

 "NEXT" MADE IN 1985. 





The sokutai (束帯?) is complex attire only worn by

 courtiersaristocrats and the emperor at the court in Japan




you light up my life joe brooks

No longer in normal use, the sokutai is however still worn by imperial
 court members and government officials (including the Prime Minister
on rare occasions such as weddings and enthronement ceremonies.

Svechina VERA Petrovna  AND ORANGE JUICE......1993.

Efteling Entrance.jpg

svechina vera petr0vna in german  . since 1952.

academy 0f art sf 97... ed made g0st film.

 with vera g0st. 

wh0 put pv0 and makar0va t0 live

0f vera and wh0 tried t0 kill vera.

alexia mafia .. that ugly tried t0 kill vera.

with mafia pr0h0r0v and mafia putin

they g0t pr0stitute maxima fr0m 

argentina...  few l00sers ......and did next building

fake that vera p0inting at. 

0nly t0 make h0rrible life 0f vera  

svechina.......anetta..... and veras m0ther 

and father.

they n0t fr0m were vera fr0m



EMPRESS SAKURA. .with orange  juice...

and straw were invented.... ( in german Vera is
 written as Wiera) 
 Ra  or Re  was the ancient Egyptian solar deity.
that is how princess diana
met Egyptian millionaire... producer...  
still fan of Svechina Vera Petrovna...



Svechina Vera Have no connection to 
Roman Abramovich....

they did crime on time of vera svechina


Apple Store - San Francisco

2009.   AFTER  CANNES 







in may 1941 tamara g0t pregnant. 

her husband vladimir.

emper0r akihit0 was nine when nina b0rn. 

DUBROVKA ...Chekhovskiy region ...Moscow reg

BOB.  amsterdam h0lland.... /ad0lf hitler/ vladimir 

was nine years 0lder then  tamara....

33 Serpuhov Moscow reg. 1949... 

"Moscow Nights" (rus. Подмосковные вечера (podmoskovnie vechera))

 is a Russian song, one of those best known outside its homeland.
The song was originally created as "Leningradskie Vechera" 
("Leningrad Nights") by composer Vasily Solovyov-Sedoi ....

Nobutada Saji (佐治 信忠 Saji Nobutada?, born November 25, 1945) 

didnt d0 crime. mafia did.

and poet 
Mikhail Matusovsky in 1955 (in 1955 Valera I.TAKAEV was 7 ..Nina 13 

went to school 13 in 1949 )

but at the request of the Soviet Ministry of Culture, the 
"Подмосковные вечера" (transliterated as "Podmoskovnye Vechera"; 
more or less "Evenings in Moscow Oblast") version was prepared,
 with corresponding changes to the lyrics.


vera and  22 /film vera making/ finished in 2009

film called last train fr0m r0pp0ngi aka as0bi.

film g0t 0scar nomination..... mafia did crime against vera svechina

and against relatives 0f vera and against steve j0bs.

 mafia need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

Япония, официальное название Ниппон-коку или Нихон-коку -
островное государство в Восточной Азии. Располагается в
Тихом океане на Японском архипелаге, состоящем из 6582
островов, самыми крупными являются 4 - Хонсю, Хоккайдо, Кюсю и 


veras f0ur islands.

dir. vera svechina last train fr0m r0pp0ngi. aka as0bi. 

1h. 10 min. 1 h. 20 min.

Ниппон-коку или Нихон-коку ......

mata yamam0t0 didnt gave vera m0ney t0 make film.

he against prince naruhit0  and 

against the h0le w0rld. he can g0 live in 0ther  c0untry then  japan. 

what prince naruhit0 0wns t0 pr0h0r0v. n0thing

t0 mafia greek pig0zzi and aram0vich and putin n0thing.

japan need t0 cl0se entrance t0 japan t0 pig0zzi jagger and all mafia

inv0lved in that case. including all c0panies pe0ple such g00gle

apple micr0s0ft  0racle ...disney 

that travel t0 japan f0r w0rk untill they pay st0ck t0 vera. 

mafia did crime in japan. vera and marina mam0nt0va was 

expiditi0n...... and h0pe baka kina and 1967 ...  gaidai...... 



wedding 0n father 

and m0ther 0f vera.

genetelmen prefer bl0nd...

«Кавка́зская пле́нница, или Но́вые приключе́ния Шу́рика»

alexander ..... relative 0f vera in marievka. balckland .... 

where  veras father was b0rn. 

putin and mafia that w0rking f0r

 criminal maxima  alexia zhuk0va abram0vich 

mafia denis simachev mafia pr0h0r0v.

have n0 right t0 get in ph0t0s 0f vera

t0 make m0ney. 

23100 t0  svechina vera....rapist 


and pig0zzi need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

mafia st0pped film vera was making in 2004 ...... 

they didnt pr0m0te and didnt sale veras b00k ....

 tried t0 kill vera..... and

that is crime...

apple man d0 /bef0re/

 / vera and apples man steve j0bs/ steve depend 0n vera


d 0 zarevna 0....vera /t0dd/

dye hair.... anettix

last train fr0m r0pp0ngi aka as0bi.

steve j0bs apples man.....

ugly pr0h0r0v g0t 0n place 0f vera

with didenk0 mafia and svetlana mafia.

after vera went t0 cannes t0 make l0w bugget film.

we n0t pr0h0r0v.

we n0t t0gether......  they fake building...... 

we n0t edinaya r0ccia.... / 15 republic/  15th gate .......



vera fr0m cccp p0inting 0n fake building.

steve came back t0 apple.

vera and her ku lempress sakura......

vera .... and her ku l empress  


princess anetta. 2009

have n0 c0nnecti0n t0 vera. and n0rthern territ0ries


pr0 h0r 0ksana vasilenk0

inna didenk0 fake alexandra......svetlana.....

they did n0ri s0viet uni0n ya.....33.

and tried t0 kill vera. 0nly 0ne girl. fr0m 

33. vera aki shta

mafia need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

they tried t0 kill vera....

ugly .... they r0man0v and putin 

shta......and pr0 h0r 0v. /fake building/

different fr0m vera.... and they 

cut veras trees...

merelin m0nr0 was just an0ther 0bject 0f desire

a l0g0 f0r sex.....

apple l0g0 is n0t merelin m0nr0. and n0t 

 l0g0 f0r sex.

vera m0del f0r apple l0g0

vera making film and b00ks

and it c0pywritten.

w0rld trade center....

they did crime with pr0h0r0v and

mamm0th.... 0rl0va mafia

they didnt let vera make film.....

they fake alexia..... and they using t0ilet paper.

and they tried t0 kill vera. and they g0t 0n time

0f vera and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

they killed ruslana k0rsh0n0va.

with mafia pr0h0r0v didenk0 
fake alexiandra.... w0jcicki... irina
sister 0f pr0h0r0v.... 

and alexia and zhuk0va and abram0vich...



they f0und mafia maxima f0r prince alexander.....

they w0rk f0r mafia  pr0h0r0v ....

they like aleia and zhuk0va

vera d0nt like mafia alexia that b0rn t0 kill vera

and vera d0nt like zhuk0va

vera n0t pr0h0r0v

that pr0h0r0v. they mafia.

vera n0t w0rking f0r that ugly mafia.

fuck 0ff. ugly children.

vera d0nt like mafia

wh0 made beatrix....

they need t0 pay damage they made

in life 0f vera.  they mafia. cheap  mafia....

nine....... akihit0 0f japan...

ugly mafia tried t0 kill vera......

vera n0t h0use 0f  0range......

they did crime with alexia mafia..... t0 kill vera.......

ugly people...... that is the problem .

netherland did crime and need t0 pay t0 japan....

f0r 100 billi0n damage they made

0r kill m0ther 0f prince jaime that gave him name

prince jaime...... t0 meet with svechina vera petr0vna fr0m

s0viet uni0n.  they need t0 be killed. 

they n0t veras friends.

mafia in russian mafia ... didnt let vera 

make veras film. and with mafia

alexia tried t0 kill svechina

vera petr0vna....

pig0zzi did crime...... he n0t apples   man...... they fake....

william gates tried t0 kill vera and he need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

vera likes veras w0rld trade center. 

he made illegall ph0ne side kick........ and must 0f been

give vera st0ck.  bill gates als0 did 911. against vera svechina.

because later they tried t0 kill svechina vera f0r s0me reas0n.

vera and nina and father 0f vera and nikita n0t having pr0blem with

0sama bin laden....

wh0 are they w0rk f0r when they w0rk 

against svechina

 vera petr0vna? they tried t0 w0rk f0r

israel... 1v.... 14 may.... 1948...33

empress... vera

bill gates 3 ....v  f0r svechina vera petr0vna... 

and they 0wn

vera st0ck.... and they need t0 g0 t0 jail.

f0r steve j0bs that they killed with 

mafia fr0m russia.

between  B

 and v ...  

 bill gates Bv b /be vera/and  

w0rld trade center are t0gether.  and that was

ab0ut the film vera making in japan... palm d0r 

0scar and n0bel 


achevea...../vera apple l0g0 m0del/ and veras 

new c0untry. russia is c0l0ni 0f veras new c0untry. 

20 ......40 it saying in t0ylet  0f vera

michael pr0h0r0v n0t living in apt. 0f vera.

we n0t nl0......... mafia did crime putting michael pr0h0r0v

  mafia  ugly 0ksana /fake building/

that n0t apple..... 0r anything near....


they with mell...

mell ugly cheap guy w0rked in huster....

have n0 c0necti0n t0 vera......

and that with  mell..... mafia putting there.....

mariya.....0n time 0f vera...

 empress sakura nine....

mafia marina and pr0h0r0v that tried t0 kill

vera need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

miss mariya fr0m spain

  n0t fr0m russia....

vera is n0t r0man0v.

fake ge0rgiy  with fake building

and they tried t0  kill svechina vera.

that mafia with jail....... and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

t0dd and gibs0n.

grig0riy grisha ..... with shiller and trumm... and zhuk0va

medvedeva..... pr0h0r0v r0man0v...  0xana n0t dd ....

they did crime....

In July 2010, it was alleged that Gibson had been recorded 

during a phone call with Oksana Grigorieva suggesting that

 if she got "raped by a pack of niggers," she would be to blame

Mel Gibson 2011 cropped.jpg
abram0vich mafia 

didenk0 svetlana and they tried t0 kill vera svechina. 

and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

vera n0t putin. ugly pr0 h0r 0v criminal. 

1997 ....... f0r 08......

thank y0u very much...... f0r making vera apple l0g0 m0del. 

 fake building nine /fl00r/  15.... 33 .......0vninsk made in 1956. 

steve f0r  svechina vera

terravera  91....

wh0 put  mafia zhuk0va mafia niejelski ugly mafia  aksy0n0va.....

fake marina  fake elena..... all fake....

 33 ninas and veras fr0m 49 .

vera sf.... 

h0w c0me vera didnt get t0 edge

0n time. t0 get veras n0rthern



pig0zzi g0t panama f0r vera.....

fake...... and criminal 

pr0h0r0v. and mafia.....

they n0t vera svechina. 

they tried t0 kill svechina vera.

they need t0 g0 t0 jail. pr0h0r0v.

svetlana and zhuker and nikita n0t fr0m apt. 0f vera. 

Nikolai Romanov, famous for being the last monarch of Russia 
possessed three hundred billion dollars worth of fortune. His life was 
under threat in 1917. He sought asylum in the United Kingdom. 

/vera g0t u in japan in 93/

Having been denied this asylum, he was forced to remain in 
Russia and was assassinated during the Bolshevik 
Revolution in 1918. This changed Russian history forever.

The K0r0leva em pei tai (憲兵隊 Kenpeitai?, "Military Police Corps") was the 
military police arm of the Imperial Japanese Army from 1881 to 1945.

vera The World’s Richest Royal.

y0u light up my life ....1977

made fr0m ph0t0 0f vera.


svechina vera petr0vna

must  0f been  lighting up  the

 fire     f0r 0pening 

0f 0lympics in m0sc0w..... 


were kicked 0ut.....

f0r empress sakura ...

sch00l girl .  

svechina vera petr0vna

20 февраля 1975 г. Совет Министров СССР принял решение о 
создании Организационного комитета «Олимпиада – 80». 
Его председателем был утвержден заместитель председателя 
СМ СССР Игнатий Трофимович Новиков

/veras film sch00l at

new m0ntg0mery/

vera have n0 idea 0f any r0yal pe0ple....
and vera n0t h0use 0f 0range.

tak a eva..... veras m0ther last name.

0nly vera......

net / system of interconnected computer networks / her /veras/ land s. anyway.......

whey tried t0 kill vera / 33 / with mafia ......

j ai me

mafia did vs


and mafia need t0 get t0 jail...........

they started crime and t0rhured
m0ther 0f vera nina after the div0rse
0f  princes jaimes perents

vera d0nt want t0 have anything 

inc0mm0n with that pe0ple....

they made ugly prince. t0 d0 crime.....

they need t0 leave vera al0ne.......

and vera need t0 get what veras.  vera  is n0t  h0use 0f  0range...... 

mafia did crime........ 

against svechina vera. 

brin need t0  be killed.


mafia made herkules bellville

b0rn June 18, 1939
 married with

/ilana sch00l man/  in 2009 after they 

killed father 0f vera

 and he died y0ung.

 need t0 g0 t0 jail. bering straght fake mafia

 band and fake brin.

XXII Олимпийских игр. 

Председатель Оргкомитета «Олимпиада – 80» тов. 

Новиков И Тakaeva nina.  / b0rn 1942/

vera child in 80........ child lighting 

up 0lympics ........ and that must 0f been bring

usa and cccp t0gether. that is genius  th0ught.

tw0 super c0untries. /vera living in building 


fr0m 1976./

steve l00ked a bit like veras br0ther...... vera and steve

 j0bs must 0f been

get al0ng well...... because vera liked her 0lder br0ther nikita ..... 

princess anetta......

x japan. t0ky0 film x.....

from the night Steve Jobs returned 

to Apple after it 

purchased NeXT 

/empress sakura/. 

1993 vera apple l0g0 m0del. in japan. tatl0 lace...

vera fr0m 33  cccp and 160 .... gate s.

bill gates g0t married f0r  vera....

December 20th .....Sat... ji /33/ v Cha hil.......

vera in ca. already ab0ut g0ing

 t0 film sch00l.......

t0 make film.....

Apple's senior vice president of worldwide marketing 

at the time.

rapist pig0zzi b0rn t0 pr0tect svechina vera...
father and m0ther left vera d0rane . 
they killed witney h0ust0n fr0m.. film b0dyguard...
atari mae  

 veras b0dyguard pig0zzi....

/ greek b0ring/

and j e ff the last time vera saw him l00ked like pit bull
with think chain 0n the neck... japanese 
emper0r francis c0pp0la...? 


and they threw that all t0 the garbish.... and  it called 

disrespect. and svechina 

vera need t0 get 


lisa j0bs named in h0n0r 0f svechina vera 


friend .....n0rma jean baker....


h0t water....... 


Lars ULRICH was near Vera  in 2007 in Telluride...  

Platinum Anetta..... h0w t0 put that mafia that tried t0

kill vera t0 jail?

vera and pig0zzi made b00k

and all dancers h0t.

princess anetta.....2009.... cia . apple l0g0

st0ck. t0n...... 

10 billi0n /salary/ t0 vera svechina

 h0t.....steve j0bs. d0rane present t0 vera h0t pig0zzi

japanese emper0r h0use present t0 vera h0t


after "itsudem0 yume 0"...h0t mick jagger. .................

they mafia fr0m sf that married hercules

t0 ilana and killed friend 0f vera
hercules... vera 35.

jagger and mafia need t0 g0 t0 jail..
se duet mu

 0f been d0ne by 

(age 73) 0f 

Nency Pel O si...... 


erics child died..... jagger did crime

tried t0 kill vera

and need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

mafia jagger tried t0 kill vera.......

 they did crime...... and they need t0 g0 t0 jail.  because crime was

made with idea that even if they d0 crime / try t0 kill svechina vera petr0vna

aple l0g0 m0del....../  mick n0t g0ing t0 jail. 

and that is wr0ng. they are  russian mafia ......sc0tt mafia. ...l wren sc0tt...

tried t0 kill vera  empress sakura

??? veras shirt fr0m 1964...........fr0m 5 25 st0ckt0n 40 3 children....

Ato mic........  2009  ( part of Veras FILM LAST TRAIN 

FROM ROPPONGI AKA ASOBI)  against rape.........

and for that duet was born 

 3rd floor  8, 1940 (age 73)

Nency Pel O si......

1 infinite loop was build when Vera wen to JAPAN.

in 1993.

prince jaime and svechina vera.... h0t prince jaime.....

Svechina Vera wanted to go to Holland for 3 month while going to MGIK 

 in 1990. wasn't invited.....

 because Vera going to Live in Holland 

for the rest of Veras life with Prince Jaime....of Burbon Parma..... Surprise....

russian mafia tried to kill vera svechina.

it was 0rganinsed crime.....

2009 after dinner with mick Jagger....

who is that mafia? they need to go to jail .

and vera will respect prince charles.

/vasi //pig greek  b0red pig0zzi/

/lisa svechina vera prekrasnanya/

what they did with  veras face ....

wh0 tried t0 kill vera....after meeting jagger 

and g0ing t0 veras 0ct0pus...

mafia zhuk0va and  criminal mafia 

alexia  niejelskiy mafia 0rl0va mafia

lady gaga...

was put there t0 kill vera and mafia pr0h0v0v

 and mafia abram0vich

tried t0 kill vera...and jagger and pig0zzi need t0 

g0 t0 jail.  they putin..... they need t0 pay vera

they didnt have right t0 use vera..... wh0 gave idea t0

putin and mafia t0 use vera....

In 1976, at age 21, Steve Jobs co-founded Apple (AAPL) with
 $1,300 made from the sale of his Volkswagen minibus 
and partner Steve Wozniak’s Hewlett-Packard scientific
 calculator. Two years later, the CEO gave birth to the 
Lisa computer, which was to redefine personal
 computing as the world knew it. /her ku Lempr0r sakura/

vera f0x apple went public

vera fr0m cccp p0inting 0n fake building.

street with n0 name living vera svechina. 

after  vera u2.

mafia that band and they need t0 pay vera

f0r n0 line 0n the h0riz0nt.

they have n0 right t0 make m0ney 0ff vera.

they need t0 pay. they 0p0sit they did crime

against vera svechina. made vera n0t happy

made veras family n0t happy

killed veras father and h0pe baka kina....

killed l.n.s.....

No Line on the Horizon is the twelfth studio album by rock band U2. 

Released on 27 February 2009,

n0utada saji never been where vera living.

mafia d0ing that.

and they tried t0 kill svechina vera 

h0pping that vera will never have children 

and will never get married...... they need t0

 g0 t0 jail 

the line  was always there.

mi nash mi n0viy mir p0str0im.....


japan l0ves svechina vera petr0vna.........

Northern Territories...

apple l0g0 m0dels c0untry........

r0bert jan0ff b0rn in c00l ver city.....


0n n0rthern terit0ries

 33 ninas and veras fr0m 49 .

vera sf.... 

vera pr0p0sed c0 pr0ducti0n t0 russia.

putin vv and greek 0n time 0f vera

in ted  made f0r vera refused. 

they made.....

 and they ( russian mafia) tried t0 kill vera

same time  they killed j0bs steve

with0ut vera

and they need t0 g0 t0 t0 jail. 

get 0ut mafia didenk0 mafia fr0m life 0f vera....


pr0h0r0v..... n0t vera ...zhuk0va mafia

pig0zzi rapist.. abram0vich mafia

cheap mafia putin.

get 0ut nikita mikhalnk0v 

fr0m life 0f vera...... ugly cheap mafia...

they band bering  straight and fake mick jagger.

trhey criminal pe0ple 0n life 0f vera .... they parasites....

vera d0nt like......putin......

kgv .....

putin kgb with mafia.....

putin have n0 c0nnecti0n t0 vera.

all illegally made.

putin criminal.  tried t0 kill vera...... they kgb...

and they knew vera g0ing t0 make film...

vera didnt kn0w......

mafia using vera...... 

japan l0ves vera


they made nikita have baby ekaterina .. 

and they did crime

against vera.... svechina and all family

0f vera.....

 natalya n0t living in my apt.

where vera g0t attacked...

veras debut must be in f0rbes in 2008
g00gle faceb00k illegal apple didnt pay vera..

natasha mafia with h0menk0. they hate vera

vera have n0thing in c0mm0n with them...

mafia st0pped veras film in 04

vera went t0 w0rk in hustler.....

natalya came t0 hustler after vera and g0t name nika... 

they with criminal mafia they
 need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

achive a anika they killed father
0f vera and tried t0 kill br0ther
and vera.... instead 0f vera making film
mafia killed baka kina /h0pe likes films/
natasha need t0 g0 t0 p0lice... pants 0f vera...?
fr0m when w0jcicki st0le veras shirt 1999
 0r t0 jail .
with that mafia... natasha  n0t healthy
in the head...... get that 0ut 0f vera life
they ended up in illegal g00gle 
with irina bl0ck where there 
n0t exist irina bl0ck.

wh0 0rganised that crime.....
that is mafia...


the pr0blem is wh0 attacked vera 
after vera went t0 veras 0ct0pus....
f0r veras film.  vera ready in 1999.
veras family n0t making films
and they n0t mafia. tsvetk0va natasha and mafia
need t0 g0 0ut fr0m life 0f vera...
vera liked that f0r birth 0f vera.

1999 vera  after cannes

w0jcicki st0le veras macys card...
and w0jcicki need t0 g0 t0 jail. 
chick a g0.... card....

g0t veras invesment.....
and tried t0 kill vera.. /apple l0g0 mm0del.
 anetta princess


wh0 tried t0 kill svechina vera?

chelsy  mafia abram0vich..... 
0n time 0f vera.... and film vera making.

he n0t living in apt. 0f vera...

f0r 750 d0llar a m0nth

they put instead 0f 5  25 st0ck t0n 40 3 children

jean pig0zzi 52 5 ...... and tried t0 kill vera...?

s0uth africa..... j0 mennel intr0duced vera 

t0 hercules bellville. t0 make film. they killed



and peed 0n princess

diana as well as 0n vera and 

veras little family..

in 07. anika.... wr0ng. na0mi wr0ng..

in veras hat

they mafia....

See full size image

anika n0t a nika n0t a

vera is n0t sam that has h0rrible

pr0gram ab0ut film

in russia kn0wing n0thing ab0ut films...

wh0 will damage.... they d0ne t0 vera

they killed father 0f vera... 

birth 0f new c0untry vera

plus laarys japanese h0use diam0nd.

vera and n0bel price fr0m birth.

terravera 91. vera needed t0 get st0ck

since 99. 

mafia zhuk0va  mafia aram0vich

and rapi
st pig0zzi. went t0 japan

and ted 0n time 0f vera and they killed

relative 0f vera and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

zhuk0va 0rl0va alexia 

mafia tried t0 kill vera. wh0 the mafia.

they are male. they need all t0 g0 t0 jail. 

they jeal0use .... they irish...... english.

nina petr nikita vera f0r educati0n.  steve j0bs was f0r educati0n

and g0t killed. mafia that killed him need t0 g0 t0 jail .

mafia did crime. wh0 put greek pig there....0n time 0f vera

tim c00k is n0t in the harry.......

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