Friday, May 17, 2013

h0w vera get m0ney fr0m apple.... ji perfect then s a ji...... silver screen and with apple ji

veras 33...... fr0m japan....

what t0 d0....? emper0r akihit0 was nine 

when nina b0rn...

peace n0bel price  f0r vera.

46 + nine 55 in 55 b0rn steve j0bs .....bill gates....

vera n0t british........

World’s smartest designer; Apple’s design guru Sir Jonathan Paul ‘Jony’ Ive, who recently received a British Knighthood is arguably the most influential man at Apple today. This British designer and the senior vice president of the industrial design at Apple Inc. is the lead designer and conceptual mastermind behind many of the blockbuster Apple’s products, who has led Apple’s design team since 1996.  

when vera came t0 sf and steve j0bs came back t0 apple

mafia tried t0 kill vera. 0n time when vera  must 0f been get

apple l0g0 st0ck.

and they / mafia fr0m 

russia/ need t0 g0 t0 jail  f0r attempt t0 kill vera and n0t helping vera after they tried t0 kill vera

ted made.....f0r vera.... and n0rhern territ0ries. disputed territ0ries russia japan. vera apple l0g0.....

fr0m 1991. 

 May 19, 2009.... they /mafia fr0m 

russia/  tried t0 kill svechina vera 

after dinner with jagger and 

fr0m apt. 0f vera in sf jagger in shirt 0f vera

and russian mafia tried t0 kill vera.......
 vera d0nt like r0lling st0nes .  

princess anetta. / f0r film/. cia....  time f0r vera t0 get st0ck. fr0m mark /pincus/ veras st0ck....


tim c00k 0we svechina vera m0ney n0w
5 25 st0ckt0n 40 3 children

they /criminal mafia abram0vich and zhuk0va and rapist pig0zzi and jagger pr0h0r0v w0jcicki mafia  and criminal band bering straght/ tried t0 kill film maker svechina vera .

Медведев предложил продлить  программу "Доступное жилье"   до конца  2014 года
...... starting at 35.

and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

they made bank 73a

neg0da inna /fake alexandra/ darya....

they fake and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

it p0v.... princess 0 vera....... sky walker ranch......

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