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current emper0r akihit0 0f japan was nine when nina b0rn.


in 1949

in serpuh0v s0viet uni0n.

private life.

ninas m0ther and father g0t
private pr0perty.

 0n chrnishevsk0g0 str.  what t0 d0?

tamara rezvyak0va m0ther 0f m0ther 0f vera.

village dubr0vka. in the 1950s.....0f last centry....

private pr0perty 

baby h0rse king. died.

petr  b0rn in blackland met nina in 1966. 

they had tw0 children.

0n t0p 0f 151 II
 / f0r birthday 0f svechina 73 in new y0rk made/ 


meeting aki.

Sakura (桜 (kanji) woman  wears a hair ornament. and the tree.

empress sakura...


cherchez la femme

«Ищите женщину» — советский комедийный художественный фильм, поставленный на Московской ордена Ленина киностудии «Мосфильм» в 1982. nine......

a for apple in 77 apple l0g0 made fr0m vera ph0t0 in dec. 73.
hair  .......ж  женшина

/жеребенок  / with svechina vera healthy f00d/

Letuchiy korabl (1979)

царевна zabawa

ph0t0 t0 m0sfilm. 

царевна забава свечина вера because japanese emper0r akihit0 was nine when m0ther 0f  vera nina

was b0rn and  lived in dubr0vka. 

telluride made f0r svechina vera.....

queen 0f spade als0 with svechina vera. /gradm0ther/

peace n0bel price film last train fr0m r0pp0ngi aka as0bi.

mata ichi r0.


ladi da di da carter and guy

carter lived in apt. 0f vera. he had limuzin driver.

it all c0pywriten material in that b00k /faceb00k/

/ after vera b0rn  t0 telluride  hired t0m luddy/

apple vera 

adn0 y /0ne why/ 

takai eva .....very expansive / m0ther 0f vera name ....tak a eva..../

5 25 st0ckt0n .....40 3 children

zukenberg need t0 pay t0 vera st0ck.

and need t0 g0 t0 jail.  tried t0 kill vera mafia put fake mafia nikita mafia pe0pe... in criminal faceb00k. 

/ prince diana fun 0f vera..... and mafia  killed princess diana 

fr0m england/

apple 0pened st0re in japan f0r veras time 0f birth. 1 30 pm.

1959... hair g0t in finger 0f m0ther 0f vera

in h0use 33 ....0n what t0 d0? /chernishevsk0g0/  street

emper0r akihit0  nine


nina takaeva b0rn in  serpuh0v s0viet uni0n .

/private life/  all right t0 private life reserved.

veras m0ther had t0 cut right finger bef0re writing exam in 1959.
hair went t0 the finger.

and  she g0t silver medal.... silver screen.... medal given at telluride

t0 great film makers fr0m after vera was b0rn.

matchi ....... y0u light up my life.....1977.

svechina vera making film...... film taking place in japan and russia....

5 25 st0ckt0n str. 403. sf. 

dir. svechina vera verasvechinapr0ducer svechina vera
screen play svechina vera 
s0und design svechina vera editing svechina vera. 
illustrat0r william kim

gin gira gin ikeru dake s a... /a f0r apple/

ikeru dake with a .....

svechina vera apple l0g0 m0del

and need t0 get st0ck. . 10 billi0n d0llars st0ck..... since  1976.

1 h0ur 10 min. 0r 1 h0ur 20 min. film.

 film  w0rks. 

b00k made f0r vera by jean pig0zzi


osсar  may 2009 cannes film festival

0riginal st0ry..... all right bel0ng t0 svechina  vera. 

princess anetta /svechina vera/ fr0m russia 0bninsk.

1st w0man film direct0r. 

f0r m0ther 0f vera.


atarimae? t0dd.....

and 0scar vibrat0r /0fficial/  f0r nina hartley.

0riginal st0ry..... all right bel0ng t0 svechina  vera. 

fr0m  childh00d pan pall nina pichugin  t0 vera /russians



prince japan l0ves svechina vera petr0vna / na in russian meaning please/

fr0m the beginning with svechina vera ........

svechina vera and n0bel peace price.

viser...... why we afraid 0f gl0bal warming.


pig0zzi and mafia t0 jail.

pig0zzi rapist ... ugly maxima and ugly greek

did crime and need t0 be killed. and pig0zzi

t0 jail with alexia.  and jagger and makar0va

pr0stitute fr0m turkey with ugly  fake linda

  nelli pr0stitute fr0m india and t0ylet .. pv0 t0

 jail and  any g00d guy w0uld kick  prince


ugly ass.

0scar n0minated film dir. svechina vera

0r vera w0n 0scar.......

s0mething t0 talk ab0ut... pig0zzi with 

panama fr0m m0ther 0f vera hat...

princess dianas st0ry....

prince harry 0n side 0f vera.

 candle in the wind...

became better p0pular...

they were afraid that vera very interesting

apple l0g0 with st0ck .... and they tried t0 kill


vera. and they need t0 g0 t0 jail.

illustrat0r william kim

mafia put armenian mafia?  kim in la



0n time 0f vera. mafia did that. t0 vera... 

and killed aunt 0f vera h0pe baka kina 

/h0pe like films/

jean pig0zzi  hating v.  and they need t0 g0 t0

 jail. f0r attempt t0 kill svechina vera

vera made in childh00d.

/f0r vera 0nly jean / magic... everything y0u

want y0u g0t it/

2008..pr0 k0l......1973.

Lung Disease

pollution anetta

d0rane f0r svechina vera  fr0m perents 0f


vera making peace n0bel price film in japan.

and russians were put there t0 help vera

make film... and they did crime they tried t0

 kill vera and killed relatives 0f svechina vera.

 and they

 need t0 g0 t0 jail.

prince jaime. japan l0ves svechina vera... 

vi0let t0ng have


vera svechina /anetta/


candle in the wind became better p0pular


mafia pig0zzi put Mafia

alexia niejelski .... and with mafia  zhuk0va and 0rl0va 0ligarh mafia they killed hercules belville .
tried t0 kill vera starting at  35. 2009
in sf at 5 25 st0ck t0n 40 3 children...

made vera disabled f0r three years 

and ruined veras film museum.

mafia   fake maxima  fr0m nederlands helped mafia

and alexia niejelski  need t0 g0 t0 jail.  pig0zzi rapist and need t00 pay damage t0 vera

f0r black art c0llecti0n panama d0rane and 23100.

and f0r rape and f0r st0re in japan he made using vera and f0r ted time he went with mafia

t0 ted 0n time 0f vera.

they n0t vera and they n0t princess anetta with panama fr0m 96.....

they killed steve j0bs wh0 made with laurene 


and they killed relative 0f vera........ and fucked graves 0f relative 0f vera...

alexia need t0 g0 t0 jail.  they n0t vip. they mafia....

vera n0t w0rking with ugly alexia and cant all0wed her t0 have magazine fr0m ph0t0 0f vera.

vera d0nt like alexia. mafia.

t0 grave. cheap fake and criminal

The hardest thing I've ever done

Is keep believing

There's someone in this crazy world

For me

The way that people come and go

Thru temporary lives

My chance could come and I might never know

I used to say "No promises,

Let's keep it simple"

But freedom only helps you say


It took a while for me to learn

That nothin' comes for free

The price I've paid is high enough for me

I know I need to be in love

I know I've wasted too much time

I know I ask perfection of

A quite imperfect world

And fool enough to think that's

What I'll find

perfect anetta 

1995 1 time in nyc 

girl in 0range sh0rts and silver sandals....

sivler weddings...... svechina vera petr0vna

  number 0ne bride.  / apple l0g0 m0del/


tried t0 kill vera and need t0 g0 t0 jail.

and t0 jail......0nly.... n0t w0rking what they



So here I am with pockets full

Of good intentions

But none of them will comfort me


I'm wide awake at four a.m.

Without a friend in sight

Hanging on a hope but I'm alright

/h0pe baka kina/  h0pe like films

peace n0bel price....

t0ky0 internati0nal  film festival. 

emper0r akihit0  and empress michik0 meeting m0ther 0f vera

and father 0f vera....  children......ureshi.....era....

private pr0ject....... 

       My mother Nina Vladimirovna /Takaeva/ Svechina. Born 19 of Jan. 1942 /year of horse/ in Serpuhov.

mafia  tried t0 kill 

vera ....

mafia killed father....0f vera and  aunt 0f vera h0pe baka kina

h0pe likes film....

and they ... mafia destr0ed veras film museum.

and they need t0 g0 t0 jail.

they mafia  fr0m russia  they with zhuk0va.. mafia

 alexia.. pig0zzi lawyers child...... pr0h0r0v..... 


 and they need t0 g0 t0 


they killed relative 0f vera after that...

they mafia zhuk0va and mafia  fr0m party in  /veras/ 0ct0pus

 and pig0zzis /veras/ place. 

vera n0t t0gether with mafia.  vera never sighned c0ntract.... 

with any 0f

 that mafia film  c0mapanies... and they need t0 pay .... f0r crime

they made. they need t0 g0 t0 jail.  wh0 gave veras time 

 t0 zvyaginzev...

and killed hercules bellville. mafia have n0 right t0 get ph0t0

 0f vera...

princess anetta /svechina vera/ fr0m russia 0bninsk.

1st w0man direct0r. 

with film vera making first black president. 

that  was f0r vera......  vera have ph0t0  fr0m ali t0 nina...../mark st0ck/ 2009

fr0m film vera making..
they need t0 pay svechina vera  and ali need t0 end her ugly c0mpany they made illegally.

if they freiend.... they n0t friend..... pay t0 vera st0ck...

end the c0mpany with st0ry n0t fr0m their life and fuck 0ff.

vera c0llected all signatures 0f dancers girls in america.... agreement..... 

cia princess anetta.  f0r each killed pers0n life sentence in jail. t0 all participated in crime 0f killing film pr0ducer  hercules

bellville and relatives 0f svechina vera. and vera needed t0 get st0ck in 09. 

then russian  mafia tried t0 kill vera after rapist pig0zzi 
0pened st0re with0ut permissi0n 0n vera
in japan 0n time 0f vera.
pincus and his wife made m0ney 0ff vera and tried t0 kill vera later.. and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. they killed 0xana aplicaeva t0 make criminal pincus  illegal aplicati0n.....

veras aunt h0pe baka kina / h0pe likes films/ they killed.

after zhuk0va and mafia alexia and mafia tried t0 kill vera .

m0ther 0f vera

apple went public with svechina vera

pig0zzi g0t panama and tried t0 kill vera with
 gatesvechina   gate 15 as well as

 bill and melinda gates. by g0ing t0 edge with

 mafia. and n0t letting vera meet brin  with

 illegal g00gle  and criminal w0jcicki in 08 in

 sf. with illegal c0pany made fr0m card 0f


 japanese emper0r ....
bar t0sca in sf.

2 ...42
vera w0rld trade center and mama
janet ethethedge g0t the bar.

a f0r apple and st0ck t0n. 

125 empr0r akihit0 presents vera 25. 

25 st0ck t0n.......40 3


pig0zzi rapist and need t0 jail. f0r killed bellville and attempt 

with criminal mafia 

zhuk0va alexia  jagger sc0tt 0r wh0...... t0 kill vera.

wh0 that mafia vera d0nt kn0w.

fr0m birth 0f vera 

steven spi.... el ver gribi......./hercules and vera in 1999/ with film vera making in japan

See full size image


veras pr0ducti0n assistant.


el li s0n.......?   calif0rnia 97.  vera with c00k t0ru matshu shima  /panama 1996 pig0zzi g0t fr0m hat vera m0ther had  f0r vera t0 make film/ ... chinese french 

prince japan l0ves vera....


empress sakura..........0f n0rthern terit0ries.... svechina vera....

apple l0g0 ..... with



veras aunt h0pe baka kina / h0pe likes films/

perl harb0r was in 1941. 

fr0m 1949

svechina vera 33.  raigan with svechina vera....


vera living in building 11. 

svechina vera living here. 

with vera ......they killed.

mafia fr0m russia killed father 0f nick max p0levskiy and tried

 t0 kill vera. father 0f nick max was with svechina vera.

steven g0t killed and p0sible t0 find where crime c0mes fr0m

and they need t0 g0 t0 jail.  vera n0t cr0sing  life with any0ne.

mafia cr0sed  way that is n0t mafia way and killed. 

and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

vera need t0 get m0ney apple 0we t0 vera.

1v. /vera/ apple went public. 1980.

and ugly  maxima fr0m argentina have n0 c0nnecti0n t0 life 0f

 vera maxima did crime with alexia and they

mafia did crime.

svechina nina....... friend саджи нобутада... 


prince japan l0ves vera.

get that ugly jaime t0 grave please. vera d0nt want t0 be part 0f that

princess irene  

l0st wine 0f saji n0butada..... t0 veras wine.

princess nori of japan

m0ther 0f vera likes prince jaime. made as was asked nina ... and in nederlands..... 

and n0t liking his

m0ther because she n0t l00king at nina..... and what mafia did and d0ing with  that all....  we never 

heard 0ff situati0n.

check0sl0vakiya. 0nly 0ne f. vera.  fr0m russia.

cB empress....

mafia d0ing what ......there in nederlands........ they putting veras

f  0n mafia cuba and mafia pv0 makar0va alexia and their mafia.........what ever mafia there...... illegally. 

edidaya franziya vera...... putin fake .... edinaya r0ssia fake......

cuba.... castr0 child 0f lina.....

lina grandm0ther 0f vera.
vera 0nly 0ne girl.

they tried t0 kill svechina vera and they need t0 g0 t0 jail.


vera didnt get married t0 prince jaime.

and vera have n0 c0nnecti0n t0 maxima and

 all mafia that trying t0 kill vera. maxima  and 

kseniya illegal  they g0t fr0m ph0t0 0f vera t0

 mafia  alexia and zhuk0va  and  they need t0

 g0 t0 jail. 

that n0t vera.. fucked that they did crime n0t 

letting vera make film. put dress 0f vera 0n 

mafia kseniya and tried t0 kill vera f0r mafia

 alexia and mafia maxim and pr0h0r0v fake 

linda ...

vera n0t fr0m nederland. 

get the fuck 0ut with mafia and all criminal pe0ple fr0m life 0f vera.
diferent c0untry.  that w0man fr0m.
in russia

2 49 0 20.. / vera 33 and city 0f 0bninsk have

p0st c0d/  vera vera g0t that ring at 20 fr0m

 n0ri in japan..1994.

Beaming with pleasure, The NetherlandsPrincess Irene drove out to ... and with them was the royal engagement ring, a large ruby surrounded by diamonds. 1964.

peter lee mafia killed. 2005.  peter c0mputer guy

vera ren da lee.....

vera tv ....vertu...... tzarevna.......2009........... dima  

/ criminal mafia russian pr0ducer/ and irene.....

t0dd....... they tried t0 kill svechina vera  killed relative 0f vera

and they need t0 g0

 t0 jail.  ren didnt give m0ney t0 vera...

they killed peter lee.  

and wife 0f lesnevsky sh0uld never 0pen m0uth.

wife 0f dmitry in c0stume fr0m theatre dressing r00m s0unds

 very stupid.


dmitry need t0 g0 t0 jail f0r attempt t0 kill vera after vera g0t


and f0r destr0ying veras film museum they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

vera n0t w0rking f0r zvyaginzev and lesnevskiy

they killed veras father..... hercules bellville n0t w0rking 

f0r dmitry lesnevskiy and they tried t0 kill vera.

 Звягинцев Андрей need t0 g0 t0 jail.  and never make 

any film.

vera bef0re t0d0r0vskiy

in te russia girl...vera......

gin gira gin........

1959 m0ther 0f vera g0t hair finger 

and sunt0ry........

pr0ducer criminal  lesnevskiy...... they killed bellville 

hercules....... steve j0bs.........

criminal mafia tried t0 kill svechina vera.... 

125 emper0r akihit0 presents

film maker svechina vera and film vera making

vera 25. herkules bellville.

1979. 160 my apartment in Obnisnk. Russia. building 11.
kings 0f f0rest
100 year sunt0ry

jeremy th0mas and empess sakura with 

film in japan and ab0ut  kurill islands.

vera  w0rking and paid  veras private m0ney f0r trip t0


osсar 2009

1999 after they killed d0g 0f vera Kseniya zibulskaya with0ut permissi0n

ugly zibulskaya had ugly sister z n n.

her s0nn died.    get the fuck 0ut t0 jail all that mafia.

didenk0 with ugly anastasia need t be killed. 

and zibulskaya 0xana need t0 be killed.

 in dress 0f vera.... criminal mafia  ... they

 killed 0lh0vskaya...they killed father 0f


after cannes 1999
illegal Kseniya Simonova  didnt pay vera f0r trip 0f vera t0 cannes.... fr0m where that ugly g0t her place and they blew 0ff candle (born april 22, 1985) is a sand animator from Ukraine. She started drawing with sand after her collapsed due to the 2008 financial crisis, and had less than a year's experience when she entered Ukraine's Got Talent. She became the 2009 winner of that show, constructing an animation that portrayed life during the USSR's Great Patriotic War against the Third Reich in World War II.

ugly s0bchak  and zhuk0va abram0vich ... alexia and they g0t 0n life and time 0f vera

illegally. and they tried with mafia t0 kill vera and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

get 0ut that ugly mafia fr0m life 0f vera. vera d0nt like. 

zhuk0va need t be killed. ugly aram0vich eed t0 be killed. 

vera d0nt like  mafia zhuk0va.

get 0ut fr0m life 0f vera.  kill like they killed berez0vskiy.  abram0vich and zhuk0va need t0 be in grave. 

and mafia fr0m russia killed hercules 

steve j0bs tried t0 kill vera

in sf and killed husband 0f angelica 


they tried t0 kill vera
and  they need t0 g0 t0 jail. .

after cannes 1999

vera h0lding child 0f 0ksana 


8 5 01.... illegal in japan

 inna didenk0 fake alexandra and

fake kate shirt 0f vera....then had 

child anastasia.... living 0ff 0ld man m0ney didenk0 n0t friend 0f 

vera.   didenk0 that n0t friend 0f vera

they hate m0ther 0f vera.

pr0h0r0v and friend 0f irina. irina and

 pr0h0r0v inna d0nt have c0nnecti0n t0 

vera. they with mafia....

 Звягинцев Андрей need t0 g0 t0 jail.  and never make 

any film.
pr0ducer criminal  lesnevskiy...... they killed bellville 

hercules....... steve j0bs.........
tried t0 kill svechina vera.... 

vera paying m0ney t0 learn film making

1985 steve j0bs made c0mpany next.. svechina vera apple l0g0

all t0gether all 

fidel castr0 with svechina vera.

mafia did that with0ut asking 

they hate vera....

makar0va ugly mafia fr0m cuba

they killed father 0f vera  many relative 0f vera

b0y came t0 vera

makar0va mafia.

mafia pv0 ugly and get the fuck 0ut fr0m

 my life. vera d00nt need that crap 

pv0 makar0va in vera life.

mafia pv0 tried t0 kill svechina 

vera with mafia

and they need t0 g0 t0 jail makar0va t0 jail 

fake zibulskaya n. n... apt. 164.

and they did earthqake in japan

japan  have n0thing t0 d0 with that crime.

 LE 29 MARS 2010.

Futur mariage du prince Jaime de Bourbon-Parme ? 

it n0t future mariege 0f jaime de parma ...... because ugly  pv0 g0ing t0 jail

f0r attept with mafia t0 kill relative 0f svechina vera

wh0 never heard 0f prince jaime.

including  they killed h0pe baka kina.. 

mafia pv0 and her ugly family

that gave her ugly birth. t0 kill 

svechina vera and

steve j0bs and killed relatives 0f vera

they g0t in apt. 0f vera illegally. and 

if prince jaime himself 0rganised that 

crime against svechina vera...

he need t0 g0 t0 jail.  and pay damage t0

svechina vera.  vera 39 year 0ld.....

n0t married

n0 w0rk.

n0 m0ney....

they started killing vera at 35 when vera was super 


they did crime making fr0m apt. 0f vera

including that stupid p0p

 in vatican. svechina vera n0t cat0lic.

they did that with mafia.....

sh0uld vera call embassy 0f nederlands...

cheap pv0 there 0nly  t0 kill svechina

 vera... and need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

Royals attending the concert for the 40th birthday of the Princess Maxima of the Netherlands Prince Jaime Bernardo Of Bourbon-parma photo

20 40 wriiten f0r vera in t0ylet 0f vera

40 birthday 0f fake maxima mafia

that n0t having any relati0nti0n t0 vera

and vera n0t 0wn maxima anything...

 f0r them t0

 get in t0ylet 0f vera.

they kill in dress 0f vera

panama pig0zzi g0t f0r vera and nina

and film vera making

they tried t0 kill  vera and they did 911


they / russian mafia that helped t0 0rganise

 the crime/ t0 that mafia dest0yed veras

health f0r three

years and destr0ed  in sf veras film


princess anetta . the prince and the 

h0w girl.

and vera didnt g0 t0 ted...edge....mafia went....

10 year t0m luddy spent with vera t0 

make film... parents 0f vera waiting f0r 


when vera will finish that film....

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