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veras m0ther had pan pal in  her childh00d

1999 vera with hercules in cannes peace n0bel price

vera b0rn as twin.... 

I l0ve u.... vera g0t u in japan.

Ingrid Bergman (29 August 1915 – 29 August 1982) was a

 Swedish actress who starred in a variety of European and 

American films.

vera nine? .... 1982 

4 islands 14 45.....33 and vera /private h0me/

vera in 1987 14. went t0 w0rk...

sf. vera p0inting at fake building. 1997 j0bs came back t0 apple...

f0r electi0ns 0f 0bama......  edge dinner  made f0r vera panama f0r svechina vera....

1980 1v.

svechina vera b0rn  in s0viet uni0n. 

33 /private veras/ svechina vera knew that. 

eper0r akihit0 was nine when nina b0rn.... ainu....

veras private key fr0m 14 gate  33 153 ........

d0han perfume and vera / film vera making/

 and apple l0g0

0473  54 00 01.

get 0ut fr0m life 0f vera mafia.

22. the st0ry b00k st0re.

2009 bef0re cannes vera wanted t0 0pen last train fr0m 

r0pp0ngi and flying strippers sf. 0n bush str.

d0es vera fucking up life 0f cutmull   ?

vera didnt all0wed t0 get in ph0t0 0f vera.... and make m0ney.

and try t0 kill svechina vera

vera need t0 get st0ck fr0m faceb00k  f0r use 0f veras

 b00k and fr0m disney.

zukenberg and mafia need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

vera didnt all0wed t0 get in private pr0perty 0f vera

vera 7.  svechina vera mentally healthy.


anetta. cia. f0r film vera making

 healthy..... and they need t0 g0

 t0 jail. 

1996  23 and vera.
33 vera 0nly..... verkeley ......

fr0m l0ng time ag0.... parents 0f prince jaime

svechina vera went t0 1 grade... at 7 year 0ld. 

all c0mpanies must pay svechina vera pers0nal  st0ck...

c0mpanies that g0t in apt 0f vera with0ut agreement.

apple g00gle faceb00k...... zynga.....terravera.....

w0jcicki need t0 give back what they g0t illegally fr0m vera

Apple went public in 1980  with veras face as apple l0g0 and 

made Steve Jobs a multi-millionaire.

apple l0g0 fr0m face 0f vera made r0bert jan0ff

and they 0we svechina vera m0ney. 

steve j0bs said 10 billi0n d0llars st0ck.

r0bert can be 0k till vera telling him its 0k.

he made crime t0rds vera. making that apple l0g0 that br0ke

 neck 0f vera. 

they 0n neck 0f vera and they killing relative 0f vera.

vera need that? r0bert all life n0t happy. he hurting vera.

BOSCH Maxx 4  islands

svechina veras new apple l0g0s ... hell0 kitti........   c0untry. 

y0u light up my life..... vera g0t u in japan.

new passp0rt  neither japanese neither russian neither

 american .... t0tally new...0nly svechina vera can make.

present fr0m g0d.

Japan’s official position on S Kurils far from clear

С милым рай в шалашеЕсли милый  атташе.

 Спор о принадлежности Курильских островов .  are the 

subject of a 60-year-old dispute. emper0r akihit0

 was nine

when m0ther 0f vera nina b0rn and in 49 they g0t 


number 33 in serpuh0v s0viet uni0n.  vera b0rn fr0m vera 

made apple l0g0 and vera 

need t0 get

st0ck and vera make new c0untry.  0nly svechina vera can 

make that new c0untry.

panishment fr0m nina heartley. / michael... j0rdan/   and ugly w0jcicki st0le veras michael j0rdans card and  with mafia tried t0 kill vera.


made film

and it peace n0bel price pr0ject. 3 42 11 / my kv 0f fl00r 3 

have 3 r00m/..... 2 42 sf....   vera and 4 islands....

mafia did instead 0f  n0bel peace price film svechina vera making 



dipl0mat...... japan l0ves vera .....b0rn f0r svechina vera.... went t0 sch00l.... studied........ t0 be dipl0mat... 

and they with mafia  tried t0 kill svechina vera after vera... w0n ....0scar.......
and h0ped vera cant make film
then they did   in japan

Syria  wr0ng mafia did that......  ugly cheap maxima and pig0zzi pushed vera t0 have sex. and g0t 0n time 0f vera t0 edge dinner with mafia greek and  w0jcicki g0t vera id..... illegally faceb00k made.....

Багда́д (араб. بغداد‎‎, с персидского: «божий дар») — 

столица государства Ирак, административный центр 

мухафазы Багдад.

bagdad iraq ...... vera queen..... a f0r apple......... and that peace n0bel price  f0r film vera making

chance f0r russia...... t0 get better...... 

Baghdad car bomb

bag junk0 shimada ... vera junk0..... and vera must t0 make new c0untry 0n that n0rthern territ0ries.....

and c0pp0la made film g0d father ....shimada n0t t0 medevedev   0r putin.... t0 svechina vera. 0nly...

‘the return of the northern 

territories’ t0 0wner 0f 33 and 

160.  with all silicon valley 

.....svechina vera.

United Nations General Assembly 

 On ........ 201....... president of ............declaring  "the establishment of a  state in 

n0thern terit0ries, to be known as the State of n0rthern terriet0ries," a state independent fr0m

b0th and  russia and  japan.

 W0rld War II... c0ld war / vera h0l0dnaya/.. peace n0bel  ........veras the end 0f c0ld war...... film ready  t0 be made in 1999.

svechina vera had en0ugh c0panies t0 take st0ck fr0m.

kings 0f f0rest. vera .


net her land s

тепло ли тебе девица тепло ли тебе 

красная.... atari mae? n0ri yuki....



in japan vera g0t

svechina Veras film and  peace n0bel price. apple l0g0.....making new c0untry.....

 /fr0m ph0t0 0f vera in 1973/ 


1v vera  1980.... apple went public ...

vera f0x. unkn0wn.... /apple l0g0/ vera n0t  h0use 0f 



ushi /serpuh0v/ r0lex .....

max p0levskiy telluride sp0ns0r danced with f0x bare f00ted in 

alice waters rest0urant. t0m luddy witness.

svechina vera c0ming t0 america steve came back t0 apple 

svechina  vera

 must get 10 billi0n  d0llars.

 st0ck /after vera met steve jobs/. they w0rk with svechina 

vera ... tim c00k need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

and making apple pr0ducts with life 0f svechina vera. 

life is private . svechina  vera

 must get

 st0ck.  fr0m apple g00gle faceb00k......... 0racle... 

micr0s0ft....g0 t0 edge dinner.......1999. 

In 1986, Jobs founded a new company called NeXT svechina vera as well. 



vera film maker.

vera happy.

then  what happened.....

w0jcicki st0le veras chikag0 macys card  with arriving vera t0 america at 23 t0 make film in japan

svechina vera with m0ther living here.

/f0r me please.  cia .....f0r svechina vera .... nine/

ted and edge dinner made......

fr0m nederlands prince jaime. japan l0ves vera.


with vera gate svechina vera

wh0 tried t0 kill svechina vera? after dinner with jagger.

gates apt. 0f vera. private and vera private...

b00k made f0r vera .... panama made . we didnt ask. pig0zzi d0ne damage and need t0 pay damage

at 20 vera went t0 japan. 

1976 t0 1999....23.... vera came t0 america at 23 t0 make film in japan.

5 25 st0ck t0n.....40 3 children

1979 vera. r0lex. digital face. atari mae.... apple l0g0....

princess anetta ....

n0rthern territ0ries..... 

1999. jean pig0zzi b0rn f0r film vera making in 52.
vera with santa claus. veras d0rane...

svechina vera came t0 make film in japan

svechina vera with0ut s0fia c0pp0la . c0pp0la did crime. 
getting 0n the way t0 vera life. in japan... with film 0n time 0f vera....

vera n0t princess in family 0f c0pp0la. f0r vera made telluride.

c0pp0la making herself 0n the way t0 vera.... and they killed 

steve j0bs and they tried t0 kill svechina vera /they with mafia fr0m russia. and killed 

h0pe likes 


c0pp0la fake...ugly s0fia..... ugly b0dy.... they hate vera....

they need t0 put t0 jail. mafia. they made many 

pr0blem. f0r vera. that mafia. mentally ill c0pp0la g0t married t0 mars.   wh0 mentally healthy will get married t0 mars.  with attempt t0 make it sram.
 american hum0r... p0sibly ff c0pp0la g0t married after svechina veras m0thers p0st card fr0m sweden  that there t0 w0rk f0r veras

film and n0bel price.

a.n 79...... n0se 0f vera apple l0g0...... vera have talent .... can smell 

and  want t0 make perfume.

vera came t make film....

they did ....

anr apple n0se vera ...... d0han.........perfume..... flying strippers perfume.... with film svechina vera came  t0 make. peace n0bel price film in japan. /p0le anetta cia.../

pal0 alt0 apple studi0.  vera living here and need t0 get st0ck. f0r being apple l0g0 fr0m 76.

p0ll anetta. anetta is stage name 0f svechina vera  petr0vna 

vera graduated b0th mgik and that


marina was against vera putting 0n the p0ll......

we n0t t0gether .

f0r killed pe0ple mafia need t0 g0 t0 jail. 
and vera f0und fake  and mafia marina 0rl0va 0n 0ct0pus with st0len fr0m vera and all dancers ph0t0s.....

marina 0rl0va n0t relative 0f vera they n0t 33. they n0t apple. pig0zzi rapist

alexia mafia zhuk0va and need t0 g0 t0 jail.  they killed hercules and tried t0 kill vera

vera fr0m 33.... they killed steve j0bs. 

they use veras family veras key in gate 14. they mafia fr0m russia and they fucked american h0nest girls

that t00k ph0t0s with vera and they n0t deserve that. 

need t0 g0 t0 jail.  fake mgik.....

0rl0va marina and mafia tried t0 kill vera and need t0 g0 t0 jail  with mafia zhuk0va and mafia  alexia niejelskiy. fake and tried t0 kill vera.

that 0rl0va and alexia need t0 be killed.
they g0t in ph0t0 w0rk 0f vera. and tried t0 kill vera. and they killed relative 0f vera. if they mentally ill.... they need t0 g0 t0 jail. anyway.

t0 jail. mafia

vera didnt all0wed t0 get in ph0t0 0f vera.
that n0t 33. that mafia did crime. tried t0 kill vera

alexia need t0 g0 t0 jail f0r killed relative 0f vera. relatives 0f vera  have n0thing t0 d0 with rapist pig0zzi

and all that mafia. alexia and zhuk0va and mafia tried t0 kill vera

they need t0 g0 t0 jail. they fake. 

pig0zzi  illegally g0t in life f vera t0 take fr0m life 0f vera with mafia zhuk0va and it wr0ng and he  with alexia mafia tried t0 kill vera with greek and that mafia.
and he need with that mafia t0 g0 t0 jail..   alexia t0 jail.

ugly cheap ugly alexia need t0 g0 t0 jail. they killed steve j0bs

they knew they planed crime and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

pig0zzi n0t vera. he ugly cheap rapist.... 

t0 jail.  vera was happy. 

alexia anrgy and ugly  tried t0 kill vera and need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

pig0zzi rapist. vera witness 0f crime.

they made unkn0wn vera apple l0g0 they g0t 0n place 0f vera
and put putin vv spy and he and mededev and ugly alexia and mafia tried t0 kill vera. / vera uchi da h0use yes.....

fake and mafia and need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

criminal band..... that have 0 right t0 get in life 0f vera. they need t0 g0 t0 jail.  and kill their h0pe mam0nt0va

vera will never f0rgive them. 

after vera and fake.

The Ballad of Bering Strait (2003)

t b0bs..... apple st0re veras... ted time f0r vera.......

they against vera svechina and they did crime tried t0 kill svechina vera and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

they killed relatives 0f vera........  t0 jail. 

vera n0t paying f0r that mafia.... we n0t t0gether.

telluride n0t t0gether.

m0ther and father 0f vera and w0rk 0f many pe0ple in japan

and america and many 0ther places

125 empr0r akihit0 presents svechina vera 25. 

with script that takes place in japan

vera 0nly  fr0m russia with l0ve. hercules .....

ph0t0 Yuri Feklistov.

secret service. cia princess anetta.

vera virgin .

richard mafia and criminal.  tried t0 kill vera

svechina vera  /bride/ nevesta and mafia killed veras d0g vesta and made  d0g w0rk f0r t0m cruz f0r free?

and wh0 did that  need t0 g0 t0 jail.  and  they need t0 pay damage...... 

and with mafia fr0m russia  made crime. didnt let make film 0n film and they killed hercules bellville

 and tried t0 kill svechina vera... and many relatives 0f vera

and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

prada....... veras l0g0...vera need t0 get st0ck

they g0t fr0m private time 0f vera ph0t0..... shirt....

c0unteded 0ut everything..... w0jcicki n0t bulls........

w0jcicki  n0t child 0f perents 0f vera. 


w0jcicki n0t desurving shirt 0f vera.

they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

chekh0v lived near dubr0vka

st0ry ab0ut l0ve 274.... w0jcicki st0le macys card 0f vera with n0bel peace 0f vera

and tried t0 kill vera

prince japan l0ves vera.... they prince and the sh0w girl. /telluride/ m0ther 0f vera......

bride 370 / veras ph0ne number/ 

nederlands embasy 0ne in film sch00l in sf. 0n m0ntg0mery str.

b00k fr0m 79

and mafia tried t0 kill vera
and killed steve and h0pe baka kina....

and w0jcicki with mafia  need t0 g0 t0 jail . they made illegal c0mpany  with vera c0ming t0 america

they killed steve j0bs they need t0 g0 t0 jail. . 

vera met eik0....vera w0rld leaders club. 

eik0 n0t. they will put all wh0 0n the ph0t0
in life 0f vera and they will kill relative 0f vera.

1996 svechina vera met matsui eik0..... fr0m japan. in verkeley....


Eikō Harada (原田 泳幸 Harada Eikō?, born December 3, 1948)

veras  taken 0ut t00th became blue t00th..... and vera must get st0ck. vera happy.....

Minoru Yamasaki with svechina vera and w0rld trade center.


0pened  in May 15, 1940 McDonald's . The business began in 1940, with a restaurant opened by brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald.  
 is a Japanese business executive. He is the representative director and president of McDonald's Holdings Company (Japan), Ltd. as well as president and chief executive officer of McDonald's Company (Japan), Ltd. (paid-in capital: approximately 24 billion yen/  He is married to J-pop singer-songwriter Yumi Tanimura. Born in Sasebo, he graduated from that city's Nagasaki Prefectural Sasebo South High School, and then from Tokai University.
Harada's career began at NCR Japan, Ltd. in 1972. In 1980, he joined Yokogawa Hewlett-Packard. /apple  with vera apple l0g0 went public/  He moved to Schlumberger Group in 1983 as a director and head of the marketing department. His next position was also in marketing at Apple Computer Japan, which he joined in 1990. 

vera started mgik pig0zzi made f0r svechina  vera.

Apple appointed him vice president in 1996.  vera came t0 america....

He left one Mac  in 2004, 

when vera started t0 make film. 

joining McDonald's as vice-chairman, president and CEO. The following year, the company appointed him to his present positions.

f0r that  crime.. wh0 tried t0 kill svechina vera petr0vna and veras future children........ they mafia fr0m russia ....with pig0zzi mafia... and wh0 else and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 0f c0urse. 

crime made by russian mafia and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

against amateur filmmaker/former Russian stripper Vera Svechina, who was reportedly stalking him


and mark  pincus need t0 g0 t0 jail..  0r he need t0 pr0ve that with ph0t0s. 0f vera  reportedly stalking him....

zynga illegal cmpany. wife 0f pincus illegal c0mpany made fr0m life 0f vera.

fr0m r00m 0f vera


brin left...... his mafia father th0ught 0f 0p0rtynity..... t0 kill svechina vera with mafia fr0m russia

vera w0nt f0rgive  brin. brin will be in jail. 

ev gen i ya.......... /ningen and 33.. vera with  emper0r akihit0 / and mafia tried t0 kill vera

in san francisc0.......
after they made illegal g00gle and w0jcicki st0le veras macys card. kn0wing svechina vera living in sf. 

they didnt let vera g0 t0 ted and edge dinner..... 

did crime....

pig0zzi need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

f0r that there left laurene.... t0 put t0 jail mafia and laurene  p0well g0ing t0 jail. 

f0r n0t helping t0 vera while vera was getting killed by mafia zhuk0va and wh0 ever that mafia is.

pincus with that mafia..... 

laurene cant call t0 p0lice.  and laurene need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

t0 jail.  vera didnt all0wed t0ching name 0f vera if they planed  t0 kill vera later. 

they killed steve j0bs and they killed father 0f vera...... and many relative 0f vera

and veras film museum.....?? and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

vera need t0 get st0ck. 

0ne girl fr0m russia apple l0g0 all apple
vera came with m0ney f0r train ..
they cant find right place... ? where they have t0 pay st0ck t0 vera.

they killed father 0f vera... and they tried t0 kill vera

for birthday 0f vera made w0rld trade center  beatles finished...... 

instead mafia  did 911 .... crime.. and they killed many pe0ple.

2 me. made f0r birthday 0f vera.
with japanese architect .

vera getting n0bel price. plan fr0m birth.....

Porsche decided to re-enter the aviation market with much larger engines derived from the Porsche 911, starting development in 1981.

 closing  lines in 1991. 

veras flying strippers....

1 infinite l00p. 

vera went t0 japan.

iph0ne....... fr0m veras script. 

ipad.......with vera

sf f0rever 

 1967 parents 0f vera g0t married.... in s0viet uni0n...

If I could reach the stars, I'd pull one down for you
Shine it on my heart, so you could see the truth
That this love I have inside, is everything it seems
But for now I find, it's only in my dreams

That I can change the world
I would be the sunlight in your universe
You will think my love was really something good
Baby, if I could, change the world

If I could be king, even for a day
I'd take you as my queen, I'd have it no other way
And our love will rule, in this kingdom we have made
Till then I'd be a fool, wishin' for the day

Baby, if I could change the world

Baby, if I could change the world

vera changed....

fs forever. 2009. ph0t0 b00k by svechina vera.

jean pig0zzi sent ph0t0 camera t0 vera t0 take ph0t0s. 

maihama /pig help/ urayasu chiba  vera 79. japan t0ky0 disneyland. 09 flying strippers time.

svechina vera graduated that

svechina vera 1974. 1 year 0ld.

1974. 0bninsk. I  was born in june 1973..
franc isk0san..... 

s0sadge bitten by d0gs . s0sadge
with pig meat.

father and m0ther  0f pig0zzi g0t place in cannes f0r svechina vera. 
vera met pig ...
0 zz i.......2002...
pig0zzi tried t0 kill vera

instead 0f helping vera....... vera needed t0 g0 t0 edge.

t0 get m0ney.

pig0zzi rapist and mentally ill......

made crime and need t0 pay. damage.

pig0zzi need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

larry s0n
 sin i.

pig0zzi rapist need t0 g0 t0 jail f0r  g0ing illegally t0 edge dinner  0n time 0f y0ung w0man vera... and attempt t0 kill vera with mafia

and killed relative 0f vera  after vera met jagger and mafia
life sentence in jail. 
alexia niejelckiy  zhuk0va 0rl0va abram0vich  greek and mafia 2009...... mafia zhuk0va. they all need t0 g0 t0 jail. 
all mafia  fr0m 0ct0pus that killed relatives 0f  svechina vera......
russian mafia...... and he need t0 pay damage he and mafia did t0 vera. huge am0unt 0f m0ney. 23100. 

press with 33. telluride. princess anetta.

vera in telluride.
always  will be g00d press........ /journalists/ 

 n0vaya zarya....../perfume fact0ry / 

«Новая заря» /n0se zabava/ московская парфюмерная и косметическая фабрика, основанная в 1884 году французским предпринимателем и парфюмером Анри р о каром

 /p0rshe anetta... vera must drive p0rshe 

Stuttgart, Germany (1931) tamara andreevna takaeva was nine 

/ m0ther 0f vera have t0 learn driving/ 

svechina vera  b0rn in  june 5 . 1973 went public with

 vera  1980

7 year 0ld..

at0imc plant 1. /vera/


... and p0rshe must be making air planes/

 (1836—1900). С 1925 г. выпускает знаменитые духи «Красная Москва».

Doctor Zhivago......Im alive. december 1973. rosoku.... TAIPEI.

a f0r apple and st0ck t0n 

apple l0g0 made
and that made

Духи Чёрный ларец. 1978. vera 5 year 0ld. 

with film vera making in japan. last train fr0m r0pp0ngi a.k.a as0bi. 
 dream w0rks. 


m0ng0l ??? 

sergey b0dr0v and mafia selyan0v  need t0 g0 t0 jail.  fake guka 0mar0va ....g0.....

 star vera...

selyan0v finding m0ney f0r fake pe0ple..  but n0t f0r vera.... and he  d0ing crime.

that r0les already was taken.... here ..

авдотья никитична и вероника маврикиевна

/ veras n0se and veras breasts/

2002 right cвязная /girl vera/ and selan0v sergey already had veras screen play.

svechina vera gemini  and f0r svechina vera w0rld trade center.


50s was g0tten ..... that card made later....
japan ........... japan.....

gambate..... 5 25 st0ck t0n.... 40 3 children..... veras children can get married with japanese and with new great ideas they can cultivate m0re 0f the kurill  islands ........ that are n0t being pr0perly cultivated....


4 islands are c0untry. 

2   4islands 2...... svechina vera 0nly islands.... putin must give vera title f0r the land give it back

and end 60 year dispute . by 2009. 0r medvedev...
at that time.
4 islands 44. at 20 vera g0 t0 japan. make film...

h0me land security  /secret service with vera /princess anetta/

H L  st0ck t0n....

5 25 st0ck t0n....


hercules.... nina svechina and svechina vera making film.....

1v 33 and blackland ..... and a t0m.....

candle in the wind.....

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