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1967.... serpuhov. ussr. private life. emper0r akihit0 was nine when nina b0rn. at seven in 1949 .... parents 0f m0ther 0f vera g0t h0use thirty three. m0ther 0f vera was seven.

Disneyland Club 33 g0t that ....t0 give vera back later.....

prince naruhit0 / d0ct0r fukada / vere gave cr0wn fr0m 160

/ vera g0t cr0wn/ y0tsu ya.... svechina vera.....

real story. stockings...
t0 ku betsu. 

5 000  sq. km.....

peace sighning planed since 1996.

film .... first svechina veras christmas japan 1993.




empress sakura...


svechina veras new c0untry. since 2009. news.


at 20 year 0ld vera went t0 japan with0ut kn0wing 


1993. t0ky0. 

svechina vera petr0vna /anetta/  

lady first...  /f0r vera/lady diana fr0m england /

they killed diana/ 

vera must 0f been meeting steve  bef0re 

g00gle made. vera was in sf. since feb1997.

vera st0ck...t0n. they tried t0 kill svechina vera.


t0 vera fr0m apple

vera making film..... ph0t0..... b00ks.. private

c0mpany... independent ... vera paying rent..... 

vera n0t part 0f any 


new veras c0untry....

mata yama t0 dd  t0....

d0es mata san has lawyer f0r svechina vera....? t0kubetsu ...vera...

mata yamat0ddt0 san is n0t vera. 山本 又一郎

faceb00k made illegally fr0m b00k 0f svechina 

vera.... zukenberg didnt ask vera... didnt  sighned c0ntract with vera....they put 

0n ugly  criminal mafia marina 0rl0va fr0m 2006 /vera was 33.. anne w0jcicki st00le veras 

macys card 023/.... and with

 st0len fr0m vera ph0t0s.... with 

mafia  ugly  mmarina 0rl0va illegaly g0t  0n time 0f svechina  vera.....

 made b00k and

 they tried t0 kill svechina vera and steve j0bs in

 the same time.

and they killed many 0ther pe0ple. 



apple l0g0 vera

1985 Me shima: A Life in Four Chapters.

and steve j0bs made c0mpany / next empress vera/ . mata san....

me shima /vera/  wanted t0 get married t0 michik0 san.... 

Biographers of the writer Yukio Mishima report that he had considered marrying Michiko Shōda, and that he was introduced to her for that purpose some time in the 1950s.

but emper0r akihit0 g0t married t0 


In August 1957, she met then-Crown Prince Akihito on a tennis court at Karuizawa. 

15 year after m0ther 0f vera b0rn.... and vera with family 

living in gate 15. 

vera is n0t emper0r akihit0 but apple l0g0 m0del

lets call it apple ...queen ....empress 

and f0r  vera b0rn aki net her land s
Prince Jaime de Bourbon Parme - World Economic Forum on India 2012.jpg

See full size image

petr bakakin / fan 0f films/ married t0 anna k0t0va sister 0f tamara.... h0pe bakakina /h0pe fan 0f films/  b0rn ... then bulan0v anat0liy b0rn 
bulan0v g0t wife 0lga d0r0zhkina.....

Lady Oscar (1979)

vera g0t 0

scar f0r film vera made .


svechina vera and apple..... 1996...0racle.....micr0s0ft....


0ne st0ck t0n after vera hey want t0 give st0ck t0 vera
im0vie.... itunes.....

vera n0bel prize loureat fr0m birth.
larry need t0 pay vera.....st0ck and put t0 jail criminal pe0ple  wh0 illegally g0t in life 0f vera...and in life 0f  m0ther and father and br0ther  0f vera..
10 billi0n d0llars since 1976 till 2011.... 

stared t0 be made in 1966

when m0ther 0f vera met father 0f vera.

in april sakura time.....1973....

empress 桜 will be b0rn... in june

princess anetta cia.


vera b0rn in june...
veras z0diak twin....

vera had stafil0k0k infecti0n fr0m that tw0 sh0ts in tw0 m0nth age.. g0t well at f0ur m0nth. 0ct0ber.....
dl m0ther 0f vera pregnant with vera and had tw0 
sh0ts in the h0spital in cccp....
dl fake.... w0rld trade center all svechina vera petr0vna

2 42 /apple l0g0 ph0t0/ and t0sca bar in sf/

misha brin th0ght 0f 0p0rtunity t0 fuck up svechina veras life....

and came t0 america....

г00gle им нина / m0ther 0f vera/.. without permition...

vera st0ck t0n........

girl im nina / vera went t0 america/ and wh0 tried t0 kill 


vera and g0sudarstv0 im nina/ n0rthern territ0ries/

桜. vera. new...

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