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  • and they tired t0 kill vera svechina film maker after

    • cannes. 2009.../ mafia russian  0rl0va makar0va pv0

      zhuk0va / tried t0 kill vera..... in sf......need 

      t0 g0 t0 jail pig0zzi and all that mafia.  pig0zzi 

      resp0nsible f0r vera.

        • that is svechina veras prince japan l0ves vera.

      • that place 0f relatives 0f vera... they put pe0ple t0 kill

         vera and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

        m0ther 0f vera b0rn 1942... 44 barack 0bama

      1986 tsarevna vera...1979  m0sfilm ..../ vera and  st0ry

      1993. t0ky0.  present for my film. rubini nuriel. sh0w m0th 2000/..  michael j0rdan is 

      hair... really br0wn

       hair girl in the ring...
      • "Hi jo 

      • de la Luna"  vera in 1974...

          • 1974. 0bninsk. I  was born in june 1973..

      • ( "Moon's Son" ) is a song written by José María Canoperformed originally by the Spanish band Mecano with lead singer a please  /a apple l0g0 m0del  vera/ Torroja. It appeared on their 1986 album, Entre el cielo y el suelo and had great success all over the Spanish speaking world, as did the album.

      h0pe baka kina / h0pe like films ...vera making film....

      f0r 2009....  j0 intr0duced vera t0 hercules. 1999. 

          • m0ther 0f prince jaime....

      mafia pv0 b0rn and mafia f0und her t0 kill new svechina vera

      and b00k and film vera made... and killed hercules bellville in 2009.

      ...... when
      vera happy at 35....... time f0r vera t0 find b0yfriend and 
      start thinking 0f starting family.....
      mafia pv0 makar0va 0rl0va..pig0zzi alexia..zhuk0va and mafia tried t0 kill vera and c0sed damage t0 face and b0dy

      •  0f vera and need t0 g0 t0 jail pv0....b0rn 1986... fake.. and need t0 g0 t0 jail. 0r be killed.  that n0t j0ck...

        • they mafia they  killed h0pe baka kina.... h0pe likes films and they need t0 g0 t0 jail 


        •  pig0zzi g0t panama. vera making film...


      papa fan 0f vera... apple went public with vera face 

      apple l0g0. vera living in

      br0ther living in 0bninsk.... he want well t0 relatives 0f

       his. atarimae....

      vera in sf....making 0scar c0rp0rati0n

       resp0ncible f0r vera. because they  made 

      apple l0g0 fr0m vera...they put it 0n t0m luddy.

      and n0w vera with t0m luddy  need t0 meet tim c00k. 

      vera need t0 get st0ck fr0m apple faceb00k...g00gle.

      vera 15 n0 y0ru.... 1999.....

      The Netherlands Consulate General in San Francisco United States

      • 120 Kearny St # 3100, San Francisco, CA 94104, США

                    • vera went t0 japan at 20....

                      31 vera began t0 make film.....

                          • putin didnt give 

                      m0ney .....the reas0n why he became prime 

                      minister is t0 give vera that m0ney. королева 

                      вера princess anetta empress sakura..



                      selyan0v  didnt pay vera salary f0r three days 0f


                      and cant have pr0ducer title 0n that film....

                      c0pp0la went t0 meet with putin.

                       vera g0t 0scar with0ut putin......2009 may.

  • independent cinema

                          • 1 h0ur 20 min. film

                            last train fr0m r0pp0ngi.... aka as0bi

      • princess anetta.... mr. y0shikawa

        wanted t0 meet c0pp0la francis...

        after c0pp0la met vera he made 

        ap0calips redux

              • ?

        ..... fr0m 1979?

        • vera need t0 
                  • receive

      • Oscar statuette for Oscar records.jpg

        • veras new c0untry

          that steve j0bs w0uld really

    like and t0m luddy w0uld be happy ...

    m0ther  0f vera w0uld be  happy...

    criminal mafia 0rl0va 

    tried t0 kill vera and ugly wife 0f camerun... made 

    film fr0m ph0t0 0f vera illegally and g0t veras title 

    0f 1 w0man f0r directing... teacher telling 

    tak a eva  

        • Eva into eating from apple. vera living 0n 

        • st0ck sf.... with vera made iph0ne ipad...

      • itune im0ve apple l0g0...vera getting salary...10 

        billi0n....d0llars 2010

        fr0m 0 t0 150 billi0n .....since vera came t0 


        • / a svechina vera...

        •  apple l0g0 m0del/

    with help 0f mafia and pv0 mafia

    that w0man illegally by killing pe0ple g0t 

    that 0scar and need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

    they tried t0 kill vera 09.... they  russian mafia

    they wh0 is t0m luddy?

    . that mafia....  mafia mak0r0va ....

     and that wife 0f camer0n  need t0

     take back 0scar f0r svechina 

    vera and  camerun wife need t0 g0 t0 jail.

    that n0t svechina vera....sc0tt mafia...

    fake putin.... and they need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

    m0iseenk0 mafia  and they tried t0 kill vera 

    • makar0va mafia fr0m turkey hating vera....and n0t 

      that village 0f relative 0f vera....

      makar0va need t0 g0 t0 jail. 

      pv0 ugly and  n0t relative 0f vera.....

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