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vera svechina!

 Its name is identical with that of the Ipatiev Monastery in Kostroma, from where the Romanovs came to the throne. ( patty is girl that introduced vera svechina to guy who drew film of vera svechina last train from roppongi aka asobi") with permition  of russian and japanese royal families.......

.( mafia need to go to jail.фото.JPG

     near Vera svechina's Twin building ...1978 brown hair  girl in the ring...  ship made by P. YA .  3318 ( 1918 killed romanovs) ( firm based in Saint Petersburg (618)) .......Princess 33.
1933 emperor akihito born in JAPAN.....he was nine when mother of svechina vera was 1942 . in 

Serpuhov USSR.
«Свяще́нная война́» 1941-1945 ...The Sacred War .and svechina veras 4 islands...The disputed islands, which were taken by Soviet forces during the Manchurian Strategic Offensive Operation at the end of World War II, america likes the idea and mades compliment to svechina veras breasts D' cup antibes  by creating silicone valley........making apple logo ( Robert Janoff born in Culvercity)... svechina vera 5 25 stock ton.... mafia killed hecules bellville..... film producer....
they need to go to jail. 


 against the god........ mafia made 2009 engagement of prince carlos in nederlands to anne marie....???? .(would be free ticket for the veras film if they would not be criminal .. Vene  (ticket) LUX free......they killed veras uncle venya and aunt hope baka kina ( hope likes film) ) .before that wojcicki anne ( wife of illegally made google from veras apt.)  stole veras chik a go card in 2000 and they with mafia tivor from hangari and mafia from russia and jail mafia made attempt to kill svechina vera.2009 ....... and they need to go to jail. ( THEY killed 20 of vera svechinas relatives and steve jobsmade earthquake.......Image.. THEY NEED TO PAY DAMAGE AND GO TO JAIL.  in 1 family of svechina vera apple logo model..... hangarian russian mafia  killed about 20 people...illegally......... Prus i ya to the film vera svechina making...... born gorgiy romanov........

svechina vera born .june 5 .. 1 30 pm....1973 ( 5 (18) июня 1901)      . 13 th born prince 

jaime.....1972 in netherlands and brown hair girl in the ring.....( engagement has svechina vera  petrovna )

 On the night of 17 July 1918, after the shooting of the Romanov family, the bodies of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and his family (who had been executed at the Ipatiev House) were secretly transported to Ganina Yama and thrown into the grave. ( gun magazine took photo of vera 1998) gan and please mountain.....vera met mataichiro and went to american russian conference and  1999
svechina vera met Hercules bellville.
Несмотря на то, что «царская тема» была под строжайшим запретом, в 1970-е годы в урочище Четырёх Братьев стали появляться первые тайные богомольцы, приходившие поклониться «святой земле», сокрывшей в себе частицы «царственных мучеников».

5 25 stock ton  40 tree children....1 after 40....
1999 svechina vera go to the edge dinner..... me your motion picture...  svechina veras birth time 1 30 pm ( 13 ring)  ring from prince jaime to svechina vera........2003  for vera svechina build apple store in tokyo .....for  svechina vera stock ton..... from 1997...
  who let jagger make cd from photo of vera svechina? 1996. pigozzi got panama for vera svechina to make film ....svechina vera didnt ask him....from mother of vera svechina's hat.......( svechina vera with japan)
  1917 1977     from svechina vera face made apple logo...1999 vera svechina go to the edge billionairs  dinner.......


vera svechina didnt allowed to get in life of vera svechina.. steve jobs didnt awolled to get in life of vera svechina ...1965 june 5. I cant get no satisfaction..... kings of forests.... svechina vera born june 5 1973 . 1995 texas. svechina vera  got ring with owl. from the forest .vera svechina needed to go to edge dinner.... greek and mafia  all need to go to jail 2001 jagger who made? with terrorists mick jagger....? they need to go to jail. jagger must be with vera svechina.. he got against vera svechina. after svechina vera met hercules bellville? and they  killed hercules bellville? ????? mafia....and need to pay damage    . Cesare Maria Ragaglini greek mafia, italian mafia .....

svechina vera apple logo model ( Anetta) IT princess. prince jaime from Netherlands.... 
Max polevskiy build film screening room in Telluride.....

2005                                                                     2005 

usa joli making illeagl film               princess maxima in netherlands gave birth to illegal alexia
from photo of vera svechina 

 2009 alexia with mafia hangarian russian with jail mafia  made attempt to kill vera svechina. and they need to go to jail. and they killed max polevskiy.

. with russian mafia killed with hangarian mafia ( organesed crimminal mafia)  going to jail mother hangarian hangarian criminal  tivor mafia and fake building mafia  that are not realted to mother or father of vera or to vera...and no need to get in photos of vera svechina....fake lawyer fake alexia ....fake disco mafia..... relatives of vera svechina and tried to kill vera svechina... they with russian mafia 1999 - 1912   ...
  american beauty...Bride svechina vera petrovna ......
new IT princess svechina vera....84 vera svechina .14 ..... 1+ 4= 5........

that mafia made: 
   n   who put marina there? makarova mafia  with jail and cuban mafia that got illegally in life of vera svechina .....orlova stole veras photos and russian mafia alexia tried to kill vera svechina,. telling vera svechina that vera svechina is osama bin laden and orlova mafia sergey olhovskiy and mafia alexia niejeskiy and zhukova and mafia pigozzi  need to go to jail: mafia after vera svechina went to cannes 1999 made anastasia a? apple logo?  that is wrong........... knyazhna anastasia is not ca a.......from caa......mafia hangarian cservernyak is not a........ they mafia and need to go to criminal jail.......(simca) .... chas   backwards.... wrong that prince jaime loves svechina vera and he is bra for svechinas breasts......... svetlana anatolevna chenskaya met nikita in 1991..........d'cap antibe where is pigozzi's villa .........ilana shulman and herkules killed in 69.........

illegall band bering straght and prohorov and orlova and hangarian prostuitute mafia are all got photos of vera svechina ..private intelectual property ...fee ..against vera svechina..... and they need to go to jail. orlova mafia is not vera svechina.......need to go to jail.

hangarian mafia with russian mafia and they need to go to jail. they cut of LIVER of steve jobs.
they tried to kill mother of vera svechina and father of vera svechina they killed.  Prince jaime will pay damage vera svechina he made by getting together with mafia ....greek need to pay damage to vera svechina....... apple logo model. for all killed people in vera svechina's family. and for for killed dog. and hangarian with mafia need to go to jail. . vera svechina dont know that mafia and they cant get in life of vera svechina. pigozzi got book 1990 for vera svechina and panama for vera svechina to make film.. hangarian got iielally to nederlands in 1990.. to kill vera svcehina with mafia and they tried to  kill vera svechina and they killed steve jobs and they need to go to jail.  they on wrong place.;.
2003 fake greek fake pigozzi : steve princess japan ( svechina vera) mafia did steve pigopzzi jean and killed steve jobs and tried to kill vera svechina with hangarian and russian mafia abramovich zhukova ..other mafia  and they need to go to jail.......1912  2002
 1990 jean pigozzi made book for vera svechina...... to make friends in la.... to make film.greek not related to vera svechina....

illegal greek prostitute....have nothing to do at edge dinner 2003 in ted. on time of vera svechina neither of veras ship....... greek prostitute  is not bride of prince jaime..... ..neither pigozzi in veras shirt.. damage need to be paid and need to go to jail. .. vera said 1 time vera sow greek on photo in panama in 2005. mafia asent greek to pigozzi like if she likes baterflies...HERCULES BERLLVILLE DIDNT LIKE OLGA OF GREECE..TOM LUDDY said Olga of greece is mistake.....2003.... really Olga there to kill vera svechina..... maybe she got paid.... for that killing o0f vera svechina vera svechina didnt allowed to mafia to get in life of vera svechina ....
 pigozzi rapist.... 2005. need to go to jail.and pay damage.
. 1988  wintour got job for vera svechina from ussr apple logo model..... who put ugly greek mafia on ship of vera svechina and to edge dinner 2003 with pigozzi in veras shirt.....? wintour need  to go to jail.... with that mafia they made problem in japan.......they russian speeking orlova niejelskiy abramovich mafia

 south africa with vera svechina geisha with vera svechina
 ( svechina nina vladimirovna) and  telluride....... 1974 for vera svechina to make film..... Francis Ford Coppola, Gloria Swanson and Leni Riefenstahl. Each tributee is awarded the Telluride Film Festival Silver Medallion. Other tributees have included Penélope Cruz, Daniel Day-Lewis, Marion Cotillard, Catherine Deneuve, Gérard Depardieu, Clint Eastwood, Jodie Foster, Harvey Keitel, Ang Lee, David Lynch, Jack Nicholson, Peter O'Toole, Mickey Rooney, John Schlesinger, and Meryl Streep.
31.74 карата (63,5 грамма) ( WEDDING OF PRINCE JAIME AND VERA SVECHINA) SHOW MUST GO ON! svechina veras film....


  hangarian and russian mafia  puttin down family of prince jaime... and him pesonaly.   hangarian and terrorists made world trade center 

2001 ( they not with japan.. they crushed world trade center) and they need to go to jail. for terrorism......they tried to kill svechina vera ......that hangarian with tivor.......... ( criminal jail mafia and ugly mother from hangary  that killed father of vera.herucles bellville treid to kill vera svechina . and need to go to criminal jail mentaly ill hangarian mafia need to be going to jail.... svechina vera didnt get to know that ugly chep fake hangarian mafia and pvo mafia. nned to go to jail with mafia tivor...that made attempt to kill svechina vera with mafia from russia...since vera svechina was a little girl.... they hangarian mafia .) THEY ARE AGAINST TELLURIDE FILM FESTIVAL....silverstain? 2001..... they with mafia from russia...and need to be killed. ugly hangarian need to get off life of vera svechina with russian mafia they are with,. please organise that,.....getting off life of vera svechina.. In 1982,  ugly hangarian illegally born  hangarian not in the program....,...... a flood destroyed a large portion of Japan’s cherry trees. ( steve princess japan is svechina vera. new  IT princess....... )

prostitute illegal cheap mafia is criminal  hangarian.... have no relation to the film vera svechina making..neither to the book ..neither to any of vera svechina's friends........  neither to family of vera svechina...neither to  jean pigozzi in 1996 when he got panama island for vera svechina, neither prince jaime bernardo of burbon parma..... ( prince japan loves svechina vera pretrovna ) .. and need to be killed hangarian mafia prostitute cservernyak... that with TIVOR jail mafia tried to kill svechina vera 2009 2010 2011  2012. tivor tried to kill vera svechina vera in sf svechina will not let that go like it's fine...that mafia killed michalel jackson and film producer hercules bellville. princess Irene need to put to jail hangarian family that made attempt to kill vera svechina and need to pay damage to vera svechina and to mother of vera svechina. schervernyak knowing of vera svechina tried to kill vera and killed father of vera.... svechina....cservernyak tivor with jails....made attempt to kill vera svechina  ..... svechina vera with stock... money ....5 25 stock ton.....40 3 children. planed to meet prince jaime..... at 35 my hand.....2009

  brown hair girl in the ring..... 1978 vera svechina engagement to prince jaime......5 yearas old....

 2010 or 2011 after russian hangarian mafia made attempt to killl vera svechina:  they began earlier to kill vera svechina.... 2008 they killed ruslana........svechina vera got scared...
.... ugly chervernyak need to be killed.   after they made cservernyak attempt to kill vera svechina and moved out illegally vera svcehina from apt. in sf... without money..disabled..... not understanding what going on..... ............ tivor...need to go to jail.  that have no relation to vera relation  to telluride apple or anything in life of vera svechina.. ugly hangarian trying to get in life of vera svechina  with help of criminal russian mafia and need to go to jail. they began to kill vera after dinner  with jagger..2009 .. they with mafia makarova and cuban mafia illegally got fila shirt from vera svcehina 1993 Union royal...

 hangarian is not welcomed to life of vera svechina. and never was...that mafia: need to go to criminal; jail..... or be killed.
     Image.killed steve jobs and need to go to criminal jail. death sentence...vera svechina not need 911 crime ... braking down vera svcehina (world trade center)
   hangarian need to go to jaill with mafia for terrorizm and attempt to kill veras mother and killed 20 relatives of vera svechina. . we are against  ugly hangarian...... mafia......that got illegally   in life of vera svechina.when vera nine? it not their bussiness.
 hangarian mafia tivor and ugly hangarian that tried to kill svechina vera from vera was born.., 1982 nine? in nederlands.... and russian mafia orlova alexia...... and mafia ....hoped vera svechina will never make film....... 2009....all of that mafia have no relation to vera svechina and need to go to jail for attempt to kill vera svechina.

1980 apple went public with veras face apple logo.. 33 80....

 stock ton for vera svechina, 1997

П is toylet for vera svechina dolls....  


1997 california steve jobs came back to apple......svechina vera stock ton!............23 and vera svechina.......

aivd (LOVE, TAKE ME THERE) larry ellison got japanese house.....
  1974 svechina vera. go to the edge dinner 1999. 5 25 stock ton!

meaning jaime  vera svechinas . .. ( film director is vera svechina) ( michael jordan and wojcicki mafia  stole veras card)

tokyo tokubetsu vera svechina   фото.JPG starbucks 1971 malish apple logo model vera svechina...  vera svechina and nikita are japanese.princess only vera svechina .... 1974.. ( building 11  not build yet. 13 orange  building is not build yet....IN 1974 .... fake ugly hangarian mafia with jail mafia with fake lawyer disco clubs mafia going to jail pvo disco mafia hangarian mafia prohorov........for attempt with russian mafia to kill vera svechina and killed relatives of vera svechina and they need to go to criminal  jail.)

svechina veras reflection are  veras 4 islands  bag 1996 vera got junko shimada..where is shima no crown? where is svechina vera?...
crown of South Kuril in gate 15 and northern territories without crown....
meaning it's not south kurils  it's northern territories....of japan....and svechina vera is new IT princess. svechina vera dont want to be part of japan.  ( russians would never like that) and making a new country.  
( nobel peace prize with vera svechinas film
is making new country.. with apple..... corporation....)
 The Asahi Shimbun   1996.....

 that are holding  african problem.... 1973. (south africa) jo menell introduced vera svechina to hercules bellville ( planed from 1959)  to make film....... last train from roppongi aka asobi...... 1999. in japan. film takes place....2008 1 black president america..nine....

Гляжу в озера синие
В полях ромашки рву
Зову тебя Россиею
Единственной зову
Спроси-переспроси меня
Милее нет земли
Меня здесь русским именем
Когда-то нарекли

Гляжу в озера синие
в полях ромашки рву
Зову тебя Россиею
Единственной зову


 Не знаю счастья большего
Чем жить одной судьбой


Грустить с тобой земля моя
И праздновать с тобой

Красу твою не старили
Ни годы ни беда
Иванами да Марьями

   HERCULES BELLVILLE...killed at .....69-96 pigozzi got panama for vera svechina = - 27    ...meaning that  mentally ill wojcicki  ( who giving comand? to still vera svechinas card? ) 

vera svechina dont want to do anything with wojcicki ....Gen O Fond......and wojcicki stole card of vera svechina and illeaglly made company... and tried to kill svechina vera with mafia...
got illegally vera svechina card at vera svechinas  27 from macys 2000 ....and made company 23 and me illgeally.      and lied 2005  tried to 

kill vera svechina......... 2009 after they killed hercules........ same veras father..they killed .......with mafia tivor  from hangary ........ and they need to go to jail.

 Гордилась ты всегда
Не все вернулись соколы
Кто жив а кто убит
Но слава их высокая
Тебе принадлежит

Красу твою не старили
Ни годы ни беда
Иванами да Марьями
Гордилась ты всегда

Не знаю счастья большего
Чем жить одной судьбой

 svechina's birthday zodiak sign is twin.
1973. kolya south kuril logo made from vera svechina's baby face .. vera svechina stock ton.........from 1997. .

The Kuril Islands dispute (Спор о принадлежности Курильских островов), also known as the Northern Territories dispute , is a dispute between Japan and the Russian Federation over sovereignty over the South Kuril Islands.


Грустить с тобой земля моя
И праздновать с тобой

Не знаю счастья большего
Чем жить одной судьбой
Грустить с тобой земля моя
И праздновать с тобой

 real story. stockings...
 CROWN  VERA SVECHINA GOT IN 1993 IN JAPAN YOTSU YA......  PRINCE PLEASE RU HITO...svechina vera .. emperor akihito:  naka yoku shinasai with svechina vera .. prince naruhito  got engagement on birthday of vera svechinas mother.... 19 jan. 1993.  

nothing can go wrong with vera svechina. .. VERA SVECHINA WEB Y.          .. TERRAVERA 1991.....prince naruhito and princess masako are got engagement on mother of veras birthday...1993. january 19th.... ( they dont need to lie) they understand importants

 of that union.........vera svechina and prince japan loves svechina vera )    
japanese cant be against vera svechina. 
criminal wrong mafia is against vera svechina  after vera svechina went to cannes 1999 got jealous and organized attempt to kill vera svechina.. they are russian hangarian mafia.....2009 2010 2011 2012 2013... they tried to kill vera svechina and killed hope baka kina.. hope likes films. and they need to go to jail for acusing vera svechina to be osama bin laden... and for making earquake in fukushima. they need to go to jail. 

  criminal ugly putin is against vera svechina ( even he has no other Choice  . svechina vera is not the choice  ....svechina is ..)  attempt to kill vera svechina they need ot go to jail. putin and medeved are against vera svechina and agaianst emperor akihito ....illegally.......( svechina vera is film maker) ...Japan has the world's third-largest economy by nominal GDP and the world's fourth-largest economy by purchasing power parity. The Russian economy ranks as the eighth largest by nominal GDP and sixth largest by purchasing power parity. 
 putin with mafia..
svechina vera with leon princess anetta..... Wasa B I — художественный фильм 2001 года princesses diary..... ( made from svechina veras dairy) one stock ton... Svechina Vera is 1st empress of kingdom of forest: empress sakura. 

...... separate vera svechina... (twin) tokubetsu.........80.   2 42 apple logo photo...........
female  sakura princess Vera ( BEPA in russian)

gate 15 from veras photo made boat 2003...for vera svechinas film.... ....`( there is no mistake)
фото.JPG фото.JPG  2009 boat is ready to go to svechina veras 4 islands . vera svechina got sticker 
 s vaz arm at 35фото.JPG ( your hand please) and apple logo star in la....2009 vera svechina was 35 ...  oscar ....
 1990 jean pigozzi made book for vera svechina...
 to help vera svechina to make film and meet his famous friends.

and palm..... for the original film test... 1 hour 10 min....

Film festival Cannes 2009. mafia scott and mafia alexia need to go to jail. scott and mafia orlova made earthquake in japan....... 
tried to kill vera svechina telling that vera svechina is osama bin laden and they  need to go to criminal jail and pay damage they made to svechina vera. mafia destroed vera svechinas film museum...2009 2010 2011 2012...

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