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vera not with beer/ they ( people who vera dont know)





fsb... is FSB......mafia did Fsb and tried to kill vera svechina. and they need to go to criminal jail http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-dwXV6S0gQeg/SJvxdLUq29I/AAAAAAAADHQ/HPur-MmHLbQ/s320/svadba+mami+i+papi.jpg 1967  юдн you dutch nederlands vera svechina      in tokyo vera svechina got U for 1 in life veras christmas....`1993.
dutch prince japan loves vera svechina with vera svechina


1980 apple went public with veras face apple logo..

П is toylet for vera svechina dolls....  


1997 california steve jobs came back to apple......svechina vera stock ton!............23 and vera svechina.......

  1974 svechina vera.

 gate 15 from veras photo made boat 2003...
фото.JPG фото.JPG  2009 boat is ready to go to svechina veras 4 islands . vera svechina got sticker 
 s vaz arm at 35фото.JPG ( your hand please) and apple logo star in la....2009 vera svechina was 35 ...  oscar ....
 1990 jean pigozzi made book for vera svechina...
 to help vera svechina to make film and meet his famous friends.

and palm..... for the original film test... 1 hour 10 min....

 got barak oBama with vera svechinas film.....princess anetta
2009 ....mark stock....( to vera svechina mark pincus need to pay  stock from his IT company )
 for vera svechina planed to meet prince jaime from netherlands. Japan loves vera svechina) mark stock....  for svechina  vera planed to get 

stock..steve jobs alive.............

10 billion stock  for vera svechinas time! from 1977  .  .

 s vaz arm at 35фото.JPG  ( svechina veras hand please) prince japan loves svechina vera...brown hair girl in the ring show me your motion picture... 1978 ... vera svechina was 5 years old. 
princess prince cc russia...... ( svechina veras film) последнии поезд со станции роппонги 
 prince jaime became diplomat

peace signing ....

criminal mafia  jean pigozzi sent vera svechina 2002 photo from when he met vera svechina 2002 cc he painted on
 vera svechina? 
illegally.......and need to go to jail.  
 svechina vera go to the edge dinner 1999.
 vera 11 years old 1984...

 and jean pigozzi walking in svechina veras edge billionairs dinner  shirt illegally 2008... and they tried to kill vera svechina 2009 2010 2011 2012.. killed vreas aunt hope baka kina ( hope likes film) after they killed hercules bellville and they need go to criminal jail.
     billionair prohorov using japanese student (parents of japanese student paying for japanese student to study in america)  from svechina veras book....without paying vera svechina copy wright feе  and without asking vera svechina.....cheaper to kill vera svechina and they tried to kill vera svechina 2009 2010 2011 2012 and they need to go to jail. and they killed steve jobs... because if he knew...that vera svechina apple logo model he would stand up for vera svechina....(better  then to die at 56)
director of mosfilm..born in 1952...... got the job.... but didnt want borodyanskiy to shine with svechina veras film and oscar... . borodyanskiy ( svechina veras co writer)   has son denis....( film for vera svechina and prince jaimes wedding)  and didnt give vera svechina money to make film. 2004. mafia there.......criminal mafia..... gos kino....?

ludmila putina  puti please had job as 1st lady to give to svechina vera money...300 000$ debut buget.... from 1999 ......co production.......japan, russia, usa..... england.....by 2008..... film need to be done...

   they know......Товарищество-Творчество-Труд  pa for vera svechina in russia......and they didnt give vera money,
Русская народная  песня

  Огней так много золотых

На улицах Саратова
Парней так много холостых
А я ( svechina vera) люблю женатого 

he...prince jaime (japan loves svechina vera )is married to svechina vera1993. t0ky0.  present for my film. rubini nuriel. )

«Дело было в Пенькове» — советский художественный фильм, снятый в 1957..(пеньково anetta...) 2009  princess anetta....

the prince and the show girl..... 1957...mother of vera svechina was 15 years old......

svechina vera living in gate 15 since 1976. 

Эх рано он завел семью ( before his birth) 

Печальная история

Я от себя любовь таю
А от него тем более.

Я от него бежать хочу
Лишь только он покажется

А вдруг все то о чем молчу
Само собою скажется


4.Его я видеть не должна
Боюсь ему понравиться
С любовью справлюсь я одна
А вместе нам не справиться

x ja pan..( sveсhina veras and jaimes (хаиме) wedding).....    apple went public with vera svechina 1980..... 20 centry fox....vera svechina  utskushi 

steve jobs they ( mafia) killed ..at 56... 11 years old is when made svcehina veras edge dinner........billionairs dinner........

mafia illegally without telling vera svcehina got fake people in life of vera svechina ...and mafia treid to kill svechina vera. and they need to go to criminal jail. that mafia that made that crime not worth death of steve jobs and all that death of veras dog and relatives.......

1997 VERA SVECHINA AND TORU MATSUSHIMA ( chinese french cook) 1996 with vera svechina ( anetta and panama from veras mothers hat) . 1962  .....фото.JPG.......svechina vera svechina got junko shima da! bag and wallet in tokyo 1996...... vera svechina "oracle".....1999   with film idea last train from roppongi ..... 
 aka asobi....1st time in cannes. 5 25 stock ton .....vera svechina 25...

 ( vera svechina didnt know about crime....made against vera svechina)

  to sale in panama 2009 .....:  40 $ svechina veras program.....

1980 .... apple went public with svechina vera apple logo .. pig0zzi got panama 1996 for vera svechina ( anetta to make peace nobel prize film ) ( only vera svechina "playing" : .making film.....only for vera svechina that cook here) ..1980 ... APPLE WENT PUBLIC WITH VERA'S FACE.... 1997 SVECHINA VERA..... IN USA...  larry el li son....(мснв).( moscow dosnt believe in tears 1980)
vera svechina is not mc..... and mother of vera svechina is not mc . crime made and they need to go to jail. they 911 guys that are with mafia  tivor that tried to kill vera svechina and killed steve jobs.and they not with moscow doesnt believe in tears .. (it veras) .. ( veras and prince jamies "son") steven: spi, el Ver girl........ surprised vera  .....( vera svechina is one one ningen girl in the world. official apple logo model only one.apple is american company. apple logo is japanese princess sakura. svechina vera stock ton.... since 1997)
cook for vera svechina cant be replaced   rolex for vera svechina 1996...digital face
IS APPLE LOGO..... (Vera) Bepa russia you kuril islands. ( Bryuki) 

 princess  Vera ( P V.) sakura princess japan.... 
 soviet time
советской принцессa.

with hercules bellville
( steve paul jobs....) 
 vera svechina twin  2 and mother born in 1942.
chinese dragon (pigozi's zodiak)  in SVECHINA veras book..... 1973....in the box is domino.......IN THE book in 1990 of jean pigozzi made for vera svechina. to make film in the future.....DOMINO..is in the book.......

vera svechina met pigozzi JEAN. pigozzi was fine..... great.. 2002....Johnny Angel, Johnny Angel.... (1962 photo of panama ..... 1993 vera went to tokyo nine..... vera svechina left last train from roppongi aka asobi script to pigozzi......).

johnny angel You're an angel to me

Johnny Angel

How I love him

 How I tingle

When he passes by

Everytime he says "hello"

My heart begins to fly

Johnny Angel

How I want him

He's got something

That I can't resist

But he doesn't even know

That I exist

I'm in heaven

I get carried away

I dream of him and me

And how it's gonna be

Other fellows

Call me up for a date

But I just sit and wait

I'd rather concentrate

On Johnny Angel

'Cause I love him

And I pray

That someday he'll love me

And together we will see

How lovely Heaven will be

And together we will see

How lovely Heaven will be
 2003 crime : pigozzi is not vera svechina..... greek illegal.....at edge dinner ( for vera svechina in tokyo opened apple store 2003 ) vera svechina tiime to go to edge billionairs dinner to get veras svechinas apple logo stocks) . mafia from russia tried to kill vera svechina 2009 hangarian mafia  that got on veras photos and pvo mafia that killed together with hangarian mafia 20 of veras relatives.....need to go to jail.   vera svechinas book last train from roppongi is book about film making number 1 and it called facebook .... book of real connections is vera svechinas book...about making svechina veras film.... zukenberg need to give  stock to vera svechina .. new IT princess is vera svechina......born 1973.

ni hon jean....... (svechina veras book number 2 jean. 2009 pigozzi jean sent to vera svechina camera to take photos..)     2009 vera svechinas book number 2   about filmmaking  is also ready...vera svechina's time..
 to meet prince japan loves svechina vera  .... brown girl in the ring vera svechina 5 years old 1978.1993. t0ky0.  present for my film. rubini nuriel. ( is svechina vera from ussr) sha la lalala....Prince Jaime ( japan loves svechina vera japan loves prince jaime) studied International relations at the Brown University in the United States. . ovam ( to vera svechina and to prince jaime)  A.........kihito emperor...... peace nobel prize.......... japan and russia ...... prince jaime and vera svechina....2005 mafia in ogange ( knew they want to kill vera svechina)  got mafia alexia there...that has no relation to vera svechina...and no relation to panama of 1996.
yeras after  1984  ( edge billionairs dinner made for vera svechina) JEAN  pigozzi got panama VERA SVECHINA MAKING FILM....
THAT PIGOZZI GOT FROM MOTHER OF VERA N. HAT  VERA SVECHINA ( CIA ANETTA 2009 PRINCESS 1996 JAPAN.TODD... D'ANTIBES.. PRINCE JAPAN LOVES VERA SVECHINA IS BRA FOR VERA SVECHINA )PANAMA  that pigozzi got.... vera svechina is not alexia....alexia ugly and criminal and NEED TO BE GOING TO JAIL.. WHO PUT ALEXIA ..MAFIA ORLOVA ON PLACE OF VERA SVECHINA? 2005....MAFIA...AND NEED TO GO TO JAIL FOR KILLED JAPANESE IN JAPAN.... 2010 ... ORLOVA CRIMINAL: ALEXIA IS NOT PRICNESS.... hangarian ugly mafia  and  is not royal... not nobel .mafia. neither mafia zhukova mafia abramovich or mafia prohorov have anything to do with svechina veras film.....  pigozzi rapist 2005 KILLED GREAT HERCULES BELLVILLE. ( vera svechina 32).....249032.. ( obninsk.kaluga reg. russia.. before it was 249020 vera svechina  married to prince jaime 1993. t0ky0.  present for my film. rubini nuriel.) 2009 svechina vera made book pigozzi jean sent svechina vera camera to take photos.  and guy with brigitte lacombe asked criminal niejelski alexia fake in 2009 in cannes where is your photo book? fake alexia didnt have book ( alexia fake and criminal liked criminal orlova that need to go to jail. and they tried to kill vera svechina...they stole veras photos ....... vera svechina with green card in usa.....dont know any of that people....  )  criminal orange and mafia in nederlands named born 2005 child princess alexia ( alexia is fake and need to go to criminal jail. by law)  they killed marina olhovskaya and wanted to kill vera svechina 2009... and they tried to kill HEALTHY  vera svechina 2009 2010 2011 2012...they began to kill vera svechina at 35 and they need to go to criminal jail..  (for vera svcehina planeed to meet prince jaime... vera svechina is happy about it...who is not happy about that? criminal mafia ...and they need to go to jail. for attempt to kill vera svechina... that need to get stock from apple facebook google oracle.......microsoft..... and other it companies near sf ..) 
    mafia that tried to kill vera svechina IN APT. WITH RENT 850$ IN DOWN TOWN  SF . MAFIA HOPed THAT THEY WILL KILL VerA SVECHINA AND will never get married and will have no children....?????  
../// female.........( japanese) steve princess japan......... 

that criminal cuban mafia with jail  that tried to kill vera svechina (  they hangarian mafia that have no relation to apple.....tivor 

and hangarian mafia ..that is not female...and that cuban mafia have no relation to vera svechina.....and they need to go to jail there no excuse... they russian speaking mafia that tried to tell vera svechina 
 that vera svechina is osama bin laden? they with orlova....marina mafia...alexia....... niejelski........ and they need to go to jail.
.AND THEY NEED TO PAY DAMAGE.  they have no relation to apple or products of vera svechina. ...VERA SVECHINA DONT KNOW ANY MAFIA ....who exectly tried to kill vera svechina?  THEY NEED TO GO TO JAIL... APPLE STUDIO AND VERA SVECHINA HAVE NO REATION TO THAT UGLY HANGARIAN RUSSIAN CRIMINAL MAFIA...THEY KILLED STEVE JOBS. . ( hangarian criminal made attempot to kill vera svechina and got engagement illegally with pricne jaime. and need to go to CRIMINAL jail.

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