Thursday, November 21, 2013

Empress sakura!!!!

attempt to manipulate vera svechina happened....... and attempt to kill vera svechina happened  by hangarian and russian mafia related to wedding of prince jaime bernardo.....

vera svechina illegally moved out from vera svechinas apt. in mafia fake marina  orlova and  mafia that got  her on tv in 2009 that is vera svechinas time: and vera svechina was ready:


   1974...Disputed territories,.,.,,,

prince jaime and svechina vera.....(anetta)  from ussr ...
that mafia: not related to vera svcehina: they tried to kill vera svechina.

what that ugly doing in usa? with stolen from vera photos?  
that all people have no relation to veras film and life.... 

and need to be going to jail for killed minoru mori
with alexia niejelski....svechina vera dont need ugly orlova: as well alexia in not vera svechina....and relatives of vera svechina from gate 15 ...killed ruslana korshunova    against vera svechina and against veras mother and against veras  father......pigozzi is not japanese....... steve princess japan is vera svechina....... ( steve jobs....who that mafia  killed.....

that criminal mafia that has no relation to svechina vera....
  after  that mafia killed veras father... marina orlova stole veras photos killed from apt. 97 that had no relation to veras film... and tried to kill vera svechina...and FILM VERA SVECHINA MAKING IN JAPAN...AND THEY need to go to criminal jail..... In January 2005, Bobby Henderson, then a 24-year-old Oregon State University physics graduate, sent an open letter regarding the Flying Spaghetti Monster ( really are Veras В size breasts and prince jaime is svechina veras  bra.....)  to the Kansas State Board of EducationDrawing of the Flying Spaghetti Monster; crudely drawn with thick lines. Image shows a plain oval for the body, six noodles for the arms and two eye stalks.The central creation myth is that an invisible and undetectable Flying Spaghetti Monster created the universe "after drinking heavily"? ( they got that from veras photos illegally and russian hangarian mafia triwed to kill vera svechina related to gorbachevs conference,.,and getting veras shirt on svetlana. hangarian VC? .killed veras father,.,,,,,,....)  then fake  princess alexia in orange.... rapist pigozzi that mafia orlova arrived to usa in 2006...... they not 33... and not anything to get on tv saying they 33 with veras photos.........stolen......from vera svechina
they knew That Vera svechina is russian bride of prince jaime.....  and made all to kill and make weak vera svechina and kill family of vera svechina.....

mafia  acused svechina vera in being osama bin laden and killing of princess diana

without asking if vera svechina wants to get married to prince jaime.... or not........

in nederlands that hangarian TIVOR  got his child to prince jaime bernardo on veras place..and made attempt to kill vera svechina in sf ca usa in 2009 2010 2011 2012..... I need help to get that mafia scervenyak tivor his wife and mafia viktoriya  to jail... they killed 20 of my rleatives and dog. illegally ...

that is criminal mafia : against my life and against my human rights...... can you help to get them to jail?


On 12 August 2013, Prince Jaime's engagement to Viktória Cservenyák was announced. Cservenyák (born 25 May 1982 in Budapest) is a Hungarian-born Dutch attorney and daughter of Dr. Tibor Cservenyák and his former wife, Dorottya Klára Bartos.   ( they manipulated with  Tosca bar in sf 242 address there....
...( svechina vera twin zodiak and veras mother year of birth.... hangarian with mafia   2001 attacked world trade center and need to go to jail for attempt to kill vera svechina ) hangarian has no relation to vera svechina apple logo model and they never had relation to veras mother.....neither to tosca bar.....hangarian related to criminal  mafia.....   ....)  On 3rd October 2013, criminal ugly hanagrian mafia got illegally married in a civil wedding ceremony ...they 

trying to cover up attempt to kill vera svechina and killed steve jobs ( hoping that vera svechina will never find out that vera svechina engagement to prince jaime..... and that vera svechina is apple logo model.....) ...  shapovalov?2001? 

 UV  ( svechina vera)      liked veras script.....  world 

trade center.. ( SVECHINA VERA TWIN ZODIAK  

..... world trade center made for svechina veras birthday. 

svechina  vera petrovna  lives on stockton str.....IT information technology is that:          ) .band tatu? same as u2...? they made ta tu against u2  (svechina vera with U2) and tried to kill vera svechina after sofia coppola made virgin suiside 1999? and they need to go to jail or be killed SAME AS THEY KILLED friso...... AS DENGEROUS FOR LIFE OF VERA SVECHINA.............. and hanagrian need to go to jail...........with all who involved in that mafia case....of killing veras relatives.......and attempt to kill vera sf,,,usa....  vera svechina is american   and mafia need to be getting to criminal jail......


BONO.....   1976 apple....made for birthday of vera svechina 3 years old made band ......ta2  made illegally after vera svechina went to cannes 1999. and met since 1959 hercules bellville......and shapovalov didnt help vera svechina to make film in 2004 ......that was the reason that band ta2    in russia  made to help vera to make film.... 1999..and tatu went to japan 2003.... 2004 vera svechina began to make 31 .... svechina vera planed with jackson duet .... singing izakaya....they killed michael jackson....2009 .... 1993 he came to moscow 1917 1977. svechina vera petrovna...where FSB? CIA ? FBI?  to put criminal mafia to jail.....??????

   jager band     made for vera      svechinas    new country     .... 

they suppost to be working for svechina veras new country     not against vera svechinas new country.......

 jagger here to sing with vera svechina..... 2009

and   jagger is not vera 

svechina....... ..They made attempt to kill svechina vera 2009   with jail mafia is VC  that hangarian that is not suppost to be there...... hoping hangarian is alien.? .. and hanagrian is mentally ill  criminal and not alien.....killed hercules bellville...... that hangarian mafia after  veras film stopped getting married on place of vera at 31.....with prince japan loves svechina vera........ (after tried to kill vera in sf ....2009 2010 2011 2012 )
( svechina vera 2009 has no problem.... svechina vera stock ton since 1977....   10 billion (without any criminal mafia) ....2010. 2009 PRINCESS ANETTA .... CHOSEN BY obama... SVECHINA VERAS TIME TO GO TO EDGE DINNER WAS 1999.......
but mafia will have problem... who organised attempt to kill vera svechina? ) 

  hang yourself? and police in palo alto steve jobs house asked if vera has tatu..... vera svechina dont. (after steve jobs and laurene arrived) 

  vera sato girl.... and sous. 15 US."flying strippers" 2008 for      ruslana and not against ruslana ...not against vera svechinas mother and not against svechina vera  )
The Archie Show.jpg   1968.......

Displaying фото.JPG
Oh, Honey Honey.
You are my candy girl,
and you got me wanting you.
Oh, Sugar, Sugar.
You are my candy girl 

and you got me wanting you.  
( 1996..........jean pigozzi looking at wine anetta got panama for vera svechina (anettas) from svechina veras mothers hat) 
1998 russian american conference carmel.......

I just can't believe the loveliness of loving you.
(I just can't believe it's true).
I just can't believe the wonder of this feeling too.
(I just can't believe it's true).

Oh, Honey Honey.
You are my candy girl,
and you got me wanting you.
Oh, Sugar, Sugar.
You are my candy girl
and you got me wanting you.

When I kissed you girl,
I knew how sweet a kiss could be.
(I know how sweet a kiss can be)
Like the summer sunshine
pour your sweetness over me.
(Pour your sweetness over me).

Oh pour little sugar on me honey (sugar)
Pour little sugar on me baby (honey honey)
When you make love so sweet (Yeah Yeah Yeah.)
Pour little sugar on me (oh yeah)
Pour little sugar on me honey
Pour little sugar on me baby
I'm gonna make love so sweet (hey hey hey)
Pour little sugar on me honey.

Ah sugar.
Oh honey, honey.
You are my candy, girl,
and you got me wanting you.

Oh honey (honey, honey, sugar, sugar)
Sugar, sugar
You are my candy girl.

( AFTER THEY KILLED FATHER OF VERA..tried to kill vera svechina they russian speeking hanagrian mafia that tried to kill vera svechina  2009 2010 2011 2012 in sf and mafia tried to kill mother of vera svechina in russia obninsk)
 wojcicki made crime stilling vera svechinas card 023 in 2006...chik a ( girl svechina vera is a star )  go... that ugly hangarian criminal prostitute need to go to jail. hangarian perents and mafia planed attempt to kill vera svechina since childhood of vera svechina....: 82 nine? hangarian 92+15= 97 and they got mamontova killed.... and they tried to kill vera svechina and need to go to criminal  jail. UGLY HANGARIAN AT 31 NEED TO BE KILLED. THEY TRIED TO MAKE SVECHINA VERA COMMIT SUISIDE? vc? AND WILL BE KILLED  HANGARIAN WITH tiovor AND MAFIA  AND russian JAILED
MAFIA:   attempt to get somewhere..on blood of veraas relatives....:  mafia ugly criminal valery cambel.. kill vera svechina?  and will go to jail cambel.... and to criminal jail.... (pigozzi got panama for film maker vera svechina from  veras mother hat) hangarian  illegally 2013? wants to be  vera svechina.............. and need to go to jail.      that is no to mafia hangarian that triwed to kill vera svechina with alexia pigozzi         mafia orlova.. mafia jailed ...scott and russian mafia ..  HANGARIAN IS NOT PRINCESS..... THAT UGLY MAFGIA AND NEED TO BE KILLED ASAP.........   TO  

JAIL FOR 40 YEARS ...  THAT IS JAIL: .....   that is wedding ring for only svechina vera petrovna  and prince jaimes ring... made out of stars       .....hangarian and russian mafia tried to kill vera svechina hangarian wants to be ufo and uchujin... and she is not.. and vera is not ufo. and that mafia not letting vera svechina to live life..........hangarian is simple criminal that is fucking with perents of vera svechina since 1981....aivd : love is veras breasts....and hangarian need to go to criminal jail...if prince jaime is with criminal people he will need to go to Wijk bij Duurstede, the Netherlands. Their religious wedding took place on October 5 2013 at the Church of Our Lady in Apeldoorn. and that hangarian and who ever organised that wedding  need to go to jail. that ugly hangarian got 1981...then 1990........  with ugly father.ugly mother......hangarian mafia..... to where veras place IS...(they  (MAFIA ) knew that vera svechina didnt know) .better death centence TO ORGANISERS AND TO ALL HANGARIAN FAMILY...THEY TRIED TO KILL VERA SVECHINA IN SF DOWN TOWN....THEY NEED TO GO TO JAIL. hangarian and mafia need to go to jail.
 they killed hope likes films... jaime named after film director and not after jailed mafia and hanrarian mafia made that: in apt. of veras mother..
 ???? hangariawn and mafia made atack in nyc 2001 against vera svechina...and need to go to jail.

UGLY Criminal hangarian has no relation of any kind to:    Алекса́ндра Фёдоровна (Фео́доровна, урождённая принцесса Виктория Алиса Елена Луиза Беатриса Гессен-Дармштадтская, нем. Victoria Alix Helena Louise Beatrice von Hessen und bei Rhein; 6 июня 1872 — 17 июля 1918) — российская императрица, супруга Николая II (c 1894 года). Четвёртая дочь великого герцога Гессенского и Рейнского Людвига IV и герцогини Алисы, дочери английской королевы Виктории.  hangarian jail mafia trying to get relation......... by killing people and helping mafia. with jail mafia to do crime and need to go to criminal  jail. and prince jaime and his mother need to pay vera svechina damage they life of vera svechina.

take a look....

thank you. vera

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