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that have no relation to ugly mafia hang yourself jail tivor hangarian and not SUPOST TO BE working for mafia PRINCE  jaime....killing veras relatives and dog.

    (film with hokey)  mafia   killing relatives of vera svechina and jail mafia ......russian mafia made against vera svechina traveling hookers....they need to go to jail .... russian mafia  wojcicki with veras card... chik a go card from 2000 ....are not together with that mafia. vera with that film made for kids..and ..vera svechina and family of vera and friends of svechina vera dont want to be part of that hangarian jail  crime.and they need to go to jail.

Disputed islands....... Svechina vera Petrovna ...empress Sakura...IT princess ... Apple logo made in 1977...... Dutch prince born .. 1972 for svechina vera became 

diplomat.....oon (to svechina vera petrovna)  emperor akihito....(and nori) in japan.... (naruhito prince to svechina vera petrovna )

1993 1994
"The Fool on the Hill" is a song by the Beatles. It was written and sung by Paul McCartney (credited to Lennon–McCartney) and recorded in 1967......

 Day after day,
Alone on a hill,
  ( 5 25 stock ton 40 3 children)  1997 feb. day of northern territories.
 (svechina vera 1974)
 The man with the foolish grin is keeping perfectly still
But nobody wants to know him,
They can see that he's just a fool,

  ( hope baka kina..... Hope likes films)  vera svechinas aunt...... ( that is program for  vera svechina from ussr .....only..... in sf.......vera svechina making film....) mafia killed 2010 :cservernuyak and pvo and mafia  alexia mafia  orlova aand all people that have no relation to vera s film and they need to go to jail. )

And he never gives an answer,

But the fool on the hill,
Sees the sun going down,
    ( brown hair girl in the ring ..show me your motion picture .. 1978)
And the eyes in his head,
See the world spinning 'round.

Well on his way,
Head in a cloud,
The man with a thousand voices talking perfectly loud
But nobody ever hear him,

or the sound he appears to make,
and he never seems to notice,

But the fool on the hill,
Sees the sun going down,
And the eyes in his head,
See the world spinning 'round.

And nobody seems to like him,   

( svechina vera got card 023 in 2000)
)  they can tell what he wants to do,
and he never shows his feelings,

But the fool on the hill,
Sees the sun going down,
And the eyes in his head,
See the world spinning 'round.

Ooh, ooh,
Round and round and round.

And he never listens to them,
He knows that they're the fools
They don't like him,

The fool on the hill
Sees the sun going down,
And the eyes in his head,
See the world spinning 'round.

Round and round and round

.prince japan loves svechina vera petrovna ..went to brown univercity... vera svechina is brown hair girl in the ring(engagement) ..1997..... usa....1978 vera svechina 5 years old...

2008 june 2009.....june planed........ vera meeting prince jaime.

2009 dec... atempt to kill vera svechina happened in sf and whoever made attempt to kill vera svechina need to go to jail. FBI in SF knows....  that is fake fool of the hill 2008? and they killed  steve jobs..... steve princess japan..... sakura.....   1999 vera svechina 25 ,......criminal  mafia killed  hercules bellville. 2009 .

 and mafia  need to go to jail.

  1996 panama pigozzi got for vera svechina to make film.... panama from veras mother hat........1998 pigozzi at american russian conference in ca...... simca ........ANETTA! 

IZAKAYA  duet with vera svechina Neverland....1988

"Keep flying johnny flying"....( to the svechina vera petrovna film premier    LAST TRAIN FROM ROPPONGIN AKA ASOBI) 2009 Jean Pigozzi (born 1952)  philanthropist.

  people are bying: father of jean pigozzi

 got that house.....

pigozzi didnt go to the funeral of hercules bellville ....2009...the reason:   pigozzi got together with criminal mafia.......(against vera svechina) ..and feeling guilty....he is rapist 2005..... he cant go to the funeral of hercules......

Проблема принадлежности южных Курильских островов — территориальный спор между Японией и Россией, который является неурегулированным со времени окончания Второй мировой войны.

 Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova declared on Monday that any statements calling into question Russia’s sovereignty over the Kuril Islands are unacceptable.

accepable.   .. and MOSCOW, July 29 (RIA Novosti) - Japan has rejected Russia’s proposal to engage in joint projects in the disputed Kuril Islands, the Kyodo news agency said on Sunday citing diplomatic sources.

  The Asahi Shimbun

 disput I  ( svechina vera got that to sign peace in 1996 in japan) 

making new IT  country ...............making border from russian side ........already has border from japanese side......KUT0.  よろしく...Serpuhov. 1960. house 33. kuto....in serphiov.......in 1950s......from uk.... ( ko no ko (vera svechina is prince philips friend)

svechina vera alone living there from 33 (with mother of vera and with father...nikita already moved out ) 1997 sf   pointing at fake building. not related to vera svechina, family of vera svechina ... and not related to anything in life of vera svechina...........steve jobs came back to apple.........svechina vera is apple logo model.....
svechina vera to...... tichiy okean.. (northern territories and pacific ocean)  and cut made on right side 1973....
 2008 jean pigozzi......cut already made from russian side... 1973.....

meaning new svcehina veras  country on 4 islands is already exist.......since 1973....This consensus was first expressed in September 1973   that russia should retun 4 disputed islands....demand to return 4 islands.... 7 февраля, начиная с 1982 года, в Японии проводится День северных территорий (так называют южные Курилы). NINE........ 

pigozzi is rapist 2005.....AND NEED TO Pay damage to vera svechina....

. meaning :  svechina vera is tichiy okean.......... border need to be made from russsian side.....on the right side....we see  cut (border from the russian side ) made after surgery........1973... 
 from  hospital vera svechina came out in oktoBer? Svechina vera 1980.....

new vera svechinas country on 4 isalnds is exist since 1973. Kings of Forests........empress sakura......english russian and + japanese.......(kanji)........O kto Ber?

Emperor Akihito........ ( and Nori).. 


.2008 Ovam A...... A for Apple........

   svechina vera went to japan.....
prince naruhito got engagement on veras mothers birthday.... 1993. 

svechina vera stock ton...... since 1997 ...Feb. day of northern territories...the role of the new country on 4 islands is to collect stock from all It companies in the world that are related to svechina vera petrovna .....and cool ver to make city.......


 Diana, Princess of Wales (Diana Frances   née Spencer; 1 July 1961 – 31 August 1997), was the first wife of Charles, Prince of Wales, the eldest child and heir apparent of Queen Elizabeth II.
LADY DI.  (fan of  svechina vera petrovna) 
not related to politics life and  death ? then related to mafia.....and mafia need to go to jail.

 and mafia from hangary and russia tried to kill vera svechina
2009 2010 2011 2012 telling vera that vera svechina killed princess diana? of course it's not vera svechina and mafia hangarian tivor victoriya alexia aND MAAFIA BEHIUND ATTEMPT TO KILL VERA SVECHINA .. RAPIST PIGOZZI 2005..... MAFIA IS FORMER PRINCESS MAXIMA OF NEDELANDS  and mafia need to go to jail.

 The Asahi Shimbun
what doing in life of vera petrovna svechina :
DP or PVV    dutch prince or VVputin? 
 making attempt to kill svechina vera (anetta) with jail and tivor ,... hangarian mafia father of ugly hangarian...mafia victoriya cservernyak...  and killing relatives and dog of vera svechina.
jean pigozi is putin? and the putin...really..... fake.
really vv putin and lyudmila putina hired 1999 to make sure vera svechina gets 300 000$ from Goskino in 2004 or earlier. vere sha film  budget money hired.....and svechina vera gets to the edge conference in ca. as apple logo model and gets her stock..... ( steve princess japan..is ..svechina vera petrovna ) cut already made from russian side... 1973.....
meaning new country already exist....... from 1973 ...problem is to make it "dostoyaniem glastnosti" .........perestroika glastnost began in 1985.....unknown?

The Asahi Shimbun  
???????? 2013? so far MAFIA  killed about 20 relatives of vera svechina and steve jobs with jackson. alexander mcqueen ......  that ugly hangarian killed.         and need to go to jail.... hangarian prostitutes mafia are against day of northern territories in japan.....pigozzi is rapist. hanagRIAN And pvo killed diana with zhukova and didnenko and mafia .. that tivor and mafia alexia niejelsaki and mafia from russia.....marina orlova criminal... all mafia  have no relation to vera svechina......at all . need to go to criminal  jail. 2009 2010 2011 2012 ugly mafai tivor and cservernyak tried to kill vera svechina and need to go to jail. pvo too..mafia there.....vera svechina is not paying for that ugly people and vera is very not happy that they killed relatives of vera..svechina including hope baka kina ( hope like films...veras anut) that is organised crime. they illegally got greek on timer of vera svechina.... 2003.... to kill vera svechina and need to go to jail.

  nederlands have to make that happening,,,hangarian and mafia need to go to jail.. that ugly hanagrian and all mafia behind that death of steve jobs ..... american corporation # 1....if every mafia will come and kill as many people as they wish by being wrong....that cant continue..........svechina vera knows and knew who vera svechina is......crime made and they need ot go to jail.

  and tried to kill vera svechina. (princess anetta 2009in sf ca usa ... 5 25 stock ton... 403... vera svechina went to FBI...) and 

who ever tried to kill vera svechina 2009 2010 2011 2012 qnds they need to go to jail.
 United Russia Logos.svg
United Russia (Russian: Еди́ная Росси́я; Edinaya Rossiya) is the current ruling party in Russia.in 2000. 2001.....
made  against vera svechina The Asahi Shimbun   and "suverenitet",   english: sovereignty of svechina veras new little country made out of 4 islands north of Japan in 1973........ and  anne wojcicki  illegally stole veras macy's card. from 2000 and got illegal investment  in 2006....with name of vera svechinas card........

  and russian speacking mafia  tried to kill empress 

  svechina vera petrovna....  in 2009 2010 2011 2012 in sf ..with tivor from hangary and jail mafia  that illegally was getting in life of vera svechina since veras childhood... and sergey selyanov didnt find money for vera svechinas film in 2004.

 illegally made t shirts from photos of vera svechina........ with putin...for some reason...they need to make t shirts with svechina vera....( and they need to pay for using the imadge)

 time of veras birth build apple store in tokyo japan..and on veras street...

 apple comapany is private american company..(princess anetta 2009...steve princess Japan)) svechina vera apple logo model. svechina vera planed to get stock. only vera svechina they owe stock too and that cant be replaced.
  minoru yamazaki  for kuril isalnds....
The Asahi Shimbun ..yamazaki is 1st company in japan  
June  vera svechinas birthday in June 1973......... Svechina vera Twin and that Band ........svechina veras fans.....and fans of film  last train from roppongi aka asobi.
mata ichi svechina vera........making film in japan.....

yama   to! ( svechina vera)

  new northern territories go meThe Asahi Shimbun    r y .....
  prince naruhito  ( SVECHINA VERA only 1 ningen female human in the world) got engagement on veras  mothers  in 1993.....Four islands - which Russia calls the Southern Kurils and Japan calls the Northern Territories - are the subject of a 60-year-old dispute that ended in 1993.........
 vera svechina got the crown....empress sakura IT....

 svechina vera 1997 in sf pointing on fake building....vera svechina living in gate 15........steve jobs came back to apple.
svechina vera stock ton..apple is american company... 

 Together, Brin and Page own about 16 percent of the company google . How much of the company google owns svechina vera? 

 ????    alive  steve jobs : svechina vera owes 10 billion dollars of apple ......by 2010. 


who and what for? ordered that:

cheap  crime in 2001 ... mafia.....posibly....

  against vera svechina princess anetta 2009 . FBI in sf dont understand....?crime  against saji san...... against vera svechina making film.....against steve jobs.....????

 4 World Trade Center (also known by its street address, 150 Greenwich Street) is a skyscraper that is part of the new World Trade Center complex in New York City. It opened to tenants and the public on November 13, 2013Fumihiko Maki 2010 alt.jpgFumihiko Maki. mafia paid?
..fucking ugly hangarian jail mafia vc and all garbish around that ugly hangarian mafia with jail mafia  that tried to kill vera svechina with mafia . 2009 2010 2011 2012 in sf.. they russian speaking mafia... vera svechina have no relation to that mafia people .... and they need to be killed for people they killed in family of vera svechina. pvo and mafia with them.. THAT ONLY WOULD MAKE NOW SVECHINA VERA VERY HAPPY.  THEY KILLED 20 RELATIVES OF VERA AND DOG. vc is hang yourself.. that ugly hangarian is not s...
they with  hanrarian jailed mafia ........broke svechina veras neck and need to go to jail.    interpol need to be 
getting on that criminhal case: where pigozzi is rapist ......ugly hangarian has no relation to pigozzis  book a shirt visit on planet earth that is made for vera svechina.

a lot of things to do......

.......in 1990..... that mentally ill  hangarian wanted to have relation to pigozzis anything...and need to go to jail.  they kiled they tried to kill vera svechina  

as a film maker, as a woman...??????? as future  mother .....and  they need to go to jail.
 2008- 1974 = 34 3+4 = 7 .... svechina veras face
 went with apple public 1980. USSR.

2007 vera svechina 34 .... (still 33) what naomi doing in veras hat? she is not 33....
panama pigozzi got 1996  for vera svechina to make film nine.....
cambel and her prostitute mother vc that with hanagrian mafia and
rapist 2005 pigozzi tried to kill vera svechina 2009 . and alexia and orlova all russian and hanagrian mafia and former princess maxima need to go to jail.
  2008  disputed islands mafia zhukova? no.... that is fake:  mafia abramovich illegally on veras photo as a child... mafia got mafia zhukova.....? they need to go to jail. 
vera dont like hanagrian  tivor with  jail people and mafia zhukova
with orlova and alexia killed veras relatives got on veras time with 
mafia abramovich and made crime.  that people are not related to vera svechina: that is criminal mafia: fatgher of zhukova is criminal mafia......ugly  all that : cheap mafia without their own life: 
get a life: after they will get off jail: vera svechina not at that level...... that is  mafia:
they killed steve jobs... they made 911 crime.... prosstitute didenko.... they criminal mafia people: against film made for vera svechina and prince jaime.  against hokey....2003 : killed relatives of vera sVECHINA AND NEED TO BE GOING TO CRIMINAL JAIL. 

     2008 illegal garazh made.....  and mafia with zhukova  tivor cservernyak tried to kill vera sevechina and they need to go to jail. who allowed that mafia zhukova to get in life of vera svechina? 

 mafia prohorov and didenko alexia niejelski are mafia....anetta platinum 2009 is not together with that mafia they need to go to jail for killed hercules bellville. and illegally getting in life of vera svechina.  vera svechina not inviting them in life of vera svechina.

pigozzi ..... zhukova mafia with crime 911 attack against vera 

svechina and prince jaimes wedding.... that is jock....that film......twin is vera  svechina's zodiak sign......
svechina vera without crime 1996 making film. pigozzi got in the wrong group and killed steve jobs. and killed jackson...and they need to go to jail.

that is just a costume...girl darya... svechina vera petrovna only is not costume..mafia killed grandfather of that girl darya...for zhukova birthday..hangarian mafia ...pigozzi....2010,...mafia TIVOR and orlova and mafia tried to kill vera with victoriya cservernyak saying that vrea svechina is osama bin laden... they need to go to jail. vera svechina is not osama bin laden... pigozzi rapist .... 2005./..
and they need to go to jail. and pay damadge.

and need  to go to criminal jail : .
for killed hercules bellville in 2009 .  pigozzi said to vera you are not rich. Svechina Vera is Rich Bride..... 1937.from blackland..

shiller and apple have no relation to that ugly hangarian mafia.. that killed steve jobs and made that in ugly prostitutes country of mafia hangarian tivor with jail mafia cservernyak . mafia got fake girls 
everywhere :makarova mafia didenko prohorov orlova alexia to get to kill svechina vera. scott. zhukova..... .. that need to go to jail: for killing relatives of vera svechina ( original Bride of prince jaime related to apple corporation) hangarian ugly and not related: and made crime. tried to kill vera svechina 2009 2010 2011 2012. and killed steve jobs...

  prostitute mafia : cheap HRH Crown Princess Victoria, Duchess of Westrogothia is the heiress-apparent to the Throne of Sweden (she is also the world's not only female heir-apparent because of svechina vera petrovna empress    (name of vera svechina in english and russian)

The Asahi Shimbun new IT princess.. 
born 1973.........) 

 ..   swedish are  lying.....and that ugly victoriya from sweden need to pay vera svcehina for ugly cheap criminal film director from her country that is illegally with mafia making russian woman look horrible in criminal films that he makingФото illegally from photos of vera svechina  that he finds illegally in veras apt..... and he killing russian woman....and not letting vera svechina live veras life. ..vera svechina didnt allowed....

jail ugly mafia tivor ( criminal and hand yourself victoriya mafia. .. need to be killed. that ugly hangarian have no relation to pigozzi s panama  (from veras mothers hat)  no relation to vera svechina and no relation to prince jaime (japan loves vera svechina from 33) .... that mafia hangarian made wedding to kill vera svechina and they need to go to jail. )
  .. russian .mafia made vera svechina disabled for more then 3 yeras....THAT 

   cserverbnyak wants to be vera svechina (and  get married to prince jaime)  and tried to kill vera svechina.... and need to go to jail. CUBAN MAFIA IS NOT WEF THEY FAKE AND CRIMINAL ..... .THEY tivor  WITH JAIL AND THEY WERE NOT WELCOMED: CRIMINAL PEOPLE WILL NEVER BE WELCOMED..... How to put that hangarian mafia tivor that killed father of vera svcehina and his ugly wife and that ugly fake hangarian bride to jail ? or kill...that is not svechina vera: getting married: 
 that is not the wedding:
 . cheap  wedding  to kill svechina vera.... who organised that? ....and they need to be going to jail. and pay damage to vera svechina now for more then 3 years disabily and not being able to work........  hangarian father and morther that prepered attempt to kill vera svcehina with mafia   and that hanagrian ugly victoriya   nine? 1982 .....  ........and .GOING TO JAIL with criminal people right now. for killed people.... pigozzi rapist going to jail... for rape...... ( and with prince jaime to deal separatly about that case of attempt to kill svechina vera , his soviet bride) and veras killed relatives....and killed dog .. vera svechina didnt allowed any of that crime... CSERVERNYAK IS NOT MARRIED TILL IN JAIL FOR 30 YEARS OR KILLED. . .. cB2?  2000. TIVOR rO V i T? cB2?  VERA  IS MOTHER OF VERA? mafia  mentally ill....... NEED TO BE KILLED. HANGARIAN MAFIA IN NEDERLANDS...IT NOT FUCKING BUSSINESS OF FUcKING JAILED HANAGRIAN MAFIA cservernyak TRIED TO KILL MOTHER OF VERA SVECHINA........ TRIED TO KILL VERA SVECHINA 2009 SVECHINA VERA WAS HAPPY. had no idea of any prince jaime.

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