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HI!...VERA Svechina STOCK TON... 2010 10 billion stock from apple...... from other IT companies....not related to anything exept svechina vera.

(born to kill svechina vera and steve jobs  and prince jaime japan loves svechina vera ...hangarian with mafia that paing for that attempt to kill vera since before vera born...... then 1982.hangarian russian mafia need to go to  mental hospital) NINE? : they hating veras mother...... the reason why prince jaime born....(is  svechina vera) . that is not stimulates consumers to spend more. that is planed and organised crime.... and  NEED TO GO TO JAIL .........some ugly mafia paying for that,....vera svechina dont want any ugly mafia in life of vera svechina....vera svechina apple logo made when vera svcehina was a child.... cleen and nice money........ FOUND WHAT VERA WAS WRITING............hangarian  WITH MAFIA .... 1990 SVECHINA VERA TO TELL TO VERAS MOTHER :NINE.......SVECHINA  VERAS  BALL IS SVECHINA VERAS  film and 4 ISLANDS.....1990 .   svechina vera with george 


vera svechina  making film LAST TRAIN FROM ROPPONGI AKA ASOBI that takes place in japan....and russia... from 1998...with merchandising related stricktly to autobyographical  film
LAST TRAIN FROM ROPPONGI AKA ASOBI .... In retail commerce, visual display merchandising means merchandise sales using product design, selection, packaging, pricing, and display that stimulates consumers to spend more. This includes  physical presentation of products and displays, and the decisions about which products should be presented to which customers at what time..

In the broadest sense, merchandising is any practice which contributes to the sale of products
to a retail consumer. 

 pixar.....vps productions....american zoetrope......

 vera svechina  film producer, screenwriter, director, and entrepreneur. 

still it was USSR ........ meaning it svechina veras... 4 islands1990..... svechina vera 35  ....prince japan loves svechina vera...2009 19 1+ 9=20 vera svechina went to japan....... 

 1993 : 2009. 


criminal mafia  knew exactly that it's all about Svechina Vera..... 

they were simply not nice.....: and tivor and mafai  need to go to jail.  they have no relation to what vera svechina doing.....
 they criminal ugly mafia: very boring:
 THAT UGLY HANGARIAN and mafia  that have no relation neither to japan or anything.... too ugly that cservernyak... for what reason to nederlands went? 1990?  to kill vera svechina...and need to be killed or go to jail..... they got  get to svechina veras prince jaime... scvernyak nine?  1982 born by mafia and KGB.. and prostitute her mother.......AND ALL OF THAT PEOPLE NOT RELATED TO VERAS LIFE AND  they kileld relatives of vera svechina and need to go to jail.        WITHOUT GETTING VERA SVecHINA MARRIED TO PRINCE JAIME  nederlands have no relation to apple steve jobs or anything in veras project. (including edge dinner)


that against svechina vera:

NEED TO GO TO JAIL  that band bering straght .... got on time and in life of vera svechina ... 14 we dont have marina....of any kind vera svechina dont have any sergey......

0 is not obninsk... its female vera svechina....

and that is mafia....:  2003: CB ?  Country Band (what country?)  they didnt get grammy ... vera svechina:  princess Anetta.

 got.....if did and IZAKAYA with

  2009 Fashion show....(1980).1980 Newsweek Olympic cboycott cover image     apple logo veras svechinas star on hollywood bulevard...2009.with film last train from roppongi aka asobi......2009.

.... mafia hanagrian prostitite 
have no relation to vera svechina with her jailed mafia tivor.....tried to kill vera svechina and need to go to jail. .ProOSTITUTE  scervernyak and russian mafia THAT GOT IN LIFE OF PRINCE JAIME TO KILL SVECHINA VERA  tried to kill vera svechinan 2009 2010 2011 2012  and need to go to jail.( went to nederlands 1990 sucking to pigozzi against pigozzi to kill vera svechina. na huya?  vera svechina didnt allowed. ) and hangaruina mafia need to go to criminal jail. delano ? sucking to jean pigozzi and to prince jaime on expence of vera svechina NEED TYO GO  TO JAIL...... .. ( vera svechina is not with svetlana and yuris group. 100% oposit....) . knowing that and pigozzi and prince jaime are born for vera svechina and mother of vera svechina....brin is not related to vera svechina.     ugly sofia coppola..... is very jealous of vera svechina and prince jaime.. that is not stimulates consumers to spend more. that is planed and organised crime....we dont have f i ya? ugly hangarian have no relation to that people in obninsk..... they did mammoth... mamontova olesya and olhovskiy will pay to vera svechina damage and going to jail,...... what oligarh mafia  abramovich doing in veras life?  that is not stimulates consumers to spend more. that is planed and organised crime    that is not stimulates consumers to spend more. that is planed and organised crime  .     or olygarh mafia prohorov? that is not stimulates consumers to spend more. that is planed and organised crime. and illegally coppola ugly way went to tokyo 2003...... on time of vera to make film,. we dont need pigozzi rapist in veras shirt.. ( pigozzi did crime without vera svechina knowing) ... making attempt to kill vera svechina  ( they will not be able to get neither money neither islands) ...and they need to go to jail. pigozzi rapist that is not stimulates consumers to spend more. that is planed and organised crime... prostitute greek.....with KGB mafia....... that is not stimulates consumers to spend more. that is planed and organised crime....  pigozzi need to pay damage to vera svechina....... we dont need his panama he need to go to jail for rape. ugly wojcicki criminal.......they need to go to jail..well you know us . we never talk about future products. there used to be a saying at apple : isnt it funy? ( fany face svechina vera petrovna  brown hair girl in the ring......1978 svechina vera 5 yeras old.....  ) A ship that leaks from the top (from 3 floor to 2 floor from apt. of vera to apt. on 2 floor very often since 1976  something is liking..) So- I dont wanna perpetruate that. SO I really cant say. On any information regarding upcoming ipod relises abc news 2005. Steve Jobs about Bussiness. i pod and my ship 
san 77 85.....(gate 15. apt. 158). ( svechina veras ship svcehina vera apple logo...and "next") 2003 tokyo....... opened 1 apple store........
svechina vera stock ton! since 1997.

  1991 .... TERAVERA. 1990 pigozzis book also made for vera.....
   2009 mafia need to go ot jail: pigozzi rapist :  alexia orlova mafia  tried to kill vera and killed kolya....rapist pigozzi and mafia and need to go to jail.  criminal  ugly wojcicki  PUTIN PEOPLE:  GOT ILLEGALLY CARD OF VERA SVECHINA .... TRIED TO KILL VERA SVECHINA... THEY CRIMINAL AND UGLY..ALL THAT PUTINS PEOPLE. that vera never met.... and svechina vera dont  want to meet in life of vera svechina illegally ...tried to kill vera svechina and need to go to jail veras card chik ago.....and made illegal compnay with mafia...... killed father of vera and tivor tried to kill vera svechinA hangarian MAFIA   cservernyak need to be to jail........ and get  the fuck out from life of vera svcehina.vera svechina have no interest in that mafia ugly people....

yamamoto mataichiro is about only vera svechinas film. 1998  Джобс держит белый iPhone 4 на Worldwide Developers Conference в 2010 году  eve born from steve jobs.... 1978 vera svechina brown hair girl in the ring has engagement with prince japan loves svechina vera ...from nederlands. to 1998 20 years old vera svechina went to JAPAN to make film .......... 
   Miss Universe logo.pngmiss......(EVERY YEAR))
Missearth.pngMiss World logo.svgSexy book by Vera Svechina.

 the only ningen female in the world vera

putin or who? mataichi ro   ( for vera svechinas film only ....working with vera)

 made crime 2000...... calling on place and time of vera svechina to make film : obninsk 1 scence city to do crime

 against vera svechina  against mother of vera svechina killed ruslana korshunova 2008 .killed by orlova and hangarian mafia      meaning      
 here is vera svechinas home in russia.........:

 has no relation to vera svEChina:  vera svechina dont want any mafia relation:

mafia abramovich got illegally futbol team...boat illegal eclips made and tried to kill vera svechina and prohorov got illegal car from book of vera svechina. they all who participated need to go to jail.......  they killed steve jobs.... and didnt give money to vera and vera didnt get stock....vera svechina dont know that people. and zhukova got in photos of vera  ON time of vera svechina  on place of veras wine illegal winzavod......2008 ????????? need to be put by interpol with mafai   TIVOR and his mafia victoriya cservernyak NNED TO GO to jail.   alexia orlova and all mafia need to go to jail.  vera svechina never ever met that peoiple: they not vera svechina..... THAT IS NOT RELATED TO VERA SVECHINA PEOPLE: THAT'S PUTINS PEOPLE:  (PUTIN THE PERSON WHO WAS OPOINTED TO GIVE MONEY 300000 $ TO VERA SVECHINA TO MAKE FILM...2004  HE DIDNT) THEY CANT GET IN LIFE OF VERA SVCEHINA. THEY AGAINST VERA SVECHINA: MEANING AGAINST PIGOZZI AGAINST NEDERLANDS USA JAPAN.... ALL EARTH...

what all that people are doing in life of vera svechina?  vera svechina never met and dont know this people.  they mafia: and their place in jail.


neither Darya neither irina neither olga are have any relation to vera svechina....they did damage only  to life of vera svechina.
and they need to go to jail and pay for damage they made .

vera svcehina dont want to know wojcicki.......... at all.... 23 and me is vera company and wojhcicki need to go to jail.  out from life of vera for all time in the wold....... eva born from steve jobs about film of vera svechina mafia tried to kill vera... hoped that vera svechina will not make film....... and they killed stev jobs... and tghey need to go ot jail. wojcicki one of that mafia ...... ugly wojcicki and maFIA TIVOR FROM HANGARY TRIED TO KILL VERA SVECHINA IN SF AND MADE EILLEGALLY VERA TO MOVE OUT.....

Anna wintour got job 1988 to write about svechina vera.. apple logo model from ussr making film.....

    1993 union royal.... VF

Makes sence:  if they dont write about vera svechina alexis is looking mentaly ill... anna wintour got on veras time and ship fake make alexis look mentally ill....alexis got job 2003 jewelry editor....

.    anna wintour got to fake building  oleg died in nederlands flag in 158....2008 apt. 99 elena? how anna wintour got there?  ... and what happen to very famous :........  1988 anna wintour got job to write about film maker vera svechina,.... BRIDE OF prince  japan loves
 svechina vera...........  ATARI MAE?
   svechina vera paying money................

to make film in japan........svechina vera stock ton...... 

2003  fake greek olga on veras ship...........illegally jagger making crime.
....russian mafia  that organised illegally  mafia makarova and scott  tok s ( they used brother of vera svechina .. vera svechina stock ton..... they:  s tok ton! vesta is not KGB....vesta is godess of home...mafia used and killed veras dog illegally to make money..and give nothing to vera svechina.) against svechina veras film..  Park gorkogo . vera dont like band park gorkogo (princess girl is vera svechina) that much......    Mafia:    svechina veras breasts D'cap antibes and prince jaime is the veras BRA....  that is fake in svechina veras dress from 1992 ( very inportant dress....with wite roses.. all about film vera making in japan)  .....vera svechina never heard of:   olga karmuhina got child toshik?В 1998 году происходит встреча с Алексеем Беловым,   ( alexei and inna fake didneko and prohorov.... mafia      гитаристом рок-группы «Парк Горького».2 мая 2000 года на свет появился долгожданный и желанный ребенок - дочка Анатолиya fake cheap mafia disco dancing in veras shirt. that people that vera dont know ..that is mafia: ....:that is not film makers:   THAT IS SUCKERS OF PUTINS DICKS ... WHO'S THAT HEAD OF PUTINS DICK SUCKING AGAINST VERA  SVECHINA?

2009 after vera met jagger and met mafia orlova in cannes mafia and fake  LINDA came to veras meeting with russian mafia chiliyanz sergey and they tried to kill vera svechina...TIVOR hangarian mafia . and they need to go to jail. they killed father of vera with hanagrian mafia... and hope baka kina.... hope likes films... :::::: they no one to vera: vera dont know this people: .... that is mafia: that is not relativE of vera svEChina:   VERA SVECHINA IS NOT HOUSE FOR HOUSE AND THEY ARE HOUSE FOR HOUSE BUT WHAT THEY VERA DONT KNOWE... VERA NOT TOGETHER WITH THEM AND THEY CANT GET IN LIFE POOF VERA ILLEGALLY. 
that is mafia and they need to go to jail. 1993....2009 ...... fake building  criminal alexia mentally ill.     that is svechina veras school. from mother of vera svechinas village....1950s...
....... prince naruhito got engagement on birthday of mother of svechina from russia....  1993..........vera svechina dont like zhukova and alexia.. vera svechina is not makarova.....mafia.....that ugly pvo didnt go to that veras school: they tried to kill vera and need to be found in nederlands by and go to jail with tivor chervernyak..and ugly hangarian.... that need to go to jail : and they made erthquake in japan after they with mafia tried to kill vera svechina.   mental ilness:  turist? mafia: 
that tried to kill vera svechina and need to go to jail. 

that is not related to veras life: that killed relatives of vera: mafia: and need to go to jail.  
vera hates mafia abramovich and all mafia and they need to get the fuck out from life of vera// alexia is not vera svechina. alexia niejelski born 1983 is fake and they killed steve and tried to kill vera svechina ...killed relatives of vera svechina and need to go jail they with fake orlova and fake naomi with ugly mother and zhukova fake former princess maxima... tried to kill vera svechina.     svechina breast D 'cap Antibes and prince jaime is The Bra for vera svcehina.  названная по благословению старца 
Николая   makarova stole veras shirt and ugly vc cuban tivor mafia jailes and cuban stole veras FILA from UNION royal... ( from veras father and mother to vera svechina)  that is mafia:

               . .. . and rapist  jean pigozzi went to japan 2008...liya name of ...
.. on time of svechina vera petrovna (anettas) (russians changed flag to look like nederlands flag) film .. 5 25 stock ton... vera 25.... KILLED HERCULES BELLVILE  killed by mafia.... 2009 .

1999  .  and mafia that killed hercules need to go to jail. ...that is not stimulates consumers to spend more. that is planed and organised crime. and fake greek:2005 mafia maxima called child alexia pigozzi rapist....LIVER cut off  and they tried to kill svechina vera too...steve jobs maybe didnt know about the crime same as vera didnt know.  jean  pigozzi is not living in my apt. greek olga also... not living in my apt. they need to go to jail. 
that illegal: alexia knew about that crime... alexia said to pigozzi alexia and pigozzi will go to jail together.... they need to go to jail.....2003: alexia niejelski ugly and fake and need to go to criminal jail. 1983 2003 get thge fuck out from veras film project: that ugly mafia: 

they mafia  from obninsk... they  ( who? they dont know vera and vera dont know who that is.... ) tried to kill vera svechina 2009 
after octopus. they with orlova . alexia zhukova they know... pigozzi with them.......(octopus with veras film) .....and after meeting dmiriy

 leslevski  .................with his friends.....

  they with prostitutes from turkey ugly  makarova,.against vera svechina and against veras film.....2000 .against meaning not together:
 obninsk number 1 scentist city? on place of vera svechinas film
jail mafia: tivor hanagrian mafia: orlova that tried to kill vera svechina.....and they all need to go to jail.

. that is not stimulates consumers to spend more. that is planed and organised crime... vera met ones in life and they not related to vera svechina. cuban mafia hangarian mafia all have no right to do what they do........on expence of vera svechina and need to go to jail.  THAT IS RUSSIAN MAFIA  they killed steve jobs ..........and relatives of vera svechina. that is not stimulates consumers to spend more.  attempt to kill svechina vera by criminal hangarian and russian mafia and alexia niejelski  and earthquake in japan is  planed and organised crime.

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