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SVECHINA VERA...! barack obama need to take responsibility for attempt to kill veras mother..... by mafia hangarian and russian mafia

FROM VERAS PHOTO........1994 +15 = 2009 ... SVECHINA VERA DONT NEED BROKEN NECK...... THAT fake film BROKE VERAS NECK.......: and they need to go to jail.naomi fake: naomi is not relative of vera....and need to go to jail.mafia making that fake films ...
   that mafia are against veras film and against veras life KILLING RELATIVEs OF VERA SVECHINA like aunt HOPE LIKES FILMS.       veras rod en....lucky for film making. mafia killing steve jobs...same people that killed veras relatives....RELATED TO VERAS FILM AND WEDDING WITH PRINCE JAIME OF FILM MAKER VERA SVECHINA and they need to go to criminal jail.and pay damage they made
Edwin CatmullA Computer Animated Hand is a 1972 American computer-animated film produced by Edwin Catmull. ( ed hopfully  respects his own film... same as coppola... tom LUDDY you reaponsible for vera svechinas film) prince jaime bernardo born. BE PA:     made in sf to help svechina vera make one film.....

«Безумия-13», этот фильм считается coppolas  дебютной режиссёрской работой. 1963 .. 1973 born svechina vera petrovna

"Top of the World" is a 1972 song... nine  a sort visit on planet earth, 1973...... (so much to do!)

Such a feelin's comin' over me

There is wonder in most everything I see

Not a cloud in the sky

Got the sun in my eyes

And I won't be surprised if it's a dream

Everything I want the world to be

Is now coming true especially for me ( FOR SVECHINA VERA PETROVNA)

And the reason is clear


Love U DD Y ... DNA........ prince jaime bernardo: Love, I bra.........    Love is  svechina vera

It's because you are  here ( svechina vera got U in japan)

You're the nearest thing to heaven that I've seen

I'm on the top of the world lookin' down on creation

And the only explanation I can find

Is the love that I've found ever since you've been around

Your love's put me at the top of the world

Something in the wind has learned my name

And it's tellin' me that things are not the same

In the leaves on the trees and the touch of the breeze

There's a pleasin' sense of happiness for me

There is only one wish on my mind. One stock ton

Location: One Stockton Street, San Francisco CA
Number: 77
Grand Opening: 12, 2004, 10 a.m.
  (zolushka vera svcehina started to make film in 2004)

Building: Located at at the tri-corner of Stockton, Ellis and Market Streets., a major intersection in downtown San Francisco just south of Union Square.
The original 1973 building

When this day is through  ( when svechina vera will get stock) I hope that I will find

That tomorrow will be just the same for you and me

All I need will be mine if you are here   ( all I need will be mine if Im alive)

I'm on the top of the world lookin' down on creation

And the only explanation I can find

Is the love that I've found ever since you've been around

Your love's put me at the top of the world

 Empror Akihito      has a customer part  is  in one on the Svechina veras film. about 10 minutes into the film Emperor ahikito walking in "casablanca" club as Anetta and Mogi are leaving after looking for job.....
(owner of Casablanca said only Svechina vera can make  film in Casablanca ) 

Displaying фото.JPG

PRINCE JAIME WAS BORN 1972 on NET HER LANDS ..FOR SVECHINA VERA .....AT svechina veras  35 PLANED FOR HIM TO ASK FOR svechina veras arm in real life .........scean with anettas hand , the ring with rubi and diamonds  AS WELL IN VERAS FILM 
......    and vv putin was hired 2000 with his wife ludmila puti please:  to make sure that vera svechina will get money $ 300 000 from goskino in 2004...for co production film ...or earlier then 2004 when vera met vere sha film bugget   in 1998 .born just  to find vera bugget for the film in 1953...neither ..   neither      have any relation to svechina all.... mafia from russia hangarian tivor mafia  tried to kill svechina vera instead  of giving film buget 2009: and they need to go to jail. they began after they stopped veras film in 2004 in russia . PUSHKIN: Говорят царевна есть: from ussr .......born 1973.
  svechina vera petrovna  

prince naruhito got engagement on svechina veras mothers birthday 1993.
маfia with terrorist 2001:пусть говорят

Тест ДНК для насильника.. 

from villadge : восемь лет назад родила ребенка..2013 -8= 2005..called him lera... (after mafia stopped 2004  veras film "last train from roppongi aka asobi" vera svechina was 31          ) has no relation to svechina veras film: viktoriya titova fake mgik orlova mafia and cservenyak victoriya mafia with jails.....are need to go to jail. anna and lera?   that need to be killed.  anna is not with veras film.. and need to be killed with if there anything in that ugly hangarian. 2013/// 31 ... made attempt to kill svechina vera 2009 2010 2011 2012 killed hercules bellville and hope likes films... veras aunt and need to go to jail....hangarian jail related tivor and mafia viktoriya that with fake alexia niejelski and fake orlova killed miroru mori.....with veras roppongi hills and made illegally move out svechina vera from veras apt. in sf .......and need to be killed: and in jail criminal and damadge need to be paid now . to mother of vera that mafia tried to kill .

that fucking ugly hanagrian tried to kill vera svechina. mafia sucking dick of pigozzi  .killed steve jobs .loosing.. band bering straght.... that is a not with kanji and they killed hercules....I want to see jaime paying to vera for damadge he made and hangarian in  grave,. .cservenyak is wrong and criminal...... who paying for csernenyak? that elena pleshivzeva from apt. 99 .... svechina vera is 1 % vera svechina is not from apt. 99 alexander and elena :  ugly mafia: jelous and not loved by prince jaime or anyone......hangarian prostitute cservernyak  likes to fuck children  (mentally ill hangarian ( and all other mafia) that tried to kill vera svechina  and  get on life of vera svechina ) and hangarian  fucked with jackson: made jackson to look like he fucking children...killed him .. (on time to sing with vera svechina) really ill hangarian :  need to be killed. then if saito going to jaill.... all other fucking in vatican will go to jail.... hangarian fucking and killing and likes that protecting mafia ....... rapist pigozzi.....2005

 hangarian and mafia behind attempt to kill vera svechina..BRIDE OF PRINCE JAIME FROM USSR  jackson planed to sing with vera svechina...mafia jealous ...  that ugly                  fake criminal hangarian cservenyak need to get the fuck out from life of vera svechina to jail with tivor father  hangarian that has no relation to vera svechina killed father of vera svechina and film of vera svechina in japan that planed by vera svechina to meet prince jaime ...for many many years . that try to kill......that vera cant make.... that is illegal...... .hangarian fake ugly and mafia and planed to get in veras film with rapist... hangarian found to fuck with vera svechina veras oscar and nobel prize with steve jobs out of jealousy .........knowing that vera svechina will have story with saito....1993 the  film and that will get him to jail.. ( vera svechina not doing anything to get to jail)_ saito (kanji)  is criminal's much better to get him to jail.... saito working with children....illegally hangarian got in life of vera svechina hoping to kill svechina get to prince jaime......jsapan loves svechina vera . ugly hangarian is not in the program  made damadge with her ugly father tivor they with ukrain on place of I love you..(for only vera svechina) .  and they need to go to jail. ...hangarian is not welcomed since 1981 ..... orlova mafia not welcomed and need to to jail. 2005 pigozzi rapist and they tyried to kill vera svechina 2009 and need to be killed. olhovskiy fucked at 15 ........that all illegal.........2013 and that band also fucking with vea svechina want to get in life of vera with same rapist././.... that not working .....for attempt to kill vera svechina.... need to go to jail. 2003 veras time ,.......that hangarian and mafia going to be killed. anna russian queen used to be in nederlands....and veras film? are not related.......vera svechina with emperor akihito and prince naruhito and with KANJI.. .....and   that victoriya cservenyak with jailes....killed veras relatvies killed hercules bellville...... jaime bernardo is with films.....and tried to kill svechina vera     with help of criminal mafia and

and they need to go to criminal jail. veras film in japan has no relation to hangarian prostitute cservenyak....... because of japanese characters. kanji.......hangarian cservernyak want relation to vera svechina because svechina vera is real bride of prince jaime..... svechina vera dont want hanagrian prostitute that fucking veras 
"fiance" after hanagarian and other mafia with mafia from russia  killed about 20 relatives of vera svechina during the years illegally getting in life of vera svechina to kill and they tried to kill vera svechina in sf...including they tried to kill veras mother .... that hangarian and mafia  need to go to criminal jail.

svechina vera 2009 "Rich Bride" is svechina vera from 1937.......
  ...Displaying фото.JPG
 "Someday My Prince Will Come" is a popular song from Walt Disney's 1937

 2009 for svechina vera petrovna ......
 for 1 hour 10 min film.....oscar. princess anetta 2009.

sakuras wedding  and stanford.......

Some day my prince (japan loves svechina vera
will come 2008 2009
Displaying фото.JPG

Some day I'll find my love
And how thrilling that moment will be
When the prince of my dreams comes to me
He'll whisper "I love you" (prince  JAPAN LOVES svechina vera Bernardo)
And steal a kiss or two
Though he's far away
I'll find my love some day
Some day when my dreams come true
Some day I'll find my love
Someone to call my own
And I'll know him the moment we meet
For my heart will start skipping a beat
Some day we'll say I do
Things we've been longing to
Though he's far away I'll find my love some day
Some day when my dreams come true
Somewhere waiting for me
There is someone I'm longing to see
Someone I simply can't help but adore
Someone who'll thrill me forever
Someday my prince will come
Someday I will find the one
Though he's far away
He'll find my love someday
Someday when my dreams come true
Oh please make my dreams come true

 cool ver city.........born robert 1952.......made apple 
logo from face of vera svechina in 1977.....
 Displaying фото.JPG

and when svechina vera will deside to go to japan...
.in ..october 1993.

peace nobel prize film.... vera svechina got hanko in 1996 to sign peace between russia
and japan and to make new IT country on 4 islands....... 


comercial in tokyo subway: mr. gorbachev presenting new svechina  veras countryDentsu logo made 1901.....

meeting of perents of vera
Displaying фото.JPGprincess nori of japan 
born 1969.....1973 is born vera svechina .......

empress  (svechina vera petrovna) and  emperor jaime........(born in  october)

empress michiko and emperor akihito.........
made world trade center......emperor akihito two.............yamazaki build.............for svechina veras birthday...prince jaime became diplomat..........

1 svechina veras  cristmas in tokyo 1993 veras union royal 
 .....   ....NHK logo.svgNHK logo, known as "the NHK eggs". The logo's main structure has scarcely changed since 1953.NHK made for veras film ( jonny is the boy for me) hope likes films...
veras aunt (killed by mafia 2010) Venya her husband ......killed 1999 mafia criminal that are against veras film.......

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