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2009 criminal russian mafia orlova that not known to svechina vera from octopus party tried to kill svechina vera in sf they hangarian russian mafia with criminal jailed mafia and they need to go to criminal jail....they killed relatives of vera .same people killed steve jobs...pigozzi rapist with mafia .vera svechina illeaglly moved out from 5 25 stock ton 403....

svechina vera dont like mafia zhuykova with mafia father  .coppola made god father  1972            is not to acomodate made for svechina veras telluride and for veras film .... .svechina vera didnt allowed  to get on veras  photo as a baby .that is not svechina vera getting on zhukova's photo....zhukova is ugly cheap mafia ....mafia  zhukova is criminal mafia getting on veras photo illegally.......and they need to get
 off veras jail.that is not veras friend...vera never met that mafia : orlova and zhukova mafai are wrong for Octopus 2009.. that criminal mafia  people  ... that tried to kill svechina vera and killed relatives of vera 
svechina   ... vera not together with them..they with criminal mafia   .wojcicki mafia greek mafia hanagrian prostitute cservenyak with jail mafia  they planed to kill svechina vera 2009 to kill steve jobs... and they need to go to jail.

people  planed  to move out from 4 islands 2008 for svechina vera and stock.......

with svechina vera.......with svechina vera Minoru Mori (森 稔 Mori Minoru August 24, 1934 – March 8, 2012)     was considered to be one of Japan's most powerful and influential building tycoons (killed by criminal hangrian wojcicki prohorov russian mafia that tried to kill svechina vera 2009 2010 2011 2012..mafia need to go to jail...) 1 ноября 2010 года президент Д. А. Медведев ( no woman no kry.woman ningen is only svechina vera) ..первым из советских и российских лидеров посетил остров Кунашир В этой связи Япония ответила дипломатическим демаршем — Министр иностранных дел Японии Сэйдзи Маэхара отозвал из России «для консультаций» японского послаПремьер-министр Японии Наото Кан крайне негативно охарактеризовал  визит: medvedeva «Мы продолжаем настаивать на том, что эти четыре „северных острова“(peceful) территория "novoy Японии": svechinoi veri petrovni born 1973 33 5.. . ... in OBNINSK USSR.. new separate svechina veras country . and prince naruhito got his engagement on svechina veras mothers birthday 1993. Я думаю, заслуживает сожаления решение президента России посетить этот район». Резкую реакцию Японии на визит российского главы Москва назвала неприемлемой. «Это — наша земля, российский президент посещал российские земли», — заявил глава МИД 
России Сергей Лавров. ( hoping that they will kill svechina vera 2009 2010 2011 2012 in sf) and they killed steve jobs and tried to kill svechina vera in sf.........and they need to go to jail.
Displaying фото.JPG1998 made from veras apt. google they owe vera stock........

    ....            england with svechina vera ...svechina veras film must be shown!

 ..princess anetta 2009 ...veras prince is prince jaime bernardo....

 "bloom as flowers of change" The Waffen-SS (German pronunciation: , Armed SS) was created as the armed wing of the Nazi Party's Schutzstaffel ("Protective Squadron")
 Displaying фото.JPG  
 Displaying фото.JPG william gate sakura ......3 + 1 stock sf 

SVECHINA VERAs 5 25 STOCKTON......BY .40 3 (2 REAL) CHILDREN...(2013)....WITH PRINCE JAIME BERNARDO OF BURBON PARMA ....BORN IN NET HER LANDS..... golden gate bridge from japanese side Айнское название Кунашири, означающее «черный остров», указывает на природу острова — темнохвойные леса, темные почвы и сумрачный облик шлакового конуса вулкана Тятя, кроме которого, на острове находятся ещё три действующих вулкана.......4 vulkana make new african art museum ...of jean  pigozzi (originaly though)

   and from russian side........veras favorite rainbow 
bridge in tokyo ......(for inspiration) На Итурупе nine  действующих вулканов: Кудрявый (986 м), Меньший Брат (562 м), Чирип (1589 м), Богдан Хмельницкий (1585 м), Баранского (1134 м), Иван Грозный (1159 м), Стокап (1634 м), Атсонупури (1205 м), Берутарубе (1223 м) otdelyon     . проливом Екатерины — от острова Кунашир, расположенного в 22 км к юго-западу.  (1985 svechina vera 12 years old... for peace and friendship)
                             The pentagramic stars on some insignia represent cherry blossoms. Because Japanese soldiers take an oath to die to protect the lives and wealth of Japanese citizens, they have been compared to delicate cherry blossoms that break easily. The phrase arms race, in its original usage, is a competition between two or more parties to have the best armed forces. Each party competes to produce larger numbers of weapons, greater armies, or superior military technology in a technological escalation.and to change to peace.......A nuclear arms race developed during the Cold War, an intense period between the Soviet Union and the United States. This was one of the main causes that began the cold war. WWtwin! .is ... svechina vera petrovna         .. .vera ......
new  was born 1973 in USSR...     in the city of peaceful atom  KU en VERAS . (veras apt.) (Lenin) svechin petr and  mother of vera.....  new IT princess.......
 new montgomery since 1997 (academy of ART in sf)
  sf 5 25 stock ton 40 3 children.... (2) and criminal mafia with jailes hanagrian mafia was prepered to kill svechina vera 2009 2010 2011 2012

and to make svechina vera never get married and never have children? to get ready to kill svechina vera and make attempt to kill svechina vera is illegall and they (mafia) need to go to jail.

 empress Svechina vera petrovna apple logo model 1977 last train from roppongi aka asobi dir svechina vera and new peaceful young country to be made .to bring down arms race all over the world  including race of countries with nuclear weapons....
 ...              make new young peaceful ecologically clean country on 4 islands......with technology companies .that owe svechina vera stock and didnt pay yet 2014 since 1975 .to make new country together with svechina vera....for that  born prince jaime svechina veras husband ......
In 1912, an incredible gift of 3,000 cherry blossom trees (all en for svechina veras film   2003 ) was bestowed on Washington, DC by Tokyo, Japan. (potoma(O)c park) 
golden gate Bridge is gate 15 ...svechina vera petrovna....33
     Heiress is svechina vera petrovna
in spring 2012, the National Cherry Blossom Festival held an unprecedented tribute in honor of the 100-year anniversary of the gift.          

  svechina vera is   apple logo model director star......2009 1998 vera svechina met coppola          and Tom Luddy and mata yamamoto .....and vera svechina didnt get money to make film in japan.......and died steve 56........ who changed to obninsk mafia ? without permission....need to go to jail. ..

 ElizabetNederlands 2   (prince jaime born for twin zodiak woman from ussr svechina vera petrovna)
  (Elizabeth Alexandra Mary;

 born 21 April 1926)   got her engagement to prince philip later then new empress vera svechina (princess anetta) got engagement to prince jaime bernardo.......1947.....svechina veras mother was 1947....


  OTSUMETE kuda s ai   empress michi to O......1959 got married to emperor akihito... nine: veras mother........ vere ...1999 svechina vera and hercules bellville emperor akihito presents........1 25.....svechina vera russian bride of prince jaime bernardo is 25.............pigozzi jean got panama island......1996

  last train from roppongi  film
and books........dir svechina vera......+ dorozhki please to the film veras relatives....and friends..2009 

    За морем царевна есть что не можно глаз отвесть
 днем свет божии затмевает ночью землю освещает Месяц под косои блестит а во лбу звезда горит

    alexander twin: sim ca.........
    atari mae?  Billlionairs edge dinner  made 1984 .for svechina vera .planed to go to svechina  vera get veras stock, ( la svechina veras 4 islands is dream)
...make film in tokyo japan......mafia killed veras father 2007 sleeping...  (svechina vera is not not paid for being apple logo model since 1977 made 1 hour 10 min film and dream works!) and larry son sin i......stock to since 1975 to vera film x 2000...svechina veras film........
 1997 steve came back to apple when svechina vera came to sf ..


little  star is svechina vera. (now cant turn that photo) 1979 1999
 Displaying IMG_20140113_165736.jpg  that is gucci and prada girl.... 
 1954 1 atomic plant in the city where vera was USSR March 30, Sadao Iguchi(paul Gardener Allen) the Japanese Ambassador to the United States, presented a 300-year-old Japanese Stone Lantern to the City of Washington to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the first Treaty of Peace, Amity and Commerce between the United States and Japan signed by Commodore Mathew Perry at Yokohama on March 31, 1854. The lantern, made of granite, is eight feet high and weighs approximately two tons. The National Cherry Blossom Festival officially is opened by the lighting of the lantern.
Миучча Прада, Prada, In 1978 (svechina vera 5 years old ) she entered into her family’s business of manufacturing luxury leather bags, a company established by her grandfather in 1913. Around the same time Miuccia met her now husband and business partner, Patrizio Bertell.i..... and iphone is phone is from the veras film.... Princess Vera......1994 got married to melinda gates bill gates....  (without idea that mafia will get greek and italian mafia on time of svechina vera to edge dinner 2003 and now they need to go to jail. they killed steve jobs hoping that svechina vera will never find out that vera is apple logo model and will not get veras stock money and will not find out about prince jaime and veras destiny that is written to be great!  )  that is illegal to try to kill svechina vera and to kill svechina veras relatives. .......wife of bill gates falled to get vera svechina to edge dinner,. 1999.. . from SF. 1955 = 39 ..for svechina veras (princess anetta..disputed islands anettix ) wedding to the prince jaime........ (without "russian" mafia) and they need to get to jail that mafia that tried to kill svechina vera 2009 2010 2011 2012 and mafia that killed relatives of vera which is = attack to usa .telluride was started in 1974 by Bill and Stella Pence, Tom Luddy, and James Card and the Telluride Council for the Arts and HumanitiesIt is operated by the National Film Preserve.
svechina vera anetta 39 in 2012............ in the last train from roppongi alive father of vera telling mother of vera sleep please...(asobi) . svechina vera is nominated to silver medal in  telluride........

USSR nederlands 
 Displaying image.jpg
   svechina vera got  in japan .........
 twin   ningen woman svechina vera....and saji san and father of prince jaime are with vera
prince jaime is bra 
for svechina veras breasts......

Bepa RAT! Bra.......

Displaying IMG_20140113_165655.jpg     they didnt want to call bread any food of new empress 
svechina vera ... hired vere sha film bugget.... 1998 ....... vera svechina is the

to be cool..........1953
jonny is the boy for svechina vera .......(svechina vera nine)
 svechina vera didnt get any film buget ..........1998 from vere sha film buget      .  apple and microsoft,  google ( empress) ...are together  svechina veras (veras jacket octopus) 1994 illegal film :      1994 illegally got nikita mikhalkov.nikita is not vera
 .    mafia kill and they need to be killed.  that is fake pope     that is crime prepered by mafai fucked that hangairan prostite and tried to kill svechina vera and they need to got jail. and kill what in hanagrian prostitute stomac.mafia there , mafia .after they killed veras father .that is garbish hanagrian
 mafia cheap and ugly,,,,  faking hangarian is not vera svechina has no relation of any kind to vera svechina .....vera dont want relation to fucking hanagrian prostitute
 and her tivor father....hanagrin and mafia knew jaimes bride is svechina vera from ussr . prince jaime  born for svechina veras family and for svechina vera.....and they did crime got in jaimes pants....hangarian criminal and need to be killed. .,, death sentense for all that hangarian and all mafia  that made that ugly wedding.and got ugly hanagrain pragnent after they killed relitaives of vera 1990 that ugly mentally hanagrain prostitute came to nederlands to kill       svechina veras ring and engagement to prince jaime... to kill prince  japan loves svechina vera  to kill japanese people  to make pant problem (atack like they hanagarian prostitute and mafia made in chernobil and they killed friso to open up for jaime?       ) attack need to be in nederlands... atomic plant made 1973  (ver,sal) svechina vera from peaceful atom city,..hangrian prostitute is not.......that is svechina vera nine, (to veras mother_)  ...hanagrian prostitute need to be killed. . they planed to kill
svechina vera and kiled father and tried to kill mother of vera in obninsk (they looked at veras pins killed brazilian prince) and hanagrian 
need to be killed... hangarian prostitute and her ugly father got pragnent after attempt to kill svechina vera and need to go to jail. prostitute cservenyak has no relation to : Второй международный фестиваль молодёжи и студентов - фестиваль студенчества и молодёжи планеты проходивший в 1949 году в Будапеште  ...1949 when veras mother moved in 33.japanese moved off 4 islands ..that has nothing abnout prostitute hanagrian with veras "husband"....jaime.. if that real hanagrian prostuitute dont have to kill svechina vera and dont have to kill father and relatives of vera and steve jobs......that is fake and mafia  and hangarian with mafia
mafia now need to to to jail. veras film stoped at 312 and fucking hangarian at 31...hangarian mentally ill... cservenyak using mafia that is illegal....svechina vera dont want any mafia during many years on life of vera wojcicki criminal 2006 and tried to kill vera svechina stole veras card (svechina vera in sf didnt allowed) ,....killed father of vera and need to be killed wojcicki . hanagarian is not chelovek.....hangrian is mafia mafia that killed diana pricness ...and need to be killed with what in her ugly stomak.......and with her ugly father and mother that made attempt to kill svechina vera.    mafia 2009 2007 2005 tried  to kill svechina vera and to kill  veras mother . and steve jobs,.........and they need to go to criminal jail...svechina vera and projects of vera are not together with that mafia not together with 2001 attack or any mafia ..they gave mother of vera insult....... 2013 april...they are criminal mafia..... that is illegal and need to be kill hanagrian. hanagrian with terrorists and they killed father of vera we, (svechina veras family) did  not allowed to hangarian to get on place of vera svechina in life  that illegal what hanagrian and mafia did..there no anyone  above svechina vera petrovna meaning that crime against svechin avera and vreas family  done by criminal people....

they need to be going to criminal jail.

.. ....and they need to go to criminal jail. with all her mafia family and mafia  that organised that crime against veras family..........that are pretending to be svechina vera..they are not.... they not with veras time and nort with veras project as hanagrian prostitute wishes and that why they killed aunt of vera hope likes filma and need to go to jail.  fake mikhalkov  Oscar and tried to kill svechina vera .nikita mikhalkov  is not film maker maker is only svechina vera    OSCAR....... 1980
what made ed catmul 2009  ? make money off svechina vera ..svechina vera didnt allowed..

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