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«cтремись не к тому, чтобы добиться успеха, а к тому, чтобы твоя жизнь имела смысл», – Альберт Эйнштейн.

1982 svechina vera petrovna  nine ( born in 1942 )Displaying фото.JPG dorain villa.. 

  prince naruhito got engagemnent on veras mother birthday 19th january 1993
Located in Cap d’ Antibes, the house originally built in 1953,    johnny is the boy for me....... Founded in 1989, his Contemporary African Art Collection (CAAC) svechina vera was 15 living in gate 15 emperor akihito became emperor in japan. 2009 planed to vera svechinas  "watch" "princess anetta"  that left to japan at 20 1993 to make film to meet andre magnin  (is vera! "child" belongs to veras mother)(magic is film. vera svechina is film director)  2008: black land! 1996 vera got in japan to sign peace between russia and japan.
...and new museum of african art can be made on 4 islands. new vera svechinas country: nine (to school teacher) from house 33! in serpuhov in former USSR
 Увеличить 1974 svechina vera

       2008 with svechina veras film last train from roppongi aka asobi...train stop: department store "flying strippers" with  train stop: vulcan .........

  "Ebony and Ivory"

  vera svechina school 13 (veras mothers school) was located across house 33 in serpuhov. prince jaime and princess margarita born on 13th  planed to teach everything vera svechina after veras and jaimes wedding about royal life...empress svechina vera and emperor jaime bernardo
the prince and the show girl 1957......... telluride film festival  made 1974. with veras mother for svechina show veras films...

Truth :   is most often used to mean in accord with fact or reality, or fidelity to an original or to a standard or ideal.
The commonly understood opposite of truth :disco mafia 2009 ? hanagrian prostitute cservanyak with jailed mafia and mafia alexia and mafia...of all kind... and they need to go to jail and have death sentence . from crime they made against the truth.
ver sak emperor (jaime) 
z u rab (bozhiy) .vera svechina got union royal 1993 in tokyo.....with prince j ai me.......
  film ASOBI aka last train from roppongi making OCTOBERS 1917  red tsarevna svechina vera petrovna,
Displaying фото.JPG + apple logo +
olimpic bear 1980+anetta.
Zurab Konstantines dze Tsereteli from soviet union  (Georgian: ზურაბ კონსტანტინეს ძე წერეთელი, Russian: Зураб Константинович Церетели; born January 4, 1934) for  svechina vera  (princess 

anetta) is a Georgian-Russian painter,    Vera tsarevna and( vasiliy tseritelli named after vera )sculptor and architect who holds the office of President of the Russian Academy of Arts. In vino ver it a s (лат. «истина в вине»)

 EMPEROR AKIHITO AND prince jaime born in octoBer

 EMPRESS MICHIKO... hercules bellville since 1959....... doctor wolf tolf vera to sleep with BRA (prince jaime)  in moscow about 1992
are with vera svechina. prince naruhito go his engagement on veras mothers birthday .
after vera svechina went to cannes 1999 mafia killed veras dog 
and got fake people :
2000.....mafia made  apple logo is ace? tivor and jail mafia have no relation to svechina vera : hangarian cservenyak is mafia and svechina vera (apple logo is a card?)  a card?  poker? they killed veras father...... tried to kill vera svechina .  powell jobs married to  help vera svechina to sign peace between russia and japan apple corpotartion : please to vera 
svechina. (princess anetta) . steve princess japan....Shar on Stone (promise to anetta) .2003 svechina  vera got from apple .....horribly betraid and killed steve 

jobs and svechina vera with relatives out of jealousy that vera svechina is apple logo model..and planed to get stock ..a lot of money since early 1970s...and didnt get stock yet 2014. MAFIA that tried to kill svechina vera 2009 2010 2011 2012 in SF : made The earthquake and Tsunami that hit Japan last week has captivated the world. The bulk of the news has focused on the destruction and loss of life, but often missed are encouraging stories of people banding together to help one another through this crisis. An email from the manager of an Apple Store in Tokyo retells the amazing story of Apple employees going the extra mile to help others during this time of need. steve pricness is svechina vera
  Displaying фото.JPG   8 years old.......
..vera svechina began to play violin.......

  2000 fake store ... 1974 made telluride...... vera svechina was  not 2....vera svechian was 1 years old in 1974 ... prince jaime was 2... killed many veras relatives...tried to kill veras mother..... mafia hangairan tried to get on  veras and veras mothers apple logo photo ILLEGALLY...
2 42 (LDP love D princess svechina vera birthday zodiak twin)File:House of Councillors Japan 2013.svg and tosca bar in sf
and  mafia hangarian with cards and jail mafia that tried to kill vera telling that vera osama bin laden to kill vera svechina ..... all need to go to jail. :  and get off vera svechina's life  better be killed with that what is in hangarian mafia stomak....

prince jaime is virkin. and in honor of that made that .2000  made president  putin with ludmila puti please : to give vera svechina money to 

make film 2004........ co production with russia ....and vera svechina from OBNINSK RUSSIA

didnt get the money............MAFIA ARE RUSSIAN MAFIA THAT ARE NOT WITH THAT GREAT GROUP OF PEOPLE  ..vera svechina didnt allowed them to get in veras presents...vera planed to make film before  vera svechina is born ....... ATTEMPT TO KILL SVECHINA veRA by russian speeking mafia jail related mafia out of nowhere.....2009 2010 2011 2012 in sf WITH MAFIA SAYING THAT VERA  IS OSAMA BIN LADEN. MOVING VERA SVECHINA FROM VERAS PRIVATE PROPERTY IN SF vera svechina is not osama bin laden......they with hangarian prostitute mentally ill ugly csrvernyak that has no relation to veras life...... got illegally in life of vera svechina to kill steve jobs and to kill vera svechina   pigozzi rapist and if hangarian not in jail and not killed with ugly what in her stomak      bill got married for vera svechina 1994 to help vera svechina.IT princess ...made more money this year because he is right with vera svechina..... while others are loosing....vera  from former ussr to get stock vera need addvise .. from 1999...5 minutes ...10 billion from apple.other companies from svechina veras aptartment's svechina veras from ussr time to do things.......(veras birthday is in june 33 5 ) ..... vera and bill gates way before related then melilnda and bill gates.(mafia hangarian  killed 20 of veras relatives and dog illegally to get illegally criminal way to veras spot. and they need to go to jail or be killed. as terrorisits they torrorized veras life.  right now and they need to go to jail hangarian with mafia not invited to veras home and they need to get that group that hangarian jailed mafia  to jail....or to grave.. prince jaime bernardo  had 35 years to tell new  svechina vera from ussr (2009 princess anetta with new veras film  time ) about his planes . vera svechina never heard of any changes of his plans...he born to   meet with svechina vera 2008 2009) pigozzi will go to jail. for rape...of vera svechina 2005 for illegal getting in japan on time of vera with criminal mafia related to nederlands mafia projects....and illegall disco mafia with criminal and they knew they could go to jail for that what mafia alexia did 2009 with orlova and prohorov zhukova  and they need to go to go to criminal jail.

 2008 barack obama won..done...vera svechina asking pigozzi.......  give me give me more? 

pigozzi to vera svechina:must:2008

 More than the greatest love the world has known
This is the love I give to you alone
More than the simplest words I try to say
I only live to love you more each day

More than you’ll never know my arms long to hold your soul
My life will be in your keeping, waking, sleeping, laughing, weeping
Longer than always is long long time,
But far beyond forever you’ll be mine

I know I never live before and my heart is very sure
No one else could love you more

I know I never live before and my heart is very sure
No one else could love you more  

vera svechina got U in japan.....vera svechina 1993 union royal.....
Displaying Фото2.jpg
       5 ISLANDS COMING FROM LENINS BEARD. lerning to make film.Displaying фото.JPG(FROM 1917 REVOLUTION: MOST IMPORTANT ART FORM IS FILM) 19+ 11= 30. 3+ 0= 3.  =  3 + 13 (9+4)= 16 AND O (SVECHINA VERA FROM APT. 160 IN OBNINSK  ...SVECHINA VERAS private land is 4 islands , svechina vera has scar between 4th and 5th rib....   
С 1855 по 1875 годы по проливу проходила государственная граница между Россией и Японией. 1950.Displaying фото.JPGDisplaying фото.JPG  4 islands svechina veras.........Displaying фото.JPG vera got in japan....... 1993 1994

pigozzi got panama 1996 to vera sing with jagger and jackson for veras and music cd's vera svechina singing with.....must of been made to promote veras new IT country.
on 4 islands.  silicone valley (all IT companies related to vera svcehina ) + panama and make money. saling toys.......books ........films........
"Eureka" is an interjection used to celebrate a discovery or invention. It is a transliteration of a word attributed to Archimedes. Еврика!   and new doll anetta will make veras svechina from veras film .....
File:Проливы Курильских островов Юг.png
pr.  FRIZA free  (new) svechina veras country 4 islands  country svechina vera saying yes.......1973...svechina vera and union japan 1993.

 Hime svechina vera 7 years old.....
     empress lisa bet Net her lands    1980   apple went public with veras face царевна zarevna from USSR born in RUSSIA

ElizabetHедерландс II twin birthday sign (Elizabeth Alexandra Mary; born 21 April 1926)
Vrie   vri empress sakura(new montgomery academy of art 1929....3 veras breats ....... vera svechina living in 3 floor  bill gates 3.....with vera svechina ...........
 svechina vera petrovna lerning to make school) Strait) or Miyabe Line is a strait between two main islands of the Kurils. It is located between the northeastern end of the island of Iturup and the southwestern headland of Urup Island, connecting the Sea of Okhotsk on the west with the Pacific Ocean on the east.
The strait is named after Dutch explorer Maarten Gerritsz Vries, the first recorded European to explore the area in 1643. new is svechina vera with ainu.... vera got u in japan 1993...

 1973 border layed  down for new svechina veras country  from 

side soviet union 1973 .....1st woman 

ningen ........The first Kremlin star stock ton!
  Liberal Democratic Party (LDP). Love is D size breasts princess Shinzo Abe cropped.JPG...........34 d  7 svechina vera in 1980 apple went public with veras face 1980...from former USSR, new IT princess "anetta" ...suntory........
Displaying фото.JPG    svechina vera made shoes 2008 
  svechina vera drew the characters Displaying фото.JPG sakura   twin zodiak birthday 1973 is veras.....princess anetta.....2009

yamanashi......yama (veras) e vere st ranked 1st .
........empressship to svechina vera petrovna  from veras mother and father......In 1885, Clinton Thomas Dent, president of the Alpine Club, suggested that climbing Mount Everest was possible in his book Above the Snow Line  this mr. changed his name to clinton and 1993 vera svechina went to japan and mr  bill clinton went to Verkeley to prepere to giving vera svechina stock ......2010.... 10 billion from apple and more from other companies........

 1v zarevna krapiva    1980.....
 (michael jordan)             bear made from veras photo (negative jordan   ..lerning to make film.Displaying фото.JPG
...  jackson positive and was ready to sing with svechina vera japnese duet IZAKAYA ..)
 Центральный Дом кино (ЦДК) — творческий клуб деятелей киноискусства Москвы.

 (dima krapivnizkiy standing in front of vera 1980)

  and anna wintour need to go to criminal jail for getting greek italian criminal mafia 2003  that both kiked out for special event : vera svechina in usa: making of silicon valley .(apple logo has natural breasts D size) ...tada (free of charge vera svechina only.) .oficial time for vera svechina 1995 - in USA ..without mafia involvment ...illegally in veras life with attempt to kill vera svechina in mind. 

svechina vera petrovna  was 7: prince japan loves svechina is the BRA..One love.......

Свечина Вера Петровна     princess anetta ( usa)
star was installed on top of the Spasskaya Tower on October 25, 1935. During the next week, another three stars were installed on the Troitskaya, Nikolskaya, and Borovitskaya towers.   .........

  Затем, при замене звёзд в may 1937 году, 1964  .пятая звезда появилась на Водовзводной башне, где до этого государственная символика не размещалась. 
2009 rich bride...1937 .is svechina vera petrovna from ussr..princess anetta......twin zodiak......................1111 .......1937....svechina vera recorded japanese duets with takeshi  ......kokoro nokoriwa anatano kot o.........for new CD practice...with veras  film last train from roppongi aka as asobi. 1 hour 10 minutes dir. svechina vera CD ..2006....great. microsoftvoice...vera svechina with america .
..... stock ton! to new svechina vera .
  jagger for svechina vera is  rolling stones..... ...making house.....straght.............svechina vera is not russian band criminal in tennesy  "Bering straght" and they tried to kill svechina vera 2009 with mafia (bering straght band with mafia that is not in the program...) and they need to go to jail. they made for whom? for mafia? and killed hercules bellville..........
  verin guy straght.....with D size bereasts......... (sergey brin is after prince jaime bernardo of burbon

 parma in line to get married to vera svechina)

KOINO WAKANSU 1963 from russia with love..  
 Уже в 1964 году она была издана в СССР
perents of prince japan loves svechina vera got married.
tameiki no deru you na
anata no kuchizuke ni
amai koi wo yume miru
otome gokoro yo

kin-iro ni kagayaku
atsui suna no ue de
hadaka de koi wo shiyou
ningyo no you ni

hi ni yaketa hoho yosete
sasayaita yakusoku wa
futari dake no hime go to

1973 1972
tameiki ga dechau
aa koi no yorokobi ni
barairo no tsukihi yo
hajimete anata wo mita
koi no bakansu


Displaying фото.JPG
 Displaying фото.JPG


 Displaying фото.JPG  
japan ment to win and svechina vera petrovna begins new IT country ............
  for that svechina vera getting marreied to prince jaime  from netherlands.. he born to help vera svechina 1972...
his mother gave him birth for that.....
Премьер-министр Японии (2008 г.–2009 г.)
 Displaying фото.JPG
Displaying фото.JPGDisplaying фото.JPG
 Displaying фото.JPG
 1982 svechina vera nine 4 islands ..princess 0.... Vera u ku on pigs nose....nina loves to be teacher in school..........(school was in serpuhov)
Displaying фото.JPG
2009 time to sing : and 2008 2009 meet prince jaime (japan loves svechina vera)bernardo of burbon parma ..Displaying фото.JPG.."svechina veras father trusted to vera svechina .and to all that veras friends" .(but mafia already killed him  hercules bellville and kept their crime going and need to go to criminal jail...they have no idea about honor.....hangrain and mafia from russia alexia with nederlands orlova zhukvoa mafia tried to kill vera saying that vera is osama bin laden meaning they criminal and need to go to jail....vera is not osama bin laden 2001 made against vera svechina and against prince jaime..if jaime with them he need to pay damage to vera and go to jail. 1966 for svechina vera and prince jaime made world trade center.......)
Displaying фото.JPGDisplaying фото.JPG

 Displaying фото.JPG


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