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svechina vera is looking forward to get damadge made to veras mother and vera paid to vera and jagger will go to jail......for kill bellvillle.........rapist pigozzi..........for killed steve jobs hanagrian and mafia that is behind attempt to kill vera and killed 20 veras relatives and dog in jail or killed ,

..mafia paid to  whom ever to make prince jaime fuck that ugly hanagrian proistitute...cservenyak taht tried to kill svechina vera and steve jobs to"win" what? jail time or death sentence..they fake that hangarian mafia .    with her ugly cheap criminal father.tried to kill svechina vera with russian mafia : ......because svechina vera is real bride of prince jaime bernardo.prince jaime bernardo born exactly for svechina vera to get married and have children,.......hanagrian cservenyak found out that ...came to nedelrtands 1990 to suck up to pigozzi and to kill vera svechina and to take veras place with mafia and ..that has no relation to vera svechina's life and was not invited...... need to be killed :   prince jaime had no right to do that being engagement with russian vera svechina) and prostitute hanagrian need to be hanged as she and mafia wished to vera svechina has no relation to hangarian prostitute..its soviet film for svechina vera and prince jaime...
 D size veras breasts...Love, I BRA is yuris law.......    and D cap antibes....
... has no relation to svechina vera hanagrian mafia cservenyak ...... mafia hanagrian priostirute  de lano and hanagrian prostitute have no relation to that all at all..and has no right to fuck up svechina veras relatives and life......there is no lana in veras  1973 October 1973 meeting between Prime Minister Tanaka Kakuei and Leonid I. Brezhnev, general secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, were held in Moscow 1 time.....after vera svechina was born. 1973 that is important....... ..hanagrian there to kill and need to go to jail. ........hangairan  was not invited in life of vera svechina  .they are are ugly criminal mafia illegally got in life of vera .not invited with mafia .......killed aunt of vera hope baka kina from that film and hope likes films was with veras film in japan..shillers  sister attacked in leningrad...... mafia tried to kill vera svechina  

bride of prince jaime from russia and need to go to jail and be kileld with father hanagrian and ugly mather hangarian  be killed. lawyer and yuri have no relation. neither yuri shiller has relation to building across the veras building and they killed mamontova 2009 too..... that is not veras family.....hangarian prostitute killed ruslana and need to go to jail with what in her ugly stomak.....hang yourself fucking hanagrian...: that mafia : vc......mafia make that hangrain and they go to jail. and paying damadge now. to vera svechina vera waiting for prince jaime to pay damage to vera  and kill hanagrian....svechina vera is mentally helthy...... and not in any cults .....hanagrian cservenyak and what evil got in her stomak..they prepered........that fucking.....hangarian prostitute illehgally is against veras mother...against pricne jaime bernardo.......... and killed ruslana 2008 ...killed producer of bernardo bertolucci....they knew they making crime and they did that crime and they go to jail or better to be killed. hanrarian is ugly......hanagrian is not married and need to be killed. and there will be without that what in hangarian stomak,........... vera svechina is not paying for hanagrian  fake " happyness" and hanagrian need to be killed. with what is inside of her ugly stomak with all mafia that killed relatives of vera...there no one is above vera svechina.......and that hanagrian with mafia  need to be killed. svechina vera didnt allowed ugly hanagrian to get in life of vera and prince jaime bernardo....and need to be killed. prince jaime pay damadge ,.,,,,,and kill that ugly inside the stomak,....veras family not welcomes hanagrian perostitute .....svechina veras friends also.....hate that hanargian prostitute :that tried to kill blessed by russian tsar bride of prince jaime bernardo from ussr...... hangarian mafia tried to kill vera svechina knowing all that.....

Displaying WP_20140109_006.jpg   hangarian  need to be killed with what is inside....really killed. prince jaime now need to be  paying 50 000$ to vera  for illegal remuving of vera from apt. in sf..vera svechina didnt plan to move out. after 2009 by criminal mafia  tivor that has no relation to veras family and life.... svechina vera likes to live in sf hangrian mafia tiovor with jails made vera svechina to move out from veras apt....that was attempt to kuill svechina vera .....they are mafia they done that....attempt to kill vera svechina .....hangrian prostitute is not releted to veras family and life. hanagrian need to be killed. death sentence .hangarian tried to kill svechina vera (2009 princess anetta ) and need to go to jail   in sf telling that vera osama bin laden and that is not truth and hangrian tivor killed father of vera for that hanagarian? that is not going to work. 2007 that hangarian prostitute father killed veras father in russia ..2009 tried to kill vera svechina ...he personally afended vera svechina and going to jail. . is the mafia that did 2001 aatack on veras world trade get her ugly cservenyak father somewhere and herself ugly also they need to go to jail.  because hanagrain prostitute killed 20 relatives and dog .....personal afended vera svechina becuase hanagrian is very ugly .....death sentence..find hire someone to kill that cservenyak like hanagrian killed prince separate vera and jaime.....if they not go to jail themselfs need to be killed. .  svechina vera is not father of hanagrian prostitute  as they lying to veras brother...... svechina vera has no relation to hanagrian cservenyak at all....... all not autorized by svechina vera involvment of that mafia to veras life in ussr russia usa tokyo is  illegal.vera svechina has no relation to police anywhere.......jean pigozzi rapist 2005 is grave of veras grandmother TAMARA.
 vera svechina didnt allowed crime in veras family...... B. elzin became 1st president of russia from veras tamaras grave......

then putin....... putin didnt give vera 300 000$ for  film 2004 ...... and tried to kill svechina vera 2009 2010 2011 2012 ..svechina vera didnt get to edge dinner......with that hope to kill svechina vera 2009 ....and made veras fiance to kill veras relatvies qwith mafia and get pragnent ugly hanagrian mafia ..........and mafia      making money from veras photos making films and not paying svechina vera .. who are all that people to vera svechina? that  film killed vears aunt....hanagrian prostite......killed. and need to go to jail.
 on time for vera to make veras  film with toys..............
  knowing that abe shinzo and many other people  born for svechina veras time.........selicon valley is one of the  greatest universal achivments on 20th and 21th centry.......russian people such svechina vera (new and only 1 in the world  IT princess and apple logo model)  from 

OBNINSK is  involved ..
 .. mafia got in life of vera.illegally.made damadge to vera and need to pay for damadge they svechina vera .....for vera pigozzi is photography teacher friend of hercules bellville that mafia with pigozzi killed.........putin is against vera svechina.  he cant by law.....of universe.....they have to go to jail.
putin and medvedev are  with mafia kiled steve at 56 ..........vera svechina dont need to get married to pricne jaime......svechina vera loves the idea that people had in mind..          
Steven Paul "Steve" Jobs  American entrepreneur, and inventor, who was the co-founder of apple computer with soviet girl svechina veras face as a logo (along with Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne)    and for attempt to kill svechina vera and for killed steve jobs at 56  hangarian and mafia need to go to jail. vera svechina didnt play with that people...japan is with svcehina vera abe san born for vera svechina's time....vera had no idea about prince jaime bernardo.... putin made sure with mafia that vera svechina had no idea...didnt give vera money for film.....2004 hanagrian prostitute that is not related to all that in veras  life (without respect to veras life.....veras mothers life.....) illegally  hopping to be vera svechina knowing that vera is alive and with engagement with prince jaime bernardo ..hangrian prostitute cservenyak (with father  that killed father of vera) gets pragnent to kill vera svechina after already cservenyak  and mafia related to zhukova alexia orlova and jailed people  done attempt to kill vera svechina  in sf  2009 2010 2011 2012...     ILLEGALLY ...destroyed veras film museum.....killed veras aunt hope baka kina hope likes films.........    ..made illegally vera to move outf from apt of vera to kill ....and csvernyak born 1982 against veras family........and against a country ...has no relation to pigozzi and vreas family and need to be killed with father ugly childs in stomak is evil . criminal mafia paid for that..... who that mafia ....?
 Кале́ (фр. Calais )город 
во Франции,   CAL   empress is  ....SVECHINA VERA

 in the film:
 young sumo payer,.........

   and anetta .
 2009 via TRIKS anetta!
 veras fans:

  Pusan International Film 
Festival, PIFF (1996) 

 I swear by the moon and the stars in the skies
And I swear like the (shadow shadow is the shadow) that's by your side

I see the questions in your eyes
I know what's weighing on your mind
You can be sure I know my part:


svechina VERA MADE FILM... 
1 hour 10 minutes......

  translate   facebook and another book by 2009. for vera to make "flying 

strippers" store. shampoo "flying strippers"...t shirts keds..."flying strippers" "flying strippers", "flying strippers"  soft drinks, "flying strippers"
       tooth paste....."flying strippers" socks "flying strippers" underwear.."flying strippers" for kids........and "international loves games day". (as part of veras film last train from roppongi aka asobi..."project anetta " to make working at night safe for womanЁдзи Ямамото Y's (wise) FRG and DDR got together  in 1989 for wedding of vera svechina and prince jaime...emperor akihito became emperor (svechina vera is french girl from USSR with DD breasts  )). for new vera svechina born 1973 made roling stones (rock with vera 


1974...veras zodiak sign twin of prince jaimes father and mother.... opened )   cap d'antibes. Burning Man
 BurningMan-picture.jpg began as a bonfire ritual on the summer solstice in 1986 when   paul allen made for svechina vera vulcan films....Larry Harvey, Jerry James, and a few friends met on Baker Beach in San Francisco and burned a 9-foot (2.7-meter) wooden man....

monique montgomery 2007
  saying they dont need veras book (facebook) ( WORKING FOE WHOM? )   that vera gave present to tom luddy . ?????? they part of group that made attempt to kill vera svechina? 2009 2010 2011 2012 and same group killed steve jobs and they need to go to jail. ..jagger making on veras time with pigozzi pigozzi made with vera book..... time for flying strippers..mafia making  cosmetix for ugly scott. jagger and scott without permittion getting illegally in veras life and veras home town.

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