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damage to svechina vera and mother of svechina vera need to be to get to criminal jail mafia hanagrian and nederlands mafia that killed father of vera and tried to kill svechina vera? criminal hangarian and russian mafia with mafia hoping that svechina vera will never have children and will never get married? and they need to go to criminal jail ......

 and that need to go to jail or better death sentence to hanagrian (down town SF russian speaking mafia tried to kill svechina vera ) and hanagrian need to get death sentence  . 2000 after svechina vera went to cannes 1999 ( wojcicki stole svechina veras card from 2000.svechina vera never met wojcicki and never heard of wojcicki made store ) ..С 26 марта 2000 года избранный президент России Вступил в должность 7 мая 2000 года      1950 valera takaev  is 2 years old  ..svechina vera twin zodiak  born 1973 in OBNISNK is not valera .   1997 ...that was time for veras 
mother and vera svechina (apple logo model) with svechina veras film from 1997 in sf to go to edge dinner . to meet with prince jaime (prince japan loves svechina vera...his mother and father called him that name   films in veras childhood made)  bernardo.. and to meet his family..They have to take responsibility .... but ...WITH SEX PROBLEMS criminal MAFIA HANAGRIAN PROSTITUTE CSERVENYAK from  1981 HER UGLY FATHER HAD OFUL SEX WITH PROSTITUTE MOTHER OF CHERVENYAK TO KILL SVECHINA VERA AND STEVE JOBS TO GET TO VERAS PRINCE JAIME....they hired pigozzi 2005 to be rapist of svechina vera and he  need to go to jail.Логотип 2001 mafia made without asking svechina vera =illegally ... putin is criminal and they need to get off life of svechina vera.  princess anetta 2009 /.crime made 2001  in nyc by hangrain prostitute .against veras film last train from roppongi aka asobi....( AT 20 VERA WENT TO JAPAN TO MAKE FILM....THAT WAS ADOLT DESISION OF VERA SVECHINA TO GO TO JAPAN. HANGARIAN AGAINST Veras  FILM  killed hercules bellville and they need to go to jail.,.....DIDENKO AND PROHOROV and HANAGIAN SCERVENYAK DONT HAVE RELATION TO  svechina vera and office of jeremy thomas .VERAS FILM IS  INTELECTUAL PROPERTY OF SVECHINA VERA   jeremy married to his wife..for svechina veras film......hercules and svechina veras mother and veras relatives  with japanese royal family........ STEVE JOBS OWES VERA STOCK...THAT IS BETWEEN VERA AND 

 and between svechina vera now and criminal mafia russian speeking tivor cservenyak and jailed mafia  that svechina vera dont know..moved out svechina  vera from apt. of vera svechina in sf .. saying that vera svechina is osama bin laden.......which is not trade center made for svechina vears soon as vera got oscar 2009  1990 svechina veras 1991 svechina veras  and palm....... mafia russian hangrian tivor and mafia orlova and zhukova related......alexia and pigozzi and mafia ... tried to kill svechina vera ..mafia that killed father of svECHINA in Obninsk  AND KILLED sf .(it's not funny)   if killing at 56 (year  of veras city made ) 
happenes to nobutada san in japan russian

 wojcicki    (svechina vera is not wojcicki) and that mafia wojcicki with hanagrian mafia would be arrested......they tried to kill vera in sf .......1951 sf peace treaty steve  jobs (steve new  IT princess 

japan svechina vera (2009 princess anetta) and  4 islands since 1973 October nine , 1973, which included a part mentioning "the largest unresolved problem between Japan and the USSR, i.e., the territorial ) married to powell is for svechina vera ..disputed islands anettics.......4 islands .......kunashir shikotan habomai iturup.......veras japanese russian film and islands peace nobel peace prize. with veras film and iphone ....mafia with jailes and disco mafia from russia and hangary destroed young womans svechina veras film museum....they need to go to criminal jail with hangrian tivor mafia that is not related to prince jaime.(.they cant get on the way of svechina vera)  that need to be killed with if pragnent ugly hangarian and her ugly fatherand ugly mother......tivor... that is not in program with svechina veras film and killed jackson and relatives of vera .....if he with that mafia hangrian and other mafia are not with veras film program ....neither abramovich .they tried to kill svechina vera and steve jobs. and killed veras father, dog, hope likes films ... and his father and prince friso....after he and hanagrian prostitute killed steve and tried to kill svechina vera and hope likes films.....veras in jail.....for that bullshit in hanagry whn they tried to kill svechina vera in sf ..japan loves svechina vera not related to veras apple
 ... 8th wonder of the world is svechina vera 1 ningen woman  hime ...... apple logo model.   (and co founder of other IT companies) Национальное достояние
совокупность материальных и духовных ресурсов, благ и ценностей, принадлежащих народу ( in this case to svechina vera petrovna .princess  Anetta ..disputed islands anet (T)ics) ..October nine , 1973, svechina vera born 33 5 svechina vera got in japan 1994 new flag collors

with the crown which included a part mentioning "the largest unresolved problem between Japan and the USSR, i.e., the territorial ) и составляющих основу его устойчивого существования и развития.

.svechina vrea came to japan 1993..making film. making veras  books about film making ...reed jobs born 1991      books about how to make films .by 2009 . film 
peace nobel prize ..   ......    ..  wedding .extremly
.criminal and mentally ill mafia KILLED HOPE LIKES FILMS 2010 AUNT OF VERA.... killed uncle and veras mori minoru and they need to go to jail..........mafia paid to hanargain tivor and his hanagrin prostitute dougter to fuck with svechina veras family hangairan: kill svechina 2007and wedding for mafia hangrian  en? chudo sveta?    1999 svetlana cservenyak ? 1981 fucking began and
 need to go to jail: need to be arested and killed: not in veras home..that can fuck ......hangrian disrespected japanese royal family....

 .. hangrian can go fuck in hangry ....... fucking with svechina vera hangarin and who organised that kiling at 56 steve jobs need to be killed death sentence..laurene can call and arest hangarian and mafia with that crime . need to be killed. is against veras"flying strippers"...against veras film.......marina mammoth  chenskaya 2008 was against flying strippers ..they killed ruslana korshunova and they need to go to jail. chenvenyak killed steve jobs and who organised that need to go to jail. Thomas (luddy was 
for veras books and film) Peter Lantos (Hungarian pronunciation) was born to a Jewish family in Budapest, Hungary. Many of his family members were teachers, including an uncle who was a professor at the University of Budapest, and a grandmother who was a high school principal.TOM LAN? hangrian prostitute VC   chenskaya ? svetlana ? vera medvedeva?sam ? svm became sam? 2009 with horrible film in veras tribeca and zhukovas copy as girlfriend 2000is film x hime...(vera)    1990 pigozzi made book for svechina vera to make film.... (jagger is veras gnomik) january 1994  tokyo japan

 ...  1995 CALIFORNIYA

 bill gates got married 1994 january to 
melinda....svechina vera petrovna apple logo model is BRIDE....1997 steve jobs came back to apple  .(Nevesta) silicon valley princess...... apple logo model svechina vera petrovna is not exchangible.......prince jaime brnardo born 1972 net her get married to svechina vera ...

         .. 2009-1995 =14 ..svechina vera was on octopus veras..and marina orlova tried to kill svechina vera......princess anetta by stilling veras photos... alexia from mfake maxima 2005 rapist pigozzi ..and hangarian vc hang sf .and they need to be going to jail..........or be killed., they deserve death sentence.... film x 2000 in japan is 
not film of hlebanov made mafia after vera svechina won oscar 2009 and  mafia though anna chapman is not svechina vera 1982 band from obninsk is also not relatives of svechina vera ..veras  music school nine svechina vera singing with jackson and jagger and steve part of svechina veras film that
  is with prostitute cservenyak and illegal. svechina vera is the bear aika ?   from veras logo of flying stripers svechina veras brand...and they tried to kill svechina vera. svechina vera is not bear aika...   in sf ? 2009 2010 2011 2012 and they need to go to jail. .  knowing that it is terravera 1991...... . a for apple ..    union royal is for svechina japan 1993..... mafia tried to kill svechina vera .... chenskaya  tatarin met nikita 1991  and got after svechina vera 1999 trip to cannes svechina veras japanese shirt on tatarin chenskaya     cservenyak chenskaya? vera svechina is not ugly prostitute hangarian cservenhak... and che chenskaya war ...and cservenyak need to go to jail. for stilling identity of svechina vera using criminal mafia  ,.,,,,,, svechina vera Peter 5 F...1993 .....СВП princess ..silicon valley princess ..prince japan loves
 svechina vera   ......    ..  are  with japanese imperial family and are tokubetsu.
and are not tatarin.......svechina vera  is not chenskaya.......and vera svechina is not mafia ugly cheap prostitute chervenyak,,,

. father of cservenyak is criminal mafia like mafia abramovich that is not related to svechina vera...abramovich and zhukova are mafia:
.vera svechina dont like abramovich and dont like mafia  zhukova they are not related to svechina vera or apple or IT .......(mafia abramovich alexia is criminal.... cuban jail illegal mafia (svechina vera didnt allowed...;)  svechina vera  dont care of that mafia: svechina veras GEN and shirt is not replasible....and that  need to go to jail...mafia putin made that: illegally. that people are not welcomed: 1998    with jail problem of russian mafia : that is not peter go F ,...that is jailed tivor hangrian mafia that illegally got in veras life and all that group need to be in jail. that is antonio pinero and is not svechina vera that cuban mafia has no right to get with his prostitute from turkey makarova to veras life.  and mafia need to go to their graves and fuck there) that making money from veras grandmother grave illegally. and need to go to jail    svechina vera came to SF 1997 to make film. svechina vera is not mafia ...cservenyak father  is not a special man  mafia made: .....cservenyak is with criminal mafia is criminal killed father of vera and tried to kill svechina vera destroyed veras film museum (including memorial apple digital  face rolex watch) and need to go to jail. ...... mafia of chenskaya tried to kill vera svechina and  they need to go to jail... 1999 after vera went to cannes: with vera svechinas film  2008 and  need to be killed: hangrian prostitute with her father that has no relation to svechina veras family and cant fuck with that...mafia tells chervenyak fuck and cservenyak fucks . and on the way to veras
 film paid by mafia: and need to be kileld with father and mother cservenyak  thatare  not going to live on veras graves....that need to be killd that hangairan got in vraes life illegally with ugly father and mother and with russian mafia tried to kill svcehina vera adn need to be killed with what in her stomak or if born ugly what ever. they killed father of svechina vera
 Thomas Peter "Tom" Lantos (February 1, 1928 – February 11, 2008) was a Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives from California, Tom Lantos.jpgserving from 1981 (svechina vera with  apple "steve pricness japan" and  8 years old.....) until his death as the representative from a district that included the northern two-thirds of San Mateo County and a portion of southwestern San Francisco. Lantos had announced in early January 2008 that he would not run for reelection because of cancer of the esophagus,but died before finishing his term. Lantos was the only Holocaust survivor to have served in the United States Congress
  ...Verkeley univercity (cool ver city)  and graf prince jaime bernardo and svechina vera 1957 the prince and the telluride show girl that is tom love u dd y ....d side breasts.......and prince jaime is veras bra........cap d antiBes.......svechina vera got U in japan ....from I love you .....1993     he married  to monique montgomery (direction) because new svechina vera (Be PA) planed to come to that montgomery .1997 ......
 Thomas Peter Lantos svechina vera and lana made book and brand ....."Flying strippers"   (all part of svechina veras film) 2009 in sf without any bullshit....svechina vera is soviet block....svechina vera had dog and engagement ring from EAST europe....since 14 for singing with jackson...IZAKAYA ..(Hungarian pronunciation:) was born to a Jewish family in Budapest, Hungary. Many of his family members were teachers, including an uncle who was a professor at the University of Budapest, and a grandmother who was a high school principal. and has no relation to hanagrian jail related cservenyak...... hanrgian prostitute cservenyak got illegally to life of svechina vera....and need to be killed. they killed hope baka kina..2010 hope likes films........veras aunt.....and need to be killed. tu lips are twin zodiak veras lips.....
need to be arested and killed: hangarian with family and jaime asked for relation and if he together with mafia he need to be killed too. he not fucking in veras home.   then  that hanagrian prostitute cservenyak  tried to kill svechina vera.since 1981 her father tivor illegally tried to kill svechina vera and family of svechina vera .. real "princess" from ussr that is making film.....killed veras dog 1999.killed father of svechina vera made 2001 attack .killed hercules bellville. ....(apple logo model) to get in pant s of pricne jaime and need to go to jail: that illegal: makarova jailed criminal mafia that has nothing to do with svechina veras life mafia  hanagrian prostitute is slave to mafia or putin mafia...... and mafia :that also got on vera photo illegally? dutch i? and need to be kiled. svechina vera didnt allowed to get in veras photos mafia getting money for that? getting on veras photo? need to be killed. that is against veras mother... what from that stomak will be and need to be killed:    as slave  of criminal mafia: hangrian prostitute need to  bekilled. for illegally getting in veras union royal given to svechina vera by perents of vera svechina  ILLEGALLY :  Internal conflict in Chechnya and the Grozny-Moscow tensions -  From 1991 to 1994, tens of thousands of people of non-Chechen killed. cservenyak is mafia and fake ......   prince hates cheap mafia cservenyak and fucking because prince jaime  afraid to be killed that svechina vera can believe)Displaying image-29-01-14-10-54.jpeg. veras father svechin and general svechin 1942..year when born veras mother......that hanagiran need to be killed 
or in criminal jail... svechina vera didnt allowed to mafia of any kind to get in life of svechina vera ......and hanagiran family with what in the stomak of ugly hanagarian need to be killed. hangairan mafia already killed many inocent people and tried to kill svechina vera petrovna. 20 is not 13....steve princess japan .  

Patriath Tihon 1917 ......meanig Ciril is fake 2009..paid by mafia ..   criminal mafia .....queen beatris retired early leaded by mafia...
vera svechina is 
 not part of any cults and hangarian  got in life of vera to fuck with svechina vera and need to be killed hangrian father fucking with father of svechina vera and need to  be killed.  1981 is cheap  hanrgian fuck with svechina vera,.;....svechina vera didnt invite ugly as fuck ugly :  that is photo of fake ugly hanagrian that with mafia tried to killsvechina vera..and hanagrian will go to jail or better be killed.   ugly : hangarian or anyone to life of svechina veras only one father and only one veras life ..need to be killed that  criminal hangrian . he is not father of vera and svechina vera is not child of ugly criminal hangarian that killed father of vera and tried to kill svechina vera with who made that crime against family of vera and father of vera ...mafia: need to be killed.:   with what in that stomak ....veras lips and they  (MAFIA) made 2001 attack...... and need to go to jail. 1981 hanagrian fuck with svechina vera and hanagrian family or cheap imigrants to nederalnds  need to be killed  .....prince jaime is afraid to be killed by mafia like his father killed and prince friso killed.  then they try to kill svechina vera.svechina vera is not afraid....vera knows that they only mafia ..criminal and will go to jail...and will be killed for veras relatives they killed. ..killed hercules bellville ...and they all need to go to jail. ....hangrian will be killed as garbich now . 
and that is US citizen:. that making with criminal mafia  problem in ukrane....hanagrian prostitute with mafia behind that mafia abramovich and zhukova need to be killed.  hanagrain ....not legal ...mafia .... is not worse that killed people .....killed people are more important then that hanagrian prostitute and tivor........ that made attempt to kill svechina vera with mafia ,,,,,and they jralous of steve jobs and they killed steve jobs........and they will not be forgiven by any people.....and will be going to criminal jail ort be killed....svechina vera petrovna didnt allowed to that hanagrian prostitute to get in life of svechina vera ....that hangarian prostitute not respecting veras private property a photo....and need to go to jail or be killed.  hangarian and mafia killed father or vera and with zhukova killed uncle and many other relative of vera,  killed: and tried to kill vera svechina. owner of the picture is svechina vera....... THAT UGLY WILL BE KILL ED. THAT IS ALL CIRMINAL........THAT IS NOT SVECHINA VARS FAMILY: AND THEY ATTACKED VERA AND THEY WILL BE KILLED.

1917 Les noces (French; English: The Wedding; Russian: Свадебка, Svadebka) by Igor Stravinsky, The ballet was premiered on June 13, 1923 at the Théâtre de la Gaîté in Paris, by the Ballets Russes with choreography by Bronislava Nijinska. The instrumental ensemble (four pianos and percussion) was conducted by Ernest Ansermet 

  show must go on.....(svechina veras film)
.and good memeries about how we made film in japan and in russia........planed........vertolucci .............for svechina veras and prince jaimes wedding.......he born 1972 vera 1973 ....

100 years suntory ...... photographer UF from I love you....1999 telluride with veras mothers  medal 
is nation film usa ..........since 1974. 1981 save the women   svechina vera ( princess anetta)
...with her new country on 4 islands..     in our case 
1973 born it's new tsarevna svechina vera petrovna ....

  for zepi нины!     for svechina veras mothers DNA vera petrovna svechina  is only 1 ningen woman (human) .....Cap D antibes..........Летом 1982 (svechina vera nine)  года Зацепин уехал во Францию, не меняя гражданства  ....В 1978 году (svechina vera 5 years old)  вышел фильм «31 июня», NEDERLANDS for new svechina vera! ставший большим творческим успехом Зацепина
.   1968 8 march.... international womands day    K 129  12 nine ...(svechina veras meeting with prince jaime and the wedding of svechina vera and prince jaime) .1 (woman ningen) apple logo model with apple store on 1 stockton sf usa . at veras 29 in 2002 pigozzi met vera....... svechina vea got lost    ? and pigozzi with mafia need to got jail..

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