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prince jaime need to pay damage made to svechina vera. criminal stractures planed for long time to kill svechina vera and tried to kill svechina vera : 2009 2010 2011 2012 in sf usa ..illegally moved svechina vear out from apt. of vera ...made sure that vera has no credit cards running..cant do kickstarter for water or photo book: ILLEGAL AND CRIMINAL: hanagrian cservenyak mafia in nederlands with russian mafia and mafia niejelski and mafia scott .wojcicki and mafia .mafia zhukova ...rapist pigozzi 2005 tried to kill svechina vera in sf 2009 2010 2011 2012 moved svechina vera out from veras 525 stockton apt 403....and killed svechina veras relatives RELATED TO VERAS FILM back in russia .since 1999 .killed veras dog...and killed producer hercules bellville and steve jobs and didnt give svechina vera stock and that criminal structures are need to go to criminal jail.who exzactly paid to mafia and tried to kill svechina vera?

mafia and need to go to jail.. alexia niejelski born 1983 is fake and has no relatoion what so ever  to svechina vera from soviet union and no relation to svechina veras relatvies or projects and they need to go to jail and pay damage.  ........and mafia zhukova and maxima mafia tried to make alexia 83? because they friend  with mafia zhukova.... .they dont have relation to svechina vera.....they tried to kill svechina vera and they need to go to jail and get the fuck out from veras project and relation to anything vera related too..........who got that makarova and mafia in veras life?   mafia got yellow pin from veras room  mafia with jail mafia vakulenko and makarova..... 1996 need to get off with their prostitutes life  they not allowed to svechina veras apt.   that need to go to jail:  off veras life: jail and prostitutes with hangarian have no relation to veras room.......and for getting there illegally need to be killed... they are not serpuhov russia : 2000......2005 and they tried to kill svechina vera...rapist pigozzi 2005..need to go to jail. .... scott illegal in veras dress.....vera is not makarova  ..hangrian is not princess............they tried to kill svechina vera's "platinum anetta's crown"  2009 2010 2011 2012 with carlist . mother of that ugly prince need to be killed or in jail for attempt to kill svechina vera and killed relatives of svechina vera:   prince jaime need to get divorse and pay damage to svechina vera and go to jail...or be killed.  and that garbish need to be getting the fuck out off  life of svechina vera: that is not svechina veras project: that is against svechina vera: wojcicki wanted veras money : and veras card.... 23 and me wojcicki stole from vera to make money illegally: film x....wojcicki is fake....... 
against svechina veras film for jealousy reason: 
  mafia and they need to go to jail. all that people are not related to svechinas vears program: have to pay svechina vera for used photos..and go to jail for killed relatives: Displaying фото.JPG vera counted mett is marina killed by marina orlova that stole veras photos...............that is most important for svechina vera 
stolen photos.......and they  killed hercules bellville.   made svechina veras fiance prince jaime bernardo get married at hangarian prostitute cservenyak 
with kabzon?  tivor.......and jail mafia? after orlova tried to kill svechina vera......2009 2010 2011 2012 with tivor mafia 

that people are  not related to svechina vera and they need to go to jail. and out from veras of 1000 candles is svechina veras ..kom y japan 1993.LOO TC.....kom y : get the fuck out from life of svechina vera with all you criminal mafia intentions
house of 1000 candles 
it's not makarovas.....LOOTC...... ko mu?  and makarova and all that mafia:
non of this people are from serpuhov with peakock and they need to go to jail. for killed veras father........all that people go to jail: invluding all: to jail......................

 ..   2005 fucking olesya is not svechina vera  and need to get off veras life: and off life of veras prince jaime bernardo.......that mafia killed hercules bellville out of jealosy to svechina vera .....same olhovskiy peed on jeff.....out of jealousy where that mafia orlova and makarova is not invited and illegal:  all that oprostitutes are not related to svechina veras project: priness inna didenko ......with svechina veras prince prostitute didenko...prostitute cservenyak 31 years old.......after mafia didnt let vera to make official film 2004 at 31...2005 svechina vera started dancing....Displaying фото.JPG...2006 wojcicki illegally stole veras 23 and me card......who gave her right? svechina vera didnt.....and need to go to jail. svechina vera is not model for ugly cheap hangrarian jail related prostitute......that killed veras father and need to be killed. or in jail: with garbish that gotten by mafia to ugly stomak of 31 year old hanagrian prostitute after 
 attempt to kill svechina vera and getting 
 in all veras friends life to harm them............need to get divorse asap and to jail.............and that will not change to fine to kill veras will not be fine......ever.....all that crime has no relation to veras film and done against svechina vera......
  ....stil rak ..ugly hangairan tivor and that ugly  that has no relation to svechina vera or prince jaime bernardo..killed veras relatvies and killed veras  dog and 

..and they need to get

" stilling" svechina veras fiance prince jaime bernardo and killed ruslana  cancer got marina mamontova..and died marina mamontova and hangargian cservenyak with jail mafia need to be killed and what in that stomak or out of that mafia stomak need to be killed: for what that mafia made in veras life illegally:  2007  what  piramid fake ugly cheap illegal olhovskiy turning and where?  Displaying фото.JPG  olhovskiy that tried to kill svechina vera with mafia need to be killed and 2003 grammy was illegal. that is not relative of vera...neither olhovskiy ugly olesya....that will be killed. if vera will mett her.......for attempt of olhovksiy to kill svechina vera      that is not related to fucking olhovskiyorlova stole veras photos...fucking hangrian not related to svechina vera and need to  be killed. for attempt to kill with mafia svechina vera ion sf illegal moving vera out from veras apt. with mafia from russia and getting married to veras fiance. 
that need to be killed:  hangarian prostitute is not svechina vera petrovna Bride of prince jaime bernardo....and hangarian and mafia killed veras father 2007 and tried to kill svechina vera 2009  killed steve jobs  ..........svechina vera didnt go to edge dinner.......hangrian is prostitute and not important at all........mafia only: jail related mafia:     not related to svechina of svechina of svechina vera:    and need to be killed. Killed: hangarian is mentally ill.: . for doing that is veras home....: ...svechina vera didnt allowed... mafia orlova stole veras photos and they all together tried to kill svechina vera 2009 2010 2012 . hangrain is not related to jaime and tried to kiolll vera with russian mafia and jail mafia and they made problem in japan because japan loves svechina vera ....and they need to go to jail.  mafia orlova mafia abramovich 2003.  fake: darya killed veras uncle tolya 2010 : zhukova is illegal..prohorov illegal .and need to go to jail.. (svechina vera petrovna is on time ) . and people who are with mafia cosing crimes need to take responsibility for the crimes they made. 2009 2010 ....AND now MAKING NEWS ABOUT SVECHINA VERAS NEW IT COUNTRY ON 4 ISLANDS ... svechina veras time to get stock..$ ......since 1999 ....Displaying image.jpg....1984 .....edge dinner made for svechina vera from soviet union ..... Displaying image.jpg....   from svechina veras story .........

legally : 1997 TO 2010 already 10 billion      dollars..for svechina vera ..salary from apple corporation....since 1976. .....salary for being apple logo model.Displaying фото.JPG 1985......tim cook hired 1989...he worked in nike.......just do it..... project.....=

svechina veras books and film and music ....

made by apple corporation for svechina vera MORE MONEY FOR SVECHINA VERA MADE BY companies that involved with life of svechina vera:  

Fran (j. pigozzi holging sosage .. "SOSAGE MIKOYAN "
 nobutada saji's sosage is svechina veras film... (MATA yamamoto 1998) suntory is svechina veras film asobi or last train from roppongi z Josef Joseph Brooks (2009)(March 11, 1938 – May 22, 2011. 1938 VERAS FATHER SVECHIN BORN ) land .....2002. (nine) svechina vera gave script to j.pigozzi .j. pigozzi made crime. 2003 went to edge dinner with greek italian mafia. : anika from paper from veras that got there from veras room? 2007 got there to push physicly vea svechina U2 star 
from talking to BONO........ who got sam klebanov? aksyonova pvo hangrian prostitute.........cservenyak didenko prohorov and they need to go to jail. 
Displaying фото.JPGDisplaying фото.JPG
1977 ( apple logo model is svechina vera) 
So many nights I sit by my window (to Europe)1972 BORN PRINCE JAPAN LOVES SVECHINA VERA 
Waiting for someone to sing me his song

So many dreams I kept deep inside me

Alone in the dark but now you've come along (svechina vera born 1973) 
And you light up my life
You give me hope to carry on
You light up my days
And fill my nights with song
Rollin' at sea, adrift on the water
Could it be finally I'm turning for home?
And finally, a chance to say, "Hey, I love you"

svechina vera got U 1993.
Never again to be all alone
'Cause you, you light up my life. SINCE 1915 "house of 1000 CANDLES"......

You give me hope to carry on
You light up my days
And fill my nights with song:
"izakaya " BURBON agry  WITH SVECHINA VERA......
And you, you light up my life
You give me hope to carry on
You light up my days
And fill my nights
Fill my nights with song, with song
You give me hope to carry on
You light up my days
And fill my nights with song
It can't be wrong when it feels so right
'Cause you, you light up my life
My life, my life, my life oh

GOOGLE 160 0 FACEBOOK 160 1 MICROSOFT (veras voice) ORACLE (veras baby voice) apple veras face and ideas from film ... AND OTHER it COMPANIES....Brin Sergey came to america is 1979.......they knew it's not free TO USE VERAS ADDRESS...........from 1997.....svechina vera in sf....
. about that money  collection for svechina vera petrovna "princess anetta" 2009 planed to talk at that SV dinner  ( at that time mafia was killing svechina vera in sf. FBI knows...) ..they have to make that anounsment...about honest money collection....
 ... peace nobel prize from 1945 chain svechina vera 1 woman ningen got in japan...........1993..........

1999. 100 years suntory . 
  svechina veras peace nobel prize film is on the way 1999.....1990 ..  BOOK MADE FOR SVECHINA VERA make friends to make film....

     Displaying Без имени-1.jpg2009 
palm and  time for the star      apple logo MODEL is only  film director svechina vera.

camerun 2009 dec 18 getting star is not person who is born 1973......not a twin neither from tosca... sf  (42 2) ..neither he living in building 11 (edge dinner 1984 svechina vera 11 was years old) 
  11 is building where svechina vera living in Obninsk
in japan 1994 svechina Vera got flag for svechina veras new country on 4 islands..1989 emperor akihito became emperor .....Displaying Без имени-1.jpg (number of volume   where page  is 273 :svechina vera is must be friend with camerun......he worked here......
neither world traid center that got attacked my same mafia that made that cameruns star 2009 and made attempt to kill vera svechina dec 19 th 2009 in 5 25 stockton 40 3 ,  killed hope likes films veras aunt...cut off steve jobs liver...steve (new) princess japan IT. and mafia  made that svechina vera cant get svechina veras stock   and mafia fucked up svechina veras (apple logo) face and health 2009 2010 2011 2012  and they russian hangarian mafia that svechina vera dont know. they prepered that  crime against svechina vera hoping that svechina vera will VC (hang your self) .before same hanrgain mafia cservenyak in nederlands and mafia with that illegal hanagrian cservenyak killed already veras father..2007 .and need to go to jail....

Displaying image-05-02-14-10-54.jpeg
this is svechina veras 1 female oscar for directing...camerun after Svechina vera ...C is after B.. ..Anetta... B ( 1997 svechina vera BE PA! came to sf steve jobs came back to apple and svechina vera stock ton! ) then  Cвечина.....
 ......svechina vera  is 1 only woman ningen ......woman human ...ever........since 1973 ......telluride film festival made ..........for svechina veras film........VIP Very important new svechina vera   1934 Hope baka kina ( hope likes films) her husband is Venya .

1957 prince and show (шов) girl  (1964) 
 ........prince jaime (japan loves svechina vera) and svechina vera .... svechina vera never heard of prince jaime bernardo (FIANCE OF SVECHINA VERA) till after mafia made attempt to kill svechina vera in sf 2009 and all that mafia that creted that fake thing that killed all that people  need to go to jail. Robert Wiene (27 April 1873 – 17 July 1938) was an important film director of the Germansilent cinema.  svechina vera born 1973 

novih  ( new is svechina vera petrovna....aka anetta)
and robert janoff from cool ver city made apple logo from svechina veras face.......1977 

      svechina vera 1974 is love. 7 years old svechina vera (apple logo model) and apple went public with svechina veras face. Be production assistant ! ....  Displaying image-05-02-14-10-54-1.jpeg nikita born 1968 .......1868 made VERKELEY!

this both man born 1938  and would be alive....

Невозможно прожить без печали,
Но хочу я друзья пожелать,
Чтобы в радости вы забывали,
Что недавно пришлось горевать.

Я хочу, чтобы песни звучали,
Чтоб вином наполнялся бокал,


1996 "anetta" wine .jean pigozzi born 1952 got panama inspired by veras mothers hat..(svechina veras new country colony)to help
 svechina vera to make film..

 Чтоб друг другу вы все пожелали
То, что я вам сейчас пожелал.

PEACE  to the world!  

Я желаю вам друга такого,
Чтоб в тяжелый, нерадостный час
Произнес настоящее слово,
Что спасительным будет для вас: 
Миру МИР! 
Я хочу, чтобы песни звучали,
Чтоб вином наполнялся бокал,
Чтоб друг другу вы все пожелали
То, что я вам сейчас пожелал.

Я хочу, чтобы звонкий, счастливый
Всюду слышался смех детворы,
Чтобы девушки были — красивы,
Чтобы юноши были — мудры.

Я хочу, чтобы песни звучали,
Чтоб вином наполнялся бокал,

jean  pigozzi looking at wine"anettа"1996   at 1998 russian american  gorbachevs conference in carmel..... 

 Чтоб друг другу вы все пожелали
То, что я вам сейчас пожелал.

Если девушка нынешним летом 1941
Обижала guys не любя -
Пусть она пожалеет об этом,
Потому, что полюбит tebya

  (will fall in love with svechina vera and veras film  "last train from roppongi" aka asobi....because of proliv izmen between japan and new svechina veras country: Displaying Без имени-1.jpg and svechina vera 
 got U from I love U 1993 )

Я хочу, чтобы песни звучали,
Чтоб вином наполнялся бокал,
Чтоб друг другу вы все пожелали
То, что я вам сейчас пожелал.
Чтоб друг другу вы все пожелали

То, что я вам сейчас пожелал!


 with svechina veras  film.......2009.
   2005 princess nori got married to mr. Kuroda........

red beard film 1964.......  BE PA : PRODUCTION ASSISTANT:  alexander borodyanski with son denis wrote veras film with svechina  vera
....1964 ..year when prinсess irene got married to HER HUSBAND.......and svechina vera got that engagement ring in japan because svechina vera is the real bride of prince jaime bernardo  bride from soviet union ...

 1966 is 1973 .....for svechina vera prince jaime japan loves svechina vera bernardo became diplomat was promised ....... PRINCE NARUHITO GOT ENGAGEMENT ON VERAS MOTHERS BIRTHDAY 1993..FOR SVECHINA VERAS WEDDING  .. bride IS ONLY SVECHINA VERA PETROVNA (APPLE LOGO MODEL)
Hime and Hime ...(frisky) ....PLANED
rezvyakovs grandchilren:


1974  1911 "The Clutching Hand", он спешит в которую адвоката и в его отсутствии вытаскивает на листке бумаги одну только букву т. во весь экран появляется многократно повторенная буква т с отбитым краешком   The San Francisco Peace Treaty with Japan from 1951        2003 SVECHINA VERAS WITH APPLE STORE IN TOKYO states that Japan must give up all claims to the Kuril islands, but it also does not recognize the Soviet Union's sovereignty over the Kuril Islands...1997 after svechina vera.....

 .....STEVE GOT MARRIED TO LAURENE .part of signing peace and make new svechina veras IT country ..1991 TERRAVERA  FOR SVECHINA VERA ..AND steve  KILLED BY HANGRIAN VC AND MAFIA ...AND THEY NEED TO GO TO JAIL.
   1996 pigozzi got panamA from veras mothers hat to HELP  to help vera svechina to make film)TO SING WITH JACKSON...NINE 1987 "izakaya"

 В 1905 году состоялось первое знакомство Григория (new) с царской четойThe House of a Thousand Candles 1915 is naslednik......svechina vera petrovna .METRO STUDIO 1915 .apple logo model svechina veras  studio..... film made on computer is only because  svechina vera didnt get money on time  to make film in japan and russia because of criminal mafia ......

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