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2009 russian, hangarian tivor criminal jailed mafia and mafia with nederlands speaking criminal mafia marina orlova zhukova bering straght mafia .....mafia from octopus of paul allen....and pigozzis mafia alexia niejelski (criminal jail and criminal in nederlands russian and ..other ..criminal mafia with mafia tivor cservenyak related ) that tried to kill svechina vera 2009 2010 2011 2012 in sf and killed many veras relatives related to svechina veras film.... will have to go to jail.

illegally against svechina veras 
and veras relatives: 

..hanagrain and mafia  cservenyak . illegally got to nederlands without telling svechina vera...............
tried to get with criminal mafia  to svechina veras film  script as saito tetsuya  rapist that is they want to be ugly hanrgian tivor cservenyak that is illegal from the beginning ...then mafia  orlova stole veras photos....coppy right fee must be alwasy paid or permision asked in USA to use other artist work....russian hangarian mafia is criminal ....then they want to get in veras family to make all members fight .....then they want all veras friends fight and they kill svechina veras  relatives and relatives of prince jaime ......2001  has no relation to 93 flight when svechina vera went to japan....not related to this people. related only to svechina vera. svechina vera dont want to meet this hanagirian mafia people  or any of this people.....that need to go to jail. ..........cuban mafia illegally and need to be killed:  that is against svechina vera illegally: with mafia didenko mafia mafia alexia niejelski orlova mafia mafia maxima against svechina vera ...they with prohorov and abramovich illegally killed prince friso.  chap and ugly: and hangrian need to be killed, as they tried to kill bride of prince jaime from soviet union...svechina vera.. that is against svechina vera illegally: and that is not together with svechina vera: hanagrian prostitute cservenyak and hanagiran tivor tried to make (behind svechina veras back.. that  death for prince jaime is  meeting svechina vera (child of veras mother born 1942) Charles I (1288 - 

16 July 1342), also known as Charles Robert (Caroberto), 


 July 12, 1312 to July 16, 1342 was the first King of 

Hungary and killed prince friso and killed  father of prince jaime.....and that wedding 1964 is not related to criminal mafia wedding of hangarian mafia.....cservenyak .= hangrain and blond in veras shirt  are wrong and against svechina vears film..... and hangarian prostitute jailed cservenyak killed prince jaime and male and prince and interesting person.......and made damage to svechina vears life and need to go to criminal jail and pay damage . it all the way around......hangrian with mafia is mentally ill and criminal.....
 criminal mafia that svechina vera had no idea about ....including rapist pigozzi 2005 and mafia  is against svechina again   with jailed mafia and need to go to jail 
.....1997.svechina vera only pointing at fake buiding.   steve jobs came back to apple 
 in usa make money for svechina vera apple logo model ......stock.....
all that people  "hated" svechina veras film: posibly jealous:
both of that ugly prostitutes in svechina veras shirts that got names starting with with  B have no relation to svechina veras relatives or life in usa.  they are not relatives of svechina vera related to japan . neither zhukova or svetlana dasha of any kind.....cch vc hang yourself ...hangrian cservenyak tried to kill svechina vera with russian mafia 2009 2010 2011 2012 ..svetlana  tatarin they got svechina veras shirt after svechina vera went to cannes 2008 and killed hercules bellville......2009..that people illegall in usa : .all that need to be going to jail: that mafia is not in veras plans     that is fake crown : on veras relative that is not related to any of that people  : and   tatarin picock? is not working ..that is abramovich mafia ....mafia peakock is not tatarin ...... zhukova alexia orlova and mafia  and mafia killed that girls grandfather 2010 ...and need to go to jail. that all need to be arested and in jail........  prohorov prostitute  didenko  borlyuk mother from fake building is svetlana  (russian born brin didnt pay stock to vera and wojcicki stole veras card....they making money from veras life and vera is not making money ..they dont let svechina vera to make money and they dont give vera;'s mafia .1998 inna didenko illegally in japan fake alexandra te tskete you? svechina vera didnt ask didenko to do that to mr. matsushima..svechina vera dont care about what didenko doing to matsushima: ...... and mafia alexia 2005 and mafia tried to kill svechina vera and they need to go to jail......rapist pigozzi in 2008 illegally in tokyo go to jail. ...on veras time..and they killed hercules bellville and steve jobs .......they have no relation to svechina vera ....killed steve at 56...year  of veras town...    killed PSH with russian hanagrian mafia help.  mafia tried to to kill svechina vera: Princess SAKURA NET HER LADNS........ but its not suppost to die.......and it DIDNT DIE....and  not related to svechina vera and to family of svechina vera  ugly cheap prostitute mafia hanagrian cservenyak ...mafia russian alexia orlova mafia  need to go to jail..... mafia doing crime...and mafia from russia  .they need to go to jail.  that is not veras friends: 

.they dont have any relation to anything in life of svcehina vera ...they with mafia
out of jealousy  and they hate veras friends. .....they knew 2009 they did crime with getting alexia there .........niejelski mafia.  that got svechina veras union royal shirt illegally......they tried to kill svechina vera that need to go to jail.  that is killed  svechina veras relatives.. they did that concesly and they need to go to jail. hangrian is not welcomed in veras family and need to be killed.   that made 2013 : veras film is not related to that mafia: ugly hangrian is mentally ill... that is mafia they paid to  to kill svechina veras father aunt and to kill svechina vera and they need to go to jail. hangrian prostitute  31 years old...... ugly after vera at 31 mafia didnt let vea to make film and got hangarian pussy 
terrorist to svechina veras prince:   they tried to kill svechina vera and need to go to jail and that desission   will not change till that mafia hanagrian prostitute with russian mafia  is in jail or killed.  which what mafia got in that ugly hangrian stomak after they killed steve jobs..svechina veras relatives.... svechina vera didnt get stock. being sick and disabled for 4 years .......  if prince jaime knew or not about the crime svechina vera dont know.. that is against svechina veras relatvies illegally : they hanagrian jail tivor ........and hanagrian prostitute  with that ugly father with jail and they tried to kill svechina vera with jail mafia 2009 in sf  and they need to go to jail. and  that is not related to vera and they made crime and need to be jail:  or better be killd with what insidemafia got in that prostitute ugly stomak fucking on veras relatives graves....svechina vera didnt agree to that hanghrain  with prostitute makarova illegally gotten to life of vera svechina and family of steve jobs and veras .... mafia and they need to go to criminal jail ..

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