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Svechina verа is not happy now because of the mafia that killed svechina veras relatives and dog from 1999 and tried to kill svechina vera and they need to go jail. non of film makers get their relatives killed after comming to cannes and that mafia that tried to kill svechina vera 2009 2010 2011 2012 need to go to jail..

 reason 1973 october japanese came to Soviet union is 4 islands and svechina vera.......

and that is why d.a.medvedev needed to come to apple:  svechina veras stock and disputed territories . 1983 Рейган 

назвал Советский Союз «Империей $» (а также 

«центром $ в современном мире»)  reigan is for FAITH :

for svechina vera petrovna


islands anettics (SVECHINA VERAS) : ради прихода к 

власти над 

Миром своего повелителя  «невероятного 

правителя империи  "$" named: 

empress svechina vera petrovna 1

2012 Южно-Сахалинск – Во вторник российский премьер-министр Дмитрий Медведев посетил один из островов, захваченных Советским Союзом у Японии в конце Второй Мировой войны. Визит спровоцировал протесты в Токио, который претендует на данные острова.  ver, tokyo U.......svechina vera.....1812 ......1912...The plantings of cherry trees originated in 1912 as a gift of friendship to the People of the United States from the People of Japan. ......2012 ..  
planed wedding of  prince jaime bernardo of burbon parma

 and new empress svechina vera  1 from former soviet union.

 forBes...FOR Blosom

памятник первой атомной подводной лодке 

Krasaviza 14 ..1+4=5 is Svechina vera petrovna..Свечина Вера Петровна (Cherry Blosom Принцесс) ....only. 

1987............svechina vera is 14 .....1+4=5
Cherry blossoms are pretty. A woman is also pretty when she wears a hair ornament. Platinum Anetta. for example:for anetta aka 
svechina vera petrovna born prince japan loves 
svechina vera petrovna from father spanish prince
 made for : prince jaime to learn to  say si in spanish or svechina vera only..
...... si mening yes... svechina vera got the ring 1993 94.....  born in 1972. in BRA for svcehina veras breats.....born  to make peace with svechina vera from 1973.

prince naruhito from japan got his engagement on svechina veras mothers 1993. and criminal mafia made earthquake in japan....2010 and that all mafia that made that illegal earthquake against prince naruhito need to go to jail.
PL private land svechina veras.. hercules.....Nice little russia. 1993  svechina vera went to japan to make film 1993. 

to 7 is svechina vera : landcruser made.. HI! KS! 

for svechina veras yes!Displaying Без имени-1.jpg1917.   .......... from veras face 

made apple

 logo...1977 .....
(it's very cold at 4 islands .

svechina vera was 

taken to hot springs in japan and  "trainded"  to 

understand hot 

springs  ..)..from 1997 to 1999.... I went to film school in sf .  2004 svetlana  is planed to be helping svechina empress svechina vera is movie maker. time for svechina veras stock...10 billion by 2010 .svechina vera is in sf 5 25 stock ton 403...peace signing time....japan russian relations..steve jobs is waiting for svechina vera...steve princess japan.....medvedev didnt meet with svechina vera and wanted to meet with sergey brin...sergey brin is not svechina vera .brin didnt want to meet medvedev.. medvedev must of been met svechina vera and steve jobs together .if medvedev was "edinaya russia" meaning he is not medvedev.... he is Шапошников ..which is the same...pigozzi jean spent 10 million 1996 on panama island for svechina vera to make film and meet all 

his friends to help vera svechina to make film..

the festival  1996. THE PRINCE AND THE SHOW GIRL (  movie maker svechina vera and prince jaime bernardo)

...for example to record song...... for that new svechina veras country on 4 islands. bono invested in svechina veras "FACEBOOK"..  book about making of film last train from roppongi aka asobi.

red wine........since 1996 In 1996 Forbes entered the new media with the launch of to be svechina vera 

Друзья бокал рудник текучего рубина а хмель духовная бокала сердцевина вино что в хрустале горит покровом слез едва прикрытая кровавая пучина...
TO WATCH FILMS.. there are no cinemas.FILM last train from roppongi aka as asobi.........2009 princess anetta (СВЕЧИНА ВЕРА ПЕТРОВНА)
WINE ANETTA....FROM...1996 tim hired from veras photo with podkidish ....
Ber...tgood (i)Forbes 1918
2004 russian forbes made  on time of svechina veras film production....for the interviews  of svechina vera
something to talk about...... svechina veras hollywood sign....

1997 svechina vera begining classes in academy of art (PLANED FROM 1929)  : 1 russian billionairs listed  in forbes....STEVE PRINCESS JAPAN...

director svechina vera....

and svechina veras private film company CO-PRODUCTION with CTB  film LAST TRAIN FROM ROPPONGI AKA AS ASOBI....2004 

tsuki ji (15 night)  svechina veras gate 15. (there is a lot of fish near the 4 islands) 
pushkins tsarevna is svechina vera and apple went public 
with veras face. 1980 

 In 2004,  go pro! cameras made to chear up for svechina 

veras film producing and directing ....

 In 2004, woodman  nick  (friend . nick made  ) made his first big sale when a Japanese company ordered 100 cameras at a sports show and became billionair .....
.svechina veras  film closed because of criminal mafia in may 2004. svechina vera made 1 hour 10 minutes  film dream works! dream film of yoji yamamoto   done. 2007 ....2009.  

same film can be remade by new movie maker svechina vera....on location in japan and russia...... Debut (1993Björk about svechina veras 1 film...
2009. svechina vera is right.

MMS movie maker (BRIDE)

«Близнецы» — художественный  фильм, 

снятый на киностудии «Мосфильм» в 1945 году.

vere sha gin born 1953. from 1998 produce that film with vera
part of that film in production.( gin means film buget)
2002 mafia that made veras film not financed on time...
made ko izumi ni hon.... ei ga : to vera gold  (film buget) apple...
and they cut off steve jobs liver. instead of making vera to meet steve jobs.......and tried to kill svechina vera 2009 

2010 2011 2012  in sf saying that svechina vera is osama bin laden knowing that that is  is not true....and killed relatvies of svechina vera including  hope likes film...who organised that ?

(after vera svecchina met pigozzi may 2002 and left script of film last train from roppongi aka asobi in his home )

Июнь 2002 г. Буш, Джордж Уокер президент США Дж.Буш причислил  к


так называемой оси $, подвергнув ее политику грубой критике за попытки разработать оружие массового 


поражения. ko izumi...pigozzi opened shop in japan 2008 ......and svechin vear got illegally moved out from veras apt. in sf...without getting stock from apple.... criminal hangarian  jail related mafia.......


twin is svechina veras birthday sign. 20 33 win twin! is about peace signing between russia and japan and making a new ecological clean IT  country on 4 islands. with new empress svechina vera petrovna 1.  Pushkins of 1000 candles....


 Tsutomu Miyazaki  -   1989

Serial killer Tsutomu Miyazaki abducts and murders girls aged four to seven. ( 4 islands with svechina vera and svechina vera petrovna  became apple logo model at 7 apple went public )

At almost the same time came the case of the“Otaku Murderer”  Tsutomu Miyazaki (hanged in 2008).   In 1988-89 he abducted, raped, murdered and mutilated several young  girls, and he brought significant attention to the “otaku”  nerd/geek phenomenon.  svechina veras fenomenon...fenominon of apple logo girl
These days  many people talk about anime otaku,  or fans, but Miyazaki was a comic book and pedophile sex  video geek.  (Japan is the  largest producer in the world of child  pornography.) same people that made 2001 attaack against svechina veras film
and russian hanrgian jail related and not related to svechina

 vera (pricness anetta) criminal mafia tried to kill svechina 

vera illeaglly .made attack on world trade center

killed hope likes films svechina veras aunt 

2009 after cannes 2010 2011 2012 2013 and they need to go to jail.......

fake film: 2010 The Social Network 2004  made facebook from veras book based on a

 successful if contentious book, The Accidental Billionaires.

 sredne ver  me vera

mafia  already planed to kill svechina vera "princess maximas" friend: in 2009
2010 2011 2012...2005 pigozzi rapist  svechina vera didnt know they with criminal mafia they killed hercules bellville... (reason mafia planed to kill svechina vera...they prepered protection for j.pigozzi made of mafia zhukova abramovich and orlova.from after attack on world trade center, made against vera svechina and against veras mother illegally 

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