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2009 svechina vera after meeting criminal mafia related scott and mick jagger ...mafia tried to kill svechina vera : mafia alexia and zhukova..orlova .... acused svechina vera in being Osama bin laden they made crime with hangrian and russian jail related mafia and pigozzi and they need to go to jail.........2009 2010 2011 2012 .......

 star is svechina vera petrovna and there is star sistem...... sistem for svechina vera the only one star.
.svechina vera petrovna VISITING  tokyo 1996. In CCCP film came out with name Tainstvennaya Ruka ..tamara russia . that  made paralised veras grandmother in home 33 tamara in soviet union
 in 1961..........and her hand became claching....right hand with Garnet (гранат) ring
granitoviy persten) girl princess............ svechina vera born to veras mother 1973..........
rana (vera backwords granat family plant) and dorane..1917 jean pigozzis woman  jean pigozzi got panama for svechina vera and veras mother to help vera to make film.....made book 1990 ..collected black art..svechina vera apple logo model .1917 -1977  jackson came to moscow 1993....and killed 2009 without vera svechina meeting michael jackson .....but with rapist pigozzi ...2005 .maxima in nederlands..niejelski? mafia alexia with mafia zhukova 
( illegally got on veras photo 1974)  and fake maxima .....2009 fake alexia asked as " jean's woman"  alexia is not pigozzi  jeans woman..alexia is cheap ugly criminal. ......asked  if she had photo book and alexia didnt have..svechina vera made the book.....2009 and it svechina veras ...= crime made 2005 and they need to go to jail. and they tried to kill svechina vera 2009 and they ever more need to go to jail. .they tried to kill svechina vera

 1973......2009   1967 disney got number of svechina vera  grandmother,.,,  to make film with svechina vera.

Гео́ргий Миха́йлович Рома́нов — потомок дома Романовых по линии своей матери, (he is not  and never will be ....)признаваемый частью монархистов наследником главенства в Российском императорском доме.  Единственный ребёнок Марии РомановойМария Владимировна Романова (мать) и принца Прусского Франца Вильгельма.
Георгий — сын принца Прусского Франца-Вильгельма Гогенцоллерна и Марии Владимировны Романовой. Родители развелись в 1986 году. because Microsoft got on the side of svechina vera including Paul allen made VULCAN company .that makes films.........(microsoft
 (named after svechina veras voice..steve pricness japan ) owes stock to svechina vera since 1975 for using veras voice as name of the company..songs will have to be recorded...) ..В 1993 году была подписана Токийская декларация о российско-японских отношениях, где говорится о том, что Ро сс и я - продолжатель СССР и что все соглашения, подписанные между СССР и Я по ни ей, будут признаны Ро сс и ей и Я по ни ей. (all 

svechina vera and for svechina vera and svechina vera got 

in japan from japanese people 1994 presents: for svechina

 veras new country ..

 new flag!Displaying Без имени-1.jpg and 1996   to 

sign peace dogovor  dorovor I, svechina vera petrovna (  princess anetta 2009 

 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ) 1 ningen woman (woman 

human) ever.since 1973)
 ...for that svechina vera petrovna from former soviet union  got engagement
ring 1994 in japan from japanese people idea of the ring that father of prince jaime gave to prince jaimes mother 1964..rubies and diamonds prince japan loves svechina vera born 197 in net her lands

found in name of new svechina veras (APPLE LOGO MODEL) 

country on 4 islands 

planed to be  made.......svechina vera go to edge dinner

1999...(mafia j. pigozzi went with mafia 2003 (knowing 

svechina vera from 2002) mafia is not related to 

disputed islands probelm) 

  2003 made octopus for free from new empress svechina vera petrovnas go to the new svechina veras (apple logo model) it   country
Displaying Без имени-1.jpgon 4 islands the real estate 

market in Japan is likely to be permanently influenced by the   deficit of land. Traditionally, Japan has had many small landholders who keep their land within the same family for generations. It has also been the norm for both households and small businesses to maintain the same location for life. Historically, Japanese landowners prefer keeping their property to selling it for money. A little over half of all land transactions in Tokyo between 1991-96 involved land parcels less than about 1000 square feet (100 square meters). Acquiring a lot of significant size can commonly take up to 10 to 15 years.  (people that live on 4 islands  now will need to move out ? svechina vera  consultation needed) 

Средняя температура года достигает +5, °C

2 dots 
Displaying image.jpg

between iturup and urup border  between new "twin zodiak" birthday (33 5)  svechina veras peaceful country on 4 islands and russia.   1997 svechina vera moved to sf   1998 tetskete u! Meaning you (svechina vera) is  asking for help......we here to help: we making phone!  svechina vera you need help! stock Help to svechina vera! svechina vera made book...females american dancers helped to svechina vera 2009.
  "Flying strippers"and mafia made 2009 IN SF ON TIME OF SVECHINA VEARS BOOK pigs flew.......on time of svechina veras book.......mafia is fake niejelski  alexia and mafia .......HANAGRIAN AND THEY TRIED TO KILL SVECHINA VERA AND fbi KNOWS AND THEY WILL GO TO CRIMINAL JAIL. .......svechina vera is not together with criminal mafia ........that killed hercules....bellville....

FOR SVECHINA VERA PLANED :40 2 children with "podkidish"

 ..1997 all together 3 children  by 40 with prince jaime bernardo of burbon parma 2014..............legally..Displaying IMG_0730.JPG....
(S2Л (love)) svechina vera petrovna got engagement ring 1994 in japan .....(idea of the ring that father of prince jaime gave to prince jaimes mother 1964..rubies and diamonds prince japan loves svechina vera born 1972

Black Dragon Society (黑龍會 kokuryūkai?) – an influential paramilitary group set up in 
1901, initially to support the effort to drive Russia out of east Asia.   for 

"NEW country" 
to the world 33 5

 in 1973 Svechina vera petrovna 

and  new nation birth nationality ..........

Первый секретарь ЦК КПСС Н. С. Хрущёв 22 мая 1957 .The prince and the show girl....... prince jaime and svechina vera petrovna ...

Catch up and overtake America!  japanese proposed to svechina vera new nationality name: "Fruits ". Kunashir  airport meets passangers with a sign :

What Are Fruit? 

svechina vera already 1993 .....

Displaying image.jpgDisplaying Без имени-1.jpg
After the dissolution of the Empire of Japan and the establishment of the State of Japan ...svechina vera  petrovna nine 1945, the ultranationalist societies were disbanded and socialism was decriminalized, ruling structure was changed from Tennō to the US-Japan alliance.  and aple logo made from veras face 1977 and svechina vera had to go to edge dinner 1999 to get stock...... 

twin svechina vera born 1973 

1973 made world trade center ....
new is only svechina vera  in film 

planed for svechina vera was to meet prince jaime bernardo.. by 2009 ......
.....................................NOT WITH SVECHINA VERA :  against svechina vera :    made by mafia  2001 attack:  made   
that illegal mafia made 2001 attack in nyc ( not related to veras book and film)  and they need to go to jail and 4 islands new country stays svechina veras ......

putin is illegally on veras relatives grave since 1991..
..putin and mafia making money and svechina vera is not making money with svechina veras film....olimpic games making money ......      (vere sha gin Ах, зачем я на свет появился, Ах, зачем меня мать родила. (gin is gold in japanese ....= vera sha buget for the film born 1953.since 1998 they know svechina vera petrovna from tom luddy director of telluride Film festival) olimpics 2014 made illegally from made for ONLY svechina vera 0 in sky walker ranch in usa made for svechina veras film......svechina vera didnt agree to that..olympics without premiere
of svechina "last tarin from roppongi aka asobi"
 and svechina veras and 
 prince jaimes wedding and japan russia peace signing

 Displaying Без имени-1.jpg   


and damadge 
  to svechina vera need to be v.v. putin.....

03 июля 2012 г. - Russian Prime Minister 

Dmitry Medvedev angers Japan by paying another visit to 

the disputed Kuril Islands. ... Mr Medvedev's first visit to 

the Kurils, as president in 2010, drew a 

furious reaction from Japan.....

against svechina vera: mafia and terrorists in russia (1999 bombed kashira)
 didnt give svechina vera money to make film 2004. at 31 ....2009 svechina vera wanted to get american passport (for fun only)
 and mafia tried to kill svechina vera .....

against svechina vera : 

illegally mafia hangrian mentally ill prostitute cservenyak born 1982 to kill svechina vera and mother of svechina vera  and to kill steve jobs ..went to nederlands knowing that prince jaime has bride and it could be easy to kill his real bride, svechina vera
princess anetta usa 2009) because svechina vera is not mafia related person....... mafia hangrian tivor and his ugly criminal victoriya cservenyak born 1982 (against svechina vera nine..against prince jaime bernardo)  in cheap hangary with mafia ruling that case  to kill svechina vera (real bride of prince jaime from soviet union) and hanrgain born to kill mother of svechina vera ...hangrian  is not part of signing peace dogovor.between japan and russia dont have relation to svechina vears film and life and for attempt to kill svechina vera with jailed mafia tivor and killed father of svechina vera 2007 and killed hope likes films veras aunt 2010 hanrgain cservenyak illegal and with mafia that organised that attempt to kill svechina vera 2009 2010 2011 2012  need to get to criminal jail and mafia what they got in that ugly stomak after attempt to kill svechina vera need ..mafia cher venya king is fake and ugly and criminal....... hangrian prostitute cservenyak is not jaimes wife.......or bride or anything.......they killed uncle of svechina vera VENYA 1999 and tried to kill svechina vera 2009 2010 2011 2012  and to be killed: if cservenyak would be real...they would not need to kill svechina veras back in russia relatives .....and svechina vera herself.....and death sentence:    2013 that is not the weding ,....that is hanagrian mafia crime that has no relation to svechina veras family.... ............ and that is not funny ..they  knew that prince jaime is svechina veras fiance and that svechina vera is apple logo model. and mafia need to go to jail. 

svechina vera (anetta)   got given to in japan , where they have more or less disent 1994 ....flag of new svechina vears country on 4 islands Displaying Без имени-1.jpg to vera svechina and to svechina veras mother (historicly right thing to do. prince naruhito got engagement on veras mothers birthday 1993.)   1991 ...

prince jaime (japan loves svechina vera petrovna ) bernardo got born 1972. to get married and have children with svechina vera....

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