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Цветущая Вишня: Царевна Вера is owner of 4 islands :kunashir shikotan..habomai and itup..and water borders related to that land since 1945. one border need to be made from russian side after Svechina Vera will recieve stock from apple.for that one apple store weas build on svechina veras street n SF : svechina verars apt. in SF located ..525 stockton 403 sf ca 94108. since Feb 1997. other IT companies will follow apple in giving svechina vera their stock: salary for svechina vera from:Oracle.. Microsoft.....since 70s........

 that disco is not a....that is fake and need to go to jail with that mafia. that made that..hangarian prostitute made that disco without breasts at all and not related to D CUP ANTOBES.......went to study law....that is not O.  that is fake: and need to go to jail. that fake people killed relatives of svechina vera:
neither mafia  alexia 
 niejelski and mafia zhukova  svechina vera knows what is mafia  zhukova and abramovich are mafia  
.that is criminal: that without breasts is not svechina vera

svechina vera dont want in veras life all that mafia
that killes svechina veras life....after they saw photo of little boy in sf 1997....

 they have to get that swidish sam russian speaking criminal mafia  Movies without FAKE ....hangarian prostitute and prostitute aksyonova.......or who else there? 
 : ..anastas i 33? is wrong.....33 is with japan
home and with america and russia with china ....
33 is not  armenian......33 is not armenian...
not with armenian.mafia doing armenian
 illegally and they need to go to jail... they only making money they dont give a shit.....prostitute aksyonova no people care off......toylet...
.and against svechina veras film. meat: 

illegally. and need to be
out from life of svechina vera to jail: that is not "STREET OF LOVE AND HOPE"........hope likes films ....
that was not suppost to die..........that is not revolution....
that is mafia criminal hangrian and mafia blond jailed hangrian prostitute with mafia father tivor      nina is DI? that is not nina  that is svechina veras baby time photo...SVECHINA VERA CALLED NIKITA DIDNT DONT KNOW ANYTHING. .. NIKITA HAD SHIRT champion. 1998.. hanrgain got on that photo pretending to be svechinanikita and in relaity svechina vera: that ugly hanrgian truck driver is not svechina vera and not related to svechina vear and need to go to jail. what hangrian tivor OLIMPIC GUY IS NOT INVITED TO SVECHINA VERAS HOME.  NEVER WAS INVITED. (HAS NO RELATION TO VERA) WHAT HE  doing on photo of vera? from russia? MENTALLY ILL HANRGEIAN : 
 SVECHINA VERA  THAT AND VIKTORIYA CSERVENYAK NEED TO GO TO JAIL.  THAT IS RULE.  TOM LUDDY OF TELLURIDE DIDNT NOT WANTED THAT CSERVENYAK, AND CHERVENYAK HAS TO GO TO JAIL. prostitute hanrgain viktoriya that tried to kill svechina vera with mafia..NEED TO GO TO JAIL. getting on photo of svcechina and that how that prostitute got parnent. and need to be killed. what what she got pradnenet wuith. svechina vera has no relation and dont want relation  to that hanrgain prostitute brother of vera dont want relation to that mafia .  THAT IS TRYING TO KILL SVecHINA VERA..... FUCKED TIVOR SEEING SVECHINA VERAS "HOT SPOT" IN 1981 knowing that prince jaime born for svechina vera from cccp.............prince jaime bernardo.......
.SVECHINA VERA DONT LIKE:TO BE KILLED: WITH THEIR DRUGS JAILED AND PROSTITUTION MAFIA against svechina vears film and against svcehinav ars family......and they lost and will be loosoing ever since they touched svechina vera wrong way...... VERAS MOTHER AND FATHER FATHER WOULD NOT ALLOWED TO VERA TO DO ANYTHING LIKE THAT..WHAT HANRGAIN prostitute  MAFIA DOING HERE..?.

wrong hanrgian prostitute got on svechina veras ple\ace with mafia help and killed relatives of svcehina vera....and need to be going to jail. and what mafia got in that hantgrain prostitutes stomak on expence of svcehina vera need to be killed. that cant live of expenece of svechina vera from russia. that need to go to jail: 
that is not welcomed: 2000 that mafia bushit about veras SHOW....illegally ....tivor and jailed mafia need to get the fuck out from great life of svechina jail. hangrian  on the wrong place and kills russian woman....and svechina veras relatives..........that is not hangrian prostitute wedding.....that is not hanrgian fiance.........

Постер фильма Фото meat  ta   .......making illegal film......and trying to kill svechina vera ....svechina vera dont like that that is not director that is criminal mafia.....that is not allowed to all that people to get in life of private  home 33 and veras life.......killed Olhovskaya and 

TRIED TO KILL SVECHINA VERA....:   makarova PROSTITUTE AGAINST VERAS FILM:     1998 HAS NO RELATION TO VERA and traveling hookers WITH JAILES that are not on the program ned to get the fuck out from life of svechina vera  TO JAIL. SVECHINA VERA 
DONT LIKE: with jaime bernardo jailed mafia  2008 prohorov didenko irina abramovich mafia. killed hope likes films 2010..and they need to go to jail. PRINCE jaime has no man
    (THAT IS GUY FROM THE EMBASY OF NEDERLANDS MATAS CHILD GIRL WILL BE KILLED BY MORI MINORU'S PEOPLE IF HE NOT MAKING THAT STRAGHT)_ THEY DID PROBLEM IN JAPAN... THAT IS ALL AGAINST JAPAN...JAPAN LOVES SVECHINA VERA IS NAME OF PRINCE ....SVECHINA VERS IS RUSSIAN..... svechina vera will find him male to leard how to be with woman. they all will be in jail that all mafia ,.and pay damage to svechina vera (not related to svechina veras salary FROM APPLE )... AND THAT LADIES 

Передача островов to svechina vera petrovna 1. new empress  будет проведена после заключения мирного договора.
...since 1996. svechina vera got that to sign that teace japan..peace .between russia and japan .SOUZ PECHAT .....since 1918. when romanov were killed .....

союзныи совет для японии  (svechina veras breasts size D and 

svechina evras relatives moved to home 33         in serpuhov 1948 and it was taken to disneyland in 1967 ) был создан в соответствии с решением Московского совещания министров иностранных дел ссср
сша и великобритании (дек. 1945) по вопросам касающимся осуществления условии капитуляции окупации и контроля
 над япониеи.
Всего ссдя провел свыше 160 заседании. В апреле 1952  (after born jean pigozzi  criminal and rapistand he planed to get on veras place as "hollywood" ....and he looked down on steve in 1986. and he need with russian mafia need to go to  criminal jail  for attempt with  russian hangarian american nederlands mafia.japanese mafia italian.. (call interpol) fake  alexia scott jailed mafia and whatever mafia else is there (all mafia is not related to svechina vera) made from svechina veras "FLYING STRIPPERS"  cerial: patriarh kirill    and they tried to kill svechina vera 2009 2010 2011 2012 ...2005 jean pigozzi rapist..and they need to go to jail. .and they  got on veras time in tokyo. 2008 .illegally killed herkules bellville.2009 . 1959 wedding of emperor akihito and empress michiko ... 1962 kanat
(cannes a  = svechina vera petrovna) and  mafia  need to pay damage to svechina vera for all pigozzi  got from veras home: all his life. ) в связи с вступлением в силу Сан франциского  договора 1951 сша в одностороннем порядке приняли решение о прекращении деятельности ссдя .

 возобновили деятельность ссдя (svechina vera from city of peaceful atom and veras D size breasts)  в 1956 when City of peaceful atom  was made in CCCP and svechina vera (steve princess japan) came to film school in
 1997 in academy of art in san francisco 
5 25 stock ton! for svechina vera 40 3 children! 40 2 children +podkidish....


VPS productions : svechina veras  situation with ccdya that was stopped in 1952 with 1952 birth of j. pigozzi ended up legally  with cooperation of svechina vera petrovna and pigozzi jean  on "flying strippers" photos, clothes,food 
 (1994 for svechina veras new country on 4 islands  :

 serial, mom.."Please" - Anetta .
(Svechina Vera teaching  baby to say "please")


new Svechina Veras  airline already flying

Displaying White-Airplane1.jpg  Displaying Без имени-1.jpg
project as part of film 
project "last train from roppongi aka asobi"  2009 .dir. svechina vera. + 10 billion stock from apple by 2010.....usa ....and 
svechina veras salary 33 20 ..... .   (with svechina veras film) 
Pushkin ........Here's a health to thee, Mary. Mery is Doll ..

merchandize from veras film in japan...Last train from roppongi aka asobi...........

Пью за здравие Мери,
Милой Мери моей.
Тихо запер я двери
И один без гостей
Пью за здравие Мери.

game for children and young adolts: 
 japanese bar "Perl Harbor" Жемчужная гавань...

Можно краше быть Мери,
Краше Мери моей,
Этой маленькой пери;
Но нельзя быть милей
Резвой, ласковой Мери.

Будь же счастлива, Мери,
Солнце жизни моей!
Ни тоски, ни потери,
Ни ненастливых дней
Пусть не ведает Мери.

(after vera svcechina met pigozzi may 2002 and left script of film last train from roppongi aka asobi in his home )

Июнь 2002 г. Буш, Джордж Уокер президент США Дж.Буш причислил  к 


так называемой оси $, подвергнув ее политику грубой критике за попытки разработать оружие массового 


поражения.  ko izumi......  stock ton for svechina vera!

since 2000 putin and ludmila were heads of russia to make sure that svechina vera will get money from goskino to make film. in japan ...svechina vera didnt get the money from putins russia. for co production of veras that was planed....

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has angered Japan by paying another visit to the disputed Kuril Islands without svechina vera.
Mr Medvedev landed on Kunashir, which lies just north of the Japanese island of Hokkaido, Russia's government said.
Japan, which calls the four islands its Northern Territories, said the move was "extremely regrettable" and could have a negative impact on relations.
Tokyo wants the return of the islands, seized by Soviet troops in 1945 and held by Russia ever since.
The dispute over the islands has prevented the two countries signing a peace treaty formally ending World War II.Mr Medvedev's first visit to the Kurils, as president in 2010, drew a furious reaction from Japan,Tensions surrounding the Kurils spiralled after Mr Medvedev's 2010 visit, sparking fears of a conflict between the two countries.
1971 getting ready to svechina veras birth in 1973 cute propoganda: ... WW2...WIN WIN TWIN......!!!! Twin is svechina vera petrovna...33 5........= land of 1000 kind of 
memorial land... new peaceful ecologicly clean IT country with  new empress svechina vera petrovna 1. "princess anetta".   new country established: planed by 2012. after new country made: "It's Oh, So Quiet" is a song by American singer Betty Hutton....: .The Treaty of Peace with Japan (commonly known as the Treaty of San FranciscoPeace Treaty of San Francisco, or San Francisco Peace Treaty), between Japan and part of the Allied Powers, was officially signed by 48 nations on September 8, 1951,  steve jobs got married to powell to remind of peace treaty in SF   1991 made terravera ..1995 redone by Bjork....."It's Oh, So Quiet"

svechina vera came to united states 1 time..... to see academy of art in sf make film last train from roppongi aka as asobi and to write book about svechina veras life  .......

1973 photo shows in Soviet union. "My country 4 islands" 
 and "all need peace"
 "мир нужен всем"
peace to the world.... ...between russia and свечина вера петровна only.  svechina vera petrovna ...
princess ...anetta japanese  : peace nobel prize.....
since 1973. ЗЕМЛЯ ТЫСЯЧИ СВЕЧЕИ since 1996..planed to sign peace......  asobi "fashion"


1967 sing a song of sex.
SOUZ Soyuz TMA-7 spacecraft2edit1.jpg.1967.   Verkin......... Platinum anetta 2009 meaning platinum for Princess Anetta..2010..(Svechina
 Vera) 1977 new empress svechina vera petrovna 1 is apple logo model..... 
Bear made 33 80..tre  (S) vogue...
  .and fake  people should not  get in life of svechina vera. (vogue and svechina veras apt. in Obnisnk.)  svechina veras apt. on 3 floor 3 rooms is  private property ....  2003 time at edge conference for svechina vera with tokyo apple store...  2003 tokyo japan...steve princess japan....
and that is about svechina veras film...Название городу Обнинск дал дворянский род Обнинских, которые стали последними владельцами Белкино. Obninsk got 

name from people's name  who last owened village BELKINO near Obnisnk   WE LOVE KINO(we loves films) svechina vera born in oBninsk to make 1 peace nobel prize film . Last train from roppongi aka Asobi. get the fuck out all russian mafia from life of svechina vera. now. 
2002 pigozzi already met svechina vera....  1996 pink from veras jacket? 
2003  no greeks no any other mafia..planed by law neither in ted or vogue. they got greek illegally .pigozzi already in attempt to kill svechina vera and get on veras place. and ugoly fake greek sent to panama as prostitute by putin or other mafia to kill steve jobs and svechina vera and need to go to jail. and never come 
back . pigozzi is not HOLLYWOOD: he is not svechina vera. he is criminal. ..     greek is not SVECHINA VERA. greek killed out for svechina vera BEFORE SVECHINA VERA BORN...Killed jackson.......and if they did they need to go to jail now.  svechina vera didnt allowed.......svechina veras right to not to allowed! svechina vera  Displaying Без имени-1.jpg dont allowed
 to abramovich to make  and leave svechina veras apple logo 
for brin illegally to kill steve jobs and to kill svechina vera. putin with Brin........and zhenya.....they are not related to evgenika 
that is criminal....... Brin: IS ONLY OWES SVECHINA VERA STOCK.sam is brother of Brin and hangarian  prostitute with jailes mafia and makarova  that need to be killed. for killed steve jobs. 
and living his children without father.
....... eclips from veras apt. is illegal and need to be arested. 1979 la ilegal is BRIN ....that went illegally to usa . and they didnt brin svechina vera to edge dinner from 1999....160 0 is svechina veras apt. and it's svechina vera..and they knew that.. . who allowed to abramovich and all that criminal people to get in veras apt.? new country of svechina vera is planed without mafia and without drugs. 
all that has to go go to jail.......and pay damage to svechina vera.
and go to jail for killed relatives of svechina vera : against svechina vera illegally:   
against peace signed  between cccp  (russia) and  japan 1956. 
1991 american dream

1973 Sisters .. film  last train from roppongi aka asobi. 1974 "film house" 
1978 brown har girl in the ring (with engagement to prince jaime bernardo) vera 5 years old.. show me your motion picture,   the fury..... 1980 apple went public with svechina veras face. new baum movie maker svechina vera...  1985 good bye ny   next of steve jobs is  svechina vera (apple logo model) too .and svechina vera will come to SF to new montgomery .......1997 .. james ivory : 1975  autobyography of a princess movie maker.... facebook....Марк Цукерберг
..2004 ,...1979 the europians The , 4 islands, 8 (1 infinite loop apple)Тим Кукall same person svechina vera 1990 obvious this is child............
(apple logo model svechina vera... and mik is gnomik for that "child"....gnomik is ahead of mik) atari mae?  
  CRY BABY 1990?  atari mae.....:

1966 roman candles?... ...............catolic prince jaime bernardo (planed with veras film)  from in nederlands..."Последнии Поезд со станции Роппонги" а.к.а "Забава"
 to make things. to make bridge.........for that peace need to be made.

rapist pigozzi 2005 and criminal mafia from nederlanfds sponsored by hanrgian mafia and russian mafia against svechina veras peace nobel prize film....and mafia 2005 made bridge in china ...illegally.....killed steve jobs and they need to go to jail. ....and illegal  erthquake in japan      is against that 1956 signed peace between cccp (russia) and japan...too......against veras peace nobel prize  film in japan  illegally (right is svechina vera) and they (criminal mafia) killed hope likes films. 2010 kill is illegal....and killed hercules bellville.and other veras relatives related only to svechina vera...
 and they need to go to jail....... :

that has to go to jail:   for attempt to  kill svechina vera

 in 2009 2010 2011 2012 in sf pigozzi and mafia need to go to jail.
tivor need to go to jail.  hangrian mafia and zhukova alexia niejelki is fake....tried to be svechina vera ...are not related to veras film. they need to go criminal  jail. abramovich is not svechina vera......neither is jean pigozzi is svechina vera. neither greek is svechina vera. fake ugly alexia niejelski 2005 is fake. pigozzi rapist. wojcicki is criminal
....zhukova criminal with criminal background..   
criminal and illegal niejelski hanrgian illegaly in 1990 went to nederlands and killed relatives of svechina vera... that not fine and they need to go to jail. 1974 after liverpool

  singing with svechina vera........for new on 4 islands country ...... mafia illegally  didnt invite svechina vera to edge dinner since 1999 .... ( that svechina vera cant get stock to make film......) and they cut of LIVER .....of steve jobs and tried to kill svechina vera and tried to kill veras mother...that is criminal russian : need to be going to jail. : that stole veras photos....:  from svechina veras  (princess anetta 2009) project with american woman......... 

illegally  russian mafia orlova got on veras time on o' reily with mafia: : ......and they all need to go to jail.  1968 oshima death by hanging is not nessasery....veras brother born 1968 has no relation to all that..he is verkely  there is mafia vc hanargian  hang yourself and need to go tojail and get what is mafia  got in that smomak to be killed. that is ugly : 

against laurene powell jobs: out of jealousy :svechina  veras new country is not taisty.....? 

svechina vera dont think so.....

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