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criminal MAFIA IS HAPPY TO MAKE CRIME AGAINST VERA SVECHINA , BECAUSE THEY KNOW SVechina vera HAS NO MAFIA TO GET THEM TO JAIL OR THEY WOULD ALL BE IN JAIL. LONG TIME AGO ...AND THAT ALL MAFIA that killed steve jobs and tried to kill svechina vera NEED TO GO TO JAIL. they related to obninsk if steve died at 56 and posibly to band bering straght and brin sergey that is not from obninsk........but wojcicki stole veras card....and made illegal company 2006 with plan to kill svechina vera 2009 .......

that nederlands mafia is not going to live fine after they tried to kill svechina vera .THAT IS PUTIN: THAT IS AGAINST VERAS FILM...AND THAT MAFIA TRIED TO KILL SVECHINA VERA.
  na u nauka 

new CBП 1 empress of 4 islands 

100 years suntory. with svechina vera bertolucci 
svechina vera 25
please u (svechina vera)  1.  
svechina vera got the ring.....from perents of prince jaime bernardo 

mafia got on baby anastasia apple logo shirt after vera went to cannes 1999 .japanese  is not anastasia .....
steve princess japan....and they killed steve. at 56. 

hanrgarian  and makarova disco alexia mafia 
prohorov didenko svetlana...aqre not related to svechina veras life. 
cservenyak is hangarian prostitute and need to go to jail for killed relatives and neibors of svechina vera and attempt to kill svechina vera
 THAT IS fake: NOT IN THE PROGRAM AND AGAINST SVECHINA VERA ILLEGALLY. that is not soviet gorbachev's princess: that is mafia: and need to go to jail that is not svechina veraand they tried to kill svechina vera the only one girl from 33 and only one pushkins tsarevna Displaying Без имени-1.jpg with 4 islands in sf 2009 2010 2011 2012:
13 school 1954
across the street from veras mothers home 33.
Displaying фото.JPG
for fun......drinking together and having fun.....

Displaying фото.JPG
aksyonova 13 and aksyonova 15 are not related to home 33 or svechina veras family....svechina veras family has only one girl ; Svechina Vera Petrovna 1.......
aksyonova is without any relation to svechina vera..svechina vera never met father or mother of aksyonova. vera not friend with  aksyonova ..aksyonova born 1975 + 11 that blond is svechina vera living in building 11 when she is not......blond is not living in 11..
and that russian mafia that created that tried to kill svechina vera and that need to go to jail.....killed about 20 relatives of svechina vera... 
and hanrgian and mafia that orkestrated that hangarian to kill svechina vera need to go to jail. svechina vera is not interested in that bullshit.  aksonova and angelica plyazidevskya are not vera svechina.. aksyonova born 1975+ 15=1990 hanrgian cservenyak with kabzon and jail mafia that are not related to svechina vera went to nederlands knowing that book piggozzi made for svechina vera apple logo model to make friedns in la .

panama pigozzi got from veras mothers hat for svechina vera to make film....
  rolings stones is with  svechina vera in 1973 going to la.. steve jobs coudnt betrade svechina vera apple logo model ... he has son reed jobs about veras book about making films .......he cant betrade his son......svechina vera 5 25 stock ton 1997 403. 10 billion by 2010 since 1999 .powell is peace treaty 1951 in sf  about 4 islands ......for svechina veras film......
Displaying фото.JPG

paul allen with svechina vera vulcan 1986...bill gates got married to melinda 1994. SVP ...romanov had to divorse..because svechina vera is svechina vera  .....
new empress svechina vera 1. princess anetta apple logo model .

marina mamontova that is not related to svechina vera  killed by hanrgian cher venya korol! against veras family....and against telluride...and all films  ...mafia hanrgian is ugly and not important and never was....they got mafia ...after svechina vera illegally:  marina vika? and tried to kill svechina vera in sf 2009 2010 2011 2012 after vera got oscar for film..
chair venya king! in the movie theatre...against svcehina vears mother and against vera svechina hanrgian prostitute cservenyak went to nederlands 1990 with jail russian mafia kabzon? ..that is not related to svechina vera ..and what? they killed veras relative venya that mafia found out of that all ...veras mother didnt 
tell anyone......they got in her they tried to kill svechina vera and they need to go to jail...because that is illegal.......prince jaime need to answer for his crimes....against vera svechina and mother and father and all family of svechina vera illegally..since 1975 against microsoft and against silicon valley ....
THAT IS NEGATIVE: 1998 began:  against svechina vera: 
and all that group need to go to jail. Manchester United — Real Madrid.
Как Роман Абрамович потратил почти $2 млрд на Chelsea и российский футбол  from vera svechinas graves illegally made......on time of svechina vera to make film......and they need to go to jail. 

makarova... has no relation to life of svechina 

vera : and need to go to jail with her hanrgian 

related to criminal mafia and not related to 

svechina veras family..not related to wedding

 of veras father an amother and  not related to

 nederlands royal family..and to prince 


criminal  tivor kabzon and nelli 


in the


theater with veras film  sists down in the 

cser veras uncle venya ...and against that 

 they killed venya 1999. kabzon is not allowed

 to united states of america for the right 

reason.... united states are for russian male venya going to film see films .......and telluride was made with veras mothers medal 1974. 

against svechina veras film:  russian mafia makarova

Читайте подробнее на

prostitute blond is not funny. ugly and with gorb on the back,. that also needs to be killed. after attempt to kill svechina vera. THEY ARE FROM BUILDING ACROSS THE STREET FROM VERAS"TOKUBETSU"PLACE...

.APELSIN..and after that mafia
THEY ARE FAKE: in veras shirt....illeaglly  they have diferent maxim...that is not related to svechina vera  didenko has also cat maxim.. that people are with nikita mikhalkov.....and Vere sha film bugget
 from 1953 didnt give vera svechina money 1998 
svetlana is not with svechina vera ......
svechina vera is with japan.... tokubetsu .....

.prohorov and also no relation to svechina vera that is not relatives of svcehina vera:  and that need to go to jail: vera went to FSB in Obninks hopefully that will be in jail.: that aksyonova in veras shirt.

that is mafia not related to svechina vera
they have their brothers killed they part of mafia....svechina vera is not mafia........and that ugly mafia need to get out from life of svechina vera...they killed relatives of svechina vera and need to go to jail........ that natalia lives in sf and need to get arested.... for relation to mafia . that need to get off veras life...: 

that people doing nothing: in life and need to get off veras life. 
podstilki mafioznie: 

 fake tsvetkova and russian mafia ( natalia HATING JAPANESE and not veras friend )   and that is fake linda.....not related to linda gates .....linda gates is married to bill after svechina vera and they like japan....  killed veras relatives AND NEED TO GO TO JAIL...... THAT IS RUSSIAN MAFIA that didnt give vera money for co production 1998 even they had vere sha film buget born 1953  .....KILLED STEVE JOBS Liver .....KNOWING THAT it is imposible to get  ON PLACE OF SVECHINA VERA .and they need to go to jail...for crime made .or death sentence...  that mafia made 2001 attack agaist svechina veras and prince jaimes wedding......and to kill steve jobs .....that got best part as ceo of apple and apple logo vera svechina is mane character in edge dinner.

svechina vera building 11 has no relation to that 11:

that cservenyak  mafia killed veras father...and got all that mafia in veras life .and they were not invited and they need to go to
the Netherlands Consulate General in St. Petersburg from saint-petersburg-apartments.com11, naberezhnaya reki Moiki, St. Petersburg, 191186
Jennes de Mol, Consul-General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in St Petersburgneither hanrgain prostitute jailed tried to kill svechina vera with mafia and need to go to jail.  be killed with what mAFIA GOT IN THAT UGLY STPOMAK...THAT UGLY HANRGIAN is  PAYING MAFIA TO KILL AND NOT LET TO LIVE TO SVECHINA VERA  AND hangrian and that russian mafia that killed prince friso for that cservenyak and for russian male not going to films? ....mentally ill queen
.  that allowed that mafia hanragain wedding with killing of svechina veras relatives....we cant be friends....and they "nederlands" have to pay damage to svechina vera and to veras mother respectlivly 21 centry it is illegal to do what they did to svechina veras family.....prince friso is against cservenyak......jeremy thomas is against cservenyak  
 ( illegally mafia  got in life of svechina vera against veras film making work. (does not make sence) .it's mental illness that hangrian and blond 2008 made to suck jaimes  dick and to kill svechina vera  film maker because svechina vera is apple logo model  and  real bride of prince jaime bernardo svechina vera from soviet union born 1973..thank you or not to prince jaimes mother....
ФЕДЕРАЛЬНАЯ СЛУЖБА БЕЗОПАСНОСТИ ОТДЕЛ В Г.ОБНИНСКЕ УФСБ РОССИИ ПО КАЛУЖСКОЙ ОБЛАСТИ находится в городе Обнинске по адресу 249030, Калужская обл., г.Обнинск, пр-т Ленина, 89

year when emperor akihito became emperor and he and his wife and his son and his chilren are with veras closed in russia 2004...mafia wanted to kill steve powerful guy ....
  princess anetta 2009 
. but hangarian prostitute and mafia disrespecting all apple fans ..and same mafia already killed hercules bellville. 2009 and hanrgian vc with russian mafia NEED TO GO TO JAIL. or better killed. svechina vera hates lawyers.....that ius cambel ugly and got canver and hangaitrn sucking dick and need to go to jail for attempt to kill svechina vera. or kill princess irene for calling prince japan loves svechina vera.... svcehina vera dont want to fuck with that ugly mafia . svechina vera born to not have any negativity in  life. same prince jaime  when born for svechina vera. (svechina vera didnt give prince jaime  birth and svechina veras family and life should not suffer from that mafia) and all that negativity ugly old woman with horrible expiriences in life : vera dont want and they need to go to jail. that is fake hanargian that killed veras relatives and again: need to be killed. and they did 2001 crime against world trade center against svechina veras film...against veras
 books....against veras
meeting with prince jaime bernardo....against vera getting stock.......
and they are not together with veras projects. that criminal people: mafia made pragnency to cover up crime and that all need to go to jail. 

Illegally: already fucking with svechina vera 
Displaying фото.JPG
in obninsk Viktoriya international shop opened 1997 

tell. 4 22 55 after 
 new svechina vera came to academy of art in sf and steve jobs came back to apple. svechina vera in obamas time crown....FAITH 1983 vera 10 years old....dianetics:  disputed islands anettics. + 33...svechina vera making film last train from roppongi aka asobi...

 L. Ron Hubbard Love Russian net her lands......atarimae?


 pointing of fake disco mafia building 
where in 2009 hangrian killed mamontova. that is not in the program at all...
hangarian prostitute cservenyak is not from obninsk...mafia cservenyak paying too kill svechina kill body of svechina vera to see svechina vera in grave.. that is not fine....adn hangairan with mafia need to go to jail....need to be closed up in jail........svechina  dont know who tried to kill svechina vera... they with hangtrian jail mafia... that is not friends of svechina
 vera ...they are not related to veras film and vps productions....
..that was 2009 and that hanrgain and blond 2008 with their mafia need to go to jail. 
2004 Paul Khlebnikov, a US citizen, was hit by four bullets  (2003 Paul! going to svechina veras 4 islands?) in a street near the magazine's offices in north-east Moscow at around 10pm as he headed for the metro, radio Ekho-Moskvy reported.

same mafia killed mother of joey... veras hair dresser in sf that made great hair cut to vera..
  1957 the prince and the show girl  (prince jaime with svechinav ear +veras film) jo mennel since 
1959 weddding of empress akihito and michiko.....related strictly to veras film and svechina veras mother..father and the film
introduced vera to hercules bellville.  reed jobs born 1991 svechina vera made book it's facebook.... and steve and reed jobs are with  laurene  1991.... for killed people that hangargian russian mafia need to go to jail...nederlands mafia? to jail.....svechina vera is not moving out from veras apt. in sf... telluride   operated by the National Film Preserve........... they are against terrorists .....2001 that are made against svechina vera film director by hanrgian mafia and putin and who ever else..
against russian male venya 
going to the films  ...who got veras shirt on svetlana after canns 1999 and monique didnt want veras book 2007? .... mother of joey killed. hercules bellville killed.  hanrgain is fake and mafia criminal person... 

bride of that prince jaime bernardo is svechina vera 
  that madeand mafia doing that crime. for the reason that svechina vera is not mafia and new empress svechina vera 1 is great
2009 mick jager lost with scott . ( scott not related to svechina vera), but jaget though that jackson lost......
"stalins" and "hitlers"  bride is svechina vera  onlyhit ler is veras andMichael Jackson jackson (IZAKAYA) and jaggers songs ..valera is veras uncle born 1948
jagger sold out to cheap criminal  mafia....his child is elithabeth.  
that elithabeth is queen of england
 (svechina veras film in telluride) 
svechina vera is not elithabeth. svechina vera is svechina vera...great woman! 1993 tokyo japan..veras union royal for vera svechina:
veli, ki! at 39
39 svechina vera in 2012 .2009 for svechina vera time to get stock....
Displaying Без имени-1.jpg
for that was made vulcan of paul allen 1986 (with svechina vera)
.. and romanov got divorse : it is not romanovs time:  marina is not related to svechina vera... hangrian mafia or kabzon mafia  made that relation illegally and they need to go to jail. all that royal people " introduction" cant cover up for crime like killed veras relatives and neibors...
that made illegally: and mafia need to go to jail. 
killed marina mamontova and people said marina had bad relation with her mother...mother of marina is nadezhda and hangarian russian mafia killed veras aunt nadezhda hope likes films. 2010 .. ( they already maped that down earlier with dresses and who ever that is ..they have no right to do that) .. 
who are that mafia? monique montgomery had hard relation with  her mother....that is all has no relation to vera svechina 2008 at coppolas people asking vera are you monique montgomery? movie maker svechina vera said no.

svechina vera never had bad relationship or problems with veras perents....prince jaime born for veras life.veras mother (father)  and vera are with prince jaime......and mafia tried to tell that vera didnt like veras mother 
and mafia got in pants of prince jaime...and that mafia tried to kill vera...svechina and veras mother.......

and they killed steve at 56 when veras home town made...... and they need to go to jail that hangarian that trying to not allowed to russian man  venya to go to the films  and her father  jailed tivor.   
tried to kill svechina vera in sf 2009 2010 2011 2012  .to get hangarian prostitute his mafia child sucked up to veras mother and killing relatvies of vera illegally.  to pants of prince jaime  and to fake engagement in 2013.... to kill more of svechina veras relatives and tivor and all related to that crime against vera svechina will be ..........kabzon  (cab of jailed people: mafia people that are in jail ) is not related to svechina veras perents wedding..... with jail mafia 1982 nine? hangrian is against veras mother illegally with mafia ..we dont need jail and tiovor we dont need.......vera has all killed people witnesses..and relatvies. that mafai hangrian created different net not related to SVP net : how to kill svechina vera.....and for that mafia need to go to jail. that ugly in stomak mafia got there in hangarian prostitute has no relation to anything ...mafia had to make attempt to kill svechina vera.. to late to return ...and they need to go to jail.......fuck with tivor :  that hangairan is not going to live......hangrian is not telluride girl....hangarian  will be killed with what mafia got in that stomak after attempt to kill svechina vera...that had no idea of existence of that mafia behind is svechina vera. .hangrian is not russian....that is messed up.......and damage need to be paid to svechina vera.......and to mother of svechina vera ...and to laurene.....that need to go to jail.......that is affends all film things in the world....
chair venya king! cservenyak is against venya going to the films? and vera is against that...and cservenyak will be killed. russian man venya has right to go to the films.   and no mafia cservenyak in the planet can say to venya that he cant go to the films.....who sent mafia chervenyak to nedrlands? kgb? against russian man going to films ...meaning getting educated..... fucking with prince jaime is  illegal. in that case.....and that mafia need to go to jail. that mafia that are not related to svechina vera cant use hitler...
George was born in Madrid in 1981, hangrian prostitute tivor

 jaile and not related to svechina vear and without right to kill 

svechina vera  began fucking .against vera.... maria romanov

 divorsed 1986 when usa "wotted" for svechina vera 

   that mentally ill woman cambel  VC is hang yourself....  that mafia did hit ler even that hanrgian is not related to stalin and they did  hit ler ..trush is hangrian .... but wanting to get on veras place..... and both vc need to go to jail. ....for attack on svechina vera and attempt to kill svechina vera ..... is not part of family of vera svechina and is not vera svechina and will be in jail. svechina vera not paying for greek wedding and for that mafia wedding by killed veras relatvies...vera dont need that. svechina vera dont agree to that wedding ...of  mafia that tried to kill svechina vera ...they have to kill what mafia got in that ugly stomak. like they killed veras inocent father....they killed veras father  no problem....31 is when svechina vera began to make film.........mafia didnt let vera make film....tried to kill svechina vera .....and at 31 prostitute hanargain got engagement to veras prince? hanrgian is not svechina vera. .no city NORTH HANGARY .. is before birth of svechina vera IN 1973...1929  NEW MONTGOMERY MADE FOR movie maker SVECHINA VERA......MAFIA NEEDED TO KILL STEVE JOBS.......THAT UGLY  cservenyak with putin and medvedev and criminal edinaya  russia and fake all and tried to kill real bride of prince jaime... prince  japan loves svechina vera born for svechina vera from soviet union .and hangrain with mafia need to be killed. THAT IS NOT GOING TO BE LIVING : will be killed or going to criminal jail.: for killed father of svechina vera :2007 :   svechina vera didnt allowed : and that need to go to criminal jail: or get death sentence if going to united states: 
  . RAPIST PIGOZZI  need to go to jail. ....2005  they killed many relatives of vera and need to be killed. hanrgian and prostitute makarova are  against veras film.. fucking with veras prince jaime...insted of killing him....(SVECHINA VERA DONT KNOW MAKAROVA to get in her life and  makarova dont know vera to get in veras life ....vera is not getting in hangarin prostitute and mafia life and hanargain need to be killed for relatives of vera they killed) tivor and that illegal in america  in veras shirt with jails.....has no relation to svechina vera...that cuban mafia ...svechina vera didnt not agreed to partisipate in anything like that toylet paper bullshit that is not related to svechina veras life.....
svechina veras fence is not with jail....relation and not hangarian related tivor. and vc is mafia ...  svechina vera is not interested  in hangarian bullshit...and mafia that made attempt to kill svechina vera from building 11 related to edge dinner in sf need to be killed: ..death sentence. ....that is not right: and need to be killed. death sentence: that  hanrgian prostitute and mafia TIVOR WITH JAIL MAFIA cant put down vera svechina and all around
and will be killed. svechina vera dont want to know that nederlands mafia,.   that need to go to jail and be killed.:THEY RUSSIAN SPEEKING MAFIA that is problem because that hangrian and 2008 fake blond killed veras relatives and tried to kill svechina vera

that is to make life go down:  oposit to svechina vera...
wrong way: and need to go to jail: svechina vera dont need that. platinum for svechina

 hangrian paying mafia to kill svechina vera and need to be going to hanagarian 
 ugly stomak illeaglly made trash
 with truck driver
yulya zotenko 
that got taberkulez is got married to rick truck driver ....that is like 
 that ugly hangarian truck 
driver father of 
 that hanrgain prostitute...that not suppost to have 
 relation to life of svechina vera....svechina vera is not irina...irina is
of yulya with hangarian truck driver and has baby without father.....
vera svechina is not irina and 
 will not have baby by herself...

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