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.prince jaime bernardo born because of that woman and vera svechina ..hanrgian and that fake disco building are illegally  against veras mother and against prince jaime..... was killed  a Russian Orthodox priest, theologian, Biblical scholar and writer. 
1990 book pigozzi jean made for svechina vera from soviet union.... to make film and friends in la....all for svechina vera only...

svechina vera has nothing against anyone...veras is  peace nobel prize ..and mafia:   knowing vera from 1998   tried to kill svechina vera in sf 2009 2010 2011 2012 need to go to criminal jail. and out form veras life. 

Lisa jobs is fan of svcehina vera from soviet union...

HE IS MAKING MONEY......SVECHINA VERA  5 25 STOCK TON.....10 billion by 2010 svcehina vera from logo! 
1958....born michael  jackson..1988 svechina vera 15 "Never land" will be 
returned back to japan.   bill gate

steve princess japan 

1993 michael jackson came to moscow
vera to tokyo. 
KGB 49 svechina vera... 1949 japanese moved out from that 4 islands. for svechina vera.
princess anetta....CIA...
 5 25 stock ton 40 3 children ..since 1997 .125 emperor akihito presents: new svechina vera is 25 planing to make film in japan...(KANJI) . Svechina vera is jacksons "princess". children of princess irene :CMJC Jackson 5. music video 3 minutes .with svechina vera in japan with song  "izakaya" since 1987 planed ..:video: svechina vera from ussr working in karaoke in tokyo:wants to make film in japan's her dream...jacson and "sony" people come to the karaoke club after jacksons  concert...jacson meets (anetta) svechina vera and they singing karaoke "isakaya" jackson knows what to do: leads vera .... to 4 disputed islands together on the boat .... ..for svechina veras film and svechina veras new country promotion.....CD with japanese english "karaoke favorite" songs....
prince jaime is veras fiance planed to meet vera by 2009  with surprize ...and  now that mafia in nedelrands and russia ..that organised attempt to kill svcehina vera 2005 with mafia argentinian prostitute maxia ..and wojcicki that is not anything important.....need to go to jail for crime that mafia ugly family in nederlands  prepered and made against vera svechina.... damage done ...and they have to go to jail.

1996. that is already film  student of academy of art in sf:

1973. japanese came 1 time to ussr in october after svechina veras birth whom belongs islands? to svechina vera petrovna 1. 
отсоединить 4 islands (to independent land...make border from russian side and from japanese side) a ki hito is svechina vera with hiragana... s a ji.....(letters)
a for apple.... nothing funny about that.....svechina vera is from russia.... and not related to any other people. not owes anything to anyone....on that all planet.......
how happened svechina vera with steve jobs and: reed only for svechina vears (apple logos) of svechina vera..
svechina veras facebook ready by 2004...

рид джобс 
russian is dutch 

1867 etnographic show (ainu) svechina veras mother and father got married. 1967 (with thought of 4 islands) 
1929 7.10  Создание научного исследовательского кинофото института  в СССР. NIKFI .....for twin svechina veras film  bugget finds prince jaime the krisa (rat) 

2002 svechina vera met pigozzi jean...
(poetry about veras film is divan ) left script........pigozzi made crime.......2005 he is rapist .....
illegal jagger is against vera svechina  with criminal illegal russian criminal mafia rapist pigoozi with russian mafia  (who organised?).
got on svechina veras time with scott ...makarova .mafia alexia orlova....mafia : 2001 after terrorist attack related to mafia and jailed mafia tivor. against veras film.....greek italian mafia ......2003 is fake....and they  (who paid? to kill svechina vera?) planed to kill svechina vera 2009 2010 2011 2012 ...scott is not svechina vera and hanargian prostitute cservenyak is not svechina vera from soviet union.......ugly pragnent after attempt to kill svechina vera: since 1981 ... has no relation to svechina vera and need to be killed. for illegal getting in vreas life......svechina vera didnt allowed as human to get in veras life   and waiting for that hangrian to be killed with what ever in her stomak.  or in jail forwever. with her father tivor and kabzon...... hangarian prostitute ugly and trying to get somewhere...that si not happening. and blond same and all criminal mafia behind that ..very boring: same as travis...: kill that : 
prostitute: that prostitute is not right :  2001 attack on world trade center need to be killed or in jail for attempt to kill svechina vera.that is veras private photo. svechina veras union royal....
that is criminal cheap mafia related..
that is not part of veras life. not veras friends: that cuban jailed mafia  tivor that has no right to get in life of vera and need to go to jail
fake 2008 makarova prostitute has no relation to vera svechina has relation to kabzon and tivor ..   jail mafia     illegally making killing of svechina veras relatives..... they knew of svcehina vera and they made crime and need to go to jail.  that against vreas film....... get the fuck out from life of vera to jail.
  tom 24 1 veras page 14 veras 33...neither cunabsova ANTONIN? .svechina vera is not N naomi need to be criminal that tried to kill svechina vera. naomi is criminal person. with mafia friends.... .svechina vera is bride of prince jaime and hanrgain prostitute tried to kill svechina vera and need to go to jail. ...there nothing more then mafia here:  they killed hope likes films......that is criminal  mafia: need to go to jail...after wojcici stole  new svechina veras card....wojcicki is criminal and need to go to jail. or will be killed in ca. 
part of svechina vera film.....:  20 centry fox..
svechina vera and hercules... way of samurai1999. 125 emperor akihito presents svechina vera with film in japan to be....
  ( 1941 26 2000 veras macys card 23  new vera svechina  came to sf . p dot.......


svechina vera and prince jaimes child to be born. 
that is not news ...everyone knew that was to happen
to organise that crime against svechina vera and veras family:   mafia wojciki stole veras card .. made jaime to fuck that prostitute hanrgian and they all need to go to jail and kill inside that mafia stomak.mafia: 
same with what that mafia will get born will be killed like that tried to kill svechina vera..that is  not related to that hangarian prostitute all ..
that hanrgain need to get divorse and get to jail..with criminal people where they can do vc .with her mafia father......kill what in the stomak taht is fake and killed relatvies of svcehina vera... and killed hercules. we all against that hangrioan prostirute and all mafia that killed hercules bellville . and tried to kill vera svechina. that need to be killed. for killed relative of vera. 1979 svechina vera in the bus with father ekarus..will came off....will is not the ring od svechina vera and prince jaime. and that ring came back to me in japan 1993....prostitute hanragain got on that veras spot with help....of mafia...hoping that veras ring went off in 1979....mafia told them that...tivor fucked. made ugly kill svechina vera and that is not funny. it's ikkegal. and they tried to kill svechina vera  russian mafia and they need to be killed.they did crime in ....because japanese is honest. and gave vera ring from prince jaime 1993.  ring  didnt went off in 1979 . it's veras dna,. it cant be lost...fucked tivor to his ugly hanrgian wife prostitute  to kill svechina vera (girl from soviet union)  and veras mother against japan....svechina vera dont know ugly tivor from cheap hanrgary:  how fucking tivor knows of svechina vera
? and gets in jaimes pants?   ..  that need to be in jail. we not friends.  that hanrgian and russian mafia cant still life of human svechina vera.that is not only identity thif...that is criminal they want to hangrain prostitute getting on someones place.......   drugs kabzon : not related to svechina veras mother.and telluride with veras mothers medal is not related to that mafia......... in 2008 illegal : Jun Hase - 1997

  elithabeth lawyer in sf and has no relation to svechina  vera .. elithabeth is not june and lawyer hanrgian is rapist supporter and criminal to get anywere......and need to go  to jail. .  they killed steve ..1997 svechina vera came to sf steve to apple stockton for svechina vera from ussr from company apple... it not his private money ..... mafia killed steve...they going to go to jail now. ...and laurene got monry to get that mafia to death prizon .... saw the second worst criminal incident in  Japanin the last twenty years.  In 1997 a 14-year-old underage boy, called “Boy A” by the media but later nicknamed “Sakakibara Seito”  -  murdered two children in Kobe  -  a 10-year-old girl with a  hammer in a public park in broad daylight in March, and a 10-year-old mentally  handicapped boy named Jun Hase in May. 

hangrian prostitute got on veras place : lawyer? 

 ...need to get to jail till death .fake: and not veras team: .Фотография.that is not with svechina vera..born 1993.... 2000 georgia atlanta ...that is makarova..against svechina veras film.....(knowing that ugly turkish prostitute aksonova pvo and makariova...russian standart.... has no relation to svechina veras film....).olesya bornfor her own   mother to be killed with help of sergey ..larisa
 is not vera
 svechina. makarova orlova are  criminal..russian prostitutes with hangrian prostitute  killed. 2009 ..killed .to weeken svechina vera .2009....that olhovskaya olesya evil....born to kill....that is not svechina vera at 7 years old. that is not relted to apple logo... that ugly kabzon prostitute mafia in the future same as her mother has no relation to svechina vera.......till death in jail. :kabzon..tivor jail related .not film related...all that people ....not related veras mothers wedding.... svechina vera will  not forgive that killing of veras relatives.hangarian 31 years old fucking with life of vera svechina that is not happening. .... that have no relation to that  people ugly hanrgian prostuitute....that will be in grave soon. if any one can help to vera to get to grave or jail that hanrgian and her future mafia made  child and get to jail mafia that killed relative  of vera ..svechina vera will be very happy. they will not be happy after they made crime against svechina vera .... that is not related to veras perents wedding......hanrgain prostitute cservenyak and blond 2008 are fake. and need to go to jail. for killed steve jobs with mafia. that is not related to svechina vera and to steve jobs.

 reed jobs russian dutch is svechina vera 

  mafia got building across the street  with fake people and tried to kill svechina vera ...killed relatives of svechina vera ........  building 13 is fake people......that people are not related to svechina veras problem.....with 4 disputed islands and cant get on veras time.....making damage to svechina vera and need to go to jail. 

  and 2013 is fake year for  queen beatris to leave trone : that leaving damaged svechina vera and kileld her son...they son is ok if they like..but what for svechina vera and svechina vears mother father and relatives related to svechina veras film and life need to be damageded?  and  mafia made and went to nederlands to kill svechina vera and to kill relatives of svechina vera and they  need to go to jail..2000 that white dress is wojcicki stole veras card 2006.....and need to go to jail made illegal company
that comapny need to be closed and damage need to be paid to svechina vera ....pigozzi made illegal company damaging svechina vera
with open? открыть? (border)  they need to go to jail. 
for svechina vera mick jagger is gnomic..(with roling stones) ...and he cant be against svechina vera....what mafia made crime? 

nazionalizm........ please, zarevna vera svechina:  film in russia and japan  and  "flying strippers"'s  ...not na tsarevna.........or disco mafia ......that is not for alexia niejelski or hanargain prostitute jail related cservenyak ......... and not for 2008 mafia disco blond from fake building..makarova and all that mafia have no relation to veras 4 islands and no right to fuck up veras life and film and what ever vera is doing get offd my life...... to jail wioth all mafia but pay befor the damage and go to jail..

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