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Svechina Vera, legally based in SAN FRANCISCO FILM maker, WRITER, photographer is looking forward to get help to get to jail and out of svechina veras life all criminal and totally illegal mafia that attacked svechina vera after cannes 2009....: putin , illegal band bering straght ( with russian mafia makarova, disco mafia aksyonova , marina mamontova kabzon iosif mafia and hangarian cservenyak kabzon jail related mafia and mafia scott..they killed american michael jackson) from obnisk..didenko and mafia....and all mafia that vera dont know, such mafia attacked svechina vera to kill and killed veras father...prohorov, abramovich, wojcicki,greek with rapist pigozzi, criminal killers 2003.. pigozzi rapist and has to go to jail. ugly criminal mafia greek olga illgeally got on veras neiborhood 2003 to kill local people in OBNINSK and to kill svechina vears family with russian mafia and to kill steve jobs.....greek is not svechina vera and had no right to get on veras time....and has to go to jail. mafia that got in life of svechina veras family life illegally to cose death and unhappiness.Hangarian and russian, and nederlands mafia made illegal 0limpic in russia 2014 using svechina veras private 33 home and going opposit way from GOD way to kill svechina veras family and svechina veras friends related to svechina veras film....and they also tried to kill svechina vera in sf 2009 2010 2011 2012 with jail related hangarian mafia. svechina vera apple logo model need help to get stock from tim cook and other IT firms in SF area..

Дворянство, господствующее привилегированное сос0лвие землевладельцев, помещики крепостники, поработители и эксплуатаоры крестьян.Верхушка - титулованая аристократия.
(SVECHINA VERA ONLY. cherry Blossom
princess.Cherry blossoms are pretty. A woman is also pretty when she wears a hair ornament. The kanji character "sakura" is a image of woman wearing a hair ornament.
1917 уничтожил дворянство и социльную основу дворянства. помещичье землевладение  ....

svechina veras family was only one left by japanese emperor. 

Zaibatsu (財閥?, literally financial clique) is a Japanese term referring to industrial and financial business conglomerates in the Empire of Japan, whose influence and size allowed control over significant parts of the Japanese economy from the Meiji period until the end of World War II.

movie maker Sakura 4 (islands)

  • Mitsubishi (三菱財閥)

  • Mitsui (三井財閥)

  • Sumitomo (住友財閥)           

  • Yasuda (安田財閥)  (john lennon and Yoko Onno)

  • and then it's SVECHINA VERA since 1973

    size D and 4 islands 


    Roman Holiday is a 1953 romantic comedy directed and produced by William Wyler....jonny is the boy for me.....for us....=for svechina vera and veras mother...

        ..Jonathan Ive wins the National Design Award for Product Design iPhone Alley Spectrum  1993 jonny Ive came to apple....when svechina vera went to japan to make film.......(svechina veras stage name from 1993 "Anetta..Reality "anetta" )...

    .movie maker svechina vera, 
     "the heir" to 4 islands was born 1973. has brother that is VERKELEY..... 山梨県   ...YAMANASHI .FRIENDS:

    HOUSE OF 1000 candles (1906).  

    CANDLES go well with WINE.

    earthquke 1906  in sf  . house of 1000 candles is  lucky for SUNTORY and was not lucky for
    AMERICANS...NEW will be SVECHINA VERA born 1973. PEACE 

    promissed. since 1929.

    house of 1000 candles:mother 42+father 38+ brother68+vera73= 221

    JAPANESE came to USSR october 1973  to find out who is the owner of  

    The Kuril Islands also known as the Northern Territories... 

    land is svechina veras private property.


    Brezhnev and 

    japanese TANAKA cant work  on the land together.

     Japanese are

     capitalists..soviets are socialists...

    peace signing coudnt be acheved........then.

    Показано Без имени-1.jpg
    1974 planed film LAST TRAIN FROM ROPPONGI aka ASOBI. 
         svechina veras friend: ..

    Volapük ( in English; in Volapük) is a constructed language, created in 1879–1880 by Johann Martin Schleyer, a Roman Catholic priest in Baden,..IZAKAYA SONG WAS MADE IN RELATION to promoting svechina veras film new country and duet was planed.
     1917 1977 apple logo made from face of svechina vera....

    all IT COMPANIES KNEW THAT..... svechina vera go to edge dinner 1999 2000......

    5 25 stock ton 403....... 1999 svechina vera 25.Yevgeniy Ivanovich Chazov (born 10 June 1929) (Russian: Евгений Иванович Чазов) is a prominent physician of the Soviet Union and Russia, specializing in cardiology, Chief of the Fourth Directorate of the Ministry of Health of the USSRAcademician of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, a recipient of numerous awards and decorations, Soviet, Russian, and foreign.  JUNE IS  apple logos SVECHINA VERAS BIRTHDAY.... CHA ZABAWA 

    (woman not treated well) ONNA. VERA...norimaki is made for svechina vera....and svechina veras film.......last train from roppongi aka asobi.....

      new is svechina vera 1997 in academy of art ....

         pigozzi 1998 gorbachevs conferens looking at anetta wine  

         princess ANETTA (with svechina veras film 2009) svechina vera was ready to aply to us paspost and mafia attacked svcehina vera... if vera gets american pasport that criminal line to veras home is going to stop......putin is mafia ....medvedev amfia and they tried to kill svcehina vera and they have to go to jail. and pay vera for illegall olympics and hanargian with jail and terrorists have to be killed. as part of 2001 crime.. in new york.......
    Svechina veras MOTHERS BIRTHDAY 1942. The Letter of Forty-Two (Russian: Письмо́ сорока́ двух) was an open letter signed by forty-two well-known Russian literati, aimed at Russian society, the president and government, in reaction to the events of September – October 1993. It was published in the newspaper Izvestiya on 5 October 1993 under the title "Writers demand decisive actions of the government."

    We have neither the desire nor the need to comment in detail on what happened in Moscow on 3 October  ..BILL GATES 3?     bill gates is with svechina vera. pigozzi got panama from veras mothers hat 1996. didnt take svechina vera to edge dinner....after he met svechina vera with hercules bellville 2002. killed  hercules bellville..and betraid CHAZOV.......= that  hangarian  prostitute with ugly criminal  putin abramovich zhukova prostitutes mafia maxima in nederlands with all their kabzon getting illegally in veras life....mafia is tottaly have to go to jail. .. . What happened was something that could only take place due to our and your stupidity and lack of concern — fascists took up arms, trying to seize power. Thank God, the army and the law enforcement organs were on the people's side, did not split, did not allow the bloody adventure to develop into fatal civil war, but what if?… We would have had no one to blame but ourselves. We "compassionately" begged after the August putsch not to "take revenge", not to "punish", not to "ban", not to "close down", not to "engage in a witch hunt". We very much wished to be good, magnanimous, tolerant. Good… Towards whom? Murderers? Tolerant… Towards what?

    woman that are here after svechina vera came back from cannes 1999 have no relation to HOUSE OF 1000 candles. neither  to IT COMPANIES in USA. shinel?  1941 started win TWIN  ...svechina vera (zodiak)  
     from HOME 33 and blackland.  FASHION.....

    svechina vera only fashion.....

    mafia here: child anastasia is not svechina's ukranian womans in red
    dress got on that woman after vera went to cannes 1999 
    in red dress.... 2009 2010 2011 2012 that mafia related to that mamontova made attempt to kill svechina vera with hangarian and mafia jail related. in SF.......... mafia got VERAS F  from PEOPLE WHO LIKED SVECHINA VERA: UNION ROYAL on makarova and cuba and hanagrian mafia

    and made attempt to kill svechina vera

    to get martried to svechina veras PRINCE



     VERA.... and hangarian and all that mafia has to

     go to jail.  get that all garbich to jail.......

    all that family of hangaerian and blonds need to be killed. hanged. VC.....

    and get off my life..

    svechina veras U that is from I LOVE 

    YOU.. only to svechina vera 

    ..without any 

    shame againsts svcehina vera

    ... after vera went to cannes 

    1999 to make film........

    chervenyak prostitute and mafia

    hanagrian is not svechina veras type....

    and her ugly father and ugly 

    mother......made SHI (shapovalov ivan) 

    and criminal band tatu...

    ... they killed scott and need to get to jail MARINA ORLOVA AND ALEXIA 

    NIEJELSKI. and that hangrian prostiotute that is ugly with her backgraund of hanrgain prosatitute ......getting in other womans wedding ...that is the worse

    especially after hangrian tried to kill the woman, bride.

    neither hangarina prostitute mafia tivor cservenyak has to be killed. neither of that ughly mafia or any of prostitutes and prostitutes that in ugly hangarian stomak aftsr attempt to kill svechina vera needed. and jail father cservenyak needs in svechina veras home is one word....not divided not related to anyone ...only to svechina vera many worlds and that is how hanrgian prostitute killed 20 of veras dividing that word illegally to few ...and that how that blond from nederlands prostitute and fake killed stev jobs and tried to kill svechina vera to get on veras place of BEING BRIDE and they have to go to criminal  jail. . 

    and pay to svechina vera for illegal olympics 2014 or will be going to jail.     we not working for tivor and prostitutes from hangary or anyone.....that is all crime. putin is criminal........what shi -nel?

    get that all KABZON AND JAIL mafia

    from russia out of life of svechina vera 

    that is how they tried to kill svechina vera 

    got to jail in veras apt. made illegal 

    galucination...andf tried to kill.....that 


    need to be killed. and jaime will be killed. 

    andz jaime dont want vera to get married 

    as veras husband will kill that asshool. 

    and has to go to jail. get kabzon a 

    cservenyak and mafia from life of vera jail.....kill that ugly 

    бесстыжая (very negative word) illegal 

    and criminal jail related

    hangargian and her mafia father. killed 

    russian people from 1982. killed hercules bellville and have to be ugly and criminal prostititute that tried to kill svechina vera.....having "reason"  svechina vera is bride official bride of prince jaime bernardo......of corse hangarian and blond and mafia
     to kill and get on hangarian father "movie crown after they killed veras father. that is not going to work) that will be killed..... with what in stomak of that hangrian.....
    that was prize how hangarian sold her soul and hangarian people........ if hangarian and mafia

    ....getting "stain" on hangaray  making them look as
    of ugly people............    doing
    2001 in ny.......and killing steve jobs and svechina vera apple logo.......

    and has to be killed. that hangarian and maybe jaime also..........svechina vera dont want together......

    mafia that got in life of svechina vera to do that crime has to go to jail........who is that mafia? that  hangarian need to be killed. 
      Галина Шаповалова. 
     Трагедия произошла 8 марта нынешнего года. Умница и красавица Настя Шаповалова убита INNA DIDENKO CHANGED NAME TO IK iosif kabzon and ended up on wedding of svechina veras prince with hangarian jail related prostiutute and blond prostitute mafia 2008.. that nederlands mafia hangarian tghat tried to kill vera from 1982 1990 

    has to go to JAIL. GET THE FUCK OUT TO JAIL. 

    criminal hangarian and blond that are not princesses 

    mafi in nederlands + russian mafai made crime

    be a 3 (serendipity? on place of only one in the world 

    svechina vera      in private apt. of svechina vera and one steve jobs)  

        1997 only one svechina vera is in obamas time crown as CHERRY BLOSSOM PRINCESS .....from home private home 33 and blackland.........

     pointing at fake building...that people are not relatives of vera svechina and not related to svechina veras 

    life...mafia made  be a 3 x   mafia made 3 

    on place of svechina vera

    march..............and fake 

    building...............of blond prostitute disco 

    mafia  .........and hangarian prostitute

    who organised that against svechina vera, veras life, prince jaime ....has to go to jail........= blond  prostitute that was born to killl ....

    get that prostitute hangarian and blond prostitute out 

    from svechina veras home, 

    family , city and life.... we are not together with other people in that stupid ugly city..what hangrian prostitute made from that ugly........

    get that to grave as they killed veras father. 

    svechina veras room  is not's not russia..IT"S PRIVATE HOME........and dont need that garbich hangarian olympics 2014..........made by mafia

    svechin vera has right not to have prostitute hangarian in veras life. and prostitute blond ....get that out. 

    from life of HOUSE OF 1000 candles......

    cservenyak is not veras father and is not king from the film dont leave......  after 1991  is separate: 

    tivor chervenyak is mentally ill criminal.  he has no right to get in veras of veras father mother vera and veras brother

    ever ....and he need to get to  criminal jail.
        that cheap loch hangarian sucker of dicks of kabzon and  jail mafia has to go to 

    jail....FOR ATTEMPT TO KILL Svechina 

    vera, bride of prince jaime, and getting chervenyaks

    hanrgian prostitute there..........svechina vera is not alloweding to get in veras country city home family and life......
    and has to be killed . as mafia sucker of dics of mafia kabzon and jails and terrorists........ansd have to go to jail. any law will say same......death centence to hanrgain and blond and mafia.....fake ugly cheap 

    mafia hanrgain is not TC....

    1000 candles.....and will have to be killed with that blond. 
    and hangarian prostitute have to be killed. for life of prince friso  and attempt to kill svechina russia and SF///knowing that svechina vera has no relation to that people......never met them and is not involved with crimes..........if prince jaime bernardo is part of that attempt to kill svechina vera ( now svechina vera dont know) he has to go to jail as well......svechina vera dont have bussiness with nederlands ..olympic games from veras life made illegally 2014

    with attempt to kill svechina vera.....get the fuck all the mafia out from life of svechina vera to 

    criminal jail.

      that carolinas family

     has to pay damage to svechina vera that had no idea about this people existence......that was done on perpose......criminal perpose.  ..and svechina vera dont want any criminal bullshit around svechina vera..and get to jail  hangarian prostitute and mafia related prostitute chervenyak.... that hangarian and blond killed friso....

    that is disgrace to nederlands and to russia and to usa and to japan : that hangarian prostitute  hangarian need to VC....hang  hangarian that got on veras place after attempt to kill svechina vera.kill herself and if there anything in her stomak and kill her disgraceful father and mother. .and her father. that is also jail related mafia............all of them are not related to svechina veras life. at all. at any time. 

      against svechina veras mother when illegal hangarain got in veras life....Согласно официальной версии, в конце жизни Семён Цвигун тяжело болел раком лёгких. 19 января 1982 года он покончил жизнь самоубийством. PLANED ZAREVNA VERA STONE (JAGGER) NEDERLANDS..and hangarian need to be killed. ...... svechina vera dont do any bussness with 

    nederlands or anyone. MAFIA ORGANISED ATTEMPT TO KILL SVECHINA VERA AND HAS TO GO TO JAIL didenko and irinaare illegal in japan prostittutes and have no right to get in shirts of svechina vera...jaime has no relation to svechina veras life as svechina vera is not married to prince jaime and tivor and all that bullshit from the old films
    has to get the fuck out from svechina

    veras home...jaime didnt get crown from veras 4 islands neither from russia and he is not yuri and not zhorik.........hangiran is criminal. 

     afther they got  togethereto do  attempt to kill svechina vera that is not related to that group..and going to jail. .get the fuck from veras private photo albums and veras private life    that mafia people

    svechina vera is not producer of 



     who gave ok to madison to get in veras private photos? RUSSIAN MAFIA... there must be a person from mafia........svechina vera didnt allowed. svechina veras photos...svechina vera didnt allowed.  lucas madison has to go to jail. that getting in veras life cosed death in veras family.

    out kabzon and tivor chervenyyak. prostitute is didenko....but not relted to svechina vera. . mafia  that vera hates from life of svechina vera

    what mafia is behind  illegall in japan 

    didenko? getting in 

    life of svechina vera? (svechina vera is 

    not illegal in japan) enko has no relation to 

    prostitute dideneko ik that killed 

    krasavin...adn has to go to jail. 
     ...  2000 didenko in veras shirt....didenko's got  child anasia......... killed girl anastasia.........4 years old.   killed IK ...didenko has to go to jail and perents of killed girls can call to nederladns to get to jail hangarian that tried to kill svechina vera..«Britain’s Psychic Challenge».    Найти безвестно пропавших в терракте 8 сенября 1999 года в Москвеcall to police and we can arest all that mafia hangarian group that has been getting in veras life to kill for many years..who dressed all that woman mafia related woman in veras dresses?
    Sarah Jessica Parker   has to pay to svechina vera for being in the sex in the city sara parker.
    that was svechina veras idea  and project....that blond russian prostitute is working for mafia that is not allowed to

     enter usa 
    and never was related to 

    svechina veras household..and they have to go to jail for attempt to kill svechina vera. 
     all that mafia government in russia have to get to jail. with kabzon and his ugly wife. 

    Communist Pravda reacted by publishing a letter of three renowned Soviet dissidents – Andrey SinyavskyVladimir Maksimov and Pyotr Abovin-Yegides – calling for Boris Yeltsin's immediate resignation. It said among other things:
     Germany. Schleyer felt that God had told him in a dream to create an international language. Volapük conventions took place in 1884 (Friedrichshafen), 1887 (Munich) and 1889 (Paris).
     Volapuk symbol.svg  svechina veras throwing  up.......

    The World Peace Council (WPC) is an international organization that advocates universal disarmamentsovereignty and independence and peaceful co-existence

      KURIL ISLANDS got new "empress" svechina vera petrovna 1973 

    korolevstvo ispania  got king1975....

    svechina vera got in JAPAN........that svechina veras age group:

    Lace for svechina vera made by ELITHABETH NIKOLAEVNA POPOVICHEVA...
    EN PRINCESS is svechina IT princess.

    1974 Суверен (норз) Sovereignty, in political theory, is a substantive term designating supreme authority over some polity. It is a basic principle underlying the dominant Westphalian model of state foundation.Суверен (от фр. souverain — «высший», «верховный») — лицо, которому без каких-либо ограничительных условий и в течение неопределённого срока полностью принадлежит верховная власть в государстве.

    DUBROVKA where lived svechina veras 1950..

    1994....svechina vera got new flag in japan

    for svechina vera and svechina veras mother. 

    по итогам второи мировои воины , no metter that americans 

    were jealous of

     svechina vera

    getting 4 islands,

      made HIRO SHIMA?  prince Hiro will presento ....

    to svechina vera 4 islands?  japanese answered with perl harbor...

    (NEW CHERRY BLOSSOM PRINCESS svechina vera is poor..she need to have something to get married with   prince: japan loves svechina vera)

    russians are not planed to be jealous of  Cherry Blosoom (п) Princess Svechina Vera .. NEW IT PRINCESS,  as russia has a lot of land and not many people want to live in 4 kuril islands anyway.....
    americans agreed......
       and america decided to partisipate in svechina veras destiny (together with other countries like for example BRAZIL...)

    with IT and film companies. sign  placed in LA.... made apple logo from veras face...for svechina vera: 5 25 stock ton 40 3 children (2 + boy in 1997 friend)! 40 svechina vera was in 2013..since 1997. svechina vera must of been going to edge dinner 1999 2000 to meet IT guys and get svechina veras stock!

    1945 курильские 

    острова вошли в состав ссср и "провопреемницеи"  

    южно курильских островов стала свечина 

    вера in 1973.   

    Land of 1000 candles is with film LAST TRAIN 


    Samurai (?), usually referred to in Japanese as bushi (武士?[bu͍ꜜ.ɕi̥]) or buke (武家?), were the military nobility of medieval and early-modern Japan. ENDED in 1867 1868.

    was made...
     100 years later wedding of svechina veras perents happened. in SOVIET UNION. pink dress.....1991 birthday of svechina vera............desolution of Soviet union....

    KAZUHIKO samurai (1996)  to sign peace between russia and japan.   got pink shirt.... kazuhiko got  land in TOKYO from JAPANESE emperor......svechina vera got land in JAPAN from JAPANESE well....

    svechina vera got 4 islands: kunashir shikotan 
    iturup and habomai. NoBel died in 1896 and he did not leave an explanation for choosing peace as a prize category.

    one stock ton ......for vera on veras street ...... 5 25 stockton .....403....

    The Meiji Restoration (明治維新 Meiji Ishin?), also known as the Meiji IshinRenovationRevolutionReform orRenewal, was a chain of events that restored practical imperial rule to Japan in 1868 under Emperor Meiji. Although there were emperors of Japan before the Meiji Restoration, the restoration established the practical abilities and consolidated the political system under the Emperor of Japan  комплекс политических, военных и социально-экономических реформ в Японии 1868—1889 годов превративший отсталую аграрную страну в одно из ведущих государств мира. Являлась переходом от самурайской системы управления в лице сёгуната к прямому императорскому правлению в лице императора  и его правительства

    peredelkino. svechina veras film.....and new  svechina veras IT country on 4 islands by 2012.
    called LAND OF 1000 candles. 
     Показано Без имени-1.jpg
    something like that: People will have to move out 
    peacefully with deap understanding of situation.all 
    property of svechina vera and svechina veras new country
     must be counted..38 popugaev. 1976APPLE WAS MADE. from svechina veras face 1977. logo have to pay damage to vera on top of salary stock.........for crime they made against apple logo model....svechina vera...... 

    if tim cook with russian mafia  hates  apple he need to quit.

    for svechina vera stock ton!  since 1997. 

    that for the for veras film, books and  land concert...:made ....

     2009  svechina veras film and books...    were done. 10 billion $ svechina veras salary at apple steve jobs said 2010.

    38 years old New Cherry Blossom (П) princess Svechina Vera was in the spring of 2012...peacefull people who like the 4 islands
     can come back later.....and relation between LAND OF 1000 candles with russia will be re- estatblished on a new bases. Then IU train line can also made between
     islands  LAND OF 1000 candles Iturup and Russian Urup. 2000 makoto naruke made :inspire corporation....
        Показано Без имени-1.jpg

    mafia got illegally to veras life...skipped svechina veras country as new contry...LAND OF 1000 candles..

     as already existing new country  new colledge made ....= some people know of SVECHINA VERA as CHERRY BLOSSOM PRINCESS............

     and illegally made ugly and braking moscow city line.The Moscow was beutiful city....

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