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svechina vera with japan. time for "NEW" svechina vera petrovna to go to edge dinner near SF began 1999 2000...svechina vera need help to get to jail mafia that tried to kill svechina vera...killed veras relatives ..tried to kill veras mother ..and made svechina vera disabled for 5 years hoping that svechina vera will never make film or get married or have children..or get veras salary stock.....all that criminal mafia have to go to jail.

    V JO.......... BIJO (BEAUTY) .....

 for new empress svechina vera petrovna born 1973
1949 japanese left 4 islands...... tamara andreevna takaeva from home 33 in SERPUHOV....Svechina veras grandmother..........
The Constitution of Denmark was signed on 5 June 1849, ending the absolute monarchy which had begun in 1660. It establishes a constitutional monarchy organised as a parliamentary democracy. Executive political power is exercised by a cabinet, led by the Prime Minister, IN the capital cityDenmark became a member of the European Union in 1973



The Constitution of LAND OF 1000 CANDLES was signed on 5 June 1973, AT 1 :30 pm...
 It establishes a constitutional monarchy organised as a parliamentary democracy. Executive political power is exercised by a cabinet, led by the Prime Minister, IN the capital city OF 
Tamara. LAND OF 1000 CANDLES became a member of the European Union in 1973.

 II 0 January 28, 1992 (originally in 1918)   ..

after       got killed.empress is Svechina Vera PetrovnaCherry Blossom Princess

after steve princess japan svechina vera got married to private land 1991 and   reed jobs was born about book about svechina veras film......

1992 год — это год разрушения в Обнинске советской торговой монополии. Торговля разворачивалась в другом направлении — в город хлынули товары и продукты уже тогда, когда почти повсеместно торговля представляла собой мёртвое царство. Команда criminal  Кириллова      made kirilliza...KIRRILIZA IS RUSSIAN     forgetting about 1933 and emperor of japan.  980 nine 80   ...really it was +  1933 emeror of japan birthday ..     

veras family moved to 33 in SERPUHOV soviet union  ...mafia .замахнулась на крутые преобразования в других сферах. Предприятия уже вставали на путь акционирования. Начал действовать и Закон о приватизации of svechina veras 4

 islands (wrong way= against svechina vera the heir) 2000 putin made russia is one peace of land....cutting 

off oportunity for svechina vera to be new IT EMPRESS ..... = forget 

about russian sience.........= who they are

 working for? that putins government? against russia and against svechina vera..........for mafia......from different country......

queen of nederlands had oportunity to introduce svechina vera and prince japan loves svechina vera and send them to live in new svechina veras country. queen of nederlands  didnt do that, they desided to kill svechina vera instead in sf ......     and svechina vera will go to police in nederlands (america already knows fbi  and police) with photos of all peoplequeen beatrics and her family  killed in veras family.


1 thing they should of done is say:in 1992 when svechina 

vera from 33 signed to go  to japan......

land owed by SVECHINA VERA heir born 


 high-level talks, including an October 1973 meeting between Prime Minister Tanaka Kaku ei   (crown to svechina vera..) and Leonid I. Brezhnevgeneral secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, were held in Moscow during the next three years, but the deadlock on the territorial issue continued, and prospects for a settlement dimmed. Moscow began to propose a treaty of friendship and goodwill as an interim step while peace treaty talks were continued. This proposal was firmly rejected by Japan.     

 5 25 stock ton....403 children ...1996 is ok in JAPAN  for svechina vera logo model new IT princess.....

 .....1995 svechina vera already went

 to academy of art. 

У краї на (please)
...  1996 tokyo japan....ZA US! 


Аляскинский маламут for svechina vera made: to visit in japan...1993.
1925...was a major paramilitary  organization under Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party (NSDAP). It began at the end of 1920 as a small, permanent guard unit known as the "Saal-Schutz" (Hall-Protection) :


ЛоготипSS AW S (sobaka..with svechina vera is anut hope likes 

films...but Aw is saying dogs only.)

mr. da lay lama (if peace signed  here 

 is tolking to the dog that is made for new country in americaАляскинский маламутLama (Tibetan: བླ་མ་, Wylie: bla-ma; "chief" or "high priest") is a title for a teacher of the Dharma in Tibetan Buddhism.KUT0.  よろしく...Serpuhov. 1960. house 33. (33) by starting svechina veras film 2004 .....all criminals could be found and peace made 

 japanese agreed to be in svechina veras film.....

.... Киноло́гия  애견학  made  as fan science  for svechina veras film.      pronounced "zaws" (ザウス?) and officially known as LaLaport Skidome SSAWS (ららぽーとスキードームSSAWS?), was an indoor ski slope in Funabashi, ChibaJapan. The name was an acronym of "Spring Summer Autumn Winter Snow".

pigozzi is rapist  2005  after he and greek olga went on veras time to ted pigozzi wanted shop in tokyo on veras time...that is crime.... and nederlands got alexia as friend of mafia zhukova and ...pigozzi  participated in killing of hercules bellville and vera svechina adn steve jobs ..   SSAWS closed on September 30, 2002. after  

 cannes 1999 ukranian oksana  that 

(mafia thinks ukranian (born in russia)oksana is looking like princess masako. that is great! she is looking like princess masako!   ) and mafia got veras dress on oksana to kill svechina vera 2009 2010 2011 2012 and they have to go to jail. they also killed steve jobs.  for making apple logo so famous.... and vera svechina didnt get svechina veras salary that is no metter what is svcehina veras........and hanrgian mafia got all over the do crime....Killed veras aunt, uncle......

        there is only one new  IT princess. svechina vera apple logo model. ........

pigozzi without asking svechina vera got panama from veras mothers hat......if he got that for crime:

as rapist 2005 and then to get svechina veras life  kill svechina get to kill svechina veras mother by hanrgain mafia .... he has to go to jail. and pay damage to svechina vera and veras mother.

  2005 alexia is fake...maxima in nederlands is fake ......jean pigozzi in disney shirt for dinner 2009 is illegally and rude to svechina vera  ..national reserve TELLURIDE... that is operates by  National Film Preserve Anetta is svechina veras stage name from 1993. . princess ANETTA....2009...(with svechina veras film) 
the reason why telluride film festival  made. 1974.

TOM LUDDY WILL GO TO JAIL  for introducing svechina vera to that criminal group of people that rapes and killes 1 time film makers in cannes and film makers related to svechina veras film.jean pigozzi is not 33.. Значок видео....GRIP THAT GOT C on veras 0 in Veras film... 1996 veras planed perfume made by svechina vera related to svechina veras film..........that is when from veras photo pigozzi got panama to help svechina vera to make film.
latis is prostitute in nyc :Carry latis artco crimial ugly and need to get the fuck out from life of svechina vera.... from 1 look that is ugly latis 2005 svechina vera could tell that is garbich: latis: that is need to go to jail: that is part of criminal group that killed steve jobs. and getting in veras life illegally....ugly cary is not svechina vera hanrgain cservenyak prostitute and cambel is also not svechina vera....and only cambel from that group is after 33.....other are trush..criminal ugly rude mafia ......that is it. and have to go to jail for attempt to kill svechina vera. 2009 2010 2011 2012 .....
and if carry wants to work in art has to pay to svechina vera svechina vera dont like carry:
that is mafia that has to go to criminal jail.: svechina vera dont want to be associated with criminal mafia and fake ugly people that are hate svechina vera..........veras mother and steve jobs...with his son reed jobs.....about veras book.
that is not for that ugly cheap fake criminal people.......that is making all wrong ......and new country will have no meaning
it 100 % against criminal people:
 mafia that is fake alexia and orlova and zhukova mafia.svechina vera dont want wojcicki in veras life at all.  . and wojcicki part of that  with stolen from svechina vera  and svechina veras mother 23 and making  illegally to kill svechina vera in 2009 and not letting svechina vera to go to edge dinner since 1999 when pigozzi got panama from veras mother hat for svechina vera and wojcicki is part of attempt to kill svechina vera and steve jobs.. and  to kill svechina veras mother and will have to go to jail.   

that is not princess.... that is stolen from vera svechina 1991 dress......
.....and is has no meaning and is  not related to svechina vera....after they killed hercules zhukova mafia abramovich mafia other mafia and tried to kill svechina vera and they will go to jail. pigozzi got on veras time in tokyo...2008......

svechina vera met jean pigozzi in may.  who closed ski jo ? and killed hercules bellville ?  mafia 

closed. to kill steve jobs and svechina vera

1994 svechina vera got flag  in country flag.....for svechina vera and veras
 mother from ....4 ya. (yotsu YA)
svechina vera at home....
svechina vera got flag 1994...... Показано Без имени-1.jpg
1996.......obama with japanese with svechina vera...obama with svechina veras  his head  ...
tokubetsu is svechina vera with relatives...

veras family moved in the 160 in 1976... was created....with svechina 
veras face as apple logo.....

that what svechina veras studio 5 25 stockton store studio with news .......40 3 children......40 svechina vera in 2013...

apple bord....

news about apple logo svechina vera planed.....with steve jobs....and alive veras relatives.....(svechina veras wedding) 
facebook is svechina veras book reed jobs...1991 is only about svechina veras book...  is with svechina veras film.......

made by 2009 film 1 hour 10 minutes dir. svechina vera

       oponent of svechina vera apple logo model is al gore   why we afraid of global warming? called KOMMUNIZM? REALLY THERE IS NO PROBLEM: APPLE MADE
170.91 billion  salary was planed to give to svechina vera since 1997.

1. reason salary stock to svechina vera will have to be will be paid all comapnies 
 in that "experiment" 
 in the 70s......wishing for peace........10 billion $ stock from apple computers  1977 by 2010. to svechina vera only.....svechina vera and steve jobs made.....with iphone and what vera wrote....
 .....STEVE PRINCESS new : cherry blosoom princess ......


The Imperial House of JapanImperial Seal of Japan.svg is the 


continuing hereditary monarchy in the world
   that is how svechina veras relatives got 33 in about 1948 in serpuhov RUSSIA....soviet union . svechina veras mother got married and 

1973 born Svechina vera petrovna

 made apple logo.........from svechina veras face..1977....that was known that russian born princess svechina vera petrovna, CHERRY BLOSSOM PRINCESS ..will be coranated with  2009 time BECAUSE OF TECHNOLOGY........

= Japan depends on Svechina VERA from city of peacefull atom OBNINSK made  in soviet union ,1 female ningen (HUMAN). to sign peace......1996. vera got svechina vera ....silicon valley princess, apple logo made from svechina veras face......svechina vera stock ton since 1997. logo made from svechina veras face 1977..... -jonathan! -I VE!....svechina veras nick name at apple is Ve...= apple is not's american company......+1......+svechina vera petrovna to russia.......NEW IT PRINCESS......

Last country on earth to be made....with the meaning..
Peacefuly.......planed to be made....1945 i z ra el...and then that.

vera: jonathan! Джонатан Айв..i ve.....larry el li son?   1997...last train from roppongi........aka to be made..the prince and the show girl telluride movie maker planed since 1957.СадакоИмператрица Тэймэй (яп. 貞明皇后 Тэймэй ко:го:?, имя при рождении Садако Кудзё; 25 июля 1884,Токио — 17 мая 1951, Хатиодзи) — японская императрица, супруга императора Тайсё и mother of  императора HIROHITO:   with help of ted made in 1984  for svechina vera and with help of CANNES FILM FESTIVAL.Prince Kuni: Kuni 7 (lucky) shi  svechina vera got U in JAPAN.1993 .and new flag for svechina vera and veras mother.Показано Без имени-1.jpg new country on 4 islands LAND OF 1000 CANDLES

(FATHER OF EMPRESS KOJUN) (久邇宮邦彦王 Kuni-no-miya Kuniyoshi ō?, 23 June 1873 – 29 June 1929) was a member of the Japanese imperial family and a field marshal in the Imperial Japanese Army during the Meijiand Taishō periods...On 13 December 1889, Prince Kuni Kuniyoshi married Shimazu Chikako (19 October 1879 - 9 September 1956), (100% . new country is near by)  pow(era) horse.... Svechina veras mother was born 1942.............

promise was made to svechina vera (wiera) ..PRINCE ON WHITE 

HORSE......promise made by ...Wilhelmina (Wilhelmina Helena Pa u line Maria;.. this time. new

is only svechina vera  31 August 1880 – 28 November 1962) was Queen regnant of the Kingdom of the Netherlands from 1890 to 1948...Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands.jpg...Arte Povera (literally poor art)  (1917 made 

revolution) is a modern art movement.

PRINCE WAS NEEDED.and prince planed to meet svechina vera by elections of       before .AND PRINCE HUGO HAD TO GET MARRIED TO PRINCESS IRENE AND PRINCE JAIME (japan loves svechina vera) HAPPEN TO BE "Higher THEN PRINCE ALEXANDER.
FATHER OF ALEXANDER WASNT PRINCE. if princess irene got married 1964 to kill svechina vera and family of svechina vera ...with help of mafia later on in life they have to go to jail for attempt to kill svechina vera 2009 2010 2011 2012 in sf ..for killing her husband and prince friso. and  for killing veras relatives and dog that was protecting svechina vera. and they have to pay damage they made to svechina vera and veras mother.

....since when svechina veras mother was 15...years old....1957......the PRINCE AND THE SHOW GIRL...
 bernardo and movie maker girl svechina vera..........

Показано Без имени-1.jpg
5 25 stock ton! 40 svechina veras children are begining of  NEW NATION! 

19 years old svechina vera signed to go to make film........PRINCE NARUHITO OF JAPAN GOT ENGAGEMENT ON SVECHINA VERAS MOTHERS BIRTHDAY 1993. for svechina vera to do well in life....

svechina veras : since 1915.....inspired by  mother of svechina vera....

Nine from soviet japanese 33, that would be born in 1942 in USSR 

komminizm looks like that:

a lot of fans.....from all over the world.....

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